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Identify the correct degree of comparison for the given sentence:

1. Mel Gibson is one of the best directors in the world. (a)Positive (b)Superlative (c)Comparitive (d)None

2. The Film Avatar is not so popular as Jurassic park (a)Positive (b)Superlative (c)Comparitive (d)None

3. Einstein is greater than any other physicist (a)Positive (b)Superlative (c)Comparitive (d)None

Fill in the blanks with suitable degree of comparision:

4. The cost of production of Apocalypta was ____________ than that of Titanic (a)high (b)higher (c)highest (d)None

5. Dhayan chand was the ____________ player of this day (a)great (b)greater (c)greatest (d) None

6. They elected him the president (a)SVIODO (b)SVOC (c)SVOA (d)SVCA

7. Rani dyed her hair brown (a)SVOC (b)SVIODO (c)SVOA (d)SVAC

8. Sometimes she awoke in the middle of the night (a)ASVA (b)SVOC (c)ASVO (d)ASVA

9. Trees give us shade (a)SVIODO (b)SVOC (c)SVOA (d)SVAO

10. Padma went upstairs (a)SVA (b)SVO (c)SVC (d)SVIO

Select the plural form for the given word:

11. Louse (a)louses (b)lice (c)louse (d)None

12. Swine (a)swines (b)swine (c)swineses (d)None

13. Man-Servant (a)men-servant 14. Ox (a) oxes 15. Me (a) We (b)our (c)us (d)None (b)oxs (c)oxen (d)None (b)man-servants (c)men-servants (d)None

Select the correct tag:

16. I am on time.? (a)am I (b)arent (c)shall I (d)wont I

17. He hardly works? (a)doesnt he (b)does he (c)did he (d)is he

18. I am not your friend.? (a)am I (b)arent I (c)can I (d)do I

19. Maha will be here soon..? (a)will she (b)wont she (c)is she (d)isnt she

20. There are a lot of people waiting..? (a)is there (b)arent there (c)was there (d)are there

Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition:

21. Sasi has some acquaintance __________ French (a)at (b)for (c)with (d)to

22. An appeal has been admitted ______ the Supreme Court (a)by (b)into (c)with (d)in

23. Agilesh is good ________ Chess





24. Keep the umbrella ____ your head (a)on (b)above (c)upon (d)over

25. Why did you confide your secrets _______ stranger (a) with (b)to (c)at (d)on

Select the correct tense:

26. Somebody stole my watch yesterday (a)past perfect (b)future perfect (c)past tense (d)past continuous

27. Our team has been playing since 4o clock (a)present perfect continuous (c)future continuous 28. Everyday he _______ coffee (a)takes (b)took (c)has taken (d)will take (b)past tense (d)future perfect

29. When I _____ for the bus, car came (a)am waiting (b)was waiting (c)have waited (d)will wait

30. The gate keeper will have closed the gate (a)present perfect (b)future perfect (c)future perfect continuous (d)past perfect

Choose the correct synonym:

31. Moraji Desai was an EMINENT statesman (a)famous (b)unpopular (c)notorious (d)unknown

32. The inspector was a VIGILANT youngman (a)intelligent (b)ambitious (c)watchful (d)smart

33. Harish is quite SANGUINE about the result of his competitive examination (a)depressed (b)pessimistic (c)anixious (d)optimistic

34. The courage shown by our soldiers in kargil was EXEMPLARY





35. The meeting will begin PRECISELY at 9.00 am (a)approximately (b)exactly (c)accurately (d)concisely

Choose the correct antonym:

36. Rgavi was GLAD to see her friend shobana after a long time (a)cheerful (b)happy (c)sad (d)concisely

37. One who can CONQUER anger is greater than king (a)powerful (b)defeat (c)win (d)yield

38. Night DESCENDED dark and cold (a)increased 39. LATENT (a)hidden 40. EXHUME (a)decipher (b)dig (c)integrate (d)admir (b)forbidding (c)obvious (d)artificial (b)ascended (c)decreased (d)moved

Select the correct prefix:

41. moral (a) a 42. lead (a) un 43. regular (a) ir (b) bi (c) im (d) dis (b) re (c) mis (d) en (b) in (c) dis (d) ly

Select the correct suffix:

44. admire (a) able 45. love (b) de (c) in (d) mal

(a) un

(b) dis

(c) able

(d) in

46. Identify the complex sentence (a) If you work hard, you will pass (b) Work hard or else you cannot pass (c) In the event of working hard, you can come up in life (d) Besides making a promise, she kept it 47. Identify the simple sentence (a) She is too tired to walk (b) This is the place where people worship (c) I have no money, and so I cant give you (d) The song that was sung by meena was melodious 48. Identify the compound sentence (a) Opening his box, he took out his new shirt (b) Mohan was sick and so he stayed home (c) When Sachin scored century, the spectators applauded him (d) As leela worked hard, she scored high marks

Identify the sentence:

49. Besides making a promise she kept it (a)simple (b)complex (c)compound (d)None

50. He was tired yet he continued his work (a)simple (b)complex (c)compound (d)None

Select the correct voice form and fill in the blanks:

51. Let the door ________ (a) be opened (b)is opened (c)have opened (d)opened

52. By whom shall we ________ (a)help (b)are helped (c)be helped (d)helped

53. His house __________ last year (a)burgled (b)was burgled (c)has burgled (d)is burgled

54. Will the farmers ________ by the minister? (a)help (b)are helped (c)be helped (d)helped

55. The film _______ by Gibson (a)was directed (b)directed (c)will direct (d)have directed

Find out the adverb/adjective/noun/verb:

56. Adjective of trouble is (a)trouble 57. Find out the verb (a)strength (b)strengthen (c)strong (d)strongly (b)troubled (c)troublesome (d)None

58. Find out the adjective (a)red 59. Find out the noun (a)beautify 60. Find out the adverb (a)practice (b)practice (c)practically (d)practical (b)beautiful (c)beautifully (d)beautification (b)redish (c)redishly (d)redden

Fill in the blank with suitable Article:

61. England is ____ European country (a) a (b) the (c) an (d) no article

62. He is ___ MP (a) a (b) an (c) the (d) no article

63. _____ copper is a metal

(a) a

(b) the

(c) an

(d) no article

64. ____ sun shines (a) a (b) the (c) an (d) no article

65. _____ English is the easier language (a) a (b) the (c) an (d) no article

Find out the error:

66. cattles /were grazing /in the meadows /near our farm 1 (a) 1 2 (b) 2 3 (c) 3 4 (d) 4

67. Make haste/ let/ you/ should not miss the train 1 (a) 1 2 (b) 2 3 (c) 3 4 (d) 4

68. she/ is/ a/ prettiest girl 1 2 3 (a) 1 4 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4

69. pages after pages/ of/ the Mahabharata/ were read 1 (a) 1 (b) 2 2 3 (c) 3 4 (d) 4

70. we/ can see / the stars / in a sky 1 (a) 1 2 (b) 2 3 4 (c) 3 (d) 4

Gerund /Infinitive: Fill in blank with suitable gerund:

71. It is our aim _____ the status of women (a)raising (b)to be raised (c)to risen (d)to raising

72. I prefer ______ by air (a)to travel (b)travel (c)travelling (d)to be travelled

73. ________ French is easier than speaking it (a)to read (b)reading (c)having read (d)to be read

Fill in the blank with suitable infinitives:

74. I consider him _____ the best player in the team (a)is (b)being (c)has been (d)to be

75. He works hard ______ the exam (a)to get through (b)getting through (c)having through (d)get through

Fill in the blank with suitable Homophones: 76. I got my shirt _____ in blue (a)dyed (b)died (c)does (d)None

77. A fine drink is a _________ to a good meal (a)complement (b)compliment (c)complete (d)complimentary

78. I dont want to _______ your argument any more (a)hear (b)here (c)hare (d)hair

79. I have no ________ of mind (a)peas (b)piece (c)peace (d)please

80. The Hindus observe many religious _______ at functions (a)rites (b)rights (c)writs (d)units

Choose the world with correct spelling in each of the following sentence:
81. (a) Professer 82. (a) Comisioner 83. (a) Juglar 84. (a) Satellite (b) Professor (b) Commissioner (b) Jugglor (b) Satalite (c) Professar (c) Comissionor (c) Juggler (c) Satelite (d) Porfessor (d) Commisioner (d) Jugglar (d) Satallite

85. (a) Millenium

(b) Millinnium

(c) Millennium

(d) Millienium

Select the correct sentence:

86. (a) I took pity on him (c) I took pity about him 87. (a) Until you work hard, you will improve (b) He continued studying as long as he was forty (c) Until it rains, you must stay inside the house (d) As long as you work hard, you will improve 88. (a) I could not find it nowhere (b) I cannot see no grace in her (c) She seldom or ever visits our relatives (d) It is nothing else but pride 89. (a) Do it like I do (b) Unless you dont work hard, you cannot pass (c) She sings like her mother does (d) She had hardly heard the news when she began to weep 90. (a) Walk fast lest you should miss the train (b) I wish to know that when he will come (c) His uncle met on an accident (d) I look forward on to meet you 91. Identify the imperative sentence (a) Agilesh is good at grammer (b) harish goes to school daily (c) Open your book at page 7 (d) How old are you? (b) I took pity for him (d) I took pity in him

92. Identify the interrogative sentence (a) He is an MLA (b) He wants to go abroad (c) What a wonderful sight! (d) What do you want? 93. Identify the exclamatory sentence (a) What a funny film Nanban is! (b) Nanban is indeed a funny film (c) Is Nanban a funny film? (d) Nanban is not a funny film 94. Identify the affiramative sentence (a) What a piece of work is man! (b) Why waste time in watching cricket? (c) There is no smoke without fire (d) Not many men could be cruel 95. Identify the negative sentence (a) A few women can keep the secret (b) All these are my books (c) Nobody will deny that he is a nice man (d) Sometimes he is foolish 96. Comprehension It is made craze for spped that is responsible for many motor accidents only last year I witnessed what might have been fatal accident on the anna road. Here the word fatal means (a)real 97. Comprehension (b) light (c) serious (d) end in death

Insects are small creature having six legs no backbone and a body divided into three parts. They are the most plentiful of all living creatures. From mans point of view insects can be divided into two kinds. _______ are the most plentiful living creatures. (a)Reptiles 98. Comprehension The surprisingly abundant life if the Indian ocean is confined to the upper layers; the deeper and especially the bottom waters are devoid of oxygen and areas often permeated with hydrogen sulphide. The sentence gives the information about (a) (b) (c) (d) The life of the people near the Indian ocean The life of the people who sail across the Indian ocean The reason why oxygen is not find in the bottom layers The reason why life exists in particular water layers (b) Herbivorous (c) Insects (d) None

99. Comprehension Although a smiling face often disguises mind of heart of a villain, an indiscrimate generalization of this phenomenon will do injustice to the innocent children whose faces bloom like flowers. The intension of the author seems to be (a) (b) (c) (d) To point out an exception to the general rule To argue infavour of children who are sometimes guilty To forcefully defend the kind acts of villains To give justice to the generous actions of the villains

100. If you believe you can, you can. If you believe you cannot. Think negatively and you will get a negative results. By your thoughts you create a negative atmosphere, which is hospitable to negative results. On the contrary think positively and you create a positive atmosphere which makes a positive results a certainly. This passage is on (a)pessimism (b)optimism (c)tourism (d)naturalism