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Join this Space Steps to get Mac OS up and running with 10.4.9 (Uphuck
Recent Changes Ver 1.3) Toilet Partition
Manage Space Hardware
Search Jacknob® - Over 2,400
Requirements Items for Toilet Partitions
2. What's Working DRIVERS)
Usb Drive Boot
3. Install Details Dell 1390 Mini PCI Express WiFi Card (optional, for WiFi Free Manuals and
4. Post Install functionality) Support Information for
5. Benchmarks Uphuck 10.4.9 version 1.3 (torrents here and here ) all System Drives
6. Kernels Empty DVD-ROM (about 4.5 GB)
edit navigation USB DVD drive (for connection to EeePC)
OS X High-Speed
Instructions Scanning
Scan up to 30 pg/min,
10.3.9-10.5.x Easily
License Compliance
integrate into any
Don't forget to put an original Apple sticker on your PC as Apple Software workflow.
License Agreement allows you to run it only on Apple-labeled computer.

As Apple-labeled computer is not defined in the agreement this could put

you on the safe side. See Avnet - USB Device
for details. Services for VARs, ISVs,
Preparation OEMs, SIs, System
Builders and End-Users
1. Remove Azureware (AR5BXB63) WiFi card and install the Dell

1390 Mini PCI Express WiFi Card. You can view a video on
disassembling the EeePC, installing the WiFi card, and Partition
reassembling it in this brief 7-part series: Part 1 , Part 2 , Part Source Products on Top
3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6 , Part 7 B2B Site Contact
Suppliers &
2. Bridge pins 6 and 12 on the EeePC's VGA port. See a diagram of
the process.
3. Download Uphuck from here or here (if you haven't already).
4. Burn the downloaded image of Uphuck to the DVD.
5. Insert Uphuck 10.4.9 (the DVD you just burned) into your external
USB DVD drive.
6. Restart your EeePC.
7. Press Escape at the Asus EeePC BIOS boot screen to select a
boot device.
8. When prompted, select your external USB DVD drive from the list.
9. Press any key to install Mac OS X when prompted.
1. When the GUI loads, press return on the language selection
2. Navigate to the utilities menu and select Disk Utility from the drop
down menu.
3. On the left hand side, select the "3.7 GB SILICONMOTION"
partition (The partition name will vary depending on your model of
the EeePC).
4. Select the "Partition" tab.
5. Drop down the "Volume Scheme" from "Current" to "1 Partition".
6. Click "Options" and select "Master Boot Record" from the three
options (GUID, APM or MBR).
7. Press OK once this is done.
8. Change the format to "Mac OS Extended". (No journaling for less
reads/writes. Journaling would wear down the SolidState drive more
9. Name your drive in the "Name" section.
10. Press Partition (It takes a few seconds for the Disk Utility to do
11. Close Disk Utility.
12. Press Continue.
13. Press Continue again.
14. Press Continue once more.
Installation on pc without internal DVD drive and on external USB
drive/removable SD card:
1. ensure your sd card/usb stick/drive is blank
2. download eeebuntu and load it on to another usb stick or cd
3. install ubuntu eee onto your sd card that you eventually want to have
osx on - you must use guided install and on the final screen before you
install choose "advanced" and select to install bootlader on the the name
of the device of the media you are installed (not on the partition ending 1
or 2). wait for install to complete
4. You will need a PC that does have a dvd drive and can boot the osx
install disc - 10.4.6 and 10.4.8 work.
5. after install disc starts running insert SD card reader/usb drive/stick
6. eventually you will get to the installer welcome screen
7. open disk utility and format the largest partition (the one linus was
placed on) as max extended. there will be one other partition called linux
swap (don't touch for now)
8. once erased, install osx on removable media
9. once done it is now ready but you have to prepare your eeepc
10. you need to use a bootloader that recognises oss. tried with windows
and bootloader: acronis disk director 10 (buy a copy and once purchased
you can download of a torrent site).
11. install disk director and os selector (from start menu after)
12. your pc will now start with acronis.
13. put your removal media in first, then start your eeepc
14. it will see osx as other operating system. double click
15. it opens osx!

NB. ensure you follow the guide specifically to make hardware work with
may work with other computers that allow booting form USB

Now we need to select the goodies that make everything work such as the
correct kernel and drivers to have sound, video, etc.
1. Select "10.4.9 Intel"
2. Under "Kernel", select "Intel SSE2" (Dated 1st April 2007)
3. Under "Patches" select "IOATAFamily.kext 10.4.8"
4. Under "Patches" select "loginwindow" (From 10.4.4)
5. Under "Patches" select "Remove CPUPowerManagement.kext"
6. Under "Patches" select "Remove Thermal Kexts"
7. Under "Drivers" open "VGA Drivers" and expand "Intel", select
"GMA 900" only.
8. Under "Drivers" select "Azalia Audio"
9. Under "Drivers" select "PowerManagement.bundle"
10. Under "Drivers" select "Intel SpeedStep"

It will take approximately 20-25 minutes to install the OS. Once

completed, disconnect the external USB DVD drive. Your EeePC should
now reboot and welcome you with music and a short welcome video. Note
that the animations are slowed down due to the incorrect FSB detection in
this kernel.

Now we need to get through the setup for Mac OS X. Unfortunately due to
the EeePCs resolution, we are limited in having the ability to press next
with the mouse. So here are the navigations for the keyboard.

Select your country.

Tab, Tab, Space.
Do not migrate your data (We can't do this anyway).
Tab, Tab, Tab, Space.
Select your keyboard layout.
Tab, Tab, Tab, Space.
Now select your wireless network and password.
Tab, Tab, Tab, Tab, Space.
You will now be asked to enter your Apple ID.
Press and hold ALT and Q. (Equivalent of Cmd-Q). Then press Space.
Now Mac OS will ask you to set up your Account details.
From the last field (Password Hint) press Tab then Space.
Now you can take a snapshot of yourself.
Once done press Tab then Space.
Now select your time zone by clicking on the map.
Then press Space.
Enter date and time details
Then press Space
We have reached the final setup screen, press Space.

Congratulations! Mac OS X has been successfully installed on your

EeePC if you made it this far without problems. You should have about
800 megabytes of free space at this point.

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