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********************************************* * * * ProtoView DataTable ActiveX version 4.1 * * * ********************************************* June 1, 1998 Thank you for using ProtoView DataTable.

Read this README file for the latest, important information about the DataTable software and manual. This is the official release version of ProtoView DataTable. Any updates for DataTable posted in public forums ( CompuServe or Internet ) are protected with a password. Contact ProtoView Development for this password. Please have your customer number or serial number handy when you call. ************************************** * * * Microsoft Foundation Classes * * * ************************************** DataTable 4.x (32-bit) was built using VC++ 5.x, meaning it requires MFC42.DLL. This change from MFC40.DLL was required in order to support RDS technologies from Microsoft. ************************************** * * * Data Binding in Visual C++ * * * ************************************** DataTable supports visual binding to a data source control in VC++. In order to enable binding, you must add a data control to a dialog which also contains the DataTable. Once this step is performed, Visual C++ adds a DataSource property to the available properties exposed by DataTable. This DataSource property is available ONLY ON THE "ALL" PROPERTY PAGE. Please see the online help for more information on binding. ************************************* * * * Online Sample Area * * * ************************************* In addition to the samples included with this product, ProtoView has placed additional samples in the "Online Sample Area" of the ProtoView web site ( This area is maintained and updated on a regular basis and features ProtoView products integrating with the latest application technology.

********************** * * * Online Help * * * ********************** ProtoView DataTable makes use of the latest technology for on-line help, using HTML help. During the installation, three files (in the \PVAPPS\DATATBL.40\SHARED directory) are copied to the Windows SYSTEM directory and registered using REGSVR32.EXE. If, when you click the DataTable ActiveX Help icon in the program group, you get an error that the system is unable to open the DT4.CHM::DEFAULT.HTM file, please manually copy and reregister these three files. This HTML help can be viewed only under Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0. Due to the nature of this new technology, ProtoView has not been able to link properties and methods of DataTable to the on-line help when being viewed in development environments, such as Microsoft Visual Basic. ProtoView is working on this capability for future updates of DataTable and apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. ********************************** * * * Obtaining Free Demos * * * ********************************** If you like DataTable, you can download free demos of other ProtoView products from ProtoView's Internet site. See the section "How to Contact ProtoView" for our Internet site address. ************************************************ * * * Registering & Unregistering OLE controls * * * ************************************************ If you purchased the ActiveX version of DataTable, you can use the Microsoft utility REGSVR32.EXE or REGSVR.EXE to register and unregister 32 and 16 bit OLE controls, respectively. To register the DataTable control type the followin g commands from directory where the DataTable ActiveX was installed: regsvr32 pvdt40.ocx regssvr pvdt4016.ocx and to unregister the DataTable ActiveX: regsvr32 /u pvdt40.ocx regssvr /u pvdt4016.ocx ********************************** * * * Date & Time Storage * * * ********************************** The data types dttDate and dttTime are intended to hold

DOS file date and file time information and can store only limited ranges. The data type dttDateTime is intended for displaying all dates and times (it stores a tm structure). You can use this data type for displaying only dates or only times, just apply a format string to the column for dates or times only. *************************** * * * The Shared Files * * * *************************** DataTable ActiveX control requires several shared DLLs from Microsoft to be present on the machine using the ActiveX controls. In some cases you may have to update these files in the Windows SYSTEM directory. If you experience problems registering or running DataTable ActiveX, or the setup program warned you that it could not locate one or more shared components, you may want to copy some or all of the shared files available from the ProtoView CD-ROM in the SHARED directory. ProtoView also has available ZIP files SHARED.ZIP and SHARED42.ZIP with the necessary shared files. These files can be freely downloaded from the ProtoView web site. The complete list of shared files necessary for DataTable ActiveX is below. Use caution when updating the Windows SYSTEM directory to make sure you do not overwrite DLLs with older versions. Doing so may inadvertently cripple other applications or your system. DataTable 32-bit ActiveX MFC42.DLL MSVCRT.DLL OLEPRO32.DLL DataTable 16-bit ActiveX OC25.DLL OLE2.DLL COMPOBJ.DL OLE2.REG OLE2CONV.DLL OLE2DISP.DLL OLE2NLS.DLL OLE2PROX.DLL STDOLE.TLB STORAGE.DLL TYPELIB.DLL ********************************** * * * How to Contact ProtoView *

* * ********************************** ProtoView Development Corp. 2540 Route 130 Cranbury, New Jersey, 08512 Phone: (609) 655-5000 Fax: (609) 655-5353 Internet: