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The Joint District Gazette

For the last five years many of you have heard of the joint Western/Midwestern District Annual Meeting in Rapid City, South Dakota. This will not be your ordinary Annual Meeting. It will be tailored to you and by you to provide you many unique opportunities to learn, share, network, explore and build relationships. Beyond being the first of its type a joint Western/Midwestern District Annual Meeting - here are the top reasons for you to consider planning now book your room now and register in October for an event of a lifetime for you and your family! This meeting will provide transportation professionals the breadth of current trends, analysis, projects and issues relevant in our profession. The framework for our technical sessions is already outlined in draft form h e r e to provide you an understanding of the topic areas and technical program structure you can expect. Updates will happen in real-time on the web over the next nine months to provide you current details and at the meeting you will have this in your hands, including the papers. You will be able to engage with current FHWA research, work hands-on with traffic signal controllers & DMS, learn about trends in driverless & electric vehicles and at the same time learn about fundamentals of transportation engineering, planning and ITS. Special sessions on the energy industry (particular to the Dakotas) and transportation will also be covered! Beyond this call for technical papers that addresses two dozen core topics of our industry, this year you can create a technical session. Our technical chair (Cheryl Lambrecht) and co-chair (Randy McCourt) are looking for people with relevant topics aligned with our draft technical program and can demonstrate our meetingthemeJoiningTogetherinFriendlyCompact.Ifyou have a topic that can be shared and demonstrates how transportation professionals make the world a better place and can demonstrate those benefits clearly we want you! You will be free to tailor a session speakers, round tables, workshops, training, hands-on, discussion groups to best deliver the message. The key is our theme you must work with others (including agencies, consultants, vendors, academics, students, members over 24 states) to deliver your message not alone. You can contact Cheryl and Randy by email for more details (, ____________________________________________________

Mark Your Cal e ndars - Jun e 29-July 2, 2014

Here is a list of Tentative Technical Program Topic Areas: Access Management Context Sensitive Streets PROWAG Freight Mobility Technology in Transportation Performance Measurement Corridor Studies and Planning Small City Planning HandsontheControllerforum Designers Forums Transit Signal Priority Temporary Traffic Signal Technology and State of the Practice Applications Advances in Traffic Control and the future of the MUTCD Emerging Trends in Bicycle and Pedestrian Analysis and Design Highway Safety Manual and Human Factors Guide Tolling/Express/Managed Lanes Simulation and Modeling Advancements Roundabouts, Diverging Diamonds, Continuous Flow Naturalistic Driving Study Data Set Rural Safety including North Dakota Frac Sand Impacts New Issues with Sites Open to Public Travel Parking Management Developments Work with Local Media (printed, TV, radio) on Transportation Issues

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You can earn 12 professional development hours (PDHs) and attend a PTOE refresher course (7 more PDHs). The technical program delivers 12 PDHs for your professional engineering continuing education (forms will be provided. B U T W A I T , THERESMOREWe will also have ethics training for those who may need such training. Robert Seyfried will provide a cost effective seven hour PTOE Refresher course on Sunday. ____________________________________________________

Our exhibit space will uniquely display vendor products (particularly Daktronics whose home is in South Dakota). There will be 40+ vendors available in a unique venue, integrated with food, posters, meeting slide shows and the traffic bowls. Expect a raffle (sponsored by our vendors) at every break with current electronic products (such as iPads, Samsung Galaxy Gear, Android tablet, E-readers, notebooks) for those who spend time with the vendors. ____________________________________________________

The meeting will be held at the Rapid City Convention Center, adjacent to the Holiday Inn Rushmore Plaza which will serve as the conference headquarters. A block of rooms has been held for this event. Book your room early to take advantage of the best room availability!

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Win the new Samsung Galaxy Gear or iWatch Get a Free Room Night at the Holiday Inn at the Meeting! Leading up to the meeting you can participate in raffles that will reward early participation. For those that book their rooms at the conference hotel (the Holiday Inn, 250 feet from the conference area) you will be automatically entered into drawing for one free room night. You must reserve your room before April 30, 2014, be a full meeting registrant and use the room night during the meeting to be eligible. ____________________________________________________

Many people do not have the opportunity to visit Mt. Rushmore their entire lives. For those who do, they find a unique place in southwest South Dakota that has so much more and provides an exciting destination for a family vacation. Check out the video at www .2014it e . com . For us, we have the chance to do this leading up to the 4th of July weekend when fireworks over Mt. Rushmore create a display unique in America. This meeting is your opportunity. You can book your hotel now on our web site and will be able to register earlier than any prior ITE meeting you have ever attended with discounted advanced early registration ($375) in October. WatchfortheGoLivedateonthemeetingwebsite.

Additionally, we will be doing Pr esid e ntial/ T ran sportation Q uizz e s prior to the meeting. All correct answers will be entered into a raffle that will be selected at the first break on Monday morning at the annual meeting (you must be present to win). The winner will receive a new state-of-the-art Samsung or Apple watch, or current electronic product. Name the President(s) of the United States of America who were standing in office the year that the first Western District and the first Midwestern District Annual Meetings were held? Submit your quiz answer to quiz@2014it e . com to enter!

E arly Bird R egistration ($375) op e n s in O c tob e r! C h ec k th e w e b sit e for d e tails!

Theme: Dakotah Joining Together in Friendly Compact

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