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Essential Vocabularies for Listening

a fifth/ one fifth accommodation accurate acidity advert advisor/adviser airliners analytical anchor ancient Egypt annual anonymous anthropology antiques show appeal approximately architecture arrests assessed assessment associations athlete athletic attendance attitude battery life bibliography bracelets brick brochure caf caf lounge campus career careers service cargo cathedral century charity chequebook circumstance clarification clothing colleague community value competition computer-literate cone-shaped confidence confident conservationist consistent consumerism consumption contemporary continents co-operative co-ordination cottage counselling counsellor course diary craftsman crisis crop sowing curiosity curtains customer cycling daily intake deadline demolish demonstration determination diagnosis discipline disposable dissertation distilled water distortion door-to-door draft earthquake eco-friendly economic economics elderly embarrassed embassy embedded\ emotional encyclopedia expansion experiment extinguisher extreme diet facilities financial first aid flexible footage footbridge footnote fortnight Fridge full-time funding garage gasworks genre get involved glaciers grasslands gridlock ground floor guided tour habitat hall of residence handouts healing power heat hillsides homesickness housing estates human dimensions illegal illiterate immune system incinerate inherited injury instalments intact intensive intensive farming journalism laboratory lane leather lecturer line manager literate literature living quarters maintenance majority markings mass media measurement mechanism meeting point methodology minerals minister for health ministry minority monolingual nesting and feeding newsletter non-smoking northern noticeboard nought numeracy nursery office assistance off-shore olive oil oral exam organic farming ornamental overdue books oversea oversee patches permanent piracy poetry poisonous postgraduate power station pricey priority profit margin questionnaire quote rainforests raise money rational thought real estates reception rectangular refreshment refund regional reliable replacement reputation re-shoot restoration restorer retail revisions riverside role-play roommate route rural satisfactory schedule scholarship scratch separate seismic socks south bank Southern souvenirs specialist species spies statistics status symbol stick out stock storey studio flat submarine submission subsidies suite supervisor surveyor target taught tension thesis tide tidy traffic congestion transit triangular trousers tutorial unemployed unreliable uphill vegetarian venomous viewing shelter village visual doorbell vocational volunteers voucher warehouse waterproof well-developed withdrawal written exam