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Product Profile

Multiservice Network Termination Unit

Generate New Revenue Streams with

Transparent LAN and Integrated
Voice and Data Services over ATM
Service providers are looking for ways to cost-effectively run more services over their ATM
backbones to leverage their widespread ATM deployment. RAD’s ACE-52™ is ideal for
The low cost ACE-52
transporting transparent LAN services (TLS) over the ATM network, since it allows both
multiservice network termination transparent and VLAN-aware bridging in point-to-point or point-to-multipoint topologies.
unit allows carriers to take
L2 VPN over ATM
advantage of their existing ATM
In addition to its attractive price, the ACE-52 provides L2 VPN service. Using VLAN tagging,
infrastructure for providing
the ACE-52 achieves total traffic separation between customers by assigning VLAN IDs to
transparent LAN services, as well
virtual connections (VCs), creating a Layer 2 virtual private network (VPN) for each customer
as integrated voice and data or service (e.g., data, voice, video). A different priority can be defined for different types of
services, over the ATM network. traffic within each VPN by mapping VLAN priority to different VCs with appropriate QoS
Services are enhanced by ATM’s parameters.
high capacity, reliability and Integrating Voice and Data Services
Quality of Service (QoS)
Voice quality can be easily guaranteed using ATM’s intrinsic QoS capabilities. ACE-52
capabilities. supports voice and other TDM services over ATM through an E1/T1 circuit emulation service
(CES) port, which enables users to connect their PBX or any other TDM device to the
ACE-52 and emulate circuits over the public ATM network. This feature supports structured
or unstructured services, with or without CAS.

Intelligent Demarcation Ensures End-to-End Control

The low cost ACE-52 NTU serves as a demarcation device that is owned and managed by
the carrier and installed at the customer premises. ACE-52 manages, controls and shapes
ATM traffic entering and exiting the public network, enabling the carrier to maintain QoS
commitments to all its customers end-to-end across the public network. It also allows
carriers to consolidate services, such as LAN, E1/T1 and CES, over the ATM network

Innovative Access Solutions

Multiservice Network Termination Unit

Offer Differentiated Service Level Agreements

The ACE-52 lets the carrier assign QoS parameters per virtual connection (VC), enabling it to generate additional revenue from
the existing infrastructure by offering different levels of service: CBR, VBR, GFR and UBR.

Sophisticated traffic management capabilities, such as traffic shaping and monitoring, help carriers avoid congestion and
anticipate potential problems before they affect the service. They also make sure that users do not exceed their allocated
bandwidth while increased statistical efficiency allows the customer to pass more traffic over the link at no extra cost.

Remote Management Eases Installation and Increases System Uptime

Plug-and-play installation, automatic IP address learning and remote configuration simplify ACE-52 deployment. The device can
be managed by the RADview™ HP OpenView application running on a UNIX or PC platform, which provides the capability to
monitor, configure, isolate faults and present network statistics on a graphical, user-friendly display. Configuration can be
remotely downloaded/uploaded from/to the ACE-52. CORBA interface facilitates easy integration with third-party network
management systems.

Customer Premises Customer Premises
ATM Edge ATM Edge
Switch Switch
ACE-52 Management Management ACE-52

End-to-End QoS and Monitoring

LAN and E1/T1 CES over ATM

Product Details
Ports ! End-to-end management and control Physical Dimensions
! Network interface: Single STM-1/OC-3c or capabilities according to ITU-T I.610 Height: 4.37 cm / 1.72 in (1U)
25.6 Mbps UTP OAM standard Width: 21.5 cm / 8.48 in
! User interfaces: Up to two 10/100BaseT Depth: 30 cm / 11.81 in
ports and optional single E1/T1 CES port Ethernet Weight: 2.15 kg / 4.73 lb
VLAN transparent and VLAN-aware
ATM Environment
bridging (802.1D, 802.1p, 802.1Q)
! Temperature:
! Traffic management including traffic
shaping, uplink rate limiting, fault Management Operating 0 to 50°C / 32 to 122°F
! Storage temperature:
localization and traffic monitoring. RADview network management
application (UNIX or PC-based) –20 to 70°C / –4 to 158°F
! Humidity: Up to 90%, non-condensing
For complete product specifications, please see the data sheet online at

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