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Hecel V.


Socio 3


DLY 5:30pm

Humanae Vitae (Reaction Paper)

The issue regarding the contraceptive culture that we have today is not new already. But why is there a need for me, and for us to become aware of this? The fact that it has been in existence during 60s up to todays present, we all should not ignore it. Because this issue regarding the use of contraception covers a wide range of aspects of our lives including our health, morality and spiritual relationship with God. Honestly, havent being able to read the Humanae Vitae (Summary Report), I would not be aware about the division of our Catholic Church. All I thought was the Church does not permits the use of most kinds of birth controls. I thought, the Church is united in giving its opinion and reasoning that the use of contraception is evil doings and immoral acts. Nonetheless, after I read the summary report, I was in a full anguished knowing that our Churchs point of view and reasoning is divided which is in fact a proof that we are separated from unity. Enough with my sad feeling concerning this disunity let us focus now to the root of these arguments which is the human chastity. The problem lies beneath each person. Human person nowadays forgets the real meaning of chastity. Couples thought that they do have the right to think of the number of children that they want to procreate and that they have the right to engage in sexual intercourse with the use of preventive measures whenever they wanted since they are already a married couple. I am afraid that no married couples are exempted. Even my parents, even not married couples and even not already couples are guilty of thinking that they have dominions over their own body. Another problem is that, people use to think of only of short-term and not of the long-term effects. For instance, a couple would want to have sex to satisfy sexual pleasure but are not ready to have a child due to certain factors. In other words, they are afraid of responsibility that lies hidden if they wont use contraception. However, they only thought of the short- term effect of it since they did not take part in the argument the danger of making a womans body a sexual object in the future which will then result in an unstable marriage life and infidelity since the husband will no longer be satisfied with her wife. I can still recall what the priest had said during a certain homily that a womans body should be pure and holy. He also said that in the beginning, God

created woman from a mans flesh from its ribs and not from mans feet. Meaning, the ribs there is symbolism which implies that a woman is cared and protected by her man. A man covers a woman with responsibility and hugs her with all the love and respect that she needs. Not from any parts of the body to become dominion of a womans purity. But, what to do? The use of this contraception in this contraceptive culture is already rampant. And they would say that it would be better to use contraception than having an unwanted child and abort it. But no one can ever deny than ven ABORTION which is very horrifying is also rampant nowadays. They would say that they would not want to have a child because they dont have money since they are poor. The real problem here is SELFISHNESS. Thinking that the rich people can acquire all the things in this world and not even sharing their haves to those poor people. The developing nations keep on rising while they keep on dragging the poor nations down and territorial conflict is the best example for this. If I could only have the chance to shout to the whole world, I will say that the problem with us is SELFISHNESS. If only we could become selfless and live this life according to what Jesus did during His quest. If only we will put Jesus Christ in the center of our hearts and our lives, then the value of chastity will become easy for us.