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Room 208 Update Week of September 23, 2013 Spring Street School Mrs.

Lubys Class

The Eastern Division title is oursnow lets finish up the season and get ready for the American League Title! Student Council essays and speeches were introduced last week and materials sent home; children will write their essays at home why they would be a good SC member. Only those wanting to run will need to read their speeches on Friday, September 27 for the elections. The class will be responding on Kidblog this week. Math Club- Tuesday, 9/24 8-8:30 AM Multiplication and Division practice games and strategies. Dont forget sneakers for PE on Tuesdays! Homework Date Assigned Due Date Student Council Essay 9/20 9/27 Similes/Metaphors 9/23 9/24 Math Review 9/23 9/24 Other Math TBA Kidblog (ongoing) introduce 9/24 blog response due next week 10/1 Nightly Reading approx. 20 min/each day Mult/Div facts practice on-line or on paper

Language Arts We will continue our Daily 3 with reading comprehension, word study, and grammar conventions - nouns. Writing

This week in class, the children will visit their baseline narrative pieces and begin reworking their beginnings and settings. Student Council essays at home. Math Check out Multiplication Practice on TeamLuby Resources. There are many fact practice opportunities try Grand Prix or Lemonade Stand! This week we will hopefully complete EDM unit 2 with graphing and more BIG numbers! *Check out TeamLuby Resources Math Sites! There are many fact sites to choose from especially for fact practice. You may want to look at the one titled Multiplication Practice. EVERYDAY MATH FAMILY LETTERS can be found on-line this year! As in past years, they contain unit vocabulary, activities, and

selected homework answers. You can find these newsletters at: grade/family-letters/ If you cannot access them, please let me know.

Social Studies Longitude and Latitude are easy if you have the right attitude! This week we will use our maps to figure out exact locations using latitude and longitude. We will also make our own state using map concepts. Science - from the desk of Mrs. Liporto Using our mock rocks, we were able to explain the difference between a rock and mineral. Minerals are the ingredients that make up a rock. A rock is made up of two or more minerals. If you break down a rock you will get different minerals. If you break down a mineral you just get more of that mineral. We are in the process of breaking our mock rocks into their minerals. So far we have evidence to show that they are made up of gravel, shells, flour and sand, and this week we will continue to break them down to try to figure out what other minerals are inside.

*Specials* Art: Monday, 9:15-9:55 AM Physical Education: Tues., 10:45 11:25 AM Music, Wed, 11:25 12:05 PM Health: Thursday, 10:45 11:25 AM Chorus: Friday 10:00-10:40 AM Media: Every other Wed. 9:10-9:30 AM As always, your comments are welcome. Please drop me an e-mail at school or at home. Barbara Luby

We will also begin to practice scratch testing with some minerals later in the week.
Class Tidbits! Happy Birthday Dennis 9-28 Sam 9-28