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Steps for to create Extra warp designs in Nedgraphics

1. Open Texcell- a) Create new design-Enter Name & fields of Pixel X= 400, Pixel Y: 200, Resolution X: 100, Y=80.( see-pic1)

Pic-1 2. Enable toggles paper format 3. Select colour number 2 in colour pallet & draw a motive or circle or rectangle on the design area (background) 4. Select tools menu go to create warp & weft Design create new definition. (See Pic-2)

Pic-2 5. select warp then scale sequence enter 1,2 (See Pic-3)


6. Select weft then scale sequence enter 1. (See Pic-4)

Pic-4 7. In Warp Weft Defiition Editor select Apply Definition and Open Warp Weft Profile Editor. (See Pic-5)

Pic-5 8. After selecting Warp Weft Profile Editor select Scale and click the Add tool and enter the name 1,2, select Yarn and click Add, Select in weft Scale and click Add and select Yarn and click Add. ( see pic-6)


8. Save the Profile by giving a name, it will save with extension of .WWP. And close the profile editor. 9. In Warp Weft Definition Editor select Definition and brouse the file of Warp Weft Profile at right side (see pic-7)


10. Select 1,2 in Warp and Add in Warp definition in General Tab select All Scales and select 1 and 2. in sequence enter * 1 (Star space and enter one in number) (see pic-9)


11. Again click on Add in General tab scales select custom and click only 2, in Sequence enter 2 and colour select extra warp colour which we using (exp. Colour 8 in picture)see pic -10


12. Save this file by giving any name this will save in .WWD exstention. After this apply definition and close the Warp Weft Definition Editor and see the bottom of the file extra warp is generated or not. And if we require to use different colour in extra warp select line tool in tool bar and select colour in the colour pallet and draw on the bottom of the file where the extra warp is generated according to our requirement. Same in the ground also.(see the Pic-11 & 12)



13. And we have to save this file in .des extension. 14. Create a loom file with 816 hooks, design 800 and for selvedge 16. 15. Open Product Creator-create new file open .des file which we saved in Texcelle. By default its shows 1 warp and 1 weft, enter EPI=80, PPI=60, open loom file then click Apply & OK. (see pic-13)


16. select weaves view apply weaves. (see Pic-14)

Pic-14 17. Select Special weaves view and apply mat weave. 18. Select card view and click on refresh. (see the pic-15) as shown in the pic 1 & 2


19. Go to view select colour pallet and according to your choice you can select colours for warp, weft & select type of yarn it shown in the pic. Respectively 16 & 17. and see the simulation.