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Embedded/Mobile Digital Video Recorder

Main Features Total resources 4CH full D1/8CH HD1 real time (25/30fps) Dual streams for recording and network transmission. External GPS for location tracking Built-in 3G for live view and remote monitoring External WIFI 802.11N supported for video download Mirror recording via SD card H.264 video compression Streaming patented FS 3.0 file system for data reliability and data recovery Module removable design for easy maintenance Pre-recording max 60 mins Low voltage protection Revolutionary anti-vibration technology for 360 degree installation Hard disk supports max.1TB


MDVR-X5 is the high end Mobile Digital Video Recorder that performs mobile surveillance and evidence collection using the latest digital recording technology. This model supports the functions of recording, playback, alarm recording, wireless transmission and GPS location tracking. And it provides an ideal solution for remote monitoring. It is a very ideal model for bus and police car application.


Product Series



Function Overview OS System Control Mode Input Output Video Total resource Video system Input Audio Output Display Split Display OSD Operation Interface Video/Audio compression

Record, playback, network, GPS location tracking Embedded Real-Time Linux (Ver 2.6) IR remote control, control panel, network 4 channels (aviation-din 4) 1 channels (aviation-din 2) 4CH D1 NTSC/PAL 4 channels (aviation-din 4) 1 channels (aviation-din 2) 1/4 8 channels (aviation-din8) 1 channels (aviation-din 2) 1/4/9 8 channels (aviation-din8) 1 channels (aviation-din 2) 8CH HD1

GPS information, alarm, temperature, acceleration, voltage, device information, firmware version, MCU version, network status Semi-transparent GUI H.264/G.726 PAL: D1 (704 576), HD1 (704 288), CIF (352 288)

Image Resolution NTSC: D1 (704 480), HD1 (704 240), CIF (352 240) Recording Image Quality Recording mode Pre-recording Post-recording Playback channel Playback & Backup Search model Backup mode Ethernet 3G Network WIFI GPS USB RS232 Interface RS485 Sensor RS485 2 8 sensors inputs, 4 sensors outputs 802.11N (External) GPS location tracking, speed detection and sync time USB 2.0 2 RS232 2 1~8 levels adjustable (1 is the best) General/schedule/alarm (sensor trigger, speed, acceleration, video loss, temperature) 1~60mins before event 1~30mins after event 1 channel by local playback, 1/4/8 channels by playback software Date/Time, channel, event USD, HDD, network RJ45 port (10/100M) TCP/IP protocol HSPA/EVDO (by SIM card, 3G module burning is not supported)


Uninterrupted Power Supply for MDVR Audio Communication with central office Control panel, mini LED panel optional

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Hard Disk Input

2.5 SATA HDD, Seagate, Hitachi and Samsung brands are recommended 8~36V 15W (without cameras and any accessories) 21217562mm 2.6KG -40C ~+ 55C (please use built-in heater if the temperature is below 0C)

Power Consumption Dimension (LWH) Physical Characteristic Weight Environment Operating Temperature

Relatively Operating Humidity Product Certificate

8% - 90% CE, FCC, MIL-STD-810F, ISO-16750 (pending), ISO-7637 (pending)