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Nathan Hurley Unit 57 Photographic Practice

Photographic Applications Advertising and Promotional Photography

Photography is used in advertisement to make products that are real and physical attract more to customers. This advertisement uses a photograph of a glass of Coca Cola. The condensation on the side of the glass gives the impression that the drink is ice cold and refreshing, making the reader want to buy a glass. The holly leaves on the advert mean this was shown during the holiday season, and more people would buy Coke during the Christmas holidays.

This advertisement is of a Cadbury Crme Egg. The showing of the fondant icing being extracted from the egg makes people want to buy them because they taste nice. The slogan Here today, goo tomorrow, is a take on how crme eggs are on the shelves for only a short time each year, particularly around Easter.

This is an advertisement for an offer with Pizza Hut. The image of the gooey cheese stretching from the pizza makes it appear to be delicious, attracting customers to buy a pizza. The slogan on the top of the leaflet refers to the large stuffed crust on offer for a cheap price. This makes the reader want to go out with friends or family and order a good deal.

Nathan Hurley Unit 57 Photographic Practice This is a promotional photograph for a photography company. The way the figures are standing appears that they are prepared for The colours are dark and dusky, indicating a particularly dark setting. This affects the photographs mood by making it seem more serious. The way the members are spread out make the image more appealing.

This is a cover for an S Club 7 song. The bright colours and the band members smiling indicate that it is very bright and cheery. This makes the mood of the photo very optimistic and positive. The perspective of the band looking up makes them appear to be having a relatively good time.

This is a promotional poster for an adaptation of A Clockwork Orange. The dark colours and figure show the performance is likely to be a psychological horror. This affects the mood by making it appear very dark and gloomy. The character appearing on the left-hand side and staring directly forwards adds to the creepy aspects of the production.

Nathan Hurley Unit 57 Photographic Practice

Fashion Photography
Fashion photography is pictures of people wearing new clothing trends, with heavy emphasis on what the person is wearing. These photos usually show the model being in the middle of the frame, to sport a better view of the clothing. This photo shows a vibrantly coloured set of clothes. The style is rather fashionable for summertime, as noted by the yellow shorts and sunny city. The photo is centred on the model, with the background being far away. She is turned to one side, so the viewer focuses on her clothing. Her left leg is up, so we can see more of her shoes.

This photo is of a dress, probably for autumn. The background is mostly nothing but a photo shoot background, as it is focusing on the models clothes. Her legs are spaced so we can see her shoes almost at their sides, and she is posed in a way where we can see all the main attractions of the outfit.

This photo is of an artistic dress and hat. The background is barren and rocky cliffs, making the viewer focus more on the models clothes. She is standing upright in a bland, doll-like pose, giving the impression that she is like a painting the dress being the canvas.

Nathan Hurley Unit 57 Photographic Practice

Portraiture Photography
Portraiture is, as it says on its name, a photographic portrait of a person, with a given mood and colour scheme. This photo shows a very young girl smiling. The colours are bright and vivid, like the girls dress, adding a positive mood to the picture.

This photo is of a young boy smiling. This differs to the previous photo as this is in black and white, whereas the above is in colour. The childs smile lifts the mood of the picture greatly.

This photo differs in terms of mood. The girl shown here is sad and looks troubled. She is off the centre of the picture, giving a more serious tone. The monochrome colours make the girl appear sadder.

Nathan Hurley Unit 57 Photographic Practice

Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography is basically fine art in photographic form. It can be of anything as long as it is artistic in some way. This image shows two girls, painted and dressed in front of a brown background. It looks like the girls are meant to be part of a painting. The dark colour scheme makes the picture look rather melancholic. The large gap between the two girls could symbolise isolation or separation.

This image shows a group of women running from or along the roadside. The dust blowing, possibly from a car or lorry, could symbolise abandonment and maybe refer to the womens rights appeal of the olden times.

This image shows a group of children playing on a shipping container and a few mattresses. This could address poverty in urban areas and what modern children in poorer areas do. The composition shows all the action happening on the right-hand side, showing a contrast between the foreground and background.

Nathan Hurley Unit 57 Photographic Practice

Documentary Photography
Documentary photography is widely used to document big events, mostly about people and the world today. This photo shows a man with his mouth gagged by a US dollar bill. The message he holds, the game of capitalism breeds dishonest men refers to the American government and its heavily flawed systems, judging by the dollar bill being a USA dollar. The dollar being used as a gag symbolises how anyone with power and money can and will silence the people and land they rule over.

This photo shows a family of four sitting in a car with its door broken off. Like the above photo, this symbolises poverty in first-world countries. The man holding the woman in his arms may symbolise sickness and lack of medical assistance in the more powerful countries, like the USA or the UK.

This photo shows a group of people in white cloaks marching down a road. It could be referring to white supremacy from eras like the 1930s, with cults like the Ku Klux Klan unjustly cleansing minor ethnicities from their country.

Nathan Hurley Unit 57 Photographic Practice

Architectural Photography
This photo shows a spiral stairwell from an aerial perspective. This expresses the buildings architecture by showing how the spiral has an artistic aspect to it, like a whirlpool or a vortex. The focus is looking over the edge, giving a sense of vertigo.

This photo shows the outside of a modern building from a view from the ground. This lets the viewer see the curvature of the building, which looks like waves crashing on the beach. The perspective shows how artistic the building is. The central focus and black and white colours make the building seem important, like a ministers office.

This shows the outside of another, trapezoidal building. The perspective on the corner makes the building feel three-dimensional. The bright colours make it seem a very bright and jovial place.