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Attention: President, George W.

Bush Pope John Paul II Secretary of State Colin Powell United Nations Secretary - Kofi A. Anna Home Land Security - Rom Ridge Subject: Individual Group which stood to gain Financial advantage as a result of 9/11

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Roland Schomberger, CEO - Detroit Marine Terminals which is owned by Montreal-based Federal Marine Terminals Inc., which paid $750,000 annually on it's lease with Detroit Port Development, which is owned by the Detroit Port Development, the city owns the land through its ownership of the Detroit Port Authority. This connection was to act as feed line for more than $275 Billion Currently being held by Detroit Attorney Iota Account, to feed undetected by Michigan Canadian Governor. David M. RUbenstein, CO-Founder of the Carlyle Group Chairman, Louis V. Gerstner. Frank C. Carlucci (Chair - The Carlyle Group Head of a $13 Billion Dollar Group). The President of the World Bank- James D. Wolfensohn, Australian Pipeline Trust - Mascot Australia. Note: The Executive Directors of the World Bank are appointed by the 5 largest share holders, United States, Japan, Germany, France and United Kingdom. The Presbyterian Ministers Fund in Philadelphia and 2000 Life Insurance Companies - Jewish Religious Trust Fund. Larry Silverstein (Leasehold interest holder to the World Trade Center). European Commissioner - Frits Bolkerstein over 7,000 European Unions. Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan. The Members of the 12 Land Banks - European/Jewish New York. Real-estate Management Companies (Jewish entities). $3.5 Billion provided to Israel yearly by U.S. Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Ann M. Veneman, 1600 Landfills Waste Management (Michigan). Foreclosing Agents for MERS (Michigan) Trott and Trott (Law Firm/Collection Agency), Senior Attorney, Charles L. Hahn. Duetsche Bank AG - Rolf-Ernst Breuer, Banks CEO. AIG Insurance President/CEO Mark Greenburg (located in Texas) Holding $800 Billion assets Terrorist funding as of August 28, 2001 Transferred Education funds to Texas. Office of Inspector General Department of Education- Washington, Director Lawrence Newman. The ruling handed down by US Supreme Court Judge, Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Re: Franconia. Associates vs. The United States and properties owners of 515 Program Affordable Housing Michigan - General Motors, CEO Wagner, Ford Motor Company President (Jewish), Teamsters Lawyer/Accountant (Jewish), Chrysler, attorney Jewish. General Motors Fuel Cell Company located in Texas (Water Energy funds of $56 Billion)- located in association with Comerica Bank - Michigan, City of Detroit 600 Bank Accounts. Office of International Terrorist Funding - William Fox, Director. The Hayman Company - Commercial Real-estate company and Financial Arm - Troy Michigan. Michigan U.S. Assistant Prosecutor Terrence Berg - Economic Crimes Unit. Michigan Attorney General Office, Criminal Division, Investigator Dennis Kapelanski. St. Josaphat's Pastor, Rev. Mark Borokowski, 4400 Chrysler Drive, Detroit, Michigan. United Government Services, LLC - a CMS Contracted Intermediary (Social Security Trust) Federal Reserve Board of Governors (12 Federal Reserve Land Banks) Farmers Loans (Indian Trust Account), in association with 96, 310 Farms (LandfillslLand banks) in Michigan Alone. President of Ginnie Mae, Government O/National Mortgage Association. (Office of Mortgage Backed Securities $474 Billion in outstanding MBS) Ron~ld A. Rosenfield, $64 Billion in multifamily mortgage backed securities. Mayor of Las Vegas (2nd Term 2000-2003 & 2003-2007) Oscar Goodman, Lunar Embassy - Las Vegas.

Lunar Embassy - Gardnerville, NY. Under the State of Nevada laws - The State of Nevada can sell Land that you cannot walk, drive, fly or boat to is perfectly legal. Lunar Embassy Licensed by the State of Nevada has sold to more than 2.5 Million propertY owners in over 80 countries and more than 1300 Corporations. Which also includes 20,000 lots were sold to Safeway Supermarket - Great Britain. This could be the contributing factor of the Parmalet Scandal, located in Italy, which is causing the decrease in Dairy products in the United States. It is estimated by the summer that a gallon of milk will reach $3.00.

European Commission Single Market Commissioner, Frits Bolkestein said. The standard are the centerpiece of a plan to stitch together the European Commission's financial markets by 2005.
European Commission - ordered all of the European Union's 7,000 publicly traded companies to switch to international accounting standards beginning in 2005, aside from derivatives rules that remain disputed by banks. The single set of rules "will put an end to the current Tower of Babel in financial reporting, improving competition and transparency and make the free movement of capital much easier". December 1995 Heads of the government of Fifteen European Union members agreed to introduce a common currency, called the Euro, in 1999. Bank of International Settlement was established, in association with The World Bank in 1999. In the early 1998 The timetable involved a decision in which to decide which countries would qualifY to be members of a monetary union and the creation of a New European Central Bank. ,Janurary J. ) 999, the exchange rates of qualifYing countries will be fixed permanently, the European Central Bank will take over monetary policy, and the governments a/member countries will issue debt in Euros. By Early 2002, Euro notes and coins will begin to circulate and stores will quote prices in Euros, and by June 2002, the old national currencies would have been phased out completely and only Euros would be used in the member countries. NOTE: To qualify (or membership in the monetary union. countries are required to satisfy the so-called Masstricht criteria ofhaving a government budget deficit ofno more than 3 percent ofGDP and total government debt less than 60 Percent of GDP. At the current (1997) time, only Luxembourg clearly meers these criteria, with Germany on the Borderline. However, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, and Finla'" are also expected to become initial members ofthe currency Union.


International Financial Advisor

Ladelia Morris International Financial Advisor, President George W. Bush Jr. 29488 Ashland Ave., Apt. #203 Harrison Twp., Michigan 48045 Congressman, Barney Frank Chairman, House Financial services Committee 29 Crafts Street Newton, MA 02458

November 3, 2007

Subject: Preparing Congress for Collapse of U.S. Economy Dear Chairman, House Financial Services Committee: Enclosed you will fmd 11,500 assets with estimated values of $10 - 30 Million Dollars each, throughout the United States. However no one has had oversight for more than 30 years. These assets represented the 30 year Treasury bills connected with Pension, Mortgage Industry, and the banking industry. When the collapse came in 2000, these assets were the cause. September II, 200 I was an deliberate attempt to cover up the fact that these Mortgage Backed Securities were nothing more than vacant land. This is several accounting scandals rolled into one. Some one structured an imaginary Revenue bond system in Chicago Board of Trade and New York Board of Trade, and these securities were masked as Imaginary Single Family Revenue bonds, and Imaginary Multifamily Revenue Bonds. Which reached maturity 2000. Investigate assets in your state you will be amazed at what is revealed. Federal Express #8621 65376150, November 3,2007. Best Regards,

Ladelia Morris International Financial Advisor Former, President, William Clinton President, George W. Bush Jr.


April 26, 2004 Archdiocese of Detroit Phone: 1-313-237-5848 Catholic Bishops in Michigan Fax: 1-313-237-5844 1234 Washington Blvd. Detroit, Michigan 48226 Italy Authorities Restructuring Parmalat Global Dairy Re: Lunar Embassy 1506 Highway 395 Gardenville, NV 89410 USA Dear Gentleman: Lunar Embassy - Gardnerville, NY. Under the State of Nevada laws - The State ofNevada can sell Land that you cannot walk, drive, fly or boat to is perfectly legal. Lunar Embassy Licensed by the State of Nevada has sold to more than 2.5 Million propertf owners in over 80 countries and more than 1300 Corporations. Which also includes 20,000 lots were sold to Safeway Supermarket - Great Britain. This could be the contributing factor of the Parmalet Scandal, located in Italy, which is causing the decrease in Dairy products in the United States. It is estimated by the summer that a gallon of milk will reach $3.00. Parnalat Scandal Founder, Calisto Tanzi, was to have alleged diverted $900 Million prior to the collapse, the Italy Government is searching for this alleged ($18 Billion Dollars). Individual from New Jersey, in 2000, provided the City of Detroit incoming Mayor and prior Mayor with the following financial Support: $500 Million for the City of Detroit Water & Sewage Department (Sold in 1999), $300 Million for Compuware and other Downtown Developments, when the current Mayor ran out of funds he requested another $100 Million, in exchange for all of the City of Detroit Real-estate assets. Currently, the city of Detroit owes the Italy government a sum of more than $900 Million Dollars plus other assets which were traded. Management Systems, is the listing of the City of Detroit Real-estate assets are listed under. April 28, 2001, Federal Reserve Chainnan Alan Greenspan and Secretary of Treasury, Paul O'Neil, met with Italian Finance Minister, Vincenzo, Visco, "Blair House in Washington. - Alan Shrugged, by Jerome Tuccille published 2002. The Parmalat collapse has to be seen in a larger context. Very few can deny that lax corporate regulations in Italy acted as a lubricant in the triggering ofParmalat's faJI. Every since businessman Mr. Silvio Berlusconi became the Prime Minister in 2001, corporate regulations have been further relaxed in Italy. The relaxed regulatory enforcement made it possible for Parmalat's bosses to mislead auditors, banks, financial institutions and rating agencies. However, this does not mean that bankers and auditors are innocent and should go scot-free. In December 2003, Italian Food and Dairy Giant, Parmalat, went bust. The dramatic fall offamily owned Parmalat was triggered when Bank of American claimed that a document showing $4 Billion Euro in company's Cayman Islands bank account is Forged. Parmalat's bosses coupled with off-balanced sheet fmancial transactions (such as derivatives) and funds stashed away in offshore subsidiaries in Cayman Islands, there is no exact assessment of company's total debt. Estimates range from $8 Billion Euro to 14 Billion Euro as the authorities are still uncovering the true state of company's finances. Courtesy: AsiaEurope Dialogue Project ( Kavaljit Sing Editor and Director of Public Interest Research Centre, Delhi

Plano, Texas - EDS Electronic Data Systems Corporation - In 2000 The Navy job was EDS' Biggest problem and brightest Prospect. The project, the richest in the Computer-outsourcing in the world when it received the contract valued at as much as $8.8 Billion in total revenue. Currently, is under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission, in part over the contract losses, as well as its past financing of a stock option program. In 1984 H. Ross Perot, sold EDS to General Motors, which then spun it off 12 years later in which was in 1996. EDS'S fortunes are being closely watched in Michigan, where the former General Motors Corporation unit remains the state's largest technology industry employer with about 13,000 people on the Payroll. The Military hired EDS to design and install a single, hacker-proof network linking 345,000 computers at 4,000 Navy and Marine Corps locations from Norfolk, Virginia, east to Iceland and west to Japan. Last November EDS chairman received a call from a consultant which was inside a warehouse at a U.S. Navy base in San Diego, CA. Towering over him were 1,500 personal computers that EDS employees had laboriously assembled. But because EDS had never installed the computers it had not been paid for the work.. Some had been collecting dust fore more than nine months. General Motors Fuel Cell Company, located in Texas, was the feed line (Energy) source of these funds.

EDS executives say the company's problems with the Navy are effecting other EDS clients such as Sears, Roebuck & Co. and McDonald's Corporation. Which recently dropped EDS from their list of vendors. Including US Airways Group, AMR Corporation American Airlines and MCI, the former Worldcom. Inc. has negotiated lower payments to EDS because of their financial problems.
World News April 2004 - Bogota, Columbia - "Drugs found on Navy Ship" - Authorities announced an embarrassing discovery: a large stash of cocaine and heroin on the navy warship that visiting Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo was scheduled to tour. Admin. Mauricio Soto, the commander of the Colombian Navy, said sailors found nearly 37 pounds of cocaine and 22 pounds of Heroin in the engine room of the Gloria - Colombia's flagship naval vessel Mauricio Soto three U.S. Enlisted Navy men have been detained. President Alejandro Toledo was to board the ship and meet military leaders for dinner and to discuss fighting drug trafficking. Colombia is the world's biggest producer of cocaine. Peru also produces coca, the main ingredient of the drug.
In 1998/99 The License for the MGM Casino, contain the name of a former Mayor and his wife, a 36 District Court Judge, this is what made the bidding process unconstitutional. The Rape which took place in 1997 involving a City of Detroit Police was centered around who would hold the Indian's Hostage, for a larger portion of the Greektown Casino, which proceeds were listed under the City ofDetroit Police and Fireman's Pension. In 1999 MGM Paid the IRS $500 Million Dollars for the old IRS building which is the current place for MOM temporary casino. The same year that the Water Board was sold for the sum of $500 Million Dollars.

President George W. Bush August 19,2008 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington DC 20500 Via Fax: 1-202-456-2461 Forward to: United States Marshal's Director, John Clark Phone: 1-202-307-9001 Via Fax: 1-202-307-5054 Ladelia Morris International Financial Advisor President ,George W. Bush Jr. 29488 Ashland Ave. Harrison, Township, Michigan 48045 Subject: Collapse of top 25 U.S. Banks Re: Bogus Mortgage Back Security Trust MERS - Mortgage Electronic Registration System Dear Mr. President: The Federal Deposit Insurance Reform Act of 2005 created a single insurance fund by merging Savings Association Insurance Fund (SAlF) and Bank Insurance Fund (BIF), effective March 31, 2006, to be known as the Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF). Note: Institutions designated as BIF insured prior to March 31, 2006, that were not required to file cost of funds report will continue to be excluded from the calculation. Review Office of Thrift Supervision Cost of Funds Report, Announcement date: 5/15/08. Regarding: Union Bank of California, Japanese controlled holding company, Unionbancal, Ribadeo Casa de cambio, Mexican exchange house, ABN AMRO Lasalle Bank, Bank of America purchase of $2 Billion Dollars of ABN AMRO LaSalle Bank in 2007 , Deutsche Bank $900 Billion in global holding, when a acquisition with several Russian financial institutions took place in 2006 this resulted in the fraudulent activity which was never addressed to be acquired by Deutsche Bank, which resulted in the collapse of the alleged $900 Billion in global holdings. When Union bank alleged to have cut off relations with 100's of Russian banks in 2004, the alleged terrorist funds in holding at the U.S. Treasury forfeiture Fund. When Bank of America acquired ABN AMRO Bank NV, they also acquired the total liability of bogus debt which had never been addressed just masked for takeover by another financial institution.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York remains responsible for any residual problem, Which included the current scandal involving 28,000 alleged HUD owned properties, Michaelson Connor & Boul, and Chapman & Associates (previous HUD Contractors). As of Today August 19,2008, the total global write down is estimated at more than $500 Billion, which represent the total holdings of these alleged FHA insured portfolio. Which was communicated to former Governor of New York. Consider foreign ties with Japan's Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. they want to acquire the 35% of Union ban Cal Corp., it does not own for $3.5 Billion dollars. They are looking to pay $73 - $73.50 per share to take full ownership of San Francisco's UnionbanCal. (Review enforcement actions on Discussions since April of 2008, with unionbancals independent directors. Japan's intentions are good, they are looking to expand further in the U.S. and this move will surely support the financial institutions. However, not until the underlining fraud is addressed. If transaction permitted to take place the total liability of the previous scandals involving, Germany, Russia, China, Mexico, Columbia, and the elements which are connected with these entities and previous financial dealing will lead to the total collapse of these combined nations. The current collapse of the top 25 Largest U.S. Banks is a direct result of the transfer of Millions of bogus mortgage loans into alleged Mortgage Backed Securities Trust, which never existed. MERS, Mortgage Electronic Registration System, and members transferred millions of loans in exchange for trillions of dollars from global investors.

These alleged promissory notes/mortgage notes were never actually delivered to the alleged Trustees of these Trusts Accounts. After contacting various financial
institutions in New York, one of which was Deutche Bank, they were not aware that these alleged debt collectors were collecting money in the name of the banks alleged trust. Therefore, the alleged trust have no evidence of ownership of these bogus debts. They alleged to have purchased these note secured by these alleged bonds which was to create the alleged Mortgage Backed Security Trust. These bogus Mortgage Back Security Trust have nothing in holding as liquid to back the alleged bonds purchased by the global investors. Many of which guaranteed by U.S. Treasury, for payment of principle and interest. The entire scandal involving MERS was a Credit scandal, leveraging global pension funds, global banks, global insurance companies against the credit structure in exchange for trillions of dollars to MERS, and participating members/owners of alleged entities.

These trustees are accountable for the total liability for these missing trust properties. Bankruptcy of these financial institutions makes it impossible to identify or locate these alleged Promissory notes/mortgage loans or alleged Mortgage backed security trust. Note: Each note that MERS originate for its members they are charged $250.00 per loan, however, MERS Created 4 - Sloans which nets the company between $1,000 - $2,000 per loan. Talk about a holding for Gravy Train, multiply this amount by the sum of MERS alleged 50 Million loans. The MERS members were unaware of these facts, however, the debt collectors here in Michigan know well how the system was ran, they were the only ones benefiting from this scandal. This is what MERS actually pocketed, with zero return to the global investors which purchased these bogus securities/notes etc. Note: Why should the federal government bail something of this level of corruption out!!!!!!!/ The bailout should be for the unfunded, Hedge Funds, and Mutual Funds which serves as revenues to support the financial payment to pensions around the globe. The bailout should support the consumers who's homes are in foreclosure due to this level of gross fraud. Since Trott & Trott PC, is Michigan Debt Collectors for all these alleged trustees, then all funds recovered in behalf of the trustees should be transferred to U.S. Treasury Forfeiture Fund to be redistributed to the global Trust in connection with the alleged Mortgage Backed Security Trust, which holds together the U.S. Banking industry. Executive Order, will have to be executed to prevent the second collapse of the global financial community. Respectfully yours,

Ladelia Morris International Financial Advisor

President George W. Bush December 12,2008 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington DC 20500 Via Fax: 1-202-456-2461

Forward to: United States Marshal's Director, John Clark CIA Director, Michael Heyden Re: Collapse of FDIC 2006 in connection with MERS Mortgage Electronic Registration System Inc. - Insurance Entity $24 Trillion through Euronext August 2006 - Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan Subject: Immediate Jump Start of Economy and eliminate Political Corruption (Associated with inside trading in exchange for political gain)
Dear Mr. President: After receiving feedback from individuals with in the local community facts reveal that this alleged loan remodification is a ploy to distribute more than $2.5 Billion to elements who are responsible for the financial mess we are currently facing as a nation. I Provided Mrs. Blair vital infonnation in October of 2007, she was brought up to date with everyone else, which included the SEC, Federal Reserve Board of Govemors, and all key positions within the current cabinet. After review the connection with Citigroup and Chairwoman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, it is evident that individuals within her department have compromised there positions of individuals responsible for oversight in exchange for favoritism. It is evident that many individuals have participated in Treason. When Leaders become involved with insider trading who can be trusted. Facts reveal clearly that entities have utilized past position to cover-up or obstruction of Justice, in exchange for political gain. This have resulted in the Collapse of the United States Financial Base, which is now a Matter ofNational Security. Review: Diana L. Taylor, FDIC, Advisory Committee Chairman, conflict of interest she was Superintendent of Banks for the State of New York, for 4 years. I have provided New York with recommendations to prevent the 2nd global collapse during the time she was over the Banks ofNew York. She is also the personal companion of Mayor of New York, Mayor Bloomberg, estimated fortune of $13 Billion dollars. Review preceding faxed document from Time Magazine. Citigroup, Citibank NA - collapse for the alleged thief from Wanta (Wantagate Scandal) in the sum of $4 Trillion dollars. It was the attempt of Citibank to attempt avoid all

fraud committed in connection with Source Mortgage, Southfield, Michigan and the alleged $86 Billion which was in holding in 1998 from Citigroup. All elements connected to Mortgage Corporation of America Scandal. Which the underlining elements consisted of MERS - Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems. Investigate and track any/all movement of terrorist funds in connection with the recent India Bombing. After any global or domestic attack watch what falls and watch the evidence of Fraud. Review the following facts, the FDIC alleged that this loan remodification program would cost taxpayers about $24 billion dollars. The fact is that it would not cost the taxpayers a single dime, due to the Fact that MERS is a Credit System, which the FDIC is a Active Member as well. That is why she was the key note speaker at the Banker of the Year Awards. Consider the following, General Growth Properties Inc., and Brucksbaum $27 Billion Debt. General Growth's stock has plunged more than 97%, the Bucksbaums 25% ownership stake, worth $3,2 Billion just six months ago, is now worth $116 Billion Dollars. Consider this that If the company can not negotiate new terms with lenders by Midnight Friday,(December 12,2008) and the banks declare the company in default, General Growth has told investors it couldfile for Chapter 11 - creating the largest bankruptcies ever in real restate. She was to assist these bankers in containing the fraud which they are all actively apart of. It is clear and obvious the Mrs. Blair wanted the bailout money to go to lenders and mortgage servicing companies This plan has failed. Fraud within various organization are re-writing the original mortgage, while the market value have fallen far below original market value.

The Bankers Created MERS - The Credit System Collapsed our Economic Structure and now everyone which created this beast is avoiding responsibility in behalf of the American people. Congress covered up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (Which is the owner ofMERS), and the FDIC is covering for all participating MERS including Banks Title Insurance Companies etc. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (Chartered under Congress), the United States Chief and Commander is currently the President, and under National security and executive powers appointed to you by congress we must act Now! Respectfully yours,

Ladelia Morris International Financial Advisor

June 10, 2009

Joel Brenner, OffIce of National Counterintelligence John Clark, U.S. Marshal's, Director Robert Gates, Secretary of Department of Defense General, Colin Powel Forward to: President Barack Obama Subject: Floor Plan Leasing and Trust Receipt (Chrysler, Ford, General Motors) Re: State Street Bank and Trust and General Motors (State Street Bank and Trust) (Collapse of Banking/Mortgage Industry December 2008 Dear President Obama; Review the following information Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Effective May 1, 2009, Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (CMBS): Terms and Conditions. Listed under Qualifying Securities - eligible collateral for a TALF loan it makes mention to CMBS Commercial Mortgage Backed securities issued after January 1,2009. This is evident that previous securities involving fraud would not be included and no remedy was ever address. Review, Comptroller of the Currency administrator of National Banks, Floor Plan Loans, Comptroller's Handbook (Section 210) Narrative - March 1990, Procedures - May 1998. Consider various financial patents in connection with other facts. On Page 15, Trust Receipts, it makes mention of dealer trade or swap, review Credit Default Swaps and other connection to hedge funds and mutual funds all unregulated, including Trust accounts. Which bank handled the floor plan loans? Identify the custodian bank, then the alleged assets can become liquid in this federal bankruptcy. Trust Receipts, Commercial Mortgage Backed Trust, UCC's and Limited Liability Corporations, and Partnerships, unregulated. Mortgage Backed Trust (unregulated). All of these elements are contributing factors why fraud was never addressed. Everyone was aware that all of these areas which fraud was executed was not under any federal, state or local jurisdiction. However, everyone who knew is equally guilty for this global collapse. Consider that as a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the Small Business Administration (SSA), is offering assistance to the dealers starting July 1, 2009, through the Dealer Floor Plan (DFP), the pilot program will run through September 30, 2010. If this program was to provide dealers with a line of credit for financial inventory, Where is the accountability involving the United States Pension accounts?

Review, Federal Reserve Bank of New York (Term Asset - Backed Securities Loan Facility )Qualifying Assets: Property Types: the securities for each mortgage loan must be located in the United States. Consider, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as well as Ginnie Mae (Custodian Bank JP Morgan Chase), and the fact that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac sold pooled securities to pensions around the globe. Consider the fact that these pooled securities where packaged and pooled and guaranteed by Ginnie Mae. Once the federal government bailed out Fannie Mae Freddie Mac, U.S. Treasury became custodian for the fraud originated by these alleged government sponsored entities. I informed Former, U.S. Secretary Treasury ,Henry Paulson, not to bailout these elements due to the accumulated fraud and liability involving alleged assets sold to global pensions and guaranteed (principle and interest), by U.S. Treasury department. Now consider fraud involving "Trust Receipts" in connection with Floor Plan Leasing, and "Deed shares, involving real-estate assets on various 1031 exchanges. (Review U.S. Financial Patents). These deed shares, and trust receipts were packaged and sold as Mortgage Backed Trust, in connection with State Street Bank and Trust, and General Motors, as well as EDS and Mortgage Electronic Registration System Inc. Review Qualifying Assets, this does not address the issues surrounding the collapse of global markets and cause which originated here in the United States. GM $804 Billion outstanding (Global Assets), which was involved in multiple scandals including Mortgage industry, floor plan Financing (Trust Receipts), and Crude Oil scandals (Bernard Madoff) $400 Billion. General Motors (Bernard Madoff scandal), involves 2 Major Hedge funds, D.E. Shaw group, New York, Regulated by the SEC, and Cerberus Capitial Management, New York, SEC (unregulated). Often the money involving scandals and fraud is channeled through unregulated elements back into the alleged financial structure of the regulated elements. EDS and Mortgage Electronic Registration System Inc., allowed this fraud to travel around the globe undetected. Review and Watch Prior to June 15. 2009, where is the money going to come back through (Telecommunications). Major funds will be moved prior to that date. Review connections back to the United States and consider history, it often repeats itself. Review, Effective May 19, 2009, Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility: Terms and Conditions, Changes from May 1, and April 21 terms and conditions. Review - Non-mortgage-Backed ASS, 'This category ofABS includes securities backed by auto loans, student loans, credit card loans, equipment loans, floor plan loans, insurance premium finance loans, small business loans fully guaranteed as to principal and interest by the U. S. Small Business Administration, and receivables related to residential mortgages servicing advances (servicing advance receivables). "

Ladelia Morris International Financial Advisor President George W. Bush Jr. 29488 Ashland Ave., Apt. 203 Harrison Township, Michigan 48045 The Honorable Frank Barney United States House of Representatives Washington, DC 20515

November 7, 2007

Via Fax: 1-202-225-0182

Re: Preparation of U.S. Economic Collapse

Dear Chairman House financial Services Committee:

First and foremost I would like to thank you for all your efforts to assist. The purpose of this correspondence is to attempt to explain the financial crisis we are currently facing. When the first collapse of the global economy came, the global pensions fell short billions of dollars, due to the bogus securities transferred by the commercial banking systems here in the United States. I did have the time to access the actual amount of the entire global losses to various pensions, facts revealed that 650/. of the mortgages which are sold by the commercial banking systems here and sold abroad, originated here in the United States. In 2006 my financial attempt to offset the second collapse of the banking and mortgage industry by authorizing the amount ofSl.3 Trillion dollars to JP Morgan NA (Custodian for Ginnie Mae - Multifamilies), forwarded to your office. I forwarded President James Dimon, a copy of these assets on October 19,2007 packaged received at approximately 9:59 a.m. (preceding fax confirmation tracking nwnber). The real-estate assets were forwarded to me under fonner President's Clinton administration, in 2000 when many of the real-estate assets (Bonds notes), reacbed maturity. Various members of congress where provided with copies ofthese assetslbondlmortgage backed securities. Fonner Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, Chicago-Detroit Federal Reserve bank, Senator, Carl Levin, as well as Detroit FBI bave copies of these assets. As of today all funds allocated for restructuring has been interce3pted by U.S. Banking entities, members of congress etc. As Chairman of House Financial Services Committee, this information will be useful when the country experiences the 2"" collapse. No one examined the importance of how Mortgaged backed securities support pensions as well as the banking and mortgage industry. Again my sincere thanks and appreciation for all your countless efforts for economic change. Respectfully yours,

Ladelia Morris International Financial Advisor Enclosure