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________ |________\________________________________________________________ | | | - 2.3 - C H A R A C T E R S / |________________________________________________________________/ Ark Thompson Role - Main Hero Weapon of choice - Glock 17 w/ inf.

ammo Ark is the main hero in Gun Survivor, and starts off without knowing who he is. On his trip through the island that he's on he begins to believe that he is really a mass-murderer called Vincent that everyone is after. During the game, he will find out more about who he really is, why he was on the island, and who sent him there. Lott Klein Role - Little Boy Lost/The Informant Weapon of choice - Multi-colored baseball bat Once your down in the sewers, you end up meeting up with Lott. Unfortunately, he decides to run off and you end up following him for a long distance, all the way to a lab area. I don't know why, but I believe Lott is really Rott (due to the fact that the map of his house says "Rott's House" as the title) but it sure as hell sounds like the characters are saying "Lott!" when they call out his name. I do also have to ask, who the hell names their kid Rott anyway? Andy Holland Role - Psychopathic Supervisor Weapon of choice - Gleaming light shining off his bald head and a Luger. Andy seems to be a supervisor for Umbrella. As Ark makes his way to the library you'll meet up with him, and find that he is calling you Vincent and a murderer. You hear from him a few times in various paths, but he doesn't play an important role Lilly Klein Role - Little Boy Lost's Little Lost Sister Weapon of choice - Closets and Bear Faced Overalls (Agh... The Horror!) Lott's little sister, who decides it would be fun to be running around with Lott between various types of monsters. She is smart enough however to stay home and hide when Lot takes off to the Umbrella Factory/Lab complex. Vincent Goldman Role - Mass-Murdering Scumbag Weapon of choice - Laughing and Yelling

The real Vincent seems to know what will happen with Umbrella's squads coming in to clean up the mess that has happened. Other than that he seems to like fighting Ark, and panicing. Cleaner Leader (UT Troops) Role - Leader of Hybrid Human Umbrella SWAT members Weapon of choice - Loud breathing, and a high powered H&K MP5 rifle. When the team drops in, you may get to see this guy yelling orders. If you pick the right path, he will meet up with Ark before... well, you'll just have to play to see. Tyrant Role - Umbrella Bio-Weapon Creation Weapon of choice - Large clawed hand, wide open mouth with a huge tongue. As with every other game, there has to be a Tyrant as a boss to fight, and Gun Survivor is no exception. Starting out as a weird blue freak, Survivor's Tyrant goes through three stages of change. ________ |________\________________________________________________________ | | | - 2.4 - E N E M I E S / |________________________________________________________________/ There are many enemies you will find in the game. This should cover them, along with how hard they are to beat, what you should do to beat them and their general location in the game (if I can give it to you). I'll put basic info here, but I may add more info for some of the bosses etc. in the actual walkthrough. - Zombies The ol' war-horses of Resident Evil are as usual, your main attackers they can be found just about everywhere in the game. Zombies shouldn't give you too much of a problem, except for when they are in large groups or you are stuck with one in a small location. Any of the handguns are good enough to take them out. The skinless zombies are also prone to be dropped quicker by hitting them in the head. - Dogs Mainly located in street areas, the T-Infected doggies, seem to love running around in circles. Their attack patterns are very random, and they are sometimes hard to target due to their speed. The best thing is once you have shot one and knocked it down keep shooting at it to keep it on the ground. This way you should have no problems with the dogs at all. - Crows

Besides the movie theater, and occasionally randomly placed in street areas, you probably won't come across these flying pests too often in the game. If you do, crack out any of the handguns and just take potshots at them 'till they are all dead. A very easy enemy. - Spiders There are 2 types of Spiders in the game. The normal brown and black, which occasionally charge, but do very little else but sit there allowing you to shoot the crap out of them. The others, which are green and black are vicious little bastards who like to spit acid at you and also charge. For the easy ones, you could use any of the handguns, you could also use the handgun for the hard ones (if your feeling like getting a little injured) but I would advice something a little stronger for the green and black ones. - Cockroaches You should only meet these once in the game (and on a certain path too). The room will be dark when you enter it, you will be able to hear them, but they wont attack until you switch the light on. When you go nuts with what ever handgun you have and you should be able to take many out, but while still getting attacked. They are a pain, but are easy to kill. The best idea is just run for the door instead of wasting your time though. - Hunters The hunters also make an unwelcome return. The team hasn't taken the wussy easy to beat hunters from Resident Evil 3, nooo, they decided to use the old green gorilla ones from Resident Evil, and man these things are still as hard to beat as ever. They jump, they swipe, they do everything the ones in Resident Evil did. If they are by themselves you should be able to take them out with a handgun (prepare to maybe get swiped with a claw once or twice if you aren't careful) but if there is more than 1 attacking use your shotgun, you'll take them out a hell of a lot quicker. Aya Brea <> suggests: "(For) hunters, just keep targeting it (I use handgun C for the quick reload time).. if it leaps into the air and is about to hit you, take a step back... When it gets close, you'll pretty much be guarenteed to win.. Just keep shooting with a rhythmic timing.. As long as you are shooting at it, it cannot claw you... After 3-5 shots or so, it'll leap behind you, but it never hits you... Keep your finger on the L1 all the time (I don't have a G-Con) and you'll track it, and you can easily target the hunter again... It'll eventually die... As for reloading, the quick reload feature of the handgun C should be quick enough so probably won't get hit by the hunter.." - Lickers

I still can't decide which is worse, the Hunters or the Lickers in this game. I have a tough time with them both. As with the Hunters, if they are by themselves you can should be able to take them out with a handgun (prepare to maybe get swiped with a claw once or twice or tongued a couple of times) but if there is more than 1 attacking use your shotgun, you'll take them out a hell of a lot quicker. As for the darker Lickers, you may need to use a shotgun to kill them, especially if they come in pairs. Kevin Ratten <> suggests: "A major use for acid rounds: they kill the red lickers with one shot - not so effective against the dark ones, but still do the job." Aya Brea <> suggests: "As for lickers.. Stay away from it but do leave some room behind you.. Now keep shooting at it from a distance.. When it leaps, continue to shoot at it, you'll usually bring him down during the peak of its leap... if not, take a step back and you'll be unharmed... When it gets too close, run away towards the other end of the hall or whatever, it'll usually be too clumsy to hit you..." Katman <> suggests: "Notice how they jump at you, then claw you? Now, notice how they will pause if they run into you in the middle of a jump? Well, stand in front of 'em on purpose, and they'll pause before the swipe. Now, step back before the attack, and shoot them! Easy! Even better, use Handgun D to shoot them out of the air!" Thanks also to the million-and-one people that suggested Acid Rounds on the Lickers. I guess they do have a use. - Cleaners These SWAT guys turn up everywhere. They are easy to kill with a handgun bullet or two, and can still usually be taken out easily with groups or 3 or 4 (at the same level). They can be a pain when they are higher up then where you are, but should still only take a handgun bullet or 2 to finish off. - Moths There are 2 Moths in the game that are in the basement of the Prison. Such is this, that with a shotgun (and even with the handgun if you want to) that you should have no problems taking them out. - Plant Creatures These turn up in the Factory/Lab nearer the end of the game. They are easy to take out with a close range flame grenade shot to the body (the large part at the top) just watch out for them throwing vines at you and spitting poison at you. Also, if you can get some distance between you and them, a handgun will do nicely also.

- Alligators The hardest enemy in the game. If you trek through the second lot of sewers, then you'll be attacked by not only 1, but 2 of these things. There are no large gas tanks lying around for you to blow their heads off with this time. You will have to be a pro (or have a rocket launcher on you) to get past these buggers. The only other hints are to have a lot of herbs and a lot of ammo. Chino <> suggests: "They can easily be takin down without the use of any herbs, just a handgun, for some reason, all the enemies besides the zombie can't hurt you when your back is faced to them, so you can face you back to one aligator and back up, and then shoot at the other before making the run to the other side, it's only the hunters that can be a problem, they jump in front of you a lot ^_^" Or should you wish to escape them: Jim Karagan <> suggests: "If you want to beat the aligators in Resident Evil Survivor, all you have to do is shoot the first aligator in the head with your hand gun. Give him a few shots and the aligator will move to the side giving you enough space to run by it." - Mr. X Mr. X returns (or should I say in this case, Mr. X's return). It's amazing to see more than one in one location. Still a long distances or in open areas you should be able to get through 2 handgun clips or so, and beat him. If your in close range you may want to use something else but you should be able to get by with just using the handgun. Also, as like in Resident Evil 2, he will sometimes drop you an random item. Aya Brea <> suggests: "As for Mr. X, it's pretty easy when there's lots of space... If not (like in a narrow hallway) make sure the hall is wide enough for you to slip through... Keep shooting at it from a distance, about about 10-15 shots (usually 13 shots) it'll twitch... If it does not, keep shooting at it, as he's very slow to move and attack... When he twitches after 10 shots or so, it's your sign to sneak around him... (The closer he is, the better this trick works) and you'll be able to slip by unharmed MOST of the time (timing is kinda tricky) then get around to the other end and shot another 15 rounds or so to bring it down..." - Tyrant Yes, I had him in the character section, but he's also an enemy, so he also needs to go here also. Overall, his first two forms shouldn't give you any problems. In the first area he attacks, you can just shoot at him until he gets too close, then run around him to the other end and do it again and again until he dies. For his second stage, you can run all around the heliport taking pot shots

with what ever weapon you want to. As for his third, that's where you have trouble. Because of one of his moves he can sometime block your shots, he also jumps a lot, and he can also pick you up and slam you on the ground (if he kills you he will skewer you with his clawed arm before chucking you a large distance). The only thing you really can do, is to continue to run around and taking shots when he charges at you or when he's turning around, and hopefully you will win. ________ |________\________________________________________________________ | | | - 2.5 - W E A P O N S / |________________________________________________________________/ There are 8 Weapons you can get for Gun Survivor. 7 In-Game, and one which you have to earn. In here I will go into detail about them. ________________ | | |Glock 17 Handgun| |________________| Default Weapon Holds: 17 Bullets Best Against: Just about anything Infinite Ammo Speed Reload Power Overall >>>>>>> >>>> >>>>>> >>>>>

The Glock is your standard firearm. It holds 17 rounds at a time, and has an average firing rate. You will be stuck with it at the start and shouldn't have too much trouble using it. ______________________ | | |M8000 Cougar G Handgun| |______________________| Found Weapon Holds: 15 Bullets Best Against: Just about anything Infinite Ammo Speed Reload Power Overall >>>>> >>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>

You'll find the M8000 at the arcade store room. This gun is a slight bit slower than the Glock, holds less ammo than the Glock, but is slightly more powerful and reloads quicker. _____________ | |

|CZ-75 Handgun| |_____________| Found Weapons Holds: 15 Bullets Best Against: Just about anything Infinite Ammo Speed Reload Power Overall >>>>>>>>>> >> >>>>>> >>>>>>

This handgun is very quick in firing, but is slow in reloading. It Is also weaker because of the speed compared to the Cougar. It's located at the hospital. _______________ | | |Nanbu 14 Custom| |_______________| Found Weapon Holds: 8 Bullets Best Against: Anything slow or at a distance Infinite Ammo Speed Reload Power Overall >>> >>>>> >>>>>>>> >>>>>

This gun holds 8 rounds and is the most powerful handgun in the game, but it's also slow to compensate. Take the path into the Library to find it. _______________ | | |SPAS 12 Shotgun| |_______________| Found Weapon Holds: 8 Shells Best Use of Ammo Against: Many Hunters, Lickers, The Final Boss Limited Ammo Speed Reload Power Overall >>>>> >> >>>>>>>>> >>>>>

The SPAS holds 8 Shells and is a powerful weapon. Although it's stats aren't the greatest it does come in handy when your surrounded and if your facing the last boss. It's located at the showers, just after the jail cells in the prison. ____________________ | | |M79 Grenade Launcher| |____________________|

Found Weapon Holds: 1 Shell (Acid/Flame/Grenade) Best Against: Flame works well on plants, Grenade works well on the last boss and various other enemies, Acid doesn't have much purpose in Survivor for anything but general attacks. I still haven't tried them on the Aligators yet, so perhaps.... Lickers maybe.... :-D Limited Ammo Speed Reload Power Overall >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>>>

The Grenade Launcher is back yet again. Using various rounds, the Launcher will help you greatly. The reason this has such high stats for both Speed and Reloading is that as it fires it's reloaded so it means both the speed of firing and reloading are extemly quick. It's found on top of a car at the Parking lot of the Umbrella building. ______________ | | |S&W M19 Magnum| |______________| Found Weapon Holds: 6 Bullets Best Against: Just about anything Limited Ammo Speed Reload Power Overall >>>>> >>> >>>>>>>> >>>>>

The Magnum will be a trusty weapon that will help you many times. It's located in the later part of the game, on the floor of the Room with an inactivated elevator (Plant B1) under the destroyed Mansion. ______________________ | | |M20-A1 Rocket Launcher| |______________________| Earned Weapon Holds: 1 Rocket Best Against: Anything!!! Infinite Ammo Speed Reload Power Overall >>>>>>>> >>> >>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>

If your good enough to get S rank, you can be trusted with this destructive weapon. It will kill just about everything in one shot. Occasionally Mr. X will block Rockets, but this doesn't happen often and you should be able to still drop him.

________ |________\________________________________________________________ | | | - 2.6 - I N V E N T O R Y / O P T I O N M E N U S / |________________________________________________________________/ (Gun) Survivor Item List Version 2.0 |_________________________________________________________________| | | | Standard Items | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | Handgun Bullets - Ammo for all the handguns you will gain. | | | | "These are 9X19 Parabellum Bullets that can be used for various | | handguns." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | Green Herb - Slight amount of healing from a single herb. | | | | "This is a herb that can be used to heal wounds." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | First Aid Spray - Full health in a can | | | | "This spray will fully recover your vitality." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | Red Herb - Triples the effect of other herbs | | | | "This is an herb that can enhance the effect of other herbs." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | Blue Herb - Cures poision status | | | | "This is an herb that can detoxify poisons." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | Shotgun Bullets - Ammo for the SPAS-12 Shotgun | | | | "Shot Shell. These can be used with the S.P.A.S. 12." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | Flame Rounds - Flame Rounds for the Grenade Launcher | | | | "Grenade Flame Rounds. These can be used with the M79 Grenade | | Launcher." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | Grenade Rounds - Explosive Grenade Rounds for the Grenade | | Launcher | | | | "Grenade Bearing Rounds. These can be used with the M79 Grenade | | Launcher." | |_________________________________________________________________|

| | | Acid Rounds - Rounds with Acid for the Grenade Launcher | | | | "Grenade Acid Rounds. These can be used with the M79 Grenade | | Launcher." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | Magnum Rounds - Rounds for the Magnum | | | | "357 Magnum Rounds. These can be used with the S&W M19 series." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | Mixed Herbs - Various mixtures of herbs will create various | | results. | | | | "This a mixture of a -- herb (, a -- herb) and a -- herb." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | Other Items | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | | | Item Name | Found | Location | |______________________|___________________|______________________| | | | | | Handgun A | N/A | N/A | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "GLOCK 17. This is a small lightweight gun, which is made from | | plastic and is famous for it's stability." | |_________________________________________________________________| | Streets Area 1 | |----------------------|-------------------|----------------------| | | | | | Rusted Key | Zombie | Street Area 1 | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "This is a key that looks like it could easily break apart." | |_________________________________________________________________| | Church | |----------------------|-------------------|----------------------| | | | | | Chapel Key | Table | Chapel Library | | | | Church | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "It appears to be a key for a chapel." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | | | Clock Winder | Clock | Chapel Library | | | | Church | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "It appears to be a winder for a clock." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | | | Church's Rear Key | Table | Church Basement | | | | Church | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "It appears to be a key for the rear entrance of a church." |

|_________________________________________________________________| | Restaurant | |----------------------|-------------------|----------------------| | | | | | Manager's Key | Boxes | Freezer | | | | Restaurant | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "It appears to be a key to open the hall entrance of a | | restaurant." | |_________________________________________________________________| | Movie Theater | |----------------------|-------------------|----------------------| | | | | | 35mm Film | Shelf | Projector Room | | | | Movie Theater | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "The word "Umbrella" is written on the case of the film." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | | | Theater Key | Front Of Theater | Movie Theater | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "This is a key for the entrance of a theater." | |_________________________________________________________________| | Streets Area 2 | |----------------------|-------------------|----------------------| | | | | | Cracked Key | Seat | Waterside | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "This key is cracked and could break at anytime." | |_________________________________________________________________| | Arcade-Bar-Casino | |----------------------|-------------------|----------------------| | | | | | Arcade Key | Table | Arcade Office | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "This is a key to access the underground of the amusement park" | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | | | Manhole Opener | Bar Counter | Bar - Arcade | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "This could be used to open a manhole." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | | | Handgun C | Shelf | Storage Room | | | | Arcade/Casino | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "M8000 Cougar G. This gun is famous for it's excellent | | precision thanks to it's Rotating Barrel blow back action." | |_________________________________________________________________| | Library | |----------------------|-------------------|----------------------| | | | | | Handgun D | Desk | Upper Library |

| |___________________|______________________| | | | "Nanbu 14 Custom. This is Japan's first automatic gun, which | | was used by the Japanese army." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | | | Manhole Opener | Table | Back Library | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "This could be used to open a manhole." | |_________________________________________________________________| | Hospital | |----------------------|-------------------|----------------------| | | | | | Medicine Room Key | CT Scanner Bed | Exam Room - Hospital | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "This is a key to open the door of the medicine room." | |______________________|___________________|______________________| | | | | | Handgun B | Desk | Nurse's station | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "CZ75. This is a small gun which uses 9X19 parabellum rounds." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | | | Manhole Opener | Shelf | Operating Room | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "This could be used to open a manhole." |_________________________________________________________________| | Prison | |----------------------|-------------------|----------------------| | | | | | Prison Cell Key | Desk | Office | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "This is a key for the entrance of a prison cell." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | | | Rope | Desk | Prison Hallway | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "This is a strong rope that could be used for mountain | | climbing" | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | | | Shotgun | Floor of the | Prison Showers | | | Showers | | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "S.P.A.S. 12. This large size military shotgun can be handled | | with one arm if used with a stock option." | |_________________________________________________________________| | Night Club | |----------------------|-------------------|----------------------| | | | | | Club Hall Key | Table | VIP Room | | | | Night Club | | |___________________|______________________|

| | | "This is a specially designed card key for a club member." | |_________________________________________________________________| | Umbrella HQ | |----------------------|-------------------|----------------------| | | | | | Umbrella Key Card | Floor by the Desk | Main Office 13F | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "This is a card key that can be inserted into a card reader. | | The word "Vincent" is written on it." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | | | Grenade Gun | Sitting on the | Parking Garage | | | front of the Car | | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "M79 Grenade Launcher. An American made weapon that is | | compatible with various types of ammo." | |_________________________________________________________________| | Umbrella Factory | |----------------------|-------------------|----------------------| | | | | | Magnum | Power Room | Plant B1 | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "S&W M19. The M19 can handle 357 magnum rounds once the barrel | | is extended from 4 to 6 inches." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | | | Activation Disk | Lab Desk | Lab - Plant B2 | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "This is an activation disk for the power reactor." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | | | ID Card | Dead Body | Plant B2 | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "This is an ID card of a researcher. You can insert it into a | | card reader at the factory." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | | | Master Key | Desk in | Plant B3 | | | Tyrant Lab | | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "This is the master key for the factory." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | | | | Rocket Launcher | N/A | Inventory after | | | | earning a S Rank | | |___________________|______________________| | | | "M20A1 Rocket Launcher. This powerful weapon fires rockets and | | can defeat most enemies with one shot." | |_________________________________________________________________| | | ________

|________\________________________________________________________ | | | - 2.7 - I N V E N T O R Y / O P T I O N M E N U S / |________________________________________________________________/ If your new to the Biohazard/Resident Evil Scene, or you can't understand the menu's in the game (because you have BHGS) then this section is for you. It covers what you need to know about the menus. - Inventory Screen Once you have accessed the inventory screen you have many options, and images. __________________________________________ | ___________________________________ | | | Item | File | Map | Exit |__| | |________|________|________|________| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ______ | || | _____________________________ | ||HEALTH| | || ||______| | || || \__|__ | || || || Item Information || || GUN || || ||_________||_____________________________|| |__________________________________________| In the lower left is you currently equipped gun, and your health status. You will have a large box to the right of them, that is where you will get info on various items, and at the top will be four options; Item, File, Map and Exit. I will go through each of these. Item - If you click on item, it will bring up your list of items. Within this list you can select an item. Lets say you had a Red Herb, and you selected it. 4 more options will come up. 3 will be in Japanese kanji, and the last will say Cancel. These four options are Use, Combine, Check, and of course Cancel. With use you will use the selected item. In this case you won't be able to use the Red Herb by itself. By using Combine, you could combine the Reb with a Green, and then use it. With check you can look at an image of the items and read some info on it (doesn't help to if you can't read Japanese) and cancel takes you back to the item menu. __________________________________________ | ______________________________ | | |Equip|Combine| Check | Cancel |_____| | |_____|_______|_______|________| | | ______________________________________ |

| | NO ITEM | |__________| | | | Handgun A | | | | | | Handgun Bullets | |__________| | | | Return | |__________| | | | NO ITEM | | Selected | | | |_________________________|_|__________| | | ______ | || | _____________________________ | ||HEALTH| | || ||______| | || || \__|__ | || || || Item Information || || GUN || || ||_________||_____________________________|| |__________________________________________| File - Here you will be able to look at all the files you picked up in the game again, just incase there was something you missed. Map - Map shows you a layout of your current location. And Exit takes you back to the game. - Option Screen Once you have accessed the option menu, there is a bunch of various options. __________________________________________ | | | | | O P T I O N | | | | | | | | ____________ _____________ | || __________|_ _|___________ || ||_| _|_________|_ |_|| | |__________| |___________| | | |_____________| | | | | /| |\ | | \| |/ | | | | | |__________________________________________| Adjust Screen - This option allows you to change the placement centering of the screen. Vibration - Turn the Dual Shock vibration on or off. Key Config. - Set the controller settings you wish to use with Gun Survivor and what ever controller you are using. Reset - Reset the current game back to the title screen. Sound - Set the sound volume and output settings.

Exit - Exit out of the Option Menu ________ |________\________________________________________________________ | | | - 2.8 - S A V I N G T H E G A M E / |________________________________________________________________/ Okay, so everyone is complaining about how there is no typewriters in Gun Survivor to save. So everyone is asking how do I save. To tell you the truth, you can't. Well that's not fully true either, you can, but it won't save your position, only your guns, ammo, hit percentage, enemies killed etc. If you load that save you'll be back at the start with those stats. When you finish the game then you will also be allowed to save for the same reason (gaining weapons, status etc.) to continue on with. Survivor could take you anywhere between 3/4 hour to a few hours to complete. It just depends on how you do it, so be warned, you could have to spend up to that much time playing it. Honetly I don't see why people complain there is no save spots in the game. It's a shooter people! House of the Dead doesn't have save spots it has continues, and so does Survivor. Come on, I mean I read reviews where people took marks off because you can't save in the game. Absolutly idiotic! ________ |________\________________________________________________________ | | | - 2.9 - T I P S F O R S U R V I V I N G S U R V I V O R / |________________________________________________________________/ - I have no idea how many times this has stopped me from getting injured. When you enter a new room get into an area where you can shoot the enemies from a distance as best you can. - You can just about use the handguns for most of the game except for when you get into tight situations, and perhaps the last boss. Your choice if you want to take him on with a handgun or not. - Don't forget to mix herbs. It helps a lot. Red - 0% Triples others when mixed. Green - 25% Health Blue - Cures Poison Status But when mixed Red + Green Green Green Green - 100% Health Recovered + Red + Blue - 100% Health plus removes Poison Status + Blue - 25% Health plus removes Poison Status + Green + Green - 100% Health Recovered

- Try out all the handguns once you have all four and find the one that is best suited to you. - Decide on which path you will take from what your current ammo

and healing items are like. It's not good going into the sewers to face the Alligators if all you have is the handguns, and one green herb. - As with the other games, Run all the time that you aren't fighting. It will also help if your going for a good time. - Also as with the other games, you may want to reload before you run out of ammo, about 1 or 2 shots left. Especially with the shotgun, as it takes quite some time to reload. - When you get into new areas, look around where you started. Sometimes you will start with your back to a door or entrryway that is out of your view when you come in. - Be sensible using the weapons. Flame rounds are good against Plants, shotgun shells work great against Hunters, magnum works well on most enemies etc. - There are various paths to the game, so don't forget to try them all. You may find some new things happen depending on your actions throughout the game. ________ |________\________________________________________________________ | | | - 2.10 - T O G - C O N O R N O T T O G - C O N ? / |________________________________________________________________/ So should you play the game with a G-Con, or better yet should the gun support be left in the US release. One word. Yes. The game is fun either way, but as I have said the game needs the ability to use the gun. It's extra fun and just gives the game the feeling it should have. Although the controls are odd, the game is a different experience when played with the gun. An odd couple of things popped up about the US version having it cut. The thing is if it will the support will be fully removed (ripped out of the coding) or if it will be hidden, because I can say that if it's just masked there will be people from day one hacking the Gameshark codes to unlock it. From what I now understand the G-Con support has been ripped from the games coding and can not be used with a GameShark code. Other than that, I want to say if you get the chance to play it with the gun, do so, it's a lot of fun. ________ |________\________________________________________________________ | | | - 2.11 - E U R O P E A N / P A L I N F O R M A T I O N / |________________________________________________________________/