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I i-ur Official I si; Oai\s Service Center

I Enforcement Operations Division

911 Terrorist Review
Non-Immigrant Information System American Airlines #77 Inter-Agency Border Information System
Dulles Intl to Los Angeles (National Automated Immigration Lookout
1-94: 89473830507 Pentagon System)
Visa Issued: Jeddah, 7APR99 (Treasury Enforcement Control System)
Type Visa: B2 (National Crime Information Center)
Admitted to: 14JULOO Tecs Record ID: P9C03299500CIQ
Port of Entry: Los Angeles, CA P9B50072800CBO
Arriving Carrier: United, Fit #2 ** P9B5007800CDA
Intended Address: P9B50072800CIQ
Sheraton Hotel P9B50072800C53
Departure date: 10JUNOO P9B50072801CIQ
Port of Departure: Los Angeles P2852503300B02
Carrier: LH, Fit #457 P2776204400B02
Visa Issued: Jeddah
Type Visa: Bl Computer-Linked Application
DOA:4JUL01 Information Management System
Admitted to: 3OCT01 Khalid Bin Muhammad
Port of Entry: New York, NY ALMIHDHAR Negative results
Arriving Carrier: SV, Fit #53
Intended Address: DOB: 16MAY75 Student School System
Marriott Hotel, New York COC: Saudi
Departure date: NA Negative results
COR: Saudi
Port of Departure: NA
Carrier: NA Sau- Passport: B7?1156 Refugee, Asvlee, and ParoS - System
Sai Passport: C5 '754
Treasury Enforcement Control System Negative results
Airline Code: SV Khalid ALMODHAR Central Index System
Flight Number: 53
Date Entered: 04JUL01 Negative results
Port of Entry: A475-New York Khalid ALMIDHER
Deportable Alien Control System
Comments Known Addresses
Negative results
Open source information reveals that Probable
ALMIHDHAR probably moved in with Marriage, Anti-Fraud Accountability
Abdussattar SHAIKH at 8451 Mount 8451 Mount Vemon St. System
Vernon St. Lemon Grove, CA 91945. On Lemon Grove, CA 91945
September i , 2001, ALMIHDHAR met with Negative results
the four other terrorist on flight #77 at room
343, Valence Hotel, Laurel, MD.


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Texas Service Center

Enforcement Operations Division
911 Terrorist Review
American Airlines #77 Bin Muhammad
Dulles Intl to Los Angeles ALMIHDHAR
I DOB: 16MAY75
COC: Saudi
COR: Saudi

Terrorist Timeline
07APR99 B2 Visa issued in JEDDAH
I JANOO i ALMIHDHAR and N. ALHAZMI were video-taped meeting with BIN
LADEN operatives in Malaysia
15JANOO Entered the U.S. at Los Angeles, CA with N. ALHAZMI (United, Flight #2)
I (possibly originating in Bangkok, Thailand)
FEBOO iBuys a Toyota Corolla from someone at the Islamic Center of San Diego
(possibly Dr. SHAIKH, also note that this is the probably the same vehicle
recovered at Dulles Airport; the note revealing the name and phone number
of Mohamed Abdi was found in this vehicle)
MAYOO lALMIHDHAR and N. ALHAZMI take lessons at Sorbi's Flying Club in
San Diego, CA.
JULOO lALHAZMI and ALMIHDHAR move in with Abdussattar SHAIKH, local !
Muslim Leader in San Diego
I 13JUN01 Bl Visa issued in JEDDAH
04JUL01 Entered the U.S. at New York (SV, Flight #53) from Damman Saudi Arabia
24AUG01 Set up a frequent flyer account with American Airlines
25AUG01 lALMIHDHAR's account was used by MOQED to make airline reservations
I 2ALMIHDHAR and MOQED purchased tickets with cash for American
Airlines Flight #77.
01SEP01 iNawaf and Salem ALHAZMI and ALMIHDHAR joined up with
HANJOUR and MOQED at room 343, Valencia Hotel in Laurel, MD.
02SEP01 lALHAZMI bought a few one-day passes at Gold's Gym on Greenbelt Rd,
I Laurel, MD; HANJOUR, MOQED, and ALMIHDF \ bought one week
I Salem HAZ? ..AMI hijacked American Airlines Flig 77. The Boe ig 757
departed from Dulles International bound for Los Angeles. At
approximately 0940, they flew the aircraft into the Pentagon.

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