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Arts and Crafts Pop-up Flower Garden Card More Crafts Make a beautiful flower pop-up card using construction paper. This is a great Mother's Day, Spring, Get Well Soon, or Birthday Card.

Supplies needed: • • • • Various colors of construction paper Scissors Glue Markers or crayons

Fold two rectangular pieces of construction paper in half. One piece will be the outside of the card and one piece will be the inside.

On the piece that will be the inside, cut two short lines near the middle of the fold.

Fold the two outside flaps that you just made (but do not fold the middle flap). Unfold the flaps.

Open the card. Push the two flaps towards the inside of the card - they will form 2 step-like protuberances.

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Page 2 / her / 2013 Spring Crafts . Decorate them with crayons or markers if you like. apply the glue only to the inside of the card and then carefully place it on the outer card. Glue the card to the other piece of folded construction paper. Cut some small flowers. To make sure that you do not glue the flaps down.3rd Enchanted Learning Software's Handprint Paper Flowers Craft More Kinder Crafts These lilies are made from a child's handprint (on paper) stapled to a straw. Make sure that the flowers do not stick out of the card when the card is closed. Push the two flaps towards the inside of the card . Unfold the flaps. Cut two short lines through the folded flaps on the sides. Our subscribers' grade-level estimate for this page: 1st . stems and leaves from construction paper. Glue the flowers to the flaps. Write a message on your lovely flower garden pop-up card. You can make an entire bouquet of flowers for a great gift or Spring decoration. Fold the outside flaps that you just made.SK PENGKALAN TENTERA DARAT English Club Arts and Crafts Refold the card.they will form 4 step-like protuberances. Open the card.

Cut the tracing out. Staple or tape the leaves to the straw. Make a few of these flowers for a beautiful bouquet. Page 3 / her / 2013 .SK PENGKALAN TENTERA DARAT English Club Arts and Crafts More Flower Crafts Supplies needed: • • • • • • Construction paper Pencil Scissors Green pipe cleaners (or straws) Tape or glue Stapler Trace a child's hand on construction paper. Draw some leaves on green construction paper. Curl each of the fingers around a pencil. Glue or tape the cone together. then cut them out. Staple the flower to a pipe cleaner or a drinking straw. Using the palm of the handprint. form a cone (with the fingers curling outwards).

kelp. or markers • Thread ot yarn (about a foot total) Work on the Top Plate (with a viewing window): Cut a Viewing Window: Turn one paper plate upside down and draw a circle around the base of the plate (you will cut out the entire bottom of the plate. Work on the Lower Plate (which contains the ocean diorama): Page 4 / her / 2013 . where the food would normally be. More dioramas Supplies needed: • 2 white or blue paper plates • • • • • A roughly 6 inch diameter circle of clear plastic cut from discarded packaging material (or clear plastic wrap for food) Colored construction paper or tempera paint Scissors and a craft knife (optional) Glue. coral. The child cuts out fish. and other sea creatures to decorate the seascape. Cut along the circle you drew (have an adult start the cut with a pointy scissors or a craft knife. This plate will become the viewing window of the aquarium.2nd EnchantedLearning. Cover the Viewing Area With Plastic: Cut a circle of clear plastic slightly larger than the hole in the front plate (the plastic should be about 1/4 inch larger than the hole). starfish. the part of plate that you would normally put food on). Tape the plastic to the inside of the plate. construction paper and a bit of clear plastic. the child can finish the cutting using a blunt scissors).com Aquarium Paper Plate Diorama Craft More Crafts This simple aquarium diorama is made from two paper plates. and stapler Crayons.SK PENGKALAN TENTERA DARAT English Club Arts and Crafts Our subscribers' grade-level estimate for this page: Kindergarten . You can use the thick plastic that is used as packing material on many of the things we buy (the thicker plastic is easier to work with than thin plastic film that can tear and stick to itself). tape.

whales. use the circle you cut out as a template to cut out a blue construction-paper circle for the background of your aquarium. Kelp (green or brown) and brightly-colored coral are good for the background. and/or other creatures for the foreground. jellyfish. You can draw them yourself. either draw or cut out paper fish. Add the Construction-Paper Plants and Animals to the Diorama: Glue some of the creatures to the background. Draw and Make Construction-Paper Plants and Animals for the Diorama: The plants and animals in your diorama can be drawn or cut out of construction paper.SK PENGKALAN TENTERA DARAT English Club Arts and Crafts Make a Blue Background (if you're using a blue plate. Glue the blue circle to the plate (glue it to the surface where the food would normally go). starfish. If you opt to use paper. Finish the Aquarium: Tape or staple the top plate to the back plate. or go to a template with many ocean creatures. Have the child write his/her name on the back of the aquarium. you can use the following steps to draw them: Go to a template for some sea creatures. sharks. Our subscribers' grade-level estimate for this page: 1st . Now you have a cute paper plate diorama of an aquarium. Then. If you are drawing the fish yourself. omit this step): You can either color the background blue or cut out a circle of blue construction paper and glue it in place.2nd Page 5 / her / 2013 . For each hanging creature. seahorses. Others creatures can hang from threads so they look like they're swimming. tape the other end of the thread to the top of the plate. cut a short length of thread. Tape one end of the thread to the back of a fish.

Cut out the circle and attach to the first page with a brad. Word Wheels For a pdf version of the word Word Wheel . bake. and lake. it consists of a base page together with a wheel that spins around.SK PENGKALAN TENTERA DARAT English Club Arts and Crafts EnchantedLearning. The student then writes down the words that are formed by the word wheel and six others with the same ending. six words that rhyme with "ake" are formed. snake. flake. cake. Page 6 / her / 2013 . one at a time: rake. When you spin the wheel. Word Wheel Bottom This is the base page of the printable "ake" word wheel.AKE Words This 2-page print-out makes a word wheel. The pages are attached using a metal Theme Pages Rhymes brad. Word Wheel Top Print this page. click here (site members only).

including: cow. When you spin the wheel. Farm Animals Word Wheel Top Print this page. it consists of a base page together with a wheel that spins Farm Animals Word Wheel This 2-page print-out makes a farm animals word wheel. Page 7 / her / 2013 . goose. farm animals appear. Farm Animals Word Wheel Bottom This is the base page of the printable farm animals word wheel. chicken. sheep. More on Farm Animals More Wheels For a pdf version of the farm animals word wheel. turkey. The pages are attached using a metal brad. Or you can click on the individual web pages below. Cut out the circle and attach to the first page with a brad.SK PENGKALAN TENTERA DARAT English Club Arts and Crafts (Already a member? Click here. click here (site subscribers only). pig.) EnchantedLearning. goat. horse. The student then writes down farm animals.

Now you have a memorable reminder of a favorite book. the child makes a diorama of a favorite scene from the book. We used a small. Add the character or characters to the diorama. hang them from the top using threads. Also have the child write his/her name on the box. Write the name of the book and its author on top of the box. After the child reads the book. More dioramas. we did "Curious George Rides a Bike.3rd EnchantedLearning." The background was a stream in the country where Curious George the monkey is sailing newspaper boats down the stream (instead of doing his work delivering newspapers). Glue them to the box. Or if you're showing things that fly or swim. Supplies needed: • Shoe box (or similar sized box) • • • • • Construction paper or tempera paint Scissors Glue Pencil. along with the objects they have (if any). plastic LEGO monkey and made tiny paper boats from real newspaper. Page 8 / her / 2013 .SK PENGKALAN TENTERA DARAT English Club Arts and Crafts Our subscribers' grade-level estimate for this page: 2nd . crayons Small toys or models appropriate to the story To make a background in the box use either construction paper or tempera paints (the construction paper is easier and less messy). For Book Diorama Craft More Crafts This diorama is a scene from a child's favorite book.

Some groups of anagrams include: abets baste betas beast beats ales leas sale seal arm mar ram asps pass saps spas abed bade bead abet beat beta alerted altered related treadle are ear era aspired despair diapers praised bared beard bread debar abut tabu tuba acme came mace allergy gallery largely regally artist strait traits aster rates stare taser tears begin being binge acre care race amen mane mean name arts rats star tars ate eat eta tea acres cares races scare anew wane wean arcs cars scar aridest astride staider tardies tirades bleats stable tables carets caters caster crates reacts recast traces dale deal lade lead deigns design signed actors costar castor actress casters recasts airmen marine remain alert alter later arches chaser search asp pas sap spa aligned dealing leading arrest rarest raters starer assert asters stares angel angle glean ascent secant stance antler learnt rental ascot coats coast tacos awls laws slaw apt pat tap asleep elapse please auctioned cautioned education bluest bluets bustle sublet subtle baker brake break bard brad drab barely barley bleary bats stab tabs below bowel elbow bores robes sober brag garb grab calipers replicas spiracle caller cellar recall canter nectar recant trance canters nectars recants scanter trances capes paces space caret cater crate trace catered created reacted cider cried dicer claimed decimal declaim medical claps clasp scalp dater rated trade code coed deco daters trades treads construe counters recounts trounces dates sated stead corset escort sector dearth hatred thread cratered retraced terraced dearths hardest hatreds cruel lucre ulcer decanter cantered recanted dare dear read deist diets edits danger gander garden ranged demerit merited mitered darters retards starred traders denter rented tender Page 9 / her / 2013 .SK PENGKALAN TENTERA DARAT English Club Arts and Crafts An anagram is a word or phrase that is made by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. The word anagram is pronounced AN-a-gram. For example. stop is an anagram of pots.

SK PENGKALAN TENTERA DARAT English Club Arts and Crafts tread deltas lasted slated stared demo dome mode desert deters rested detail dilate tailed drapes padres parsed rasped spared spread elan lane lean threads trashed detains instead sainted stained drawer redraw reward warder warred detour routed toured singed diaper paired repaid sited tides diet edit tide tied direst driest stride discounter introduces reductions does dose odes doters sorted stored dowry rowdy wordy dues sued used duster rudest rusted earned endear neared earnest eastern nearest earns nears saner snare ears eras sear enlist inlets listen silent tinsel flow fowl wolf earth hater heart east eats sate seat teas eons nose ones emigrants mastering streaming esprits persist spriest sprites stripes gnus guns snug sung ideals ladies sailed emoter meteor remote ester reset steer terse trees goer gore ogre enlarge general gleaner emit item mite time evil live veil vile emits items mites smite times filets itself stifle endive envied veined enters nester resent tenser forest fortes foster softer heros hoers horse shore lament mantel mantle mental esprit priest sprite stripe ether there three filter lifter trifle hares hears rheas share shear lame male meal glare lager large regal hoes hose shoe lapse leaps pales peals pleas sepal lisper perils pliers gilder girdle glider gory gyro orgy gust guts tugs hare hear rhea heaps phase shape hops posh shop inks sink skin ires rise sire kale lake leak least slate stale steal tales teals loops polos pools sloop spool merit mitre remit timer notes lair liar rail lameness nameless salesman last salt slat late tale teal leap pale peal plea leapt petal plate pleat lemons melons solemn limes miles slime smile list silt slit lips lisp slip lister liters litres relist tilers livers silver sliver loop polo pool looped poodle pooled lopes poles slope merits mister miters mitres remits timers now lots lost slot lusters results rustles manes manse means names naive marines remains seminar mast mats tams master stream tamers mate meat tame team nope mates meats steam tames teams noter mesa same seam nails nape naps Page 10 / her / 2013 nets observe .

SK PENGKALAN TENTERA DARAT English Club Arts and Crafts slain snail ravine vainer neap pane pans snap span nest sent tens palest pastel petals plates pleats staple parsley parleys players replays sparely pines snipe spine open peon pone toner tenor pares parse pears rapes reaps spare spear parties pastier pirates traipse pintos piston pitons points reins resin rinse risen siren rites tiers tires tries onset stone tones own won obverse verbose opt pot top opts post pots stop tops owns snow sown paled pedal plead panel penal plane parley pearly player replay parroted predator prorated teardrop pars raps rasp spar parses passer spares sparse spears pelts slept spelt paltry partly raptly parts strap traps parse pears spare spear part rapt trap past pats spat taps pores poser prose ropes spore repaint painter pertain paste peats septa spate tapes potters protest spotter paws swap wasp pertness presents serpents pest pets step piers pries spire pinto piton point present repents serpent raps rasp spar rashes shares shears rattles starlet startle restrain retrains strainer terrains trainers sinew swine wines wisens taster tetras treats realist saltier retails recused reduces rescued secured reigns resign signer singer repaints painters pantries pertains rescue recuse secure reset steer terse trees resort roster sorter retests setter street tester skate stake steak takes teaks retrain terrain trainer rite tier tire rosiest sorties stories saint satin stain salve slave vales veals seated sedate teased sway ways yaws serve sever veers verse skated staked tasked thickets thickest thickset slates steals tassel state taste teats weird wired wider steer reset terse trees stew wets wets whiter wither writhe stow tows twos Apt Anagrams: Elvis lives fingertips finest grip asteroid threats disaster to earth dormitory dirty room television ads enslave idiots meal for one for me alone the eyes they see disc is cd my ideal time Immediately I spared a spider A diet I'd eat I think therefore I am I fear to think I'm here car has a crash young lad an old guy a gentleman elegant man Page 11 / her / 2013 .

SK PENGKALAN TENTERA DARAT English Club Arts and Crafts rats and mice in cat's dream astronomers no more stars schoolmaster the classroom a decimal point I'm a dot in place video game give a demo a perfectionist I often practice action man cannot aim clothes pins so let's pinch the Morse code Here come dots drum solo so loud Mr. anti-democratic dictator came in orators hate a sore throat school student tends to slouch garbage man bag manager eleven plus two twelve plus one timetable Bet I'm late coins kept in pockets debit card bad credit postmaster stamp store statue of liberty built to stay free sweep the floor too few helpers intensive care I can't even rise astronomer moon starer certainly not can't rely on it heavy rain Hire a navy conversation voices rant on older and wiser I learned words Page 12 / her / 2013 .

SK PENGKALAN TENTERA DARAT English Club Arts and Crafts Page 13 / her / 2013 .

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