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A. Background of the Problem In Indonesia, English is a foreign language should be learnt by the students. It is taught begin from Elementary up to Senior High School. The purposes of the study are to make students can speak English fluently and apply their knowledge in their daily life. Based on the National Curriculum for Junior High School on 2006, there are four skills should be mastered by the students, they are speaking, reading, listening and writing. In speaking, students should be able to communicate in oral language with another people by using English. In listening, they should get the ideas of the conversation or text that they have heard. In addition, students also get the ideas and understand about the generic structure, purpose and moral value of the text if they comprehend in reading. The last one is writing, students are able to communicate in written form. They also should able to write a text, story or letter. Finally, students should apply their language skills in real life to get the knowledge related to their needs. In addition, all of skills will be examined in National Examination. If students comprehend with all of skills they will pass the examination. In fact, the result of National Examination showed that there are many students got bad mark in English (Kompas, 2011: 1). Some of them failed in the examination because they can not achieve the scores which

have been stated. It means that the purpose of the curricullum can not achieve well. Many students got difficulties in understanding the text, they confused when start to talk to other people by using English, they could not share their ideas, and they did not understand what the speaker said in English. Finally they could not apply their English skill in daily life because they did not comprehend the skills. To resolve those problems, the government tried to find the appropriate systems to increase the quality of students English skill. There were some ways that the governemnt has done. The first is by revising the curriculum. Government have revised the curriculum for four times, and now the curriculum is School Based Curriculum. The second one is by looking for the professional teacher. Teacher has a big role to increase the quality of education. Because teacher is a person who causes a person to know or be able to do something or give a person knowledge or skill (Roestiyah in Nurdin, 2005: 6). It means that teacher should have the competency to make their students comprehend about the material. If the students are comprehend all of skills, the quality of our education will increase. To find the professional teacher, the government has done some programs such as MGMP (Musyawarah Guru Mata Pelajaran) and teacher certification. According to Kunandar (2007: 51) teacher certification is a process to give certificate to the teacher who have the qualification and competence. The competencies will be applied in the educational process. It includes the educational system and also teaching process.

Generally, in teaching process, professional teachers should have some competecies. First, they should have good competence in preparing the material will be taught. They prepare the lesson plan, authentic materials and the instruments to be used to help them in explaining the material. Second, they also have competence to explain the material clearly until the students understand. In addition, they also use the instrument or media which they have prepared before to make them easier to explain the materials. The problems came in learning process still done. Although the teacher has used the media to get the students response or attention, they just be the passive one and looked like do not interest with the material. When teacher asked them do you understand? they kept silence and gave no response. They were scare to ask something to the teacher. In this case, the teacher should motivate the students to give response about the subject that explained in the classroom. Students respond in learning process is importance to find out the students understanding the subject. By responding to the subject the teacher can evaluate whether the students understand or not. However, it is not easy to make students can respond the teacher. The appropriate way to increase students responses is by applying classroom interaction. If the teacher can apply the classroom interaction as well as possible, they can get a good response from the students. Classroom interaction also importance in teaching learning process to make students enjoy, interest and pay

attention to the subject. There are three kinds of classroom interaction; teacher-students, students-teacher and students-students.

B. Identification of the Problem According to Sukmadinata (2008: 193), there are several basic competencies of professional teacher. First, teacher should comprehend the material. It means that before they share the knowledge, they should understand about the subject. Second, professional in managing the teaching learning process, such as prepares the material, explining the materials and evaluate the materials. Third, they are able to manage the classroom. If they can manage the classroom effectively, the teaching learning process will be done well. Fourth, they are professional in using media, because it can help them in explain the material to the students. Fifth , they understand and applied the educational system, so they can make the standard of competencies in each subject and purpose of the study. Sixth, they evaluate the students achievement, especially in English. Seventh, they should introduce and applied the tutoring program. Eight, professional in organizing school administration. Ninth, teacher evaluate the students achievement related to standard of curriculum. The last and the important one is professional in applying classroom interaction. If the teacher can apply the classroom interaction, the teaching learning process will be done well and teacher can conduct the classroom effectively.

C. Limitation of the Problem Based on the identification, the researcher limits her research on professional teacher in applying classroom interaction. Because the succesfull of teaching learning process not how only well teacher explain the material but also how well teacher manage the classroom interaction. Good classroom interaction will make teacher gets a good response from the students, so the teaching learning process will be done effectively.

D. Formulation of the Problem The problem of this study is formulated as follow: What are strategies used by the teacher in applying the classroom interaction?

E. Research Question 1. What are strategies used by the professional teacher to the classroom interaction in teaching English? 2. Why does the professional teacher use the strategies the classroom interaction in teaching English?

F. Purpose of the Research 1. To find out the strategies are used by the professional teacher to apply the classroom interaction in teaching english. 2. To find out the reasons why the teacher use the strategy in the classroom interaction in teaching English.

G. Significance of the Research It is hoped that the result of this study will be useful to the educational departement to evaluate the professional teacher in applying the classroom interaction and appropriate strategy used in the classroom. In addition, this is also useful for the teacher to pay attention to the classroom interaction in teaching English. This research also useful to the reader. It can add their knowledge about the importance of classroom interaction in teaching learning process.

H. Definition of Key Term Professional Teacher is a teacher who have got certificate as professional teacher at SMPN 35 kerinci Classroom Interaction is the interaction between teacher-students, student -teacher and student-student at SMPN 35 Kerinci