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Serife Suleyman Target Audience: A Target audience is a specific group of people within the target market, which a product/service

is aimed at. Our Horror film is aimed specifically at individuals aged 15 to 35. This is because people this age are often curious and courageous. Horrors are filled with puzzles and scary unexpected pop up scenes, this fits the criteria of the target market research we carried out. If we aimed our film to people outside our chosen age category, we would lose out on a mass market of people who attend the cinema to watch horrors. This is because people will be less interested causing the reputation of the horror movie to go downhill with an outcome of fewer views. Although our target audience is aimed towards the younger generation, it still includes different factors that can also attract a more elderly person. As our film has the main character of a young girl this will attract parents with children of their own as families can relate to situations and certain characteristics, hoping that something unnatural/horrific will not happen to them. Furthermore, other reasons for choosing a particular age group is because people aged 15+ are young however still mature enough to view a film including actions reflecting towards the horror genre and majority of teenagers tend to go to the cinema with their friends and are most likely to have similar preferences. Ethnicity: The horror we will be producing will not be aimed at a particular race. This is because people of all races are allowed to watch the horror. However the British population are more likely to watch the horror as it will be are able to watch horrors, as it is being produced and developed by a British organisation. The film will be watched by a higher number of British people as it will be viewed more by people in Britain. However there is nothing explicit in the film which has made it towards a certain ethnical group. Gender: Our production is going to be aimed towards both genders, male and female. This is because both boys and girls are able to relate to horrors by different views. The factors such as violence, danger/more horrific scenes will be aimed towards the male audience more however the more emotional side with the antagonist and protagonist of our horror will be aimed more towards the feminine audience The attractive woman lead will also attract the male population to see the film more. British board of film classification: Our horror film has been given the certification of age 15 and above. This is because pupils younger than this will most likely get scared at horror or will not understand the story line of the movie. This would be an issue as the target market would differentiate causing the views for the horror to decrease. However as the content will be controlled the film is able to be a 15 rather than an 18, so it is suitable for people at the age of 15 and older to watch the screening.