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#107 B.S. Aquino Drive

Bacolod City
(034) 433-0245

O FF IC I AL N EW SL ETT E R O F HL M C en tr a l
Lot 19 & 20 Blk. 50 Sta. Clara Drive
& San Gregorio Ave
Sta. Clara Subd. (034) 7090131 — HLLC
J a n u a r y 1 8 , 2 0 0 9 issue
A Call to Pray & Welcome!
FOUNDATION is committed
to glorify Jesus and
Month Celebration! Advance His Kingdom
by Winning People,
Calling every His Life Bonding Believers,
Covenanted Member to join this Raising Disciples
and Sending Leaders.
5-day humiliation, prayer and fasting
event, as we gear up for
FOUNDATION Day 2009. We have
to start to be corporately consecrated choose between  To Welcome 12,000 people into
our Community by the year 2010.
before the Lord. Beginning with
ourselves, families, small groups and
ministries. Let's believe God for
2 Schedules:  To have a His Life Facility and
building that will accommodate
hundreds of people every week.
power, purity, unity and praise to be • January 19 to 23 –bacolod  To have many Christian Schools
the result of this. Great men and • January 26 to 30 attending to the development of
our children and neighbours.
women throughout history has been
 To raise up pastors, teachers,
called by God to humble themselves Call to Pray and Fast evangelists and missionaries to be
through fasting and prayer. Fasting Join us at any sent to plant His Life churches and
is a spiritual weapon God uses to youth groups around the world!
HLM CENTER or  An Encounter and Prayer
advance His kingdom, change the
destiny of nations, spark revival, and announced venue. Mountain for Weekend Camps,
Retreats, Encounters and Prayer
bring victory in people's lives. There
is something powerful that happens
12:15pm to 1pm Summits for power in ministry and
revival. This may be a facility other
when we voluntarily humble (noon) congregations and
ourselves, seek God's will, and agree churches can use.
with Him for His purposes to be 5:30pm to 630pm SOME
fulfilled. (evening) FRIENDLY
We are calling on every friend and REMINDERS
member of His Life to join this call to As a spiritual family, His Life
Fast and Pray, dubbed as the “Week  Youth YX
Ministries should be found at the
At Cinema 5
of Fire”. As we fast as one spiritual Lord's feet before we Celebrate our Power Worship Experience
family for 5 days from January 19-23 16 years of ministry. It is our way for Campus Youth –930am.
or 26-30, 2009 … get ready to of humbling ourselves before God  Children Church
SERVE God at the Prime of Your and consecrating to Him the at Cinema 5 Lobby.
Life! upcoming year. Please bring all the little ones
over there to enjoy God &
meet new friends!
Have you discovered the PURPOSE God has for YOU ?  Cellphones
"You are here to KNOW Him and have LIFE in its FULLNESS" On Silent mode as we
1) Recognize that you are a SINNER and need a personal relationship with God. worship and hear from
2) Never trust in what you can do to earn the gift of SALVATION Christ has for you. the Lord this Morning.
3) Come under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and SUBMIT to all His ways.
4) Ask for His grace for you to SERVE and follow and obey Him for the rest of your life.
 JOIN a Small Group
for GROWTH and life change.
Check these in the Bible if you are serious in wanting a relationship with God, thus fulfill the PURPOSE He has for you: This is where Disciples and
Romans 3:23; 6:23; 10:9 and 13; Gospel of John 1:12 and 3:3 & 7; Gospel of Luke 14:26 & 27 (by JR, 97) Leaders are made.

Jesus Said We Would Fast Fasting is Essential to
Study: Matthew 9:15; Acts 13:1-3 Spiritual Discipline
Read & Study: Acts 13:2;
Jesus, speaking of you and me, said, Rom 8:34; Luke 2:37; Luke 4:1-13
"Then they will fast" (see Matthew.
9:15). He was referring to His Andrew Bonar defined fasting as

Week of
followers during the period between abstaining from anything that
His ascension and His return. Jesus hindered prayer. Though himself an
expects all His children to fast. avid reader, he had to fast at times
Since Jesus expects us to fast. He set from his excessive love for reading to

Why FAST and PRAY? fasting prayer.
the example for us, just as He set the
example in prayer. His 40 days of
prayer after His baptism were days of
find time to commune with God.
Phillips Brooks described fasting as
abstaining from anything innocent in
itself in order to grow more spiritually
• JESUS Fasted and PRAYED The early church, following Christ's or serve God more effectively.
See Matthew 4 and Luke 4 example, put great emphasis upon Perhaps for our generation fasting
• Christian Leaders Fasted and fasting. We know that at least for 400 should often be from radio, TV,
PRAYED hundred years after Christ, the faithful internet, excessive sms’, in order to
See Acts 13:1-3 Christians everywhere fasted twice give ourselves more totally and in-
• JESUS ASSUMES that as His each week. tensely to prayer.
Followers We will be FASTING PRAY and LISTEN The purpose of
and Praying 1. Ask God to give you a brand-new
See Matthew 6:16-18; revelation about fasting so fasting is …
you can appreciate it, (1) To subject the physical to the
Luke 11:1-4 spiritual and to give priority
discover its true benefits and
enjoy it. to spiritual goals;
What Can YOU do (2) To disentangle oneself for a time
2. Commit these next days of fasting
during the Week of Fire? to God. Ask Him to speak to from one's environment,
• Decide to be part of the Week of you and fill you with His material things, daily
Fire call to Fast and Pray presence. responsibilities, and cares.
• Pray and Fast without Display (3) To devote one's whole spiritual
———————————— attention to God and prayer.
• Come to the United Prayer Meeting
Believe this is the RIGHT thing
at any Center or SITE of His Life
to do. We do not imply that daily duties and
Ministries (1215noon OR 530pm)
Believe you CAN do it even during life's necessities are unholy or
• Read the HLM Covenant and renew regular work or school days.
your covenant this year (you will Believe GOD is leading you. unspiritual; rather, we subject
find this at permissible things, even profitable
Be found reading your BIBLE things, to greater spiritual priorities. and PRAYING.
• Read your Job Description [if you Be there during our UNITED Prayer Andrew Murray taught, "Prayer is the
are a staff worker, pastor, volunteer one hand with which we grasp the
Meetings during these next Invisible; fasting the other, with
in church]. This will help you to be 5 days.
more excellent. which we let loose and cast away the
Be PRACTICAL as you start visible."
• Read the Suggested Passages your fast.
Daily and Journal found in this • Eat raw fruit and vegetables for PRAY and LISTEN
Special Newsletter GUIDE. two days before starting your Are there specific things in your life
• Pray to SERVE at HLM at the fast. now that you are desiring for more
PRIME of your life. Fill out a Com- • Likewise, do not eat solid food than God?
mitment Form — whether to renew immediately after your fast. (example: career, ministry work.
your ministry or join another one. • Begin eating gradually. possessions, relationships, etc.)
• Break your fast with fruit, Surrender them to God and
The GOAL of the VISION vegetables, and soup. acknowledge how much you want
“Every Believer A Leader and • Reintroduce solid food to your Him in your life more than anything
Every Leader A Leader diet gradually and slowly. or anyone else.
of Leaders” — jr here

“70 Congregations in 2010” MEN, WOMEN, YX & KIDS composes a Congregation PAGE 2
Watch Your Motive Prepare the Way for The Lord What’s The Point?
Read & Study: Matthew 6:6-18 Read & Study Luke 3:1-20; Read & Study: Philippians 3:8-21
Acts 2:1-13
Remember, the motive in your fasting While John’s call of baptism was a The point of fasting is to express
is all-important. baptism symbolizing both initiation longing for Christ and all that God is
and cleansing among the Jews, the for us in Him. Fasting is the hungry
Remember what fasting is not: handmaid of prayer. Like prayer she
1. It is not a way to earn God's ministry of Jesus will be more
powerful than himself who would both reveals and remedies. She
blessing and God's answer to reveals the measure of food’s mastery
your prayer. You are never baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire!
Jesus will ignite kingdom life in His over us— or television or computers
worthy of His help and blessing or whatever we submit to again and
because of your performance. people.
Spirit baptism may be accompanied again to conceal the weakness of our
You implore His love and mercy. hunger for God. And she remedies by
You do not earn any aspect of by outward manifestations, but, being
spiritual, it is essentially an INWARD intensifying the earnestness of our
His grace. prayer and saying with our whole
2. It is not a way to bypass CHANGE helping you to obey God.
The Holy Spirit is “to illuminate and body what prayer says with the heart:
obedience and accountability. I long to be satisfied in God alone!
Prayer and fasting do not change invigorate the soul, penetrate every
your need to be obedient to God part, and assimilate the whole to the [Fasting] is an intensifier of spiritual
and His clearly revealed will. image of the God of glory.” The desire. It is a faithful enemy of fatal
God will not hear your prayer, Spirit, says John Wesley regarding bondage to innocent things. If you
even if you add fasting, if you are Matthew 3:11, inflames people's don’t feel strong desires for the
out of His will in some regard. hearts with the “fire of love.” manifestation of the glory of God, it
Are there habits and patterns in When you are baptized with the Holy is not because you have drunk deeply
your life which need to be Spirit and FIRE, there will be and are satisfied. It is because you
broken? Do you have struggles boldness, power, aggressiveness, have nibbled so long at the table of
or unconfessed sins? supernatural joy and energy to be the world. Your soul is stuffed with
Repentance and seeking counsel ambassadors of Jesus to everyone small things and there is no room for
from your Small Group Leader / around you — YOU become the great. — John Piper, “When I
Pastor will bring complete “On-MISSION MODE immediately!” Don’t Desire God”, p. 172., “A
deliverance and freedom. This happened at the Day of Hunger for God”, p. 22-23.
Denial never healed Pentecost (see Acts 2), "there
anyone. Accountability with appeared to them divided tongues, as PRAY and LISTEN
obedience brings liberation. of fire, and one sat upon each of How are you spiritually right now?
3. It does not accumulate power to them. And they were all filled with Do you find yourself drawing more
your credit, so that you can the Holy Spirit". Purifying and pre- closer to God or further away from
display it at will. You do not use paring God’s people to do Acts of Him?
the Holy Spirit—He uses you. service around them instantly took Do you desire most of the time His
The moment you parade your place! Gifts over His Face?
power, it is gone. Keep your fast- Instead of approaching God with a
PRAY and LISTEN long list of requests, take this time to
ing as hidden as possible. Have you been baptized in the Holy make Him your only agenda. Is He
PRAY and LISTEN Spirit yet ? and Fire lately? again? really all you want and need?
Are you careful to obey the Basics? And again? And again? Tell Him how important He really is
Forgive, Love, Bless, Honor … etc? BE IGNITED … in Jesus Name! to you coz He first loved you.

Here’s HOW to Participate in the “WEEK of FIRE”

(1) Use the 5 Day Prayer Guide carefully by reading, studying, and praying. Do this personally as you listen to the Lord Jesus.
(2) Write Prayer Requests: For Your Personal life; Family relationships; Friends; Finances; and Ministry.
(3) Determine what type of fast you will commit to do: Will it be a Water Fast only? Partial Fasting? One a Day Meal Fast?
(4) Have the right spirit and the right heart. Do not announce your fasting, rather celebrate it secretly or with a group that is joining
this “WEEK of FIRE” Prayer and Fasting. Group Prayers are done 12:15noon AND 5:30pm in all HLM Centers.
(5) Join the “Call Seminar” — either a Thursday or a Friday at HLM Central**, 6pm. You will have a chance to RENEW or make
your INTENTIONS known on where to be of service here at His Life Ministries. **more Call Seminars will be scheduled.
For more information, please see our website

► WEDNESDAYS are VIP Nights 6pm@CENTER — for all Small Group Leaders! PAGE 3
Guide Notes for January 18, 2009 IGNITE Sunday Word of God
The Bible
… ignite to Kingdom Life!
This Teaching outline may be used in your Small Group Meetings.
Luke 3:16
Make sure to have Application Questions for everybody to apply God’s Word.
"John answered
their questions by
What is the Kingdom Life? saying, “I baptize
with water; but
What is this baptism of Spirit and Fire? someone is coming
soon who is greater
Luke 3:4 than I am—so
Isaiah had spoken of John when he said, much greater that I
am not even worthy
“He is a voice shouting in the wilderness: to be his slave. He
will baptize you
‘Prepare a pathway for the Lord’s coming!
with the Holy Spirit
Make a straight road for him! and with fire.
Fill in the valleys,
and level the mountains and hills!
Straighten the curves,
and smooth out the rough places!
And then all people will see
the salvation sent from God.’”


John’s baptism with water symbolized the washing away of sins. His
baptism followed his message of repentance and reformation. Jesus’ baptism
with fire equips one with power to do God’s will. The baptism with the Holy Spirit
was first given at Pentecost (Acts 2) when the Holy Spirit came upon believers
in the form of tongues of fire, empowering them to proclaim Jesus’ resurrection to
in many languages. The baptism with fire also symbolizes the work of the Holy
Spirit in bringing God’s judgment on those who refuse to repent.

LUKE 3:17
in Negros
John warned of impending judgment by comparing those who refuse to live Island
for God to chaff, the useless outer husk of the grain. By contrast, he compared
those who repent and reform their lives to the nourishing grain itself. The
winnowing fork was a pitchfork used to toss wheat so that the kernels would
separate from the husks.
Those who refuse to be used by God
will be discarded because they have no
value in furthering God’s work. Those
who repent and believe, however, hold
great value in God’s eyes because they
are beginning a new life of productive
service for him. 11pm to 12midnight Mondays to Saturdays
46th EDITION — pastor jr sharing

C a n y ou HO ST a Sm a ll G r o up in yo ur H o m e ? TE X T 09228721230 PAGE 4