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The Church of Christ Postal Mission


January, 1959

'Studv CO showthyself

approved unto'dod.*

Dear Christian Friends;

Once again we start a new year. We humbly praise God for


you all and your faithfulness towards us. We have often prayed for the

Robert S Mills

PhyllitJ. Mill* Forwarding A^Mt

& Sacfvtary
Mobol S. Mill* 309 E. Denial St.

Lord*s blessing upon you all and we know that you have us as well. He
has richly blessed us this year and we have every reason to be con
fident as we look forward to the new year.

Oiompalgn, Illirwit

We would like to say a special thanks for the many cards,

Th Gopl Li^f" Troeti

*Nw TectamMit Dctrint'

gifts and remembrances we have received during this Christmas season. Perhaps we are just getting more accustomed to Christmas and the hot weather coming together, but this has been a very fine year. We sta
rted the season with our Sunday School Christmas program at the eur(y

"Doily Bibie Rwdinfl Gvidt'

Church Rofernca Servic*

pean church. At the close of the program one of the young ladies came
forward and was baptized the same hour, Annetta is one of the members of the family which we always bring home in the car after Sunday School and Youth Meetings, so we feel especially close to her and her brother and sisters. (Our car often has up to 14 in it on these particular trips 1) I have been busy with the printing side of the work this

month and printed 17,855 sides of material. This would not be so bad
if our Multiiith were automatic feeding, but it is hand fed meaning

that every sheet is pushed in by hand. I have almost gone lame in the
right hand this monthl It has just now stopped being sore and I must start the Gospel Light for next month immediately. I plan to be away

during the last two weeks of January visiting the churches within 600 miles of Kimberley, so the printing, folding, addressing and envelop ing of the Gospel Light must be done ahead of that time.
This visit of the churches will be made along with brothers

Randall and Kernan. We will go to the nearer churches, within 100

miles, by auto. The more distant ones will be done in Mr Randall's plane. As soon as we have returned from this trip, we will be moving
to our own home once again. As you know, we have been renting the Rees's house since we returned. It has been too small and very much inconvenient, so we shall be very happy to have our own property once again. Our postal address will of course stay the same.

One of the projects planned after our move is that we hope to be able to start a Sunday School in our home for the children of the area. It is a newer area with many young families and many chil dren, but there is no church of any kind .nearby. We have been helping with the Chinese work at the particular hour we shall have to use, but we feel that they can care for that quite well, and that this is far too great an opportunity to miss. Do pray for us in this venture.
Tomorrow will be the first meeting of a new term of classes
for the adult natives. This one iS an Extv... .:d.-o cc ' i-'-ld

three hours each Saturaay Afternoon, We shall

studying Shi

"The Church of the New Testament" and wiil aliu/; one toward a school certificate for the course. Wti have no iu^d

many students we shall have at all, but we do pray for a



obert S





is dedicated to the task

of bringing



of the

Gospel into a

world filled with the darkness of division and

misunderstanding. Its plea is for a return to the teaching of the New Testament as the only

basis for religious unity. The "Gospel Light" is not self supporting. Its continuation and expansion depends on the free will offerings of interested people. All African subscript ions are complimentary. Subscriptions in Amer
ica are sent to all contributors to the work.

"Studv to show thvsclf

approved unto^'dod."



FEB 20 1953

yi'Timotby 2:15
No. 6 1959


If you find the sermons and doctrines read in the "Gospel Light" a blessing and wish to
attend a


vAich teaches this same mes

of the nearest

We are often asked this question by those who have not yet
into contact with th- church in its New Testament fo^m



write to us for our free directory ser

T should like

vice. We will send the address

The space below in each coming issue,

will contain what we

such church to your home.


consider to be the most outstanding Let ter to the Editor we have received since

"Daily Bible Reading Guide" "Daagliks Bybel Leesgids"

"The Church in the Bible"

to quote in part fro.i a recent artical in a leading: Am-rican News Paper- " rWO MILLION viiaiBERS - About 8,000 congregatio,; with almost :wo million members are aligned with it, It ranks st^.venth in numbers among Protestant groups in the United States, br^hi the Baptist,
Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Episcopaliari> , and the new United Church of Christ. Thomas Campbell, Presbyterian pastor,
started one of the main streams of the movement on the western

the last publication.

The writer a of free all

"Die Gemeente in die Bybel" "Facts Concerning the Church"

"Ifaarom is Christene so Verdeeld"

letters printed


line from

Drop us a
time to

time and tell us your

Lord. Limit



As a get acquainted offer to new readers, we are now offering one copy of our "New Tes tament.Doctrines" lesson workbook free to ev

Pennsylvania frontier in the early 1800s as a protest against sec tarianism, Alexander, his son, nurtured it through early yearswith his writing, editing and oratory., No creed but Christ, was the rallying call. They deplored denominational articles of belief as

setting one Christian against another." (Huell Warren .Tr., AP)

In reality the Church of Christ is not a Protestant group but rather a Restoration of the primitive church found in the New Test ament, Thomas and Alexander Campbell were not by any means the only leaders in this quest for the true church of the New Testament= There
were other leaders from other denominations who were at the snme time

words, please! "I write this letter of mine

ery reader who will return this copy of the "Gospel Light" to us along with the address of
two friends who would like to receive the GOS

to say a word of thanking you > as you are not missing any cha nce of sparing me one free Gtod-' ." pel Light. May uur Saviour who lives above us all bless you in all your, daily lives, to continue to help me and every one who is willing to spare only a minute

PEL LIGHT regularly. This offer is limited to one copy per person, and may have to be with drawn if our present supply of books is exha

engaged in a similar search. Their common goal soon brought them gether into one movement known as the Restoration Movement This

to mo

If you are not on the mailing list of the "Gospel Light" and are interested in New Test
ament Christianity, complimentary

vement has become well known in America and is now spreading to other

ions may be obtained

in Africa

by writing to

to glance atnthis chance."


the Church of Christ Mission, P.O. Box Kimberley, Cape, Union of South Africa.

parts of the world. Our goal is not to establish a new church, but to bring all Christians back to the original church established by the Lord on the day of Pentecost, A.D 30, We believe all the essentials
of the true church are revealed in God's Word. The chart on the in

side pages of this copy of the Gospel Light presents the basic posit
3201 copies of No. 5 circulated. ion of the church with the corresponding Scriptures, (Arts 17:11)




Matthew 16:10



Acts 2:1



Acts 2:5

Ephesians 1:22-23 Ephesians 4:11

I Timothy 3:1-7 I Timothy 3:8-12 Baptized believers
Worship Acts Acts Acts Acts 6:1 9:13 6:3 11:26

(No allowance is made for an earthly ecclesiasticism )



Elders Deacons

Mark 16:16

Acts 2:41

Acts 4:4

Acts 5:14



Acts 6:3-5

Acts 2:42

Unity -

Acts 4:32

Ephesians 4:3-6


Brethren Christians


Church of God


Church of First Born

Body of Christ
Church of Christ

I Corinthians 1:2 Hebrews 12:23 I Corinthians 12:27 Romans 16:16 Acts 2:22 Acts 8:5



John 20:30,31 CONFESSED Acts 8:12

Matthew 16:16
John 1:49

II Tim.


Acts 4:12

I Timothy 6:12




Galatians 6:16

Philippians 3:16

II Timothy 3:16

Importance of
When to be observed elf-examination

Revelation 1; 10 Matthew 26:26-28 John 6:48-58

Acts 20:7



I Corinthians 16:2 Acts 20:7 Mark 4:22-24 Luke 22:19,20 I Corinthians I Corinthians 10:16 I Corinthians 10:16

I Corinthians 11:27-30


I Corinthians 10:16
Acts 18:8

..'esults of partaking unworthily.

I Corinthians 11:27,29,30'
Mark 16:16 Acts 2:38-41

Proper Subject
LORD'S BAPriSl How Performed

A penitent believer.
Matthew 3:16
Mark 16:16 John 3:5

Acts 8:12-37

Acts 2:30,39

John 3:5

Romans 6:4

Colossians 2;l2


Acts 2:38

Acts 22:16

I Peter 3:21



The Church of Christ Postal Mission


'Studv to show thyself

approved untqt/od.' ^iTimothy 2:J5


Robert S. Mills

Phyllis J. Mills Forwarding Agtnt & S*er*tary

Mobel S. Mills 309 E. Doniel St.

Champaign, Illinois

The Gospal Light" Tracts

"New Tastamsnt Oectrinvs'

"Daily BibU Rwdino Gold#'

Oiordi Rferne Svie


January 1, 1959
South Africa Ghana S. Rhodesia


N. Rhodesia

253 235 119

Kenya Uganda
Bechuanaland S.W. Africa

35 23


Sierra Leone Sudan Samaliland

5 3
1 1 1



(Since furlow ending in 1958)


Est. readers per copy

Total est. readers.

3241 5

Lesson booklets dist.

free. = 74

Leson certificates given (January)

= 33


Total referred to nearest church

or loyal missionary at own req

uest. = 90

Sides of printed matter since

August, =


A light among Africa's darkest millions



(From return to field (April) to December 31,1958)

Carried or forwarded from the USA' From the sale of lesson booklets

Refund on duty paid on entry.


1072-10- 1 34- 6- 7 4-19-11 10-0

( ( ( 96.00) 14.00) 1.50)
556- 0- 0 150- 0- 0 124- 13- 0 113- 4- 2 77- 3- 8 61- 14- 9 4- 16- 0

Office and printing equipment

Loan toward missionaries home(Oct. 30th)

( ( ( ( 420.00) 349.00) 316.50) 216.00)

Duty and fees on entry to country.

Office Expences Postage

Travel costs

Bookeeping error while traveling

1112-06-07 1087-11-07
ON m m jaNTTaRY i s t iqrp

(' (

172.80) 13.20)


1087 -11.-07


3044.30 $ 69.20 24-15-0...

The pound figures above are taken directly from the books. The dollar figures are

approximate equivalents based on the exchange rate of $2.80 to the pound. In re

ality this exchange rate varies from day to day.

Our Living Link funds are entered in the books of our forwarding agent in Champaign
and are not included in these figures.

The Church of Christ Postal Mission


"Study CO showthyself approved unto'Uod.*

FEB 1 7iriRn

^Illin^y 2:15


Robert 5. Mills

Phyllis J. Mills
Forwording Agent & Scrtary
Mabel S. Mills 309 E. Daniel St.

Chompoisn, Illinois

The Gospel Lisht" Tfoets

'New Testament Doctrines'

'Daily Bible Reoding Guide*

Chur^ Reference Service


Light"s were circulated. CAn estimated 5 readers each.) 6cJ,687 impressions were printed here in the office on the Multilith,

The monthly circulation of the "Gospel Light" increased nearly 1300.


4453 "Gospel Light"s were prepared for early January mailing,

ihe circulation of the Gospel Light jumped almost 6001

3 (-ertlficates were granted for completed books, CTen wait checking)

18 'New Testament Doctrines" workbooks were distributed free

JO enquirers were sent the address of the nearest church to their home

PRAY WITH US THAT OUR MONTHLY INCOME HAY KEEP PACE WITH T^lIS INCREASE. (See our financial report for 1959 on the back of this sheet,)



On hand at the start of the year.

Forwarded from the USA

24-15- 0
462-1T-- 1


1296,00) 50,00) 66,50) 106,40) 70,00) 6,00) 4,50)
l92 6-- 6 65-.)B-- 9 6- 18 0 63(- lO 58^ 0 - 4 40- 7 - 9 19 3 . 5 .17-14- 9 14- 2^ 11-107 .i3 5-17b-103-IB 3 02 lO l4 10

Designated offering for White Church,

Paid on loan of 150 to Missionaries

17-14- 9
38- 025- 02- 2n-l2V 0 0 11 0"

Travel from African Account for Mefeting, 23- 6- 8 Sale of GeSTemer TNo longer used) Insuranrt^ refun^o
SaIe of Books .

Postage on "Gospel Light" & letters,

Garlirk s CMosfly printing paper) El lam's fprinring paper) Friend Pub. Co= (Pvinting plates)

r$338,50) f 184,60) ( 19.40)


i 7t^ ,68)


Srarloners (Office supplies)

Nor?hei"n Cape Princers

Transferred to Whi^e Church

Addressog^'aph Mt. i >. igraph (Supplies)

Typeiv!'' "e' p d v-^n Insurance on Equipment Camp '-ofs for use ar Conference Time

Designated Christmas gifts to Missionaries, Handel House rTypei\n"iter repairs and carbon ribbons)
Brinsh Bible Socir^ y fBibies)
Posi OffK Bo\ "'^cfHcal


Priniing Supplies

Check book Fees

163,55) r i13.00) f 53.65) f 60,00) 4 \ 39.50) ( 0 32.25) r 21.50) H 0 c 16/45) r iH,25) 0 f 6 1 t ,00) ( 8 .40) 0 7.-00) f 0 2.00) 5, f f 9 i .50)
( 0




_ 59^8^
520- 6 0

75- 2- 5


The pound figure above are taken directly from the books. The dollar figuees are
this ex-change rate varies from day to day.

approximate equivalents based on the exchange rate of $280 to the pound. In reality
and are not included in these figures.

Our living link funds are entered in the books of our forwarding agent in Champaign

Remember to prai' for us that income may keep pace with costs. The past several months the cost of preparing and posting the "Gospel Light" has passed our income, it is only rhe fa^-t rhat we sold the unused Gestetner and the income from the repayment of
150 more had we printed enough copies for the entire list

rhe ''Gospel Light" increased in circulation by 459 copies and would have been about

rhe loan f^om rhe Missionaries that has kept us out of the red. The January issue of

The Church of Christ Postal Mission

I show tlwself ...J unioCod.'

February 1959
Dear Christian Friends,

\llTltno)&iy 2:15


Robert S. Mills

Phyllis J. Mills
Forwarding Agmt & Soerotoiy
Mobel S. Mills 309 E. Daniel St.

1959 is already off to a busy start. Four sessions of the Saturday afternoon class have already been held in the local Native
church. There are elevn of the best the church has to offer enrolled in the clasjs both of men and women. Most of them are English speaking

Champaign, Illinois

though two really prefer to use the Chuana language. As we have a^eady

The Gospel Light" Troets

"Now Testament Doctrines*

"Doily Bible Reading Guide" ar^ doing exceptionally well.

Church Reference Service

we are using .the book by that name written by Mr C.J.. Sharp. It is really one of the most advanced classes I have taught here and they
I h&ve not really been formally studying Afrikaans since we returned fr.B furlough, but as a new class has just begun at the Technical College here, I have enrolled once again. I attended the first class session last night. I am not too apt with languages so would you please pray for me in this effort? We do need the language now more than ever since the European work has been started here in
Brothers Randall and John Kernan were here with us for the last

two weeks of January and we went out each evening to attend special
services in the Native churches of the area, I did all the driving in our car because they came up from Capetown by plane. In all, I covered

just on 700 miles of terrible country roads as we visited six churches. We each preached at each place and then returned to Kimberley late at night. For me the trip to Opington was the most interesting since we
flew there and back^-XoJiave gona-by automobile would-haveJieentoo -

difficult, but by air it was only about two hours each way. Our dep arture was delayed about two hours because of stormy weather, but we areived at Upington to find it very hot and clear, it was only when we came again near Kimberley that we entered rain again. In that rain, I saw my first completely circular rainbow!
Our visitors left us at 6:00 am on the morning of the 30th and

by 6:30 I brought the first car load of things to our house. That was moving day for the Mills*. Both Friday and Saturday were long hectic days as we hauled two truck loads of furnishings and mission materials as well as making many trips by auto. We are now completely shifted
from the house we rented from the Rees's for nearly a year to our own home once again. The heavy rush of the past week made me easy prey for a form of stomach flu however and I spent several mizerable days as a result. Some of the children were also ill in the sanfiTway.

We are now getting back to our usual schedule onee again even though the Gospel Light and News Letter . late this month
and I dpn't know when I will get all my accumulei^ad correspondence answered! May God bless you all, and do remember to pray for us, especially for my own study of Afrikaans and for the class for the
Native brethern.

Yours in Christ.Jesus,

Robert S.4jills





is dedicated to the task

of bringing



of the

Gospel into a

world filled with the darkness of division and

misunderstanding. Its plea is for a return to the teaching of the New Testament as the only

"Study to show thvself

basis for religious unity. The "Gospel Light" is not self supporting. Its continuation and expansion depends on the free will offerings
of interested people. All African subscript ions are complimentary. Subscriptions in Amer
ica are sent to all contributors to the work.

Romans 16:16


approved uniq'dod.' \llTimotKy 2:15




If you find the sermons and doctrines read in the "Gospel Light" a blessing and wish to
attend a



which teaches this same mes

g* The space below ^ in each coming issue,


sage, write to us for our free directory ser vice. We will send the address of the nearest such church to your home.

We have so often been asked cjuestions like the above that we have decided lo compile a chart similar to the one of our last issue, showing where the various denominations came from and when they came into being. It is of course impossible to
be able to include in so simple a chart all the various denom


contain what we

consider to be the most outstanding Let-

a ^ ^

ter to the Editor we have received since the last publication.

The writer of all

"Daily Bible Reading Guide" "Daagliks Bybel Leesgids"

"The Church in the Bible"


but many of the major divisions

can be .shown and a

"Die Gemeente in die Bybel"

near date, if not the exact date, for their beginnmrj. Some of the denominations had rather vague, gradual beginnJmjs.
In each case, we have tried to show carefully the denom

"Facts Concerning the Church"

"Waarom is Christene so Verdeeld"

letters printed
a receive



ination from which each new group came.

As you will noti<;e at


Drop us a

a glance

they are nearly all traceable in some line, directly

> o'

time and tell us your experiences for the

Lord. Limit to 75

As a get acquainted offer to new readers, we are now offering one copy of our "New Tes
tament. Doctrines" lesson workbook free to ev ery reader who will return this copy of the

back to the Roman Catholic church, thus justifying to a degree her claim to be the mother of all churches. We believe . that this claim in scriptural. See Revelation, chapter seventeen.

words, please!

"Gospel Light" to us along with the address of

two friends who would like to receive the GOS

We do not

however, agree with the Roman Catholic


"I have carefully read the Gospel Light arid agree with its teachings. I wish to be baptized, and would be pleased if you would do such arrange
ments for me." J.R.M.
Eva ton

PEL LIGHT regularly. This offer is limited to one copy per person, and may have to be with drawn if our present supply of books is exha

that she is either the first, or the only church.

shows that she was preceeded by the Old Catholic church which was itself, a development from the Otie true church of the Neiv
Testament. We believe that this New To-stament church which was

If you are not on the mailing list

of the

Editor: We have been happy to be of help; perhaps v.v con

"Gospel Light" and are interested in New Test ament Christianity, complimentary subscript ions may be obtained in Africa by writing to the Church of Christ Mission, P.O. Box 503, Kimberley, Cape, Union of South Africa.

established on the first day of Pentecost afier the ascension of Christy fulfills the prophecy made by in Matthew 16:18. This event is recorded in Acts chapter two. The remainder of the book of Acts is an account of the growth of this neiv ^^hurch which has continued to the present time. The firs^. major
break from the faith came with the estaPLishment of tht^ Roman

also help you V


Catholic church which has fostered many further divisions. Oi-r


plea is for y return to the s':'r.\ptural name, and the .simpie teachings of the New Testament church revealed in God's Word




"I will build my churcii" (Mattli'eiv 16:18)

CHRIST : Pentecost A.D. 30. Jerusalem

'And the Lord added to the church'* (Acts 2:47)



REFORMATION ^iOVE^ENT "Not everyone"; that saith

unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kinrjdom of heaven; but he which doeth the will of my ["ather which is in heaven. Many will say to mc in that day, Lord , Lord, have we not prophe

(The "Mother" of all protestant churches)


Revelation 17












sied in thy name and in thy name have cast out devils V and in thy name



1080-1900 HOLINESS.

done many wonderful works ?

And then I will profess unto them, 1 never knew you





1816 1650



work iniquity."
iilatthew 7:21-23



"Straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which

leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it."
niatthew 7:1^]

(The BAPTIST movement began about 1644)

I 1830 - U'r.l'ER DAY SAINTS


(There are ai'iny j^the: churches representing either branches of these main
iiroupF^ or of indf?p ndent origin not tra<'eable to Pentecost A.D. 30.)

in\ ~





P.O. Box 503


March, 1959
Dear Christian Friends;

We were late this month because we were not able to get

paper from our usual source to do our printing. After waiting several days for it to arrive, I finally had to go to another place where they sell a more expensive, but cheaper quality type.
South Africa has just announced a raise in postage rates

and I am very concerned as to how this is going to effect our

budget. I do hope there will not be too much a raise in the cost of
posting printed matter as the postage account already seems to be very high to me, though it is cheaper than America, Each month sees
more names added to our mailing lists.

It seems that the shaking up of 700 miles country driving last month was just too much for our car. The muffler gave way even before we had completed the first days driving, but now the car is in the garage for rather extensive repairs. Apparently a clip was left off the selector pin of the gear box when the car was manufact ured as it was completely missing from a sealed unit. As a result,

the pin finally joggled out of place and sheared off leaving me with no second gear at all. There was no replacement part to be found in
Kimberley at all and a phone call had to be placed to the South African factory and a part will be flown here from there. All this
will leave us with no car for several days. The clutch has been a

wory to me for some time as well so while they have it all apart, I am having a new clutch plate installed. The clutch trouble has been irritated by the extreemly heavy loads we have to carry on days of
the Chinese services. There are often more than a dozen expecting a ride home after those services. If we could afford it at all, I

would consider getting a Volkswagen Combi just for church and mission iving of that sort, but it is out of the question now. Plans are coming along very well for the evangelistic meeting in the European church building. Our posters have been printed and I am enclosing a copy in this letter for you. We are all praying that
we shall be able to reach a number of homes and people for the Lord.

At times I get very discouraged over this side of the work, A good
South African born friend of ours tells us that part of the reason
that work is so slow is that we work with Natives, The Afrikaans people

in particular, do not want to share evangelists with a Native work it seems and have a special name for people who work with the Native, They also say that the fact we have Chinese services in |fhe same building is
a hindrance, as the Chinese are considered to be Coloured by most South Africans, It is all very discouraging, and we do pray for the right answer, I believe we must in time, have an European (white) South African born evangelist who speaks both languages fluently. I do pray that God will provide. In the meantime, P am continuing my own study of the Afrikaans language. Do pray for me.
The time of the Native conference will soon be here, and as I

an their treasure, and conference is the deadline for this years finds, I have more to do each day. Conference will really be held at a small town forty miles from here, but it is planned that the Missionary fam ilies will stay in Kimberley, The Randall family will be staying with us while the Nicholsons and Kernans will be staying with the Rees's, Their house is considerably larger than our own, though not quite so convenient as it is five miles out in the country. Yours J41 Christ's Service,

The Church of Christ Postal Mission

P.O. BOX 503 . K,RLEV,C*PE . SO^H
"Study'to show (hvself

approved unto'tjod.*

^iTimothy 2:15

V-0ear Christian Friends,



this month which should be near the D.VB,S season, we have enclosed

We have often been asked for stories for DVBible Schools so

''"rsi^td*rJ'^wo such stories which are ba sed on actual happenings here in the

MobeiiMiiip^ion of South Africa Our poster this month has a picture of the SatS^ompD^^'luarkiay class which has just been completed. We were very proud of this
sERvtcEs-Class as they did just such a very high standard of work and had a
givcu their awards in the Kimberley church ^ month in the office since the Gospel
Of the twelve who first enrolled, nine ..u..^r,u

very record of attendance. TheGopel Light" Trorfs_ aood . .. . .

DoilyBibuReodingGuidBDoily BIbIa Raading

Church ReferencfLSflrvico

^lew Tesloment Do

LigJTt for both March and April had to be completed during the early part of the month oweing to the lack of paper last month and the com ing conference this months We especially wanted to get it in the mail
will mean an increase on well over half of our mailing list! It will

before the first of April because the postage .jumps bv 509^ on all the papers that go out of the Africa Postal Union atter that date. This
also add work as we shall now have to separate the two sections which used to cost the same postage. In all, I have printed 29,333 sides of

materials on the Multi-Lith machine. This is a lot of sheets to hand

feed! In addition nearly 8,000 of these had to be folded and put into envelopes as well before they could be mailed. We have finished that part now though and only wait for the post office to open in the morning
and we shall take them all down and turn them over to others to finish the

The Nicholson family have arrived safely in Kimberley and our evangelistic meeting at the white church is well under way. In fact it will be completed this week. Thus far, we have been very disappointed in the attendance as the highest has been thirty of which eighteen are mission families. Some of our promising contacts have let us completely down at this time especially. One young couple have a new baby and have just bought a house. They spend every free moment working on it aj)parently and will not even take time out for church. Others have gone away for the long Easter week-end. We have worked very hard publicising this
meeting with newspaper announcements, a giant banner and almost one thousand hand bills so we are naturally a little discouraged^ I am cer

tain though that the Lord has already richly blessed us personally in it
The African conference will soon be starting at Warrenton and we

have already been there to check on final plans and to make arrangements
for the food. This is no little matter as anywhere up to 200 people must

be fed for five days. An Ox has been bought along with four sheep for the meat supply. Six dozen loaves of bread will be sent from Kimberley each day and we are taking a "mountainous" pile of other groceries as well from
here. Since I am the treasurer ail the accounts will be sent to me.. I am

only thankful that I don't personally have to pay them I am also busily working on my own reports of their fwBte, and my message for the preaching service. The Randalls have arrived j^ow here and willpart of thera^at least, be staying with us for the~coming week.
May God bless you all in His service. Do pray for His work in this country.

Yo^^^in Christ"s Service,

Robert 's'. Mills

The Church of Christ Postal Mission

p. 0. BOX 503



fttuily 10 show thvscif

^pmved unco'wod. llTimothy Z:15

MIttlonerU*. Robort S. Mill*

Phyllis J. Mills Forwarding AgMit & S*crtary

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School is for our children much different than school in America. There

are no public schools as we are accustomed to, but rather, South Africa has a highly subsidised system of semi-private schools which charge, fort unately. a very nominal tuition. There are also several types of schools. We being English speaking in the home, must send our children to an English medium school. There are also special schools for the Afrikaans speaking children and a few which are dual medium. Very few take both boys and girls in the same buildings, so, since there is no girl's school near our home, I must drive the children to classes each morning by 7:45 and return for them when their day ends at noon. Next year Kathy will return in the afternoon
for her sports classes= We have many schools here in Kimberley, There are White, Coloured, and

Native schools-. Among the European (white) there are English, and Afrikaans; Boy's and Girl's;protestant and catholic; as well as upper and lower levels and a Technical Trades School. This all adds up to many smaller schools. Even the Native schools are divided as to tribal languages 'and nearly all the Native church buildings are used as class rooms.Our local building is used for a Chuana speaking class. (Please post on the church bulletin board before filing for future use)

The Church of Christ Postal Mission


'Stu^v to show t^self approved unto^^od." \ll Timothy 2:15



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One of the new features of the Church of Christ Postal Mission Is

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The pages of this little paper have already resulted in the opening of a new mission work In Kigeria to which Brother and Sister Goldsberry were first invited by its readers. It has also played an Important part
In the conversion of a former denominational minister who has since converted

and baptized his former congregation located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Lord truly is able and does work wonders through the printed page'.

It is our goal to Increase the monthly circulation of the "Gospel

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"Studv to show ilwself

approved unio'Uod." . m Timothy 2:15 No. 8

Romans 16:16





There are many people who seem to know that it is necessary that we should have the promise of salvation, but they do not seem to know that there is still more expected of the Christian even after he has been born again. They seem to know that faith IS a necessity, and that because of our faith in Christ, we must repent of our sins, confessing Christ as Lord and being born again in the waters of baptism. John 3:7 "Ye must be born again." This, however, is only the beginning. We are starting a new lif^. Christianity is more than fiaithC It is also a way
of life. We must live for the Lord Jesus every day of the rema inder of our life, if we would be certain of eternal' life with
Him in heaven. ^

Even as our faith in Christ is built, onder the steps of sal

vation, even so on this faith that Jesus is the Chr-ist are | to be built the characteristics of this new life in Him.One of the

most complete descriptions tp be found anywhere, is found in Peter 1:1-10. This scripture should be read in its fullness.

One translation of the New Testament uses, rather than


"virtue" of the King James Version, the word "praise"

both a better translation and much clearer. I

which is

shall be

this version through /since the meaning,is much clearer than the
common translation. If we believe that Jesus is the Christ

Son of God, there is no question remaining. We shall also then praise Him. We must praise Him for His greatness, for His part i
in the creation, and for His part in the salvation of ours soul

We must not give this praise only in the church on the Lord's




Day, but every day of our lives in our homes, at our meals;


our work. We must so live that our very life indicates to oth ers that we believe that Jesus is the Christ and the Son of God

Above all other things, we must praise God for the unmeasurable

gift of His Son Jesus Christ who di|!|^n the cross of calvary to
save our souls, and who arose from tne grave to show us the li fe iiereafter. We aust, because of our faifcli i3 Christ, praise
Him in all things.

If we believe


Jesus is the


and that the New

Testament is His message to us,

Then we must study it We must

seek to know His will that we should be able to tell others wh-

Christ would have them know. The world is already too filled by

mistaken, but zealous advocates of what they believe to be the will of God. We must study, as we are exhorted to do. in second

Timothy 2:15 and others. You may

then have

we must share this knowledge with aid in this study through our ownNew
There is no charge whatever, we

Testament Doctrines Workbook.

only ask that you send to us two or more addresses of friends of. yours that we may send them also copies of the Gospel Li ght. Those who would live for Christ, must have knowledge ofHis
will and word.


drunkards. Alcoijili. is harmful to us. We should abstain entirely

from its use, bui there are many things, that are both good for

This means simply that we must control ourselves in all things. It goes much farther than meaning that we should not be

us and necessary, but they should be taken in moderation.

for instance the food we eat. We must eat, but we


should also

not be a gluttonr We need recreation, but we should not play all the time, it is also necess,ary to work. We need sleep, but we must not be lazy. God wants His people to be able to control
themselves in all things.

To persevere

is to be steadfast in God's Service. God





no place irr^is kingdom for those who start to serve Him and then go back into the old sinful ways of the world. He des
cribes them in His Word as being like a pig that has been cleaned up and then which returns to the wallow to become as filthy as ever. The Scripture says that those who once startto serve the Lord and then return to the old way are worse off Chan had they aoier jmown the Lord Jesus. He Bust determipe
when we become "Christians that we very end in His swi

shall be faithful to


We must try to live as nearly like Christ has asked as we can. To do so is to be Godlyc It will be hard, there will be times when we despair of ever being able to do things as He would have us, but we must always strive to that end of being as like Christ as possible in all things we dOc

In Romans 12^10, we read that we are-to prefer one another

To prefer one another is simply to take your business


Christian merchant rather than a heathen when it is possible ,

to choee as your friends people who are Christians; to marry a Christian, and so forth In-all things seek those who are Chr istian first before turning to the world,

Above all else, we are to love one another and those ab out us who are still in the old ways of the world. Christ even exhorted us that we should love our enemies, to return good for evil He did not just say that we should love our enemies but he showed us this great love when He died for sinners on the cross of Calvary. He died, not only for those who cried on that terrible day, "Crucify Him!", but also even for we who
live today.

Do these things and ye shall not stumble?"for thus shall be richly supplied unto you the entrance into the eternal king
dom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ," II Peter 1:10,





is dedicated to the task

of bringing



of the

Gospel into a

world filled with the darkness, of division and


Its plea is for a return to the teaching of the New Testament as the only basis for religious unity. The "Gospel Light" is not self supporting. Its continuation and expansion depends on the free will offerings of interested people. All. African subscript ions are complimentary. Subscriptions in Amer
ica are sent to all contributors to the work,

If you find the sermons and doctrines read in the "Gospel Light" a blessing and wish to
attend a church t^ich teaches this same mes of the nearest



write to us for our free directory ser

vice. We will send the address

^ ^ S
Pf g n ^
o n

The space below such church to your home. in each coming issue, FREE TRACTS ON SEt^JEST will contain what we
consider to be the

most outstanding Letter to the Editor we have received since the last publication.
writer of all

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time and tell us your

> experiences for !? Lord. Limit to o words, please!

the 75

As a get acquainted offer to new readers., we are now offering one copy of our "New Tes tament. Doctrines'* lesson workbook free to ev ery reader who will return this copy of the "Gospel Light" to us along with the address of
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"I heartily congratulate


for the glorious


and propa

gation of evengelisation.


PEL LIGHT regularly. This offer is limited to one copy per person, and may have to be with drawn if our present supply of books is exha

examined the last issue on "faith"

I could see that my faith in Christ has been reaffirmed through His word and His teaching. I have

been telling
now. "


about faith

If you are not on the mailing list of the "Gospel Light" and are interested in New Test ament Christianity, complimentary subscript ions may be obtained in Africa by writing to
the Church of Christ Mission, P.O. Box Kimberley, Cape, Union of South Africa. 503,

in Christ and I am able to do more



"Study 10 show thyself
approved unio'Cod."
Romans 16:16

No, 9

\!i "Timothy 2:15



Acts 2:42

We are not left wondering just what or how worship was con ducted in the beginning of the church. It is clearly described in the New Testament book of History. Acts 2;42 reads," and they continued steadfastly in the apostle's doctrine and

fellowship, and breaking of bread, and in prayers." This is a description of worship as it was conducted from the very beginning of the church. There were no complex ceremonies what
were hard to understand. It was all simple and easily under

stood, each part had a purpose in which all could participate . We want to consider the first of these parts of worship in this
issue of the Gospel Light.

The teaching of the apostle's doctrine, which was

before His church was established, He made


given to them of the Lord, was a direct command of Christ. Even

provision for this

part of His work in the great commission, "Go ye therefore and TEACK all nations, baptizing them, " Matthew 28:19 = We do not normally speak of teaching and preaching as being ordinan ces of Christ, but an ordinance is a direct command . The Scriptures are certainly specific in that Christ commandedthat
we teach all nations. We must teach because we are commanded to

do so.

We must teach at any time

we have the opportunity


to any person who will listen.Teaching and preaching is notleft

to a minister alone. We are all to be teachers of the Gospel. We see that when the church in Jerusalem was persecuted and the




people were scattered in all directions, they all went out prea ching the Gospel. It was not the ministers alone, but all who
believed in Christ, The result was that there were many churches
established all over Palestine. Acts 8 4 We also must all of

us teach the Gospel to others The Christians were steadfast in the teaching of the apost les doctrines They continued without change We must all learn to be steadfast, never wavering in the worship of Christ and in His service We must, without fail, be found in the Lord's house on the Lord's Day that we might hear His message for us and be

strengthened by it The New Testament is His message to us today This message which they heard was the Apostle's doctrine. It had been given to the inspired apostles by the Lord that they might teach and write it down We have it today in the form of the New Testament. Just the hearing of God s Word is not enough They learned the teachings of Christ though the apostles The Old Testament books of the Bible, thouth they are of great importance, do not tell us the teachings of Christ They do not tell us how to be saved from our sins and for eternity They do not tell us how to live a Christian life These things can only be learned from the apostle's doctrines, the New Testament; even
in the New Testament, we must know what to read. We must all of

us learn how to read God's Word', The simple chart below will of help to us in our study,


The Old Testament.

(Old Covenant)

1. The Books of Law. (For God s chosen people ) 2. The Books of History, (Of God s chosen people )
3. The Books of Devotion.

Books of Prophets

(Preparation for the Messiah)

The New Testament (New Covenant) 1 Life of Christ (Matthew to John)


History of the Church

Letters (Romans

to Jude)

Book of Prophecy





Since we live under the New Co-



we are especially int- QUESTION; May I know please if

in the New Testament, it is possible to correspond ,




apostle's for the ministry ?

ANSWER: I regret that we do not offer advanced study by correspondence We feel that training for the ministry is
that it is a

doctrine. We should learn to read by the book and not by the verse as so many of us have been taught that we should
read the Bible. If we

would of such a nature

learn of


we must read necessity

that the student be

the Gospels,

but if we

would present


his teacher


know what to do to be

saved or the classroom.

of the church which Jesus built This training is not difwe must read from Acts If we ficult to arrange howeverfor are already members of HIS ch- the sincere student. In most
urch and want to know how to cases we can mention a missi-

live a Christian life, then we onary who can make the arrangmust read the letters These ements for such training ifyou letters and the book ofActs are are genuinely interestedoThere

primarily theApostle's doctrine They should make up the bulk of the preaching in the church and should be illustrated from
the Old Testament,

are training schools in the , Union of South Africa.Southern Rhodesia, and in Nigeria, and possibly in Nyasaland and Nor===


life thern Rhodesia.

literature. To do other than

this is not to teach the apost- QUESTION: Will you please send
le's doctrine. me a Bible ?

Set aside a


for your Answer;

We do NOT

make it

reading Study the Scripture in prayer asking God to ftelp you to understand His Word Even if you do not have a church nearon
the Lord's Day, at least

practice to distribute copies of the Scriptures themselves , They are available in every part of Africa quite cheaply,

study The cost alone would make it a

the Apostle's doctrine at your prohibitive thing as we home with your family and frie- eive MANY such requests.
nds.. God will bless you for it, do not have a bookstore.






is dedicated to the task

of bringing



of the

Gospel into a

world filled with the darkness, of division and

misunderstanding. Its plea is for a return to the teaching of the New Testament as the only

basis for religious unity.

The "Gospel Light"

is no-t self supporting. Its continuation and expansion depends on the free will offerings of interested people. All African subscript ions are complimentary. Subscriptions in Amer ica are ieot to all contributors to the work.

If you find the sermons and doctrines read in the "Gospel Light" a blessing and wish to
attend a church which teaches this same mes of the nearest


^ S


write to us for our free directory ser

vice. We will send the address

The space below in each coming issue, will contain what we

consider to be the

such church to your home.


^ s' n ^

most outstanding Let ter to the Editor we have received since the last publication.
writer of all

"Daily Bible Reading Guide" "Daagliks Bybel Leesgids"

"The Church in the Bible"


"Die Gemeente in die Bybel" "Facts Concerning the Church"

"Waarom is Christene so Verdeeld"

letters printed will receive a free New

line from

Drop us a
time to

y* time and tell us your > experiences for the

Lord. Limit to 75

As a get acquainted offer to new readers, we are now offering one copy of our "New Tes
tament. Doctrines" lesson workbook free to ev

words, pleasel

ery reader who will return this copy of the "Gospel Light" to us along with the address of
two friends who would like to receive the GOS

PEL LIGffl regularly.

This offer is limited to

"Many thanks for the wond one copy per person, and may have to be with if our present supply of books is exha erful book sending to me. Kindly drawn usted.
return same as I never went into If you are not on the mailing list of the "Gospel Light" and are interested in New Test ament Christianity, complimentary subscript ions may be obtained in Africa by writing to
the Church of Christ Mission, P.O. Box 503,

the Scriptures as I did whilestudy

the New Testament Doctrines.I went

to bed at 11: p.m. every night I was busy studying the book. M.J.B. - Eppingtuin


Kimberley, Cape, Union of South Africa.

The Church of Christ Postal Mission


'Study to showthyself

approved untqlSod.'

ylTimothy 2:15


Rebrt S. Milic

PKyllia J. Mills Forwarding Ag*nt & S*ertary

Mabel S, Mills
309 E. Daniel St.

Choinpaign, Illinois

"The Gospel Light* Trocts 'New Testament Doetrine** "Doily Bible Reodino Guide'
Church Reference Service


Our missionary
lesson packet is
available free on

request by writing directly to our

KIMBERLY address. ( Use air-mail and
allow at least two

months mail time.)


Pictured above are eight of the nine students who were horwured at

a brief graduation service following the regular afternoon church ser vice," Sunday , March 15th.Brother Mills preached for this service which
was attended by about a hundred African people.

This was the graduation of our ten-week

Church of the New Testament".

Saturday afternoon class,

which was just closed on the l4th= The subject of the course was
Each certificate received was for


credit-hour which can be applied toward a certificate from the South Africa Preacher Training School operated by brother Stanley, who is at the present time on furlough in America.


Please post this on you church bulletin board before filing for
future reference.

D.V.B.5. - A Story From South Africa


By-Phyllis Mills

"Hurry! Johannes, Hurry!" I^ita called to her brother, "and putthis clean shirt
on, or we will be late for the Christmas party." Rita had already slipped into her
next-to-best dress. It was a blue one with little pink flowers. There were no ruffles

or any lace, or anything to make it a special dress, but there were no patches or tears
either. It was faded and too short, her large black bloomers, peeking around then hem, but it was her next-to-best dress. Her mothei? had washed it that very morning and taking

the big heavy iron off the stove ha(J carefully ironed it after it had dried in the early morning sun, A pretty pink ribbon was tied to her short,black, curley hair. She had
scrubbed her fafce till it now shown like polished mahogany. So now Rita stood in the

doorway of her mud brick and tin house and impatiently rubbed her big toe in the dirt, drawing little pictures while waiting for her brother to change,
break completely off. There were big cracks in the wooden floor and no cieling in the building. When the sun shone on the tin roof, it would be as hot as an oven, but they

falling to pieces. Sometimes if one^eaned back too hard on the pews, tlie back would

did not mind that They liked to c^pe to hear the stories the missionary told thfm. He
was the cross of Christ^ Rita woul^ listen very closely as she wanted to know how she
laid in a straw filled bed in a stable; how the angels had told the shepherds of the Saviour's birth. Rita had sat there wide eyed with delight. She could almost see the

used a board and put pictures on if. Lately.he had been showing them that there were two rodds, one to heaven and one to heH, and that there was a bridge between them v^hich

could get oh the bridge so that she would be on the road to heaven.Then this last Sunday

Mr Mills, the missionary, had told them the story of baby Jesus; how that he had been

little baby lying there.She could Almost hear the angels singing, "Glory to God ip the Highest." She was standing in the ^oor of her little humble home now, thinking about

Grabbing up the two cups from the (jpor step, Rita and Johannes ra>i down the stony street
two poles. They were proud of this dhurch bell because many of the churches us^ old
beat- with a^tijck! ^

the birth of Jesus, when her brother appeared in his clean and newly pressed shirt.

not minding the sharp stones that would cut and bruise your feet. They the church building, just as the church bell was being rung. It was a large bell hung between

pieces of automobile ^^frames or sections of railway rail which they hung; frojn a tree and

Some children were already there and others were still .coming when Rita and Johannes went in to take their pl^c^s. Johannes sat in the back with some of his friends

but Rita went right to the front iq sit in the very first seat. Just as she sat down, she saw them! She looked and blink^cj her eyes to make sure, then looked again. "Oh*%

The missionary had not only broughl his wife, but also his four little daughters. There
and the little one with the big smile, Beckyj aged two. The native minister led them
in some songs and then he told them again the Christmas story, saying, "It is because

ons at all. It wasn't Santa Claus with a bjgbag of toys. No. It was four little girls!

she thought, "this is going to be tijie best Christmas party yet." And what do you think she saw ? No, it wasn't a Christmas -tree, <|r pretty decorations. There were no decorati

was Kathy, who was just six years did, arid^^lith Ellen who was five. Donna who was three,
each other on His birthday." Then lie had ev^i^yone stand up and sing "I Will Make You Fishers of Men" in English, and the little tiitls stood up and sang it right along with
we are so happy that Jesus came, aijd to sh9i| our love for Him, we give our gifts to

lhepi.| Rita was so excited that she could haJdly sing.

It is the law in South Africa that the white children can not go td the same

sct^p()ls or churches as the-black children, so the missiotiary children always went to a

Sui||dry School for white children, i^ijd Rita had never seen them beforer-but here ..they.
wete at their Sunday Schopl Christmas party! fiita was so happy. After this the minister had;;4ll the children line up in frorit of the table and as they went past, each one was

giv^n a balloon, a bag of candy, ajdookie, and his cup was filled with kool-aid by the missionary's wife. Some of i^e children had brought tin cans to drink from, while
others had brought glasses,ribut most of theift brought little enamel cups like Rita and

Johannes. Nearly a hundred were s6rVed, when i|he minister closed the party saying
"Thank you God for sending us your Son so that we might have salvation, and thank "Yes;, thought Rita "God is good.

you ^d ,too, for sending us the missionaries so that we could learn of your Son."
has given us such wonderful things. Thank you

God", she said silently. "Thank yoit!"


V ,

A Christmas story may seem odd for P.V.B.S., but we have included it here
because Christmas comes in South Africa duing the same season of the year
that D.y.Bcomes in America.

D.V.B.S. - A Story From South Africa


By - Phyllis Mills

"Oh! That was fun," The three little girls in the back seat squealed, "Lets do it again!" And baby Becky, sitting on her mother's lap. slapped her hands with joy, Bumpity-bump-bump. the car was bouncing its way along the rough road and bouncing the
children into the air. Mr Mills with his wife and small children was on the way to a small village in South Africa. A large cloud of dust followed the car as it sped on its way down the road. It was a straight road, but very dusty and sandy as it ledalong
across the low hills of the vield.

Soon they came to a gate across the road so Mr Mills slowed the car to a stop. One of the girls would have hopped out to open it, but as they neared, they saw several little boys starting to open it for them. Sometimes the boys would stay at the gates all day, far from home, just to receive the few pennies the passing motorist tossed to them in thanks. As he drove through, Mr Mills gave Kathy a penny to toss to the boys, and they clapped their hands and shouted their thanks for the large copper coin. There are not many wild animals in this part of Africa, but from time to time one does see springbock ( a deer-like animal) or possibly ostridges which are wild, occasionally one might even see a baboon among the rocks! Just before they reached the small village, Mr Mills turned down a little rocky, narrow lane and eased the car around some bends that were never meant for a car at all, much less a low-slung American car! He pulled to a stop in front of some small mut huts, and very quickly a crowd of ill-kept, dirty children gathered around to see the white children as they climbed from the auto. Cries of "They're here",come and see. they're here!" filled the air as even more came to join the group. "These children are so dirty,"said Ruth, "God doesn't like them that way does
He?" she asked her mother.

"God loves all the children" her mother explained, "It makes no difference how they look for God looks at the heart." "Oh." Ruth answered and turned around to look at the children again, "Maybe",
she said, "we should tell them to wash their faces so God will like them better,"

"That is why we are here'.' said Mr Mills,"to tell them about God and Jesus, When they have learned that God is their heavenly Father, they will want to be clean too Just then the Native minister came out to greet them. He did not live here, but had ridden his bicycle out a few days before so that all would be ready for thejiissioriary*'s" visit He 1"^" them to'the largest of the huts .""which vfas still only a small one roomed building. The roof was so low that Mr Mills was not able to stand up except in the middle of the room where the roof sloped up to a peak. The walls had been fresh ly plastered with mud, and the floor which was hard packed dirt, was swept very clean. The missionary children looked about with interest. In one corner was a bed, in another a table and a small.bench, "Where" asked Kathy. "are the people going to sit?" Anyone could see that there were not enough seats, even for the missionaries. In the end, the children with their mother, sat on the bed while the native minister and the missionary sat on the bench. Soon the people started to arrive, some of them brought their own
chairs and benches, while others sat on the floor. Even after the songs had been sung,

still more people were arriving until there was no longer room for anyoneto sit down
and they hat to gather around the door on the outside in the hot sun. All during the service, there was an old hen which kept trying to find its way into the room. It was continually driven away. "Does the chicken want to come to church too," Donna whispered to her mother, but Mrs Mills only shook her head and told her to

be quiet. The hen could not so easily be put off, finally with a great deal of squaking and fluttering of wings she took to the air landing on a shoulder and finally on the bed near the children, Becky began to cry, but the hen was only interested in getting
to her nest which was under the bed!

When all had_.quieted again, Mr Mills closed his sermon-by saying that we should

all take a lesson from the old hen. "There were many who tried to keep her from her task." *There were many obstacles, but she did not let anything stop her. We too should
not let anything stop us from doing the work of the Lord, Things of the world may be a hindrance to us, but we must find out place with God, " 'Later, on their way home over the same bumpy road, the three little missionary

children were again in the back seat, "It was fun. Ruth Said sleepily, "to tell the people about God," "Yes," Kathy replied, as she curled up to go to sleep, "Let's do this again."

The Church of Christ Postal Mission


April,3oth, 1959
"Stuiv to show tlwself

approved unco'tiod.*

niTimofhy 2:15

Dear Christian Friends,


Rol>rt S. Mills

Phyllis J. Mills

Our evangelistic meeting in ihe European church here iu

Kimberley ended at the end of last month, just in time for us to
^ # j

ForwardingAent suart Conference for the African work on the first of this month.
& Secretary

Mabels.Mills Uniortunatcly the attendance was very disappointing and was made
Champoign, 11

309 E.Danielst^ mosily of the fflission families since the Nicholsons, Randalls,
Kernans, Rees and Ourselves were all in Kimberley for a part of the time at least Several of the Chinese attended, but among the

TheGospel Light

consious Eur^peans, there we?e only five and each of them

0" tiffle^ Thoy represented two families. Do pray for

Church Reference serjiifei s sidc of thctwork. We oiiirselves feel that, the Lord willing, we
must some day have a South African Dorn minister who is fluent in both languages, as we shall never be, not to mention the fact that all the missionaries quite naturally work with non-europeans. This is a hindrance, at least here in Kimberley. Conference, by contrast, was a great success. The mission families all stayed in Kimberley and drove out each day for the sessions so we all had lots of company for the time. The financial reports were well accepted, we spent two nights till midnight, doing them and recounting the money collected for food and the building funds, et^. To my supprise, li all worked out to the penny, and was I relieved! The sermons were all .ery good, but for me the highlight of it all was the night of the farewell for the Nicholson family. The brechern truly love the Nicholsons so they went all out in their

farewell. The ladies of the ^^htrches gave Mrs Nicholson about $45. as a farewell gift and a lovely 'tea service. This they presented with
a very toiiching little skit. The men, not to be outdone, presented

Alvin with a lovely travel case and a basuto blanket, then with the blanket robed him as their " ZiiiliK k: ng'
In addition to the Chinese S.S, and evening European services, 1 have been in the pulpit nearly every Sunday afternoon this nonth with the Native work. The 5th conference was still in session, the 12 th, I preached at Greenpoint here, the i9th, we visited a farm, and the 26th I preached at No^ 2. This >':oming Sunday we shall again go to a farm. Of course there is also tilie usual early Sunday School at
No 2 chMrch.

Hy trip to the farm on the I9ttii, convinced me that our family Chevrolet is not suited for that type of thing. The mission definitely needs a vehicle of its own for siich itrips not to mention the three times weekly when we carrj Chinese lo their services in the Kimberley church. 1 normally end up with a^i least a dozen in the sedan and would
probably have more if there were room! Last month at Confereoce, we had to leave Mrs Mills and the family home at least once when she would hae liked ^o go but for space- These tups to the-farms-^nd the chur ches give the auto a terrible beating and cause terrific repair bills.

For the last series, I had to put on nearly $60 worth of tires before starting and $45 in repairs after was over! Fortunately this does
not happen every time. For this trip to the farm, we had to first state

we coiuld carry only two Natives along, then we were carried over rough roads deteriorating-to cart "acks and finally gullies filled with stones -he size of softballs. The high center ridge quite naturally dragged and the grass and thorn trees scraped the sides of the car. We feel ;hat the perfect vehiele for i::his multipurpose bus-country roads,
woiild be a Volkswagon Microbes or Kombi, which can be had for about

$1300 down and $75 a month.(18 months.) Hee in Kimberley. The Kombi is
slightly cheaper, but both gefc far more than twice the miles to the galion of ihe Chevrolet and both carr;y several more passengers. Our gasoline costs 70. a gallon! We do pray God^s guidance. We have tokeep the Chev. as we need a personal car not to mention the fact that import control forces us to retaAn anocher year as yet.
VO'^rs in the Master^s Service,

The Church of Christ Postal Mission

"Study to show ttwscif

approved unto,'Cod."

\ll1imothy 2:15




Robrt S. Mills

Phyllis J. Mill* Forwording

& Sccrotary
Mobel S. Mills

309 E. Denial Si.

Champaign, Illinois



'New Testemont OectrlnBS*

Dolly BibU Rtoding Culd*

Church Rfernce Sfvic




Our missionary





free on

request by writing
KIMBERLEY address.

( Use air-mail and

allow at least two

months mail time.)

This picture was taken in the .home of brother

Enoch Zobolo during the conference planning committee

meeting held there last year. His is a rather new three

roomed house on the Native reserves. He built it himself.

Notice that the wqlls stop short of the roof and that
there is no deling in the house. This is very common in
Native homes.

good laugh for us all- One of the missiqn^ries thought

he was getting a bargain when he bought them in town so

The bannapas on the table were the cause of a

got some to eat on at the meeting. When we got to the

house, we found that Enoch had already bought several dozen at a fraction of thfe pricel Not only were they less

expensive, but they were nicer= Bannanas are very cheap

in Natal where they are grown, and we all love to get a stock when we got down for any reason at all.


Kimberley, Cape

JUL 11
Dear Christian Friends;



early in the month on his way to Johannesburg to plan a six-week period of evangelism with the church in Gerraiston This was to start early next month. I decided to take this opportunity to hold a "Gospel Light Rally" there at the start of this period and have already prepared all the publicity which is
to be mailed immediately^ It almost appears now that the six-weeks will have to be cancelled oweing to cold weather and a Typhoid Fever scare in the city, but we thing that the day time meeting will not be effected. In any case we

Already another month has come and gonel Brother Randall was,here

are going ahead with announcements and, the Lord willing, I will be preaching in Germiston on the 7th April. We liblpe many of the readers of the "Gospel
Light" in the area will attend.

Mrs Mills got her drivers licence last week. They gave very rigid tests. She first had to pass an oral test, followed by a test on the driving course and then by a trip down into the heaviest traffic they could find in Kimberley. That is Market Square, a place that I shun myself. Her licence is a permanent licence. We feat that she must get it as. when we get the Microbus, the Lord willing, she will have to drive our family to church while I drive a church pick uip route with it. At the present time we carry all in the sedan, sometimes thirteen or more. I have been expecting to be stopped by the
police for overloading any trip now!

We are scheduled to go to the farm again this week end. This is the farm with the beautiful little pool that they use for a baptistry. It has a

huge mound of rocks back of it which is inhabited by baboons. Here again we need a more rugged and bigger vehicle. As ray family is going along and the
minister's wife also, both he and a deacon will have to bicycle out ahead of the service. This means they will have to miss the morning service at the church as it is a 25 mile trip each way. The last mile is practically trackless

We were all supprised on the 16th when Kimberley had a real snowfall. Of course it did not stay on, but we all stood before the fireplace and watched

it and thought of home anyway. Our winter is for practical purposes here and along with it the usual illnesses. Our family has been very fortunate so far
in that we have only had sniffles and Ruth has had an infected eye which cleared right up with medication. The Rees family has had measels and we are all "holding our breaths" for fear we shall have them the week of the trip to Johannesburg, It is a 600 mile round trip and I had wanted Phyllis to go with me to help drive since Nick is tied down with a special gathering of his church circuit in Greenpoint. She would not be allowed to go to the loc ation there but had planned to take the children and visit with friends while
I was at the services,

God bless you all, Your Missionary to Africa,


yllis Mills

The Church of Christ Postal Mission


"Studv to show thyself

approved unt()''dod.'

June, 1959

\JlTitnmhy 2:15

Dear Christian Friends;

Miss)onari> Robort S. Mill*

Phyllis J. Mill*
Forwarding AganI & $*crafaty
Mobel S. Mills

invited every Sunday Afternoon to speak at some African service r ^ preached seventh, traveled all location. the way to Johannesburg where I atwe the Germiston This
service was planned long in advance and we were to have spoken
Germiston location which was announ-

I have had the special privilege this month of beina

309 E. Daniel Si.

Champaign, Illinois

TheGospol Li^if Tfocts

'Now Tttomcnl Doctrines*

thf JJac^Sf JL

rpri th"


'Daily Bible Reading Guide'

Church Reference Service

Lh ! u meeting several of we complaint that people had gone I to the only to letters find that were not the^e We do look forward, the Lord willing, to the time when we cariave

not happen. In this case it could not be Llped. The oJher th^ee a^ Numbe? Number two location and once at Greenpoint. I preached twiL
/ tL L! ^ treated. We made one trip this month with five in i il^i5 ^ eight in the rear and they were not all small
to walk home rather than crowd in. Bettip

permanent church buildings in Johannesburg and such things will

At is of?pn ttlJTV" "5 """"a "P

"f the way


her sisw In;tt ^^me evening. Both Linda and thL ^ we A"ette, who became afor Christian atin Christmas those that pick up regularly services the car are Thp amona

^o b^L^t


tn h H

"ffering from a very bad cold and her baptism had

response to the Gospel invitation

evening service on the 21st when

accepted by Linda Ho Yan and as she came ready

^9"" ^*>6 followl'^Sundaf

but"thprr somefamilies. time,to become Christians but they have 'T been hindered by pagan Several of the ' mnn^h now attended the evening services for peS several on months and some have finally preaching be reluctantly given to become Christians. In none of the. cases have their pWenL


baptismal services

The Kimberley Church Daily Vacation Bible School has iust

evL" thl'oh'f r'ay


see bee ^hrcJLJif^ tne closing exercises. she brought both her mother and grandmother to
printed and prepared for mailing, but I finished thirhpfn^p
edcn aay. ihis in itself, was a great help to me.
Yours in Christ Jesus,

holil; It was very poorly "inter attended. On/of friends Jeanie Short, attended ev^ry dSy~bu~fTH7 and on "

school was conducted at the same time the Gospel Light must be

I was not able to attend the earlier session"? a<: tho

Your...Massionarv to Africa,


The Church of Christ Postal Mission


'Studv to show thyself appfcvcd unto/Cod."

Dear Christian Friends;




Robert S. Mills

Phyllis J. Mill*

The children have returned to school now after their winter

vacation and it is supposed to be spring-planting time now, but we

chompoign, Illinois


made 3 little garden though and have peas about 6" high,

right now in the middle of a , short we hope, cold snap, We have

We were ail rpleased _ when Mr and Mrs Randall and John Fulford

.TL ^ ,,Lghf "Th Gospel

I racts stoppcd over w.ith US early in the month as they were on their way to
Doity Bible Reeding Guide-Southern Rhodesia, and when they also stayed with us on their return
the new mission work near the Kariba Dam on the Zambezi river. That

oiurch Reference Service trip to Capetown. They were"going up to help in the establishment of
work is not a part of the Union of South Africa work, but brother Randall helped in the initial planning of the worif and still takes a very active interest in it. John Fulford. one of tlie youth of the Capetown church, hopes to go there some day as a mispiorjfry,; We all had reason to rejoice again at the European Services,
when Dan Dean Rees came forward at the close of the germon early in the month and confessed Christ as his Saviour. He was baptized at the next gathering of the church.

The church yard is getting a thorough cleaning and weeding and we have been making garden there. Thus far we have planted shrubbery and iris along the front walk. Later we hope to also put cannas along the fence at the front. Shortly we plan to start the

process of painting the exterior of the building. The interior also

needs it, but there is not sufficient to hire it done and we can't reach the c-eiling ourselves I This morning's paper announced the decision of the group areas committee at l&st. There had been a
rumor that the church was in an area that would be announced as a

Coloured area, but this proved to be false. It is all an european area there.(white) The Chinese will evSentually have to meet in their own area, however, but they have been given ten years to do so as far as I can understand it so we shall not be overly concerned
at this time.

The Christians of the No. 2 church have been engaged in a

"talent program" in which fifteen of them each took 2/6 (35c) which
they used for the Lord. When they brought in their gains they had a profit of about $35. We all felt that they had done very well.
Brother Qwemesha, minister of No. 2, is currently'busy renovating the old school building which has been unused for over a year. It was broken into once and damaged considerably. He will be living there when he has finished. I feel this is very good as it is very unlikely the school will ever need the building again since it is

to build in Natal soon, and since the church has no parsonage for
the minister and this building is on the same plot withvthe church

The mailing list of the Gospel Light has taken another leap this month so that even after losses resulting from people moving, etc. there was a gain of over a hundred. I have 3513 copies ready
for the mail today. About twenty of these new addresses are white people.We at^getting many^more white- people on the-lists the&

Yours in Chrlst*s $ervlco.

Your Missionary to Africa.


The Church of Christ Postal Mission


"Studv 10 show tlwsclf

August, 1959
Dear Christian Friends

Dpprpvcd untq'dod.'

yiTitnmhy 2:15


We thought Spring had arrived but Winter seems

to have made a fast return here at the last of August

Robert S. Mills

Phyllis J. Mills
Fetwarding Agent
& SMrtacy Mabsl S. Mills 309 E. Donil St.

along with high "March" winds. This wind has not only
been cold, but has stirred up lotsof dust and put an immediate stop to our work painting the church. The building looks nice, even so, now that it has a new coat of cream paint over all but the very back wall, and the trim has all had at least one coat of dark grey enamel. We still have some of the high work to be done after it warms again a little, and the window frames

Champoign, Illinois

The Gospel Li^if Troels

*Nw Testament Doctrines'

"Daily Bible Reodlng Guide"

Church Reference Service

must still be re-puttied and painted. Our shrubs in

the church yard are now leafing out nicely and the new cannas which we put along the front fence this month are beginning to grow.

Along with the warmer weather, with the exception of the few cold Sundays, our Sunday School on the location has been growing in atte ndance. When the weather is chilly they stay home around the fire.
One can not feel too harshly toward them as nearly all of them are barefooted and few have any type of coat or sweater at all. Even the afternoon adult services drop in attendance when it is chilly.

We have been kept really busy this month with the "Gospel
Light". For one thing the mailing list increased again by about
250 addresses in this month alone and all these addresses had to

be placed on the special addressing plates, most of them at the

last moment. Well over a hundred will have to be added by hand now

after the papers are actually mailed since they came in during the process of addressing and folding, etc. In addition, we have been
able to distribute, by mail request, forty-two lesson books this month and eleven have been received, corrected, and certificates and

tracts posted to the students. There have also been numerous per
sonal letters to the "editor". The end of the month rush has been even more hectic this

month in that our conference planning committee meeting is right at the very beginning of September and we shall have the men visiting here in Kimberley. I being the host missionary, must make arrangements for buying food etc. Brothers Randall and Kernan will be staying with us for the four or five days of the meeting.
We are a 11 beginning to look forward now to the soon return of the Stanleys. They will not be living permanently in Kimberley, but will have to come here for their furnishings and will likely be staying with us about a week. I am sure that there will be lots of news to catch up on and many things we shall want to talk over after their being away so long. We shall miss the Stanleys when they are no longer here i n Kimberlejr. but we will see them occasionally when they get to Port Shepstone and the school is started there, the Lord willing.

Do continue to remember our needs in prayer. The Lord has well provided for His work here, but the work grows and the need is greater every month. We would not want to disappoint any of our readers as we feel the contact of the paper is very important, especially as it and the lessons are the only way that we can make contact
with most of them. _ -

Yours in Christ's Service

Your Missionary to Africa


IJ,-';'' 1 r

The Church of Christ Postal Mission

p. 0. BOX 503



Studv to show ihysclf

approved unto'(5od."
Timothy 2:15

September, .1959


Robert S. Milit

Phyllis J. Mills
Forwording Agent & Sec*tafy
Mabel S. Mills 309 E. Doniel St.

Because we are expecting the Stanleys to arrive some time during the coming week and have many things planned to
be done while tney are with us, we have been busy trying to

Champaign, Illinois

get everything done ahead of time that it is possible to do. I have planned a short trip to 7isit dome of the churches
while they are here, and there is the possibility that we may have to go to Pretoria, the Nation's capri-rol, about the- the Preacher Training School plans. We have received no word at ail, but according to his letter the day that they were to sail, the Stanleys should be back in Africa today and leaving the ship about this time. When they arrive here will all depend on how long it will take to clear customs.

The Gospel Li^t" Troets

'New Testament Doctrines"

'Doily Bible Reoding Guide'

Church Refermce Service

That could be quickly, or it could be a long difficult thing

involving days as there is a motor car involved.

We rejoiced early this month that we were the hosts

for the annual committee meeting of the African Conference.
Mr and Mrs Kernan and Mr Randall were with us for several

days and we had a very line fellowship quite aside from much

being done in preparation for next yearns conference at

Worcester near Cape Town. It has been another busy month in the office and we

are now preparing to print the Christmas issue of the Gospel Light. It seems impossible that it already time to think of
Christmas but one has to plan far ahead when he is so very

far away. The paper is supposed to have a picture this time and will be printed in coloured inks. We hope that it is a

The circulation of the gjospel Light took another

leap of over a hundred during the latter part of the month, We rejoice at this increased interest and opportunity of spreading the Gospel even though it does mean a much heavier
mailing burden each month and increasing costs. We feel sure that if we are willing to do the work of preparation for the
mail, the Lord will take care of the costs! If we were to

count the copies distributed m Araeiica monthly also, which

we have never done, the circulation would well pass the four
thousand mark now. Last month we were able to distribute

twenty five free copies of the Doctrines lessons and five

copies were graded and certificates returned^ Seven were held

over for October oweing to the rush of the last days of the
month, ffour men were also sent the addresses of churches near

them at their own request. Two were from South Africa, one
from Northern Rhodesia, and one from Nigeria.

.The printing press turned out its normal sixteenthousand + impressions of printed material last month with no complaints except from th operator, I find it a little
burdensome that it is entirely hand fed. We now speead out

the printing task over several days to save as much "feeders hand cramps" and back-aches as possible'. We continue to pray the Lord's blessing on you all and
to beg your prayers on our behalf.
Your's In The Master's Service,

Your Missjonary to Africa.


The Church of Christ Postal Mission


'Studv 10showthyself appmved unio'Xjod.* yiTimqihy 2:15



Robert S. Mills

Phyllis J. Mills
Forwarding Agent & Secretary
Mabel S. Milts 309 E. Daniel St.


Champaign, Illinois

"I wish to thank you for sending me a copy of the Gospel

Light. When reading it I have found that the sermons are

The Gospel Light" Trocts

'New Tettoment Doctrines*

"Doily Bible Reoding Guide"

Oorch Reference Service

so well prepared to reveal the power of God to men. May

God bless His servants who devote their time to this won derful work/' S,K,U, -- N. RHODESIA

"I thank you very much for being sending the Gospel Light t,o me now and
ten. I really like reading it and I hope it has done and will do trem

endous work with'.in me


I am also doing my best to let ray friends


hear the good words it contains,"



c^cdr itjL
^-.nurr.f] whi-.h r may belong to, but my

question has not be^n ynsw^''ed tin this year 1959, I have found your

"I have been long/ng for'a

my brother's _oi r.he same dddress monthly Bible study pamplet which you send to him, Nou X want to come nearest to you or you nearest to me, name when and wherever I tell this to my friends they feel very eager to

church as the chur-h whi "h -answered my question^ Whv? f alwavs go through

but how can this happen? In my province we have no vhurrh whi<^h bears this

have such a church in our city or town of Uburu/' (Referred to our Nigeria
Mission workj

"Thanks too much for the monthly supply of the Light Gospel, Words are
inadequate to express my inclinations in reading it and its moralities. I advise you to continue steadfastly in preaching the Gospel to the World
Powers whether they will change and have confidence in the Lord Jesus

Christ, but not on the H-Bombs to destroy the human beings/'


"I wish to apologise the delay answering the Gospel Lights which fell like
the Holy rains. Even if you were in America suprised am forwarding my new address. Your a preacher standing in chur^.h. These Gospel word of God/' (Often. J^ative preaching makes I received 1 copy so be not Gospel Lights are better than Lights, they bring clearly the little proper sense!)

a iffLniu &1


9- T^&coot


aj Clx-f^'


fj '

ospel Light, Since I started reading the Gospel Light about a year and half ago, I have steadily come closer with the Scriptures I have been
much impressed by the recent issues, especially No. 6 and 7, I first took

ke this opportunity to t/ank the Lord by the way He enriches me through

course in New Testament which made me very conservative of preparation my

sermons out for the local preachings and teachings/'

The Church of Christ Postal Mission


A typical Sunday in
the Lord's service
"Study ta show ttwscif

approved unto/uod.'



\llTimotliy 2:15

(10:00 African Sunday School)

11:00 Chinese Sunday School)

(3:00 Africin Worship Services)

7:30 European Worship Services)


19 l35'i

The Church of Christ Postal Mission


"Studv to show thyself appfcvtd untotSod.'

IJlTinimhy 2:15

Robert 5. Mills

Phyllis J. Mills Forwarding Ajent & Secretary

Mabel S. Mills
309 E. Daniel St.

Chompoisn, Illinois

*The Gospel Li^t* Tracts

New Testament Doctrines*

'Daily Bible Reoding Guide'

Church Reference Service



I suppose many of us

would think it rather

odd to name a child

Precious. When one to us and in God's

thinks of it, however, what is more precious boxh sight, than a little child ? Many have made great

sacrifices that they might rear their children To us has been entrusted the privilege of reaching out with the Lord's message, even to litrle

children such as this. Precious will one day grow to be a grown woman and on her will rest a part of the responsibility to reach her people.
When we see
hearts, how anyone

children such as this


little one, we wonder in our


refuse to love such a child. We know

certainly that Christ loves her and that He gave His life that she might have salvation and that her people might know the Gospel.May we not also
be willing to give something as well ?

PLEASE post on your church bulletin board before you file in the mission file for future mission study groups and reference.

The Church of Christ Postal Mission


"Study to show tl^sclf

approved unto'God.'

ylTimojhy 2:15

December 1, 1959


Christian Friends


3E.'bSs,. P"''lished a December Gospel Light. I had hoped that this doing would chompoign, iiiinoi* ^3ve fflB With moTe tiffle to do some other things that needed

Because of the extra heavy mail load at Christmas time, we have

foiled by the arrival of more t&an 500 new requ= hisndrcd address plates prcpared for use next month and countless letters also

SERVICES, 7"^ "TheG.p-iLi5h,-Tree/""yf -Daily Bibl.Reodmg GslidiTltten .

ChorcK R(ernee Sani-ice

the lesson booklets Last month about ninety were distributed free, a They will soon have to be re-printed and we have no funds on hand
Vior this rather expensive item,

addresses arrived, costs passed our average monthly income. Do pray with us that we shall be able to continue uninterrupted publication as this is the only contact the New Testament Church has nith nearly all of these estimated twenty-thous^nd monthly readers! Along with this increase there has of course been an increase'riTrequests for

It also poses a problem as even before these last five hundred

\ Our weather here has turned much hotter. Two weeks ago Sunday

had to walk home from Sunday School as we simply had no room. Again last Sunday was another sizzling day and he rode with us even though
Every week we look longingly at the Micro-^buses at the show room of
ment. We could not trade in this car as even the Micro-bus is not
it meant sitting ten-deep in the back seat. There were 14 in the car

was a scorching day and we regretted that one of our regular riders

the Volkswagon dealer here, but we can not even afford the down pay

large enough to carry our load in comfort,(Its capacity is 9.)

When brother Stanley moved his things to Natal, it meant that I had to get a stock of books for sale to the Natives. He had always ents and Xhosa and Chuana Bibles, These are sold at wholesale prices to help our Christians, We have also printed a quanity of XhosaChuana calendars with a Bible Picture for the preachers. The pict
is our Christmas remembrance this year. We hope they like them,
ures came from children's leaflets, (We can use lots of these.) This done this for them and I had continued with his books. I have a supply of Xhosa and Chuana songbooks and have odered Chuana Testara=

are planning to present this on the 20th and I have printed neat little announcements which we plan to distribute to all interested friends and in the neighborhood of the church building. We pray that there may be a good attendance. This work is not nearly as
encouraging as work with the Native brethern.

the Christmas of their the European (white) church directing and the children are all program busy with parts. We

McFarland of Mission Services, They should be available for loan by this time. We do hope they will be useful to you all.
tunities of service for the Lord, Do remember to pray for us that lead for His work here/ May God bless "and be
with you all.
Your>^n His Ni

We have recently forwarded a set of new slides to Harrold

We look forward to the beginning of a new year and new oppor