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Where do you go from here?

There is a tremendous amount of information available on TSM. There are several good sources of information for getting started with TSM.

Web Sites
Main Tivoli Page This is the main Tivoli page (formally Links in blue on the left are all Tivoli related. Main Tivoli Support Page This is the main Tivoli Support page. In the drop down box in the middle, you will see all Tivoli products listed. Choosing a product will take you to the support page dedicated to the product you need help with. TSM Support Page This is the home page for TSM support. Here you will find support devices, a knowledge base of solutions, client and server requirements, patches, and other information pertinent to TSM. Manuals This is the home page for all Tivoli Manuals. Chose S for Storage Manager and you will find all the client, server, and TDP Manuals. Tuning and Problem Determination Guide This is where you will find further information on troubleshooting TSM. Of particular use, is the TSM tuning guide. It contains numerous recommendations for setting TSM and OS parameters which can make TSM run most efficiently.

Training Overview erInd=S&region=us&subChapterName=Tivoli+storage+management&country=us There are numerous classroom and CD based courses currently offered by IBM Learning services on TSM. The courses are as follows: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 5.2 Implementation ntry=us&language=en This course provides a good overview of TSM system administration. Most of the TSM concepts involved in doing single TSM server backups are covered and there are numerous hands on labs. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 5.2 Total Integration ntry=us&language=en

This course continues where the Implementation course left off. After a quick review of concepts, significant time is spent covering advanced operational issues of TSM including DB recovery and troubleshooting. In addition, the course covers issues involved in the administration of multiple TSM servers and reporting. A brief overview of the Data Protection agents for database and mail server backup is provided. Lan-Free and SAN implementation issues are discussed and demonstrated. IBM Tivoli Disaster Recovery Manager 5.2 ntry=us&language=en This course covers using the TSM DRM module to automate the process of doing off-site media

storage and recovering from the loss of a TSM Server. Tivoli Storage Manager 5.1 for Storage Networking 2 This course covers Lan-Free/SAN backup and is provided as supplementary material for the 5.1 Implementation course. These courses will provide a good overview of how to plan for a TSM server configuration, how to set up and manage TSM servers, and how to use TSM to do file system/file-space backup.

Redbook Overview
IBM Redbooks are a great (and one of the only) publicly available sources of information on IBM software and hardware. Due to its maturity, there are numerous good Redbooks covering TSM. Below I have provided the ones I found most useful. Getting Started with Tivoli Storage Manager: Implementation Guide http://publibb. 6cf70078a709?OpenDocument Revised for TSM 5.2, this Redbook is a combination Planning and Implementation Guide and Concept of Operations. It is a very good place to start if you are new to TSM and are looking for best practices for planning, sizing, and running a TSM server. Disaster Recovery Strategies with Tivoli Storage Manager http://publibb. 56c6a00634b42?OpenDocument This Redbook provides details on DR scenarios. This redbook starts with a description of the DR process and planning. It then applies these concepts to recovering the TSM server and clients. Bare Metal Restore of various operating systems is discussed including AIX, Solaris, Win2k, and Linux. Bare Machine Recovery for Microsoft Windows 2003 and Windows XP http://publibb. 6d3c005d48ff?OpenDocument This Redpiece describes using TSM with Windows ASR for Windows 2003 to do a Bare Machine Recovery. Tivoli Storage Management Concepts

This Redbook provides a broad overview of TSM concepts and features. In addition, it provides a high level overview of integrating TSM with other popular applications and of backing up those applications. Lots of good info on planning and architecture. Tivoli Storage Manager Version 5.1: Technical Guide http://publibb. 56b20007aa0e7?OpenDocument This Redbook covers various technical issues regarding Version 5.1. Basically, its a discussion of new features in TSM 5.1 including Multi-session Restore, CRC Checking, Simultaneous writes to copy pools. Platform specific server and client features are also discussed. Deploying the Tivoli Storage Manager Client in a Windows 2000 Environment http://publibb. 699000706777?OpenDocument This redbook describes how to deploy and install the TSM client in a Win2k environment.