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Q: Ans: Basic problem of human life and their solution? Four basic needs Shelter Food, Drink Cloth Physiological Social Need


1. Creation 2. Creator 3. Purpose of Creation 4. Relationship 5. End and Start 6. Proven and Mechanism 7. Universe Of my knowledge I have proved every little things 8. Creation 9. Purpose of Creation 10. Relation with Creator 11. Its process of development and End 1. 2. 3. 4. Science Science- Experiment Logic-Reason Philosophy- Senses How would you Intention = Bandha, Ram, Arabi Wahyee


Q: At this technological age would you believe that only wahee has the solution? Ans: Indeed wahee has the only solution. 1. Human /scientific knowledge is prefer vial 2. Science is relative 3. every discovery heads to belief (Bing Bang ) 4. Embryological Science 14005. Sun will be at your roof ozone depletion 6. Noah (atomic destruction) 7. Mairaj- Rays (3 r2/x2 Q: What is religion? What is difference between Religion and Madhab? Ans It is a fundamental path to head a life. CONCEPT DEEN 1. Revealed / Divine 2. Un changeable 3.Throgh Prophet 4. Bookend Shariah 5. A clear Path 6. Deals with all matters of life 7. Code on life Here after A SET OF ROLES, RITUALS MADHB 1. Non- Revelad 2. Changeable 3. Through messages doctor 4 Mixture / Ritual 5. Leaders 6. Madhal(Social)-Bhndkler (Ply) 7. jaza and saza

Q: Why religion is necessary? Is there any need of Religion? Ans: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. fundamental problem Religion for spiritual need Religion for laws Religion for codification Religion for demarcate way the limitation (Hadith) Social control- you have sent to promote Religion as a balancer Religion for relation with other creation Religion for leading a balanced life 1. Usury 2. Quantity Meas--3. Quality 1. 2. Come to common terms 3 4. 5. Universalities of the Book 6. Unity 7. Social , Economic , Political 8. Freedom to minority

HINDUISM 1. Hinduism =Bc-150 240 2. Birth Year =10,000 B.C 3. Teachings =Braham 4. Prophet =Avatar /incarnation 5. Books =Ya gar atar Raman Geeta 6. Creator /Creation =Moral Code 7. Authority =Moral Code / Non revealed charge JUDAISM 1. Birth Year 2. Teachings 3. Prophet 4. Books 5. Creation 6. Creator 7. Authority CHRISTIANITY 1. Birth Year 2. Teachings 3. Prophet 4. Books 5. Creation = 2000 Years = trinity and salvation = Jeswas = Bible, Torah, Zabur = Son of God (Corrupted) = 4000 Years = 7 Commandment = Utar / Deity, = Tohrat Zabur = Supremacy of race = Allah but not as flowers = revealed ruitfure

ISLAM 1. Birth Year 2. Teachings 3. Prophet 4. Books 5. Creation = 1400 Years = Tauheed Articles of faith pillars = 124000 End of Prophet Hazrt Mohammad S.W.A.S = Holy Quran (Belief all books) = Every things (all returned to Allah) Co- Existence 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Moral codes social justice Human rights (man animals) coercion Beliefir peace and deity Concept of life after death Equity Freedom Dialogue

ISLMIC CONCEPT OF THE UNIVERSE AND HUMANITY ABUT THE UNIVERSE:Creation Process (Every things runs in intervals End ( It will be evaporates there is an end Purpose (Why) Hadith ( I was a hidden treasure. I wanted to be disclosed.) 6. Relationship ( Every thing to measure ) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. HUMANITY: Do you feel remain the contemporary scenario can contrived in the a. Creation:b. Purpose :- for worship c. Processes :- for the benefit humanity 1 2 Adam ( A.S) 3 Bibi Hava 4 Issa (A.S) 5 Clay d. End :- It has to return to Allah e. Every things made for man, he is for ibadah f. Justice g. Prevail the justice in the land


1. Revealed 2. Peaceful 3. Character Building 4. Anti asterism 5. Balanced 6. Spiritual satisfaction / fath 7. Morality/ Complete code of life 8. form Allah 9. Justice and Equality 10. Human rights 11. Simple and rational 12. Individual and collective 13. Belief in one Allah 14. For all human being (Q: Comparative religious analysis of Ideology)


TAUHEED a. b. c. d. Books Angles Destiny Life After death



TAUHEED What is Tauheed, Kinds, how it affects individual and collective life of man? Taken from the word Unity of Singleness Kinds Shirk Workship 1. Kalma 2. Proof Singleness Had there been more Gods, the earth would have been mess Trinity Christian Quality Name

Scientific Einsten The reason to believe a diety is the functioning of the universe EFFECT ON HUMAN 1. Confidence and Spiritual Strength Sorrowness, grief and more than that self confidence 2. Humbleness Farons of Egypt 3. Bravery and courage You have the master 4. Equality and justice 5. Brotherhood 6. Accountability Prophethood- Finality of Prophethood Need Purpose Necessity /Aim 1. Vicegerent 2. Contact between Allah and bengs 3. Truth and falsehood distance 4. Preaching Characteristic 1. Humanity I am only mortal like you 2. Bounty of God 3. Knowledge from Allah 4. Infallibility Phophethood- Finality 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. CompareAim over Deen over Message over:- Prophethood last sermon Universality :-(Quran, Shariah) Finality :Khatam, Seal, Enclosed Hadith Judism Christianity Corrupt Mentioned Partic/ Specific

The end/ the last day 1. 2. The very word of Aakhirat means an end to some thing. Islamic terminology the last of day of the universe

a. You have to be returned to the/ your lord b. He is the master of the day of judgment c. Its the third basic belief. What is the Rational of Judgment? 1. As man was created out of nothing. Therefore, he would be resurrected 2. Logically speaking, there should be justice and accountability HADITH The world is the breeding sround of hereafter (7, 8) The Earthquake He will be rewarded with The deeds of right or wrong of any magnitude he has done What are the impacts on man of Aakhirat? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Accountability Justice Fairness Hope Iman and Faith Humbleness Balanced and order sense of restorability spiritual satisfaction

PRAYER, NAMAZ: 2nd A.H Promulgated , obligatory 5 times a day e Salat itself means prayer

What are the individual as well as collective benefits of salat. INDIVIDUAL (2)Purification of self and body (3)Regularity (4)Punctuality (5)Humbleness (6)Peace and spiritual strength (7)Accountability (8)Followance/ Moral Why Wahee is necessary? Human knowledge is not perfect Science is limited Many philosopher hired to found the solution of people but failed Philosopher can not satisfy the spiritual need for human Wahee is the only source who sixes the solution of human life Wahee provide a balanced life Wahee is the only source who satisfy the spiritual needs of human Wahee has knowledge & that knowledge is give by the God COLLECTIVE 1.Organization 2.Community and social welfare 3.Command and equality 4.Mutual interest 5.Moral 6.Brotherhood and houd fit

What do you mean by scholarly? Quran Hadith Comparative Religion and philosophy science. ROZA/ SAUM 1. Established (2. AH) 2. 30 days dawn to dusk It has been made obligatory on you, as had been for nations before you 3. Kinds Compulsory Voluntary Repatriation/ compensation Journey Farz /Sunnat

How Roza- Literal meaning to restraia Individual 1. Cleanliness 2. Spiritual strength 3. Self control 4. Sacrifice 5. Moral and Charter building 6. patience 7. unity 8. Nearness to Allah SIGNIFICANCE 1. It is for Allah 2. Allah pillars bounties/ blessings 3. It is common to all Collective

1. For Mutal co- operation 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Namaz Zakat Unity Brotherhood Patience/ sacrifice/ Namaz change

2. Collective Justice 1. Equality 2. Justive 3. Above all (exception) 3. Purification of individual To eetrian 1. 2. 3. 4. Morality Clearness Character building self control

SIGNIFICANCE 1. 30 times 2. After prayer Hazrat Abu Bakar Momin/Munafiq

Collection 8-2A.H Purification literal. Collection Islamic terminology purification of wealth

What is Zakat, significance Individual and collective How Zakat can control poverty inequity and economic injustice present seenario? 1. 2. 3. 4. Purification Zakat is arculation 8- Masareque Fund Poverty economy incentive Education fund industry SMES Agro industry Handicrafts Distribution

1. Collection fram parent 2. organization

CIRCULATION OF MONEY 2. 5 % = 100 Poverty, Hunger 100- 40 Years- 0 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Creation of wealth Division of Wealth Investment Industry, employment Inflation decrease poverty Trade increase

(Journey to a sacred place) Any one among you having the capability must visit Allahs house (8. A.H) - (9.A.H) (10. A.H) Significance of Hajj 1. It is for Allah 2. It is a Sunnah of All prophet 3. Combination of all pillars

INDIVIDUAL 1.Control self 2.Patience/ Preserve 3.Morality/ purity 4.Character building 5.Sacrifice 6.Humblness 7.Nearness to Allah

COLLECTIVE 1.Unity 2.Brotherhood 3.Equality 4.Discipline 5.Followance 6.Force Making a muslin 7.Discourage difference

SOURCE OF ISLAMIC LAW/SHARIAH THE PRIMARY 1. The Holy quran 2. The Sunnah 3. cutom 1. THE SECONDARY 1. Itehad 2. Qiyas 3. lima THE TERTIARY 1. Taqlid 2. Istedial 3. Isteslah

The Holy Quran It is the basic source all the versions have been derived from it. 1. Faith 2. Pillars Roza, Namaz, Zakat, Hajj


The Sunnah 1. Direct acceptance 2. Indirect Every thing Namaz, pillars 3. Customs Collective Decisions This is related to companions


QIYAS:Personal Reasoning: it you are along at any place. Personal Analogy

Personal opinion Related to Scholar Juhud Struggle

CONTEMPORARY PROBLEMS:1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Crime Martial status Business Politics (Zia-ul-Haq) Society Family Planning Medications Causative

Rational Liberal

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Scholar of Islamic Law Having contemporary / Comparative History, Fiqah, Language Witness (Character) Humble nessable Major age (40+) Renowned for Honesty Practiced Islam Natural


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. O.I.C as a plateform Inchusion of all scholar / schools of thought online knowledge Information sharing / Media / public Open desalting Nentral facts History Institution is teaching and universities (Law Making) Consensus (Service provide)


HR Women Right Man/Women rights and obligation

What is the basic period of HR? Western concept and Islamic in case of court with reference to Hajat-ul-Widda? 1. Freedom of Practice 2. Right to Education 3. Right to politic 4. Right to Economy 5. Social justice (Equality, brotherhood, fraternity. 6. Crimes punishment 7. Right of Minority (Neighbor) (Relative) (Children) (Parents) 8. Slaves 9. Law Inheritance, Marriage


RIGHT / PRIVILEGES/ DUTIES 1. Right Education Economy Participation Choice of Marrai Will Inheritance Witness Mother Privileged one Martial/ divorce of Remarriage Concession in performance of Salat, Roza Jehad 1. As Mother Wife Sister Daughter As Social Being Islam Has Hanmed Rights (Limitation ):a. Open Participation b. Family First c. Purdah / Modeoty d. Mixing with males e. Polyandry f. Respect at all levels a. devoice ratelow b. Psychological problems c. Political direct influence d. Burden on male

ROLE OF MAN AND WOMEN 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Character buildings of Child Providing manners and cultivating mind towards Islam Modesty teaching Rearing through midway Economic and social weeds catering providing a child with a role model demarcating lines Inherently social duties and responsibility MOTHER Feeding Support at Inner level Economy Outer interaction Education FATHER

In our case why woman do not practice Purdah (REASONS) Conservation Purdah as symbol of particular class The mixture of other culture Modern wave of technology The practice of Islam is waning Ignorance towards teachings No role models against progress Isolation fundamentalism

Allah The Holy Prophet Caliph Majlis Shura Azmat- Qazies Caliphate Democracy is that suitable to Islam The democracy supremacy of Allah The Almighty Headship of prophet Caliph Majlis Shura Aamist Governor Can Shariah be adjusted Intern Democracy socialist HR, constitution , pul, free pud

MORALITY IN ISLAM:IMAN IS ETHICS:1. Moral code 2. limitations 3. Balance approach 4. Midway 5. Imans is complete code 6. Day after 7. Religious + Social Value

Means struggle ( literally to struggle in the way of Allah ) Kinds of jehad 1. Defensive 2. At stake 3. In way of Allah 4. Islamic Story 5. Protection of Human rights 6. immunity to cattle, Crops, old, Young , ladies and Civilian 7. Targeted 8. Justice and fair 9. Avoidance of Qital 10. Religious Practices 11. Islamic Nation


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Interest free Banning Haram illegal False means games of chances gambling

CHALLENGES:1. Economic de 2. Poverty alleviation 3. Extremist terrorism 4. Dictatorship 5. Secteriament 6. Hunger 7. Ilhteracy 8. Bad Goner 9. Eorruption 10. Flaned judicial system 11. No Media 12. Conservativet or 13. Divisius among status 14.


1. Universalism 2. Progressive 3. Midway 4. Human Rights/ Women Right 5. Open Communication 6. Exchange of Knowledge Idea 7. Transfer of learnist technology 8. Peace 9. Trade 10. Unity Social Value 11. Itehad to counter change 12. Balanced approach 13. Avoids malpractice 14. Justice and equality with fair clay 15. Externism 16. Jehad 17. Muslin Ummah 18.