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Foreign Policy of Pakistan

1. Pattern of relationship established with the outside world for the promotion of national interest of a country. 2. Foreign policy of any country is a reflection of its domestic situation, particularly on matters related to politics and economy. Sometimes other factors such as religion, culture, ethnicity and leadership also influence the foreign policy making process. 3. Foreign policy often considered as the first line of defense of any country. This is truer in case of Pakistan, as it was surround by different security situation. 4. Foreign policy is based on shear realism and is free of allusions, romanticism and emotions. 5. Pakistan is, geo-politically, at the cross roads of central Asia, west and South Asia. Its proximity to the Persian gulf and the middle east is also a source of its strategic prominence. 6. Pakistan has been a focal point of international political events due to its strategic location and due to the interests of the global powers in the region. 7. Pak foreign policy based on the desire to safeguard the countrys independence and terrestrial integrity. 8. Before 1990s our elites were comfortable with the west, there fore pro-west policies dominated our foreign policy. . In 1990s we shifted from bilateralism to multilateralism, after the end of cold war. Pak established better ties with Beijing and Moscow and sought option to play a viable role in the 3 rd world and in the Muslim world. 9. Events in international politics in the 1990s and early 21 st century shaped the dynamics of our foreign policy. 10. Withdraw of Soviet and rule of Taliban in Afghanistan.

11. Outbreak of violence in Kashmir. 12. Indo-Pak Nuclear tests in May 1998. Arms race in South Asia. 13. Emergence of Terrorism. 14. Event of 9/11; attacks on Twin Towers, heavily affected our foreign policy. 15. Challenges a. Bettering Pak image in the international community. b. Coping with the situation in Afghanistan. c. Kashmir issue d. Arms race in South Asia e. To take into account the domestic constraints 16. Options with Pakistan. a. Pak must not meddle with Afghan affairs and it must support the reconstruction process of Afghanistan. b. Good relations with India. c. Pakistan needs to establish Good relations with China and other countries and should not only stick only to the U.S. d. Strong foreign policy is possible only when Paks economy is strong, and there is political stability and good governance in the country. e. Pakistan should not go the extreme extent of assisting U.S. f. No infiltration into Kashmir from Pakistan side.. Instead Pak should opt diplomatic and political support of Kashmiris.