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Bachelor of Education (Primary) ED91

YEAR 1 Semester 1 Semester 2 EDB001 Teaching EDB007 Culture & Learning Studies Studies: Indigenous 1: Teaching in new education times EDB006 Learning Networks EDB036 Introduction to Education EDB021 Field Studies 1: Classroom and behaviour management [20 days] EDB022 Field Studies 2: Philosophy [20 days] EDB023 Field Studies 3: Inclusive assessment practices [20 days] EDB024 Field Studies 4: Professional practice of teaching [20 days] EDB025 Internship [20 days] SPB036 Assessment: Using educational data YEAR 2 Semester 1 Semester 2 EDB002 Teaching & Learning Studies 2: Development & learning YEAR 3 Semester 1 Semester 2 EDB003 Teaching & Learning 3: Practising education YEAR 4 Semester 1 Semester 2 EDB004 Teaching EDB005 Teaching & Learning Studies & Learning Studies 4: Inclusive 5: Professional work education of teachers

Field Studies

Core Professional Studies

Core Curriculum Studies

MDB001 Foundation: Scientific & quantitative literacy

HMB300 Teaching HPE CLB004 Foundation Text Design & Communication CLB005 Foundation: Wellness & Active Citizenship

MDB006 Teaching primary Science KKB202 Teaching Primary Dance & Drama

MDB002 Teaching primary Mathematics 1 CLB006 Teaching Reading & Writing CLB008 Teaching Primary SOSE

MDB004 Teaching Primary ICT KKB201 Teaching Primary Music, Visual Arts & Media CLB007 Learning Literacy by Design

MDB003 Teaching Primary Mathematics 2

MDB005 Teaching Primary Design & technology


Elective 1

Elective 2

Elective 3

Elective 4



Professional preparation

Development & Inclusivity






All units are worth 12 credit points (total of 384). Special arrangements apply to Research Pathway students.

Bachelor of Education (Primary) ED91 Course overview for students Key points: The semesters in which the Field Studies units occur are 9 weeks duration. Field Experiences then take the remaining 4 weeks of the teaching semester. Only 9 week units can be undertaken in these semesters. Each of the core professional studies units that occur in the same semesters as the Field studies units are designed to support the Field studies units. EDB005 (the Stepping Out conference) is a capstone unit designed to help you draw together your learning from the previous 3 years. The Stepping Out Conference occurs in O week of semester 2 of your 4th year. The assessment tasks for EDB005 require you to present brief statements demonstrating your understanding and achievement of the 10 Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) Professional standards. Demonstration of your competence in the Professional Standards is a requirement of the QCT for your registration as a teacher in Queensland. Preparation of your portfolio statements commences in semester 1 of year 2. Students are required to meet literacy standards set by the QCT by end of 3rd year. Literacy modules have been developed to support those students who do not receive satisfactory literacy results in their 1st year of study. A current Blue Card must be held to complete all requirements of this course.