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Part I

Nanometric Functions of Bioenergy - Aetherometric physical and biophysical foundations


Fields and Manifolds “Life is a process of coexistence of micro-machines in a body that permits extraction of organisms and mechanisms but that. in aetherometric science or Aetherometry. a “timed simultaneity” or a resonant synchronicity. heretofore unexpected transformation of great theoretical and practical utility). nanometric-scale micro-machines. length l. deemed to be irreducible. time t). Mechanisms and organisms are parasites of the machines. and those time functions of the Time manifold as resonant rates of repetition of those wavelengths. and in a product relationship: E = m 2 t−2 Precisely because such an abstract form of energy affects ponderability (as it carries the property we denote as mass). structures extracted from the machines of the living” pg 16 “Living systems are not the analogue of mechanical machines. is hardly reducible to them. the function for the mass m is treated as having the dimensionality of length – a startling.Chapter 1 Continua. imponderable energy – what is the natural form of its function? The answer (AS2-04) is simply: E = 3 t −2 And it readily makes apparent how energy is the function of a volume of Space (to be conserved) and its superimposition in a “timed becoming”. one may properly speak here of mechanical energy and its effects. they are systems or assemblages of nonlinear. But what to say of massfree energy. as given by the term t−2 .” Pg 17 “But consider the classical dimensional function for energy – it is written as a function of three distinct dimensionalities (mass m.. We can then write aetherometrically: E = S Γ = 3 t−2 where two different events occur: on one level.. the manifold of Time is also energetically defined as a multiplicity of timings commensurate with the Space multiplicity it is coupled to. energy consists of the synthesis (or product – and not addition) of two qualitatively distinct manifolds. qua body. one of Space and the other of Time. whose manifold is defined as a multiplicity of lengths given by 3 . And once we treat those length functions of the Space manifold as real wavelengths.” Pg 26 “In a parallel manner to Space. on 2 . we have uncovered how energy can be a formal function of a qualified Space S and a qualified Simultaneity Γ. (Note that.

and every local degradation of energy content operates by virtue of a return of energy back to the fundamental. nonelectric state of massfree energy. the manifold properties of the function they compose.” ”Then a continuum is defined by the dual superimposition of manifolds and of elements within each manifold: 1 −1 3 −2 E 1 = S 1 Γ1 = 1 ∗ 2 ∗ 3 ∗ t− 1 ∗ t2 = x t Defined this way.three in Space and two in Time . Implicity to these concepts of the Aetherometric Theory of Synchronicity (AToS) is the concept of a continuum that obeys energy conservation.the other level. each with its measure. dimensionality and quality.and is at once energetic and a continuum of Space and Time (resonant simultaneity and diachronicity. There is no systemic process of disorder (cosmic ’entropy’) operating at the level of the macro-cosmos. Space and Time are the commensurate properties of energy.” pg 26-27 3 . a continuum alwaus possesses five dimensions .