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As promised, calls were initiated in follow-up of the release of the Press Release @ 11 a.m.

; this has started [and ended] after a chat with J.D. Mullane [whose e-mail address is rather than]. Exemplifying how we bonded is how our perceptions of a Town Hall hosted last month by Mike overlap; he wrote of the-incredible-lightness-of-no-labels while I wrote that It is a source of considerable dismay that the David Walker presentation of No Labels served to squish-out an extended discussion via a Town Hall mechanism, and I had already advised that the use of this No Labels entity [which we view as lib-dominated] could have been tested when generating a Fiscal Note to the bill Mike had introduced [an effort that either was never requested/accomplished]: {This was blasted last night; references to No-Labels are emphasized.} I maxed-out for his initial campaign, despite the fact that Im not monied and live in MontCo, and I have tracked every public-event he has held since then [whenever informed, including all debates, which I then summarized in memo-form and submitted thereafter]. I was seething a fortnight ago, and my feelings have been magnified since then. Heres why. You have appended the complete memo of precisely a month ago, in which I issued a simple-request; if you submit a bill, you must be able to acquire a fiscal-note regarding its budgetary-impact [placing ONE phone call to the Legislative Reference Bureau, a technique I learned two decades ago when working with Jon David Fox, Exq.]. I asked nicely for this to be accomplished but, guess what[Crickets]. Here is the relevant excerpt from that memo:

Sixth, I was told Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick dropped a bill HB

2165 that was intended to function in-reverse (vide infra) but, in this

instance, could provide a vehicle to help the Republicans resolve this conflict (absent the necessity for anyone to eat their words); specifically, hyperlinks to the bill, and here is the associated press-release from Mikes website:
FITZPATRICK, HECK INTRODUCE REPLACEMENT HEALTH CARE LEGISLATION Bill keeps consumer protections in event of health care law repeal {May 25, 2013 Issues: Health} LANGHORNE, PA - In an effort to provide businesses and families with greater certainty regarding the implementation of the Presidents healthcare law, Congressmen Joe Heck (NV-3) and Mike Fitzpatrick (PA8) introduced legislation today that would maintain several popular consumer protections in the law in the event of a full repeal of the healthcare bill. "The health care law is the law of the land, but there are still many issues surrounding the law's cost, implementation, and enforcement that give me reason to believe the law could still be targeted for a

repeal," Rep. Heck said. "In the event of repeal, we must ensure that the important consumer protections and options for individuals without insurance in the law are maintained and this legislation does that. As the health care debate continues both Heck and Fitzpatrick agree that while there are some good portions of the law that should remain in place, the law itself should be replaced with more common sense, patient-centered reforms that will actually decrease costs and increase access to care. This bill gives us a practical way to keep the popular parts of the Affordable Care Act while Congress finds a solution to fix the unpopular parts that have many Americans deeply concerned," said Fitzpatrick. The Heck/Fitzpatrick bill would keep in-place the following provisions in the event of a full repeal of the health care law:

Provide individuals with pre-existing conditions the opportunity to purchase affordable health insurance coverage, Give Americans who currently have health insurance the guaranteed ability to renew policies that work best for them, Place prohibitions on rescissions to ensure that patients who have paid their premiums can count on their policy coming through when they get sick, Establish a limited grant program to give states the ability to work with insurers to develop targeted solutions to address the needs of high-risk populations, and Give families flexibility by extending dependent coverage to age 26, with reasonable limitations to prevent abuse. ### Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick is serving his third term in the U.S. House of Representatives. He represents Pennsylvanias 8th district which includes all of Bucks County as well as a portion of Montgomery County. He serves as the Vice Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. Congressman Joe Heck represents Nevadas 3rd district.

THEREFORE It is desirable to affix a Fiscal Note to this already-extant proposal and, specifically, to let it be reviewed by No-Labels [if, indeed, it is to serve as a bridge-builder, @ crunch-time]; OBVIOUSLY, I am thinking aloud absent all input yall have to strategize-maximally.
I hadnt pushed this facet of the problem until now, but time-is-tight. I dont care if Mike feels pressured, for Im told at least one person close to him personally [for decdes] views this Resolution as being subdued. Therefore, noting that NO ONE called me back

ALL DAY yesterday [despite numerous e-mails/calls], I would hope that SOMEONE will provide a reply-all reaction to this e-mailwhich Ill then disseminate. THERE ARE NO MORE EXCUSES. IF MIKE IS A MAN OF HIS WORD, HE MUST SUPPORT THIS LEGISLATIONAND ANNOUNCE THAT FACT A.S.A.P. This has nothing to do with signing a pledge; it has everything to do with matching rhetoric/deeds. J.D. had reported that the-tea-party-is-energized, and J.D. previously had reported that Fitz told me what he thought of the Bucks County tea party: "I see a lot of gray hair." In any case, it becoming far clearer why some-house-republicans-are pretty-angry-that-boehner-cant-get-cruz-to-shut-up-and-sitdown; this one issue has revealed who-is-working-to-stop-ObamaCare [and who isnt]; for example, Activists For Truth Interviewed U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions and a unique reason for opposing the Graves JR regarding the CR emerged, namely, that he allegedly would only support a defunding bill that listed each individual item encompassed [rather than anything global]. Thus, it is not surprising that opponents have been asked to BEWARE OF BACKROOM LAST-MINUTE OBAMACARE FUNDING DEAL; recognized is the bipartisan D.C.-revolving door [e.g., Top GOP Staff Head for K Street]. As the roll-out is portrayed as inevitable [learning-about-the-affordable-care-act], revelatory quotes emerge [e.g., Jenny Gold of Kaiser Health news observing that a new entitlement has emerged, namely, marketing ObamaCare exchanges]; meanwhile, creative-types-are to-lose-coverage-under-ObamaCare and the young/healthy-are-notbuying-ObamaCare. Physicians claim ObamaCare_cannot_succeed as more evidence of its harm emerged [e.g., Over 100 Emory Healthcare Workers Laid Off Over ObamaCare]. This is why CONSERVATIVES PUSH NEW SPENDING RESOLUTION TO DEFUND OBAMACARE; POLLS show only 12% SAY OBAMACARE WILL HAVE POSITIVE IMPACT, noting that a pew-poll-of health-care-lawopposition concluded: Three years after President Obama signed his signature health care overhaul, Americans are as negative toward it as they have ever been, and disapproval of the president on the issue has reached a new high. Cruz has just circulated his take on these data, citing WSJ/NBC-News. And this is why dismay grows after Gov. Corbett's announced cures for Medicaid to test GOP and feds, for he has taken-the-bait; if he thinks this will attract independent voters, he is sadly mistaken. * In follow-up of the blast of God Bless America [sung by Kate Smith, the original], it should be noted that it was provided by Mike Raker; another patient [whose arm dangles because of physician-induced heavy-twisting, due to the need for a (negative) colonoscopy to have recently been acquired] wrote this: We sang God Bless America and the Star Spangled Banner in school every morning, and then the Bible was read. Not these days; ask children today to sing either song and they dont know. I was born in 1941, and I remember that everyone at that time LOVED Kate Smith. My aunts would go around the house imitating her singing. I remember the air-raid warden coming around telling us to stay indoors and cover up the windows and to be quiet. I would tie my brothers dump trucks around my feet with rags and roller skate all around the house and my aunts would tell me that the Nazis would hear me if I wasnt quiet. Those were the days, food was rationed and there were no men around. My one Aunt was made a manager at the A&P [which became Acme] and women would paint lines on the back of their legs because they couldnt get nylon stocking to wear.

Thanks for some happy memories today. I hope all is well with you and thank you my dear sweet friend. The day that I met you was a blessing from God.