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SJK (C) Pei Hwa Year 3 English Language Assessment (2) August 2011 Time: 1 hour Name Date

: ______________ : ______________ Marks Signature : ______________ : ______________

A. Name the places. 12%

post office mosque

bank market

library hospital

B. Name the things in the living room. 8% TV cabinet coffee table bookshelf carpet

C. Fill in the blanks with in, on, under, near or at. 10% 1. The balls are __________ the basket.

2. There is an iron __________ the ironing board.

3. Wei Keong waits for the bus __________ the bus stop.

4. There is a clock hanging __________ the wall.

5. My cat is sleeping __________ the door.

D. Complete the questions. 10%

1. ____________ are you going to the clinic? In the afternoon. 2. ____________ is the bakery? Near the school.


3. ____________are Mr and Mrs Choo having dinner? At the restaurant. 4. ____________is she going to the bookshop? On Tuesday. 5. ____________do you buy the flowers? At the florists.

E. Change these words into past tense. 10% Present Tense 1. Ask 2. Give 3. Tell Past Tense Present Tense 4. do 5. say Past Tense

F. Fill in the blanks with the simple present tense of the verbs given. 10% A woman asks to borrow a pot from her friend. She __________ (give) it back the next morning, together with a smaller pot. She __________ (tell) her friend that it is the son of her pot. The friend accepts it happily. A few days later, the woman __________ (borrow) the pot again but this time she __________ (do) not give it back. When the friend asks for her pot, the woman __________ (say) that it is dead.

G. Study the map below and answer the questions that follow. 10%

park into Jalan Metro

right post office

left down the road

First, walk along Jalan Intan. Then, turn (1)_________________ into Jalan Hitam. You will see the (2)_________________ on your right. Walk (3)_________________. Turn left (4)_________________. You will see a (5)_________________ on your left. Delta Bank is situated next to the park.

H. Fill in the blanks with suitable adjectives. 12%

My father bought a __________ television yesterday. (old, new)

Chee Kiat and Eng Hock carry the __________ table together. (light, heavy)

Do not touch the __________ kettle! (hot , cold)

Andy sleeps on the __________ sofa. (small, big)

The __________ clock is on the wall. (round, square)

The __________ chair is very light. (plastic, metal)

I. Based on the picture, write one sentence. You must use both the words given. 18% 1. - sleeping sofa

________________________________________ - lamp books


________________________________________ - carpet coffee table


________________________________________ - animals zoo


________________________________________ - chases mouse


________________________________________ - bakery next