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What helps me to plan effectively is by gauging students prior knowledge in order to impart new concept to the students.

I plan effective learning experience by discussing and collaborating with my colleague Madam Azni Suhana on effective techniques and strategies to teach the new concept to the students according to their different cognitive levels. Based on their prior knowledge and understanding, I will extend their schemata to teach the new ideas and concepts.

We want students to learn and acquire knowledge on new ideas and concepts related to real world and authentic situations so that they can see the practicality of learning .Students learn best when teachers plan the lessons systematically by developing unit questions which are significant to the concepts being learned. In addition, when real world situations are integrated in the lessons in their areas of interaction, in the form of collaboration and cooperation, students become engaged in this kind of meaningful learning. We will know what they have learned, through ongoing formative assessment in the form of experiments, presentations, discussions and research.

I would like to teach them on argumentative essay because it is in tandem with the syllabus. The outcome of the lesson is for them to produce logical and sound arguments in an organized and persuasive manner. I plan to teach this lesson by assessing their prior knowledge on this writing genre. A discussion with Madam Azni Suhana is done to come up with the lesson plan. A topic related to them entitled 'Should examinations be abolished?' will be given to them. Students will learn best through organized and systematic stages of activities related to real world situations.In this case, students are required to get into groups of 5 and they have to work cooperatively to brainstorm in debating the issue. The groups are assigned as government and opposition team for the parliamentary style debate. Based on the debate , the students are required to write an argumentative essay in their groups.I will know what they have learned based on the arguments they put forth during the debate and their written product.

The main task of a teacher is to facilitate students' learning. To fulfill this task, the teacher should not only be able to provide an excellent learning environment and harmonious, but they also create effective teaching. This means that teachers should create a learning environment that can stimulate student interest and always think about the welfare and needs of students. Before starting any lesson, planning is needed so that the lesson could be deliver smoothly and teaching and learning be more effective. Lesson plans should be clear and attainable. It incorporate with activities selected with a good flow of sequence. 1. Objective of the Lesson The objective should planned well so that could ensure that learning is focused clearly enough and also what will students accomplish during this lesson within the definite time frame.

2. Learning Process Teacher will create a learning environment giving time and space for the students to think or we could say allow the students to have time talk among themselves. Here working in their peer groups in better. Ideas, pro and cons could be freely being voiced out till they reach a certain consensus. Teacher will facilitates the discussion with contextual learning, mastering learning, and activities. 3. Reflection Reflection is important. Students would summarize the lesson and what they have learned. Discussion between the teacher and the students been done to clarify any doubt or making amendment if needed. Exit card could be use here too.