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VOICEOVER: understandable, and God said it would

The Key of David with Gerald Flurry be understood in this end time.

GERALD FLURRY: Let’s notice that prophecy in Revelation

Greetings, everyone. One of the most 17, verses 7 and 8. “7And the angel said
confusing prophecies in the Bible, and I unto me, Wherefore didst thou
quote, is about “the beast that was, and marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of
is not, and yet is.” So just what does this the woman, and of the beast that
scripture, or prophecy, in the book of carrieth her, which hath the seven
Revelation mean for us today? heads and ten horns. 8The beast that
thou sawest was, and is not; and shall
Now, it’s obviously an end time ascend out of the bottomless pit, and
prophecy so we need to understand it, or go into perdition:” That’s good news.
we can’t understand most of the But it ascends out of the bottomless pit.
prophecies of the Bible. Now, it’s really What does that mean? But it’s going to
the kind of prophecy that has caused “…go into perdition: AND they that
some people to take their Bible and dwell on the earth shall wonder,
throw it away because they were so whose names were not written in the
disgusted with reading something like book of life from the foundation of the
that, and felt that you couldn’t world, when they behold the beast
understand it. But you can understand it. that was, and is not, and yet is.”
Obviously, God has to reveal it. But He
has revealed it, and we need to Now, you need to notice this because the
understand it to understand what’s people who do not understand this are
happening in this end time. Now, I’m the people whose names are not “written
not talking to you about fantasies. I’m in the book of life,” but there is a small
talking to you about something that has a remnant whose names are “written in the
solid foundation you can prove. It’s not book of life,” and they do understand
something that just comes out of the idea this, even though God reveals it—He
of a man, but it comes right out of the reveals it to them. They do understand.
mind of God, Himself. Paul said we So we can’t make an excuse, that well,
have to “study to show ourselves you just can’t understand prophecies like
approved,” and so we all have to study, this. We can’t make that excuse and
and really work at our study to get this expect God to accept it, certainly,
and understand it, but it is because God says we ought to
understand these prophecies and this
specific prophecy, because in a way, it is But here we have the last seven horns,
a pivotal prophecy for this end time, and which is a church/state combine. But
almost everything in the European then we get down to the sixth horn—
theater revolves around this prophecy. “the beast that was, and is not, and yet
So let’s understand it. is”—and then that leads directly into the
seventh horn. But the sixth horn is
Now, we’ve proven for years about this emphasized, and we want to certainly
“beast with seven heads and ten horns.” pay some attention to this because
It’s talked about in Daniel 7 and actually it sort of unlocks the next horn,
Revelation 13, and that last head is and I’ll show you why in a moment.
actually the Roman Empire, and ten This sixth beast is emphasized, and it’s
resurrections come out of that Roman really like the whole end time revolves
Empire. But the last seven of those ten around it. But it has a strong connection
horns, or ten resurrections, is a to the seventh horn, and I want to show
combination of church and state, and it’s you why, and it’s talked about, as well,
the last seven horns of this mighty beast, here in the scriptures. So, obviously, this
and it’s called the Holy Roman Empire is an end time prophecy.
today, but God doesn’t call it quite that.
He has a different name for that, but this And again, we’ve proven for years that
is “the beast that was, and is not, and that sixth head was the Hitler-Mussolini
yet is,” as far as the sixth horn is Axis, and you know how evil that axis
concerned. We’re talking about the sixth was. A combination of Nazism and
horn. And then there’s a seventh horn, Fascism, and that was “the beast that
and then that’s the end of it forever. was,” and then it “was not”—it
Now, that’s the good news. disappeared—and yet, God says, it “still
is.” Now what does He mean by that?
But first let’s focus on this sixth horn— Why is it still around—that same spirit?
“the beast that was and is not and yet Why is it still there? Well, because it
is”—and you’ll see that there’s went underground just after World War
something connected to that that leads us II—those Nazis and the Fascists. We
right in to the very return of Jesus Christ, sort of let them de-Nazify themselves
Himself. and take away their own fascism, but in
fact, they didn’t do that. They didn’t do
We have a new booklet that I’m going to that at all. They went underground, and
offer you today. It’s entitled Prophesy that spells trouble for today.
Again, and it will explain all this in
detail to you. Truly, it is a powerful Now, if you have trouble understanding
booklet, and I hope that you’ll write for that let me just read a little bit of this to
it. I think the first chapter may be the you. It happened in this end time and,
single most inspiring chapter that I have certainly you’d have to say this is
ever written, and I believe it was all significant and a big event, and we ought
inspired by God and revealed by God, to understand it, and it has to be talked
and I think you will agree with me when about in Bible prophecy.
you read it. I hope you’ll at least write
for the booklet (it’s free), and then see if But let me read to you just one little
you don’t agree with what I say. paragraph from my booklet on The
Rising Beast. Here’s what I wrote: “In
1996, a shocking World War II
intelligence document was made public. round—World War III! Hitler has lost.
The document, detailing an August 1944 This round of war, in Europe, is over.
meeting between top German And the Nazis have now gone
industrialists, reveals a secret post-war underground.”
plan to restore the Nazis to power.
Several of Germany’s elite industries Underground or into the bottomless pit,
were represented…These companies, the as Revelation would call it, although if
document asserts, were to ‘prepare you look up the Greek word, it means
themselves to finance the Nazi Party “underground.”
which would be forced to go
underground.’” Mr. Armstrong concluded here: “In
France and Norway they learned how
Or into the bottomless pit. Now, the effectively an organized underground
companies are named here. This is not a can hamper occupation and control of a
secret. Everybody knows about it, but country. Paris was liberated by the
they’re hoping it won’t come to pass. French underground—and Allied
armies. Now a Nazi underground is
Then I concluded: “When the U.S. methodically planned. They plan to come
declassified this document, it received back and to win on the third try.”
only sparse news coverage. Yet even
more disturbing than the deep stupor of Now, would you say he was right? Well,
the press is the fact that THE U.S. I’d say he certainly was right about that.
GOVERNMENT DID NOT MAKE IT PUBLIC But many books have been written on
UNTIL 1996—over 50 years later!” that. The fascists and the Nazis went
underground, but the Bible says they’re
Now, there are a lot of booklets going to rise again—the same system.
explaining this. Brian Connell wrote the Same system that we saw in World War
book in 1957 about A Watcher on the II will rise again in Europe and control
Rhine, and offered abundant proof that most of Europe. That’s what your Bible
this all happened, and he was on the says, and I’ll tell you, it’s already almost
scene at that time. In this little booklet risen, and we need to understand it
we have that document here, and it’s because this sixth beast tells us the kind
proof that during World War II Nazi of beast that we’re going see come up
leaders and top German industrialists from that pit or that underground. The
planned to rebuild the Nazi empire, at beast comes out of the underground, and
least somewhere in Europe. Now, that then it goes into perdition. So that’s the
was their plan. good news.

Now let me just read one short But why does it go into perdition? I
paragraph of what Herbert W. mean, this is really fantastic and ought to
Armstrong wrote on May 9, 1945. inspire everybody on this earth. It goes
Here’s what he said: “We don’t into perdition. Why? What happens, and
understand German thoroughness. From what makes it go into perdition? Well,
the very start of World War II , they have it’s the second coming of Jesus Christ
considered the possibility of losing this that does that, and if you don’t
second round, as they did the first—and understand about “the beast that was
they have carefully, methodically and is not and yet is,” you won’t
planned, in such eventuality, the third understand about the second coming of
Jesus Christ to this earth to destroy that place in Europe. So says your Bible.
system FOREVER. That’s what He’s Again, the sixth and the seventh are
going to do, and if we’re going to virtually the same system.
understand the second coming, we have
to understand that. But why is it so important to understand
this? Why is that so important? Well, I
Now, these last two horns differ mean, really, we have to understand that
somewhat from the first five because this last one is going to be armed with
one-two-three-four-five just came on the weapons of mass destruction, so that
scene, and then they fell and they were certainly gives you a good reason why.
gone. But that is not what happened. But, I mean, there is this absolute
Number six came on the scene and then connection with the sixth and the
it fell, and then it went underground, and seventh horns, or the sixth and the
it’s going to RISE back up again—the seventh beasts; we can call them either
same system that was destroyed in World one. The Bible uses those words
War II, so says your Bible. interchangeably, as well. But again, why
is this last beast so dangerous? Because
Now, again, we have all kinds of it says in Revelation 13 and verse 4 that
booklets and books to prove this to you, they worship the dragon, and the dragon
and you can write for them. All of our gives them POWER! That’s the devil.
literature is free. But you need to They WORSHIP the devil. You need to
understand this “ beast that was and is think about this because if they’re
not and yet is” because it also explains a dealing with nuclear weapons, this is
lot about the last or the seventh horn. absolutely critical to understand. And in
They’re called horns, but they’re also this end time, it’s even more important
called beasts—the last seven that I’m to understand in this era, anyhow, of
talking about. God’s Church, it’s more important to
understand because Satan the devil has
So if we understand the sixth horn we been cast down (Revelation 12:12), and
can much more understand the seventh he’s full of wrath because he KNOWS
horn, and that’s why this is so very, very that his time is about up. He KNOWS
important. Adolf Hitler was the leading it’s almost over for him. Christ is about
personage of that sixth horn, and what he to return. Do you believe that? Can you
built—he and Mussolini, certainly with believe that? I tell you, there are many
Mussolini’s help—that same system and prophecies in the Bible that tell you that,
same spirit is going to rise up and do and again, our booklet will explain it to
something that’s much worse. And you just very, very clearly and
there’s going to be a dictator that’ll sort powerfully, and you’ll see that.
of hijack Europe, I mean, even in the
face of many Europeans, and to the But it says here, “8The beast that thou
shock of many of them. That again, is sawest was, and is not; [and yet is]…”
what your Bible says, and I’ll show you That’s the sixth head. “…and shall
that if I have time, and I think I will, to ascend out of the bottomless pit, and
talk to you about the man and what he’s go into perdition:” So, it’s just going to
like, and how he’s going to be much ascend out of the bottomless pit and it’s
more sophisticated, and frankly even going to be destroyed. And that’s the
more deceptive than Adolf Hitler was good news.
when he does come on the scene, some
Verse 9. “...The seven heads are seven and one-half years, and then the Day of
mountains, on which the woman the Lord is going to begin, and that’s all
sitteth.” So there’s the church/state going to culminate in the return of Jesus
again. Christ to this earth to stop and destroy
that beast. And it’s going to be so bad
And then verse 10. “And there are that there are going to be bodies all over
seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, the earth, and that Valley of
and the other is not yet come; and Jehoshaphat, that flows out from
when he cometh, he must continue a Jerusalem for 200 miles, is going to be
short space.” filled with blood up to the horses’
Oh, a short space. The other one is “not
yet come,” that is, when the sixth head Now, does that sound like end time
was here, and when an end time Elijah prophecy? I mean if we’re realistic, we
was here “he wasn’t come,” but that’s have that potential to do that ourselves,
not the case now. When he gets here but Jesus Christ is going to do it. He’s
he’s going to just last for a short span of going to do it, Himself, if we don’t
time. Now, this prophecy here actually repent of our sins. If we don’t see what
dates this, and really makes prophecy we’re doing to ourselves, that’s what
come alive. It talks about “seven He’s going to do to the whole world.
horns”—“five are fallen, one is, and one
is yet to come.” Now, when that “one But God says that He would raise up His
is,” obviously God would send a man on Work and they would prophesy again,
the scene to explain it, because you the same way as they prophesied before,
wouldn’t really understand it if He they would warn and tell the world about
didn’t. That’s why He sort of freezes what’s going on. And this beast rises up
time. “One is.” That’s when His man from the underground, and it’s almost
comes on the scene, and begins to like it rises up right alongside of God’s
explain and prophesy about this sixth Work which also has to rise up and
head or horn. The prophecy about the prophesy again.
man is in Matthew 17 where a type of
the end time Elijah would come on the Well, what happened? Why did we have
scene. He would rise up, and restore all to prophesy again? Well, I’ll show you
things, and explain about this “beast that that right from the Bible in just a
was and is not and yet is.” He saw it moment.
would go underground, himself. He
certainly did, and, of course, this But again, it essentially, it’s the same
prophecy implies that there’s going to be Work—rising up again—just like it’s a
a seventh head—“the other is not yet same beast rising up again, and that’s not
come.” Excuse me. That doesn’t imply coincidence. Not at all. God always
that. It states that that, “the other is not warns about some great danger that is
yet come.” So, it hadn’t come when this lurking on the world scene. He always
end time Elijah was on the scene, but it warns about that.
has already come and it is continuing to
come, and it’s on the scene right now, And then it’s going to end with this great
and it’s only going to be here for a short event in verse 14. Notice this: “14These
little span of time. Specifically, it’s shall make war with the Lamb,”
going to be empowered and rule for two That’s Christ. Capital “L.” “…and the
Lamb shall overcome them: for he is and it is very powerful little booklet
Lord of lords, and King of kings: and explaining what happens with these two
they that are with him are called, and last horns, and how God’s Work fits
chosen, and faithful.” right in the middle of all that in this end
time. And I think you will find it just
They’re going to make war with the absolutely fascinating. Also, verse 19
Lamb, and He’s the King of kings, and talks about the last end here. So,
He’s offering the people that get this obviously, we’re talking about the very
message out today the opportunity to be end of the end time.
the kings under the King, and the lords
under the Lord, or the kings and priests Verse 23 talks about something we’ll see
as it says in Revelation 1 and verse 6. rise on the scene, I think, in months.
Now, that’s quite a reward! If we will Verse 23. “And in the latter time of
just help Christ get this message out, I their kingdom, when the transgressors
mean, that’s a fantastic reward! I mean, are come to the full, a king of fierce
how could it be much greater? But we countenance, and understanding dark
have to get ready for all of this. sentences, shall stand up. He’s going to
be getting his power from the devil.
Let’s notice Daniel 8 and I’ll conclude That’s what it means. Verse 24. “And
over here in Daniel 8. Verse 12 says, his power shall be mighty, but not by
“And an host was given him against his own power:” Remember? They
the daily…” Or the daily sacrifice or worship the devil and are empowered by
God’s Work today. “…by reason of the devil! It’s not by his own power. It’s
transgression,” Ah! They’re real satanic power. Now, people can
transgressing in God’s church. “…and it wish away the devil if they want to and
cast down the truth to the ground; not believe in him. That doesn’t change
and it practiced, and prospered.” anything. This is going to happen, and it
is happening—even now it’s happening.
The truth is cast to the ground. So, well, I’m telling you, even as I speak, it’s
somebody has to be used to “raise up the happening. “…and he shall destroy
ruins,” and God says He will see to it [mightily],” It should read. “…and
that a Work does that. shall prosper, and practice, and shall
destroy the mighty and the holy
Verse 13. “Then I heard one saint people.”
speaking, and another saint said unto
that certain saint which spake, How So, God’s own people are going to be
long shall be the vision concerning the destroyed by this power—those
daily sacrifice, and the transgression lukewarm people that cast God’s truth to
of desolation, to give both the the ground. God is going to deal with
sanctuary and the host to be trodden them in a way that they’re not going to
under foot? 14And he said unto me, like. His own people. His own people. I
Unto two thousand and three hundred mean you can’t cast the truth to the
days; then shall the sanctuary be ground if you didn’t have it; you had to
cleansed.” have it.

So, it is going to be cleansed, and God Verse 25. “And through his policy also
says, then “go out and prophesy again.” he shall cause craft to prosper in his
That’s what this little booklet is about, hand;” Yes, he’s deceitful and crafty—
much more so than Adolf Hitler, even. today. The commission God has given to
“…and he shall magnify himself in his His Church in this age may even be
heart, and by peace shall destroy beyond what our human minds can fully
many:” He lies and deceives, and, comprehend at this time! The mystery of
“…he shall also stand up against the God has to be declared today. But this
Prince of princes;” That’s Christ. work is also to teach all humanity that
“…but he shall be broken without the mystery must be dispensed, or
hand.” declared, to every person ever created.
They must be taught not just the
All this craft and all this deceit. You see, mystery, but taught to teach it. Why? Is
this man is much more sophisticated it possible God will keep expanding His
than Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. Family throughout the universe forever?
He’s much more sophisticated than Our free booklet, Prophesy Again, will
them, and frankly, even more deceitful explain all of this from your very own
because he is empowered by the devil, Bible! Request Prophesy Again.
after the devil has been cast down and
he’s full of wrath, and “he knows he has
but a short time.” He knows it’s almost
over, and Christ is about to rule. Now, You will also be sent a free subscription
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