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his new magazine : "Phosphenic
Energy Universe" is the
continuation of the "Phosphenic
Link", which was first published
in august 1992.
The Phosphenic Link was a "fanzine"
limited to people with advanced
knowledge of the phosphenic techniques
and was a real connection between all
the enthusiasts throughout the world who
enjoy wonderful experiences thanks to the
works of Doctor Lefebure. Its purpose was
to introduce different aspects of
phosphenism by publishing unreleased
texts, documents, articles on theory,
technical files, training programs and
practical advice.
The "Phosphenic Energy Universe"
magazine deals with the favorite themes
of the readers of the "Phosphenic Link",
but in a more popularizing manner in order
to introduce the work of Dr LEFEBURE and
its vast possibilities of application to new
and advanced students alike.
For this first issue, we have thought it
would be useful to summarize shortly
what is Phosphenism, its historic
connections to the past, and to show the
diverse aspects of its practice through its
Light, source of knowledge, opens the
door to a fascinating inner adventure.
PHOSPHENISM Publishing has been created for the
diffusion of the magisterial works and the
discoveries of one of the greatest masters of
initiation of our century.
A single goal, a single mission :
to protect and to preserve the works of Dr LEFEBURE
for the future generations.
In the next issues, you will be able to discover why
PHOSPHENISM is probably the most confidential
teaching that has ever been diffused.
Volume 1
Volume 1
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Page 3
hristophe is a teenager of 17 years of age who has
always had a lot of problems with spelling. His
memory is good and he knows the rules of grammar
adequately. But, when it comes down to actual work, he
fails systematically.
Effects after two months of practice :
Improved memorization of the words studied with the
phosphenes. Christophe mentioned: "I can see the
words written in my head". In a page where he usually
did fifty spelling mistakes, he was doing only twenty.
Intellectual awakening : he started to understand
concepts much faster. His speech delivery became fluid
though he used to stutter. His personality became more
The technique to use for a dictation of words :
Do a phosphene.
Read the word you want to memorize, close your
eyes, revise the word in your imagination, spell the
word vocally.
In this phase, the energy of the phosphene is
channeled into the zones of visual and auditive
Do another phosphene, put an eyepatch on and write
the word. It is easy for a child to write without seeing
the sheet of paper.
The energy of the phosphene is channeled into the
zones of muscular memory.
You can notice that, by working this way on a dictation
of words, we have made the auditive, visual and
muscular memories function.
After two months, despite his progress, his level in
spelling was still very low. But it is important to precise
that Christophe had always failed at school. He had
spent three years in hospital from age 2 to age 5. His
intellect had suffered after effects.
We both decided to add a session of alternophone
associated with swayings of the head before starting
the lesson.
Results : At the end of the schoolyear, Christophe had
caught up with the average students in his class in all
the different courses and, surprising his teachers and
schoolmates, passed to the next grade.
Phosphenic Mixing is :
More intellectual
More creativity
Page 4
eveloped by Doctor Francis LEFEBURE since
1959, PHOSPHENISM is a set of techniques
designed to improve the abilities of the brain.
These techniques are based on physiological reactions
: the phosphenes. They are produced by focusing on a
source of light for a short period of time.
The phosphenes are all the subjective sensations of
light or images of retinal persistance.
A phosphene is obtained by focusing on a white
opalescent light bulb for about thirty seconds, at a
distance of two to three meters. These short periods of
focusing on a bright light do not strain the eyes. On the
contrary they are a good exercise for them. The only
contra-indications to the practice are the glaucoma, i.e.
the hypertension of the fluids of the eye, and, of course,
eye surgery.
In the dark, the phosphene appears as a patch of
changing colors that persists for about three minutes.
Phosphenes can also be produced by focusing on a
reflective surface. For example : the reflection of the sun
on water, on a white wall or on the pages of a book.
They can also be produced by focusing for a minute on
a picture with a lot of contrast or on a patch of color. In
all these cases, light produces a very powerful
stimulation of the brain and improves intellectual
abilities. Hence the use of phosphenes for educational
purposes. But one of the prime effects of phosphenes
is to produce calm and relaxation.
Phosphenic phenomena are not just a curiosity but
really have useful applications in everyday life. The first
effect of the phosphenes is an action on the nervous
system, producing a deep calm. Anglers are a good
example of people who enjoy this beneficial action of
phosphenes on the nervous system. Indeed, when they
are on their fishing spot, they can stay for hours
focusing on the water waiting for a catch. Such
patience is not necessarily the result of wanting to
catch a fish. Many anglers will say that it does not
matter whether or not they catch one, that it is the
experience that matters. Moreover, very nervous
persons say they can find peace and calm in this
activity, something that they cannot find in any other
This sensation of well-being is due to the reflection of
the sun or the bright sky on water. Focusing on it is
done unconsciously. The anglers simply observe the
ripples or the current, following the float with their eyes.
This process also induces a rhythm in their thoughts.
They are actually doing phosphenes by focusing on the
water, and at the same time, following the continous
rhythm of the current. The rhythm and the phosphene
affect the whole of the nervous system and of the
cerebral mass.
Phosphenes have a structuring effect on personality
and regulate sleep patterns. It is obvious that you feel
better and calmer if you sleep well. You are also more
efficient when properly rested. It is then useful to do a
few phosphenes before going to sleep and to observe
the colors in the dark, letting your thoughts flow without
Page 5
effort. Once the first phosphene has disappeared you
only need to turn the lamp on again to do another one.
Often, you will fall asleep quickly during the observation
and your sleep will be improved by this extra energy.
Many people have gotten back to regular sleep patterns
thanks to the phosphenes. The next day, they feel
rested and wake up with a deep feeling of well-being
and rather euphoric. Because of this positive action of
phosphenes on the personality, it is also useful to start
the day by doing a few phosphenes.
The phosphenes have a particular effect on dreams.
Persons who cannot remember their dreams can recall
them better. Dreams become more luminous, more
colored, more organized and more logical. Under the
influence of the phosphenes, dreams tend to become
magnified or gigantic and more and more dreams of
ascension are enjoyed. Often, children only do
phosphenes because they like their action on dreams
(it prevents them from experiencing nightmares).
Thanks to the phosphenes, Doctor LEFEBURE
discovered many new facts of cerebral physiology and
designed a number of techniques that produce a broad
stimulation of the abilities of the mind. The simplicity of
this method permits instant applications. During the 39
years of its existence, Phosphenism has been used by
tens of thousands of children, students and adults
throughout the world. Basic practice will allow anyone
to witness the efficiency of the method, not only for
studying, but also for all the activities of life as the
action of the phosphenes persists between sessions.
Creativity workshops for children.
Cerebroscopic examination
shows that this attitude is due
to disturbed cerebral rhythms.
More information on :
we know now
(School of Aristotes)
Page 6
n 1959, Doctor LEFEBURE was a school doctor and a
teacher of science and mathematics. He thus
understood perfectely well the problems faced by
children as well as by teachers in the educational
process. That is why the practice of Phosphenism is
adapted to all forms of education. It has a fast and
major effect on results at school. When he was 18
years old and a student of medicine, Francis LEFEBURE
was initiated by Artheme Galip, a zoroastrian. This
initiation triggered many psychic phenomena. Thanks
to his formation as a medical doctor and physiologist,
Dr LEFEBURE studied thoroughly the physiological
processes that produce these phenomena, so that
everyone could have access to them.
The simplicity of the method permits instant
applications in the domain of education, potentially of
interest to teachers, students, parents and children
alike. Over the 39 years of its existence, Phosphenism
has been practiced by tens of thousands of children,
students and adults. The practice of simple exercises
will enable anyone to witness the efficiency of the
method not only in the domain of education, but also for
all the activities of life as the stimulating action of the
phosphenes persists between sessions.
The growing difficulties in the educational system and
the problem of the large amount of pupils failing at
school can be solved thanks to the use of the
phosphenic techniques as they are perfectly adapted to
that purpose. They are also very useful for individual
development and help feeling better as well as
maintaining and improving cerebral capacities.
The term phosphene comes from the greek word
"phanaein" which means "to appear" as well as "to
shine". The word "phene" was created in 1834 by
chemists to name the nucleus of benzene. The name of
its derivatives contains the same root ; "phenol" being
the most important one. The reason why the greek
word for "to shine" was chosen to name the nucleus of
benzene is that it actually shines (emits light). In 1838,
the same root is used again by two scientists. The
naturalist Lelorgne de Savigny used it to name a
species of fireflies, the physiologist Venzac to name all
spontaneous sensations of light. Dr LEFEBURE created
the word "Phosphenism", a neologism, from the word
phosphene which main root comes from the greek word
"phos", meaning light. The same root can also be found
in the word Phoebus, the Sun. The phosphenes are all
the subjective sensations of light or images of retinal
persistance. In the dark, they appear as changing
patches of moving colors and last about three minutes.
They sometimes slide across the field of vision in all
possible directions. They sometimes disappear and
reappear, pulsate, shake, sway or rotate. The
phosphenes have very characteristic properties that
were totally unknown before Dr LEFEBURE's research.
They can be considered as an energy that is part
thought, part matter : it is possible to photograph them
and their third phase that appears in the shape of a
halo, the diffuse glow, allows the perception of physical
objects in the dark.
The analysis of the phosphenes shows that they are
the direct expression of our cerebral rhythms. They are
an amplified image of how our brain is operating and
help understanding what is beneficial or not for the
brain. They precisely show how the brain is functioning
and are much more sensitive than an
electroencephalogram. Thanks to the observation of the
phosphenes, Dr LEFEBURE discovered cerebral rhythms
that were unknown before his research. This is the
principle of Cerebroscopy, a technique of brain
examination that shows the true laws of thought.
Understanding these laws helps developing higher
cerebral and intellectual capacities as well as powerful
psychic abilities.
One of the main interests of the study of the
phosphenes is that they follow the same periodic rules
as "basic thoughts", the simplest mental images that
Page 7
you can focus your attention on. They follow the same
natural rhythms as thoughts when these are not
stimulated by external sensory input.
Doing phosphenes only does not develop anything. In
order to channel the energy of the phosphene, it is
necessary to mix a thought with the phosphene. This
mixing is very simple to realise : for a visual thought,
you only need to remember the memory of an object, for
example. It is better to chose the thought before starting
to focus on the source of light. After focusing on the
lamp for thirty seconds, switch it off and keep thinking
about the object (or the person, or the concept). It is
necessary though, to accept the changes that
spontaneously impose themselves even if they do not
seem to be related to the chosen thought. Thoughts
being extremely dynamic, it is all the aspects of the
intellect that are developed day after day by this mixing.
These changes organise themselves spontaneously
during the presence of the phosphene. It is important
then, to "go with the flow" and accept the new ideas
that appear. When the phosphene has disappeared,
switch the lamp on again and produce another
phosphene by focusing on it for thirty seconds, letting
your thoughts evolve spontaneously. Any number of
phosphenes can be produced this way.
Auditive thoughts can also be mixed with the
phosphenes as long as you choose the thought before
turning the lamp on and let it evolve spontaneously.
New ideas will appear, enriching and developing your
reflection. This technique leads to an extraordinary
development of creativity. It is called PHOSPHENIC
A steady practice of this simple exercise brings
excellent results very quickly. It is possible to use
this technique for learning (it is recommended for
children), as energy strengthens and densifies
thoughts and thus develops memory and creativity
in a surprising manner.
Dr LEFEBURE has described how to use the
phosphenes for educational purposes in his book
"Phosphenic Mixing Applied to Education". Education is
a good example of the use of the phosphenes in
everyday life, but it is not necessary to be a student to
practice Phosphenic Mixing. This exercise can be
practiced by everyone, from the children to the elderly.
The results are always very beneficial. It is also
possible to go even further and obtain powerful results
with the method.
On the educational level, Phosphenism destroys the
notion of incapacity, whatever the subject studied. The
advantages of using Phosphenism in schools are vast.
It develops memory and the sense of initiative.
Moreover, attention is largely improved, helping children
understanding difficult subjects like mathematics.
Phosphenism allows children with problems of
dyslexia, reading or spelling, etc., to catch up quickly
with the rest of the pupils and to sometimes achieve
better than average results. Phosphenism is also very
useful for students who want to improve their work.
Attention is maintained longer, the mind is less
distracted and can concentrate fully on the search for
ideas. For learning languages, Phosphenism helps
memorizing new words, the rules of grammar and also
helps obtaining a better pronounciation. The effects are
felt even between sessions.
Mental Fitness box set
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and your projects...
OptiMize your performances...
IMprove your abilities... using the ENERGY OF
Methods and tools for improving cerebral abilities.
Based on the works of Doctor Francis LEFEBURE.
Page 8
Phosphenism has been constantly used in the history
of humanity. With a basic knowledge in the domain of
Phosphenism, it is easy to understand the connections
between intellectual, cultural and religious aspects of
ancient civilizations and Phosphenism.
The use of phosphenes goes back to the most ancient
of human history. The phosphenes, under various
names, have been universally used, hence the
importance of sun, moon or fire worship in Antiquity.
Today, Zoroastrians still focus on a sacred fire that is
associated to prayer. Celts used to practice sun
worship and focused on the reflection of the sun on
water to develop "the gift of divination". The main greek
and roman gods were gods of light like Zeus, Dyonisus,
Jupiter, Vesta, etc. ; these civilizations were founded on
the use of sources of light. In the Roman
civilization, the vestals were the keepers of
the Fire and were the connection of roman
society with the gods. Oaths were sworn
while facing the rising sun. This was called
the "ceremony of Dawn". Business was
agreed by shaking hands while staring at a
fire. This was a moral contract that could not
be breached. By mixing the idea of the
contract with gazing at the fire, the thought
would be densified and this was a garantee
that the contract would be honored.
The Mysteries of Eleusis were the major
initiation of ancient Greece. The highest rank
of the Mysteries of Eleusis was the
"Comtemplation of the Ear of Wheat" : the
candidate was brought to a cave lit by a
single torch. The candidate was asked to
focus on the torch, then to put an eyepatch
on and to observe the "spiritual light". This
light can only be a phosphene. The
candidate then gazed at the torch again and,
with the eyepatch on, was asked to imagine
an ear of wheat. This process corresponds
exactly to the principle of Phosphenic Mixing, mixing a
thought with the phosphene. It was forbidden to reveal
the content of the Mysteries of Eleusis, a crime that
was charged with a sentence of death.
The reason why is that the Mysteries of Eleusis were
the very foundation of greek society. All the great men
of Antiquity were initiated by the mysteries of Eleusis,
which shows that the knowledge transmitted had a
considerable impact on the intellectual and creative
development of a whole society.
A few years ago, a greek mathematician described the
initiatory technique that his father had taught him when
he was a child. This technique can be traced back to
the Mysteries of Eleusis, and has been transmitted
through the generations.
The initiatory secret was the following : the father had
told his son to revise his lessons facing the sun in front
of a field of wheat. Phosphenes had an important role
in the intellectual development of the individuals that
had followed this initiation. In Greece, the brightness of
the sky and the power of the sun are such that, even
without looking directly at the sun, light has a profound
action on cerebral organization. Revising lessons in this
strong light is mixing thoughts and phosphenes. The
other important element of this initiation is the notion of
Indeed, a field of wheat is an ever undulating mass,
moved by the wind. This movement, like waves,
produces a regular rhythm that affects thoughts. Ideas
and reflections used during mixing are organised and
structured by this rhythm and it becomes imprinted in
thoughts. Psychic abilities can only be developed by
inducing a rhythm in thoughts.
This explains why all the forms of "meditation" (from the
latin meditatio, exercise) consist in the repetition of
mantras (mental sounds) or litanies, in order to exercise
The Mysteries of Eleusis.
Page 9
certain physiological rhythms. Western tradition used
to practice rhythmic prayer by repeating short
sentences. The rosary technique is the cyclic repetion
of short phrases and was originally accompanied by
swayings as it is the case with all genuine initiatory
Thus, thanks to the research by Dr LEFEBURE, everyone
can access directly the deepest of knowledges ; a
knowledge that seemed to constitute a mystery to all
cultures : developing and maintaining one's own natural
rhythms in an independent manner. Phosphenism is the
basis of all religions and initiatory traditions and the
connection between them.
Phosphenism is a natural function of the brain. The
phosphenic techniques use the natural rhythms of the
brain and of the body to develop the highest aspects of
ostradamus (1503-1566)
wrote his famous
prophecies the "centuries" at
night in his house in Salon de
Provence. (France)
He used the reflection of the light
of a candle on a silver mirror or a
crystal ball to create a co-
phosphene from polarized light.
Also, he focused on the reflection
of the moon on a silver tray. It is
interesting to note that the light of
the moon is already polarized.
Polarized light develops intuition
and clairvoyance.
Traditionaly, the moon is seen as an inspiration to poets.
It is true, but only if one focuses on it. The complete
technique is described in : "The Key to Supernatural
The technique used by Nostradamus (the technique of
the co-phosphene) is amazingly efficient and totally
hidden by a bunch of other irrelevant elements. Only
initiates or phosphenists can truly understand what
technique he has really practiced.
It is a waste of time to speculate on Nostradamus'
Centuries. If all the books that were written about him
dealt with his practice with phosphenes, humanity would
have probably advanced a lot more...
Aztec solar disc.
The standing stones in Stonehenge.
Page 10
hosphenism, the
science of
was born at the dawn of
humanity and was part
of all cultures at all
times. This had never
been clearly proved
before Dr LEFEBURE's
thirty years long
research on the
applications of the
phosphenes in cerebral
Phosphenism contains
all the techniques of
individual development, spiritual development and
initiatory research but enlightened by the study of the
phosphenes : a way to analyse and enhance mental
and psychic processes. Phosphenism is the highest
initiatory teaching because it is a part of all individuals.
It is also a traditional method of development of psychic
abilities giving access to the original meaning of
At the age of eighteen, Francis LEFEBURE was initiated
by Artheme Galip by laying of hands. This initiation
provoked many phenomena of clairvoyance, visions
and out of body experiences. This zoroastrian initiate
also taught him certain exercises, mainly swayings,
that would enable him to maintain and develop the
abilities that had been created. It is thanks to this
powerful initiation that Doctor LEFEBURE discovered
psychic phenomena that were going to change his life
and make him start a search that would last until his
last hour. He did not know that his research would have
such far reaching implications and such a tremendous
At the time he received this initiation, psychic
phenomena were still considered mysterious and were
thought to be reserved to certain initiates or chosen
individuals. At the age of forty
four, when he met the indonesian
mystic Pak Subuh, Doctor
LEFEBURE became certain that
these phenomena were a reality
due to a specific practice which
action on the nervous system
triggered certain particular states
of consciousness. Like Galip,
Subuh practiced swayings though
much more beneficial ones. Also,
Subuh induced a rhythm in his thoughts, an action that
deeply transforms the personality and awakens the
higher capacities of the individual, as rhythms structure
thoughts. During Subuh's Latihan initiatory ceremony,
participants would feel strong rhythms and oscillations
stemming from the deepest parts of themselves. This
would give them access to the "Great Force of Life",
called kundalini by the yogis. Under the action of these
rhythms, thoughts would be influenced positively and
even cleansed.
Analysing the effects of swayings with the
phosphenes, Dr LEFEBURE made his first major
discovery in 1959 and realised that the phosphenes
improve the potential of energy of the individual.
Dr LEFEBURE, in his book "The initiation of Pietro",
called the phosphene "the umbilical cord that connects
human beings to the other world". The phosphene is
actually a subtle substance, an intermediary between
thought and matter (it can be photographed). So, if a
phosphene is associated to any traditional exercise, the
effects of this exercise will be multiplied in a
considerable manner. That way, you can enjoy all the
benefits that "initiatory" societies have been supposed
to bring to their adepts since the dawn of time.
Pak Subuh.
Zoroasters Cube.
Page 11
Indeed, the phosphenes are a wonderful method of
analysis of any type of action on the brain. They permit
to establish certainly what is beneficial or not for the
brain and for the individual.
By studying the phosphenes, you can quickly find out if
the exercises you practice are done the right way. You
can also find out if these exercises are going to have a
benefit or not or how long they should be practiced.
In the past, the phosphenes have been at the core of all
traditions and initiatory techniques. All major religions
are based on sun, moon or fire worship. There even
was a form of spiritual development that was based on
looking at the stars and it is still practiced by tibetan
lamas. The notion of "worship" refers to "caring for a
deity". Also, the word adoration comes from the latin
adorare which means "to pray". Worshiping is praying.
Thus, religions associated praying with focusing on a
direct or indirect light source.
Chinese tradition focused on the bright sky, Taoists
focused on the reflection of the sun on a mirror and the
reflection of the moon on a polished seashell in order to
extract the Yin and Yang energies. Phosphenes were
systematically produced.
Ancient chinese religion originates in the worship of the
bright sky. In Persia, Zoroastrians focused on the
flames of a fire while praying. Egyptians, Romans,
Greeks, Celts, Germans, all practiced solar and fire
Ancient people were more in touch with nature than us,
and knew better what would be beneficial for their
psychic and spiritual development. The principle of
focusing on sources of light, though simple, was so
efficient that at certain times, it was forbidden to share
that knowledge under penalty of death. Taoists were
persecuted by the warlords once those had had access
to their knowledge. The Mysteries of Eleusis also
forbade the disclosure of the practice though it is
known, thanks to ancient texts, that it consisted in
focusing on the flame of a torch and in observing a light
once the torch was put out. This light that was
perceived in the dark can only be a phosphene. The
initiate was then asked to think about an ear of wheat.
Today in Greece, a family of mathematicians is still
passing on through the generations a secret that dates
back to the Mysteries of Eleusis.
Today's "keeper of the secret", explained to me that,
when he was a child, his father told him to lay down
facing the sun in front of a field of wheat and focus on
the ears swayings while revising his lessons. (You
should not focus on the sun for more than one second
and MUST always take your glasses or contacts off, as
the magnifying glass effect would burn the retina !). All
the great men of greek Antiquity attended the Mysteries
of Eleusis.
They had obviously understood the benefits of mixing
thoughts and phosphenes, and practiced phosphenic
mixing way before its discovery by Dr LEFEBURE.
Greece started to delve into decadence when this
initiation was not practiced any more.
It is the nature of a secret to be very simple, otherwise,
there would be no reason to hide it. Sadly, many people
refuse this simplicity because of wrong or prejudiced
ideas and lose themselves in intellectual or dogmatic
complications, thus limiting their research and making
their goal impossible to reach. On the contrary, persons
with some experience in the esoteric and spiritualist
circles will recognize that, because they have been
cleared of all the superficial nonsense, regular practice
of the phosphenic techniques makes the access to
experiences easy. These experiences let the individuals
verify by themselves the effects of the phosphenic
The Mysteries of Eleusis.
Zoroastrian priest.
Page 12
Initiation thus has two
complementary aspects : the
practice of rhythmic thinking
associated to swayings.
In all major religions, prayer is
systematically associated to
swayings. Muslim, hebrew,
buddhist, shinto, hindu, tibetan,
sufi, african or amerindian traditions
all practice swayings. Catholic
religion on the other hand, has
gotten rid of all the initiatory
techniques. The orthodox branch of
Christianity has kept them though, a
proof that these practices existed in
early Christianity. Saints like Saint
Simeon the stylite, practiced
swayings while praying and during
the apparitions of Lourdes,
Bernadette Soubirous practiced
swayings that the Church
understood as salutations, a proof
that It has forgotten the initiatory
meaning of simple practices that
have a deep physiological action.
Swayings stimulate cerebral
capacities as a whole, improving
interhemispherical connections.
That is why a large number of
traditions use alternating prayers or
songs in order to amplify this
rhythmic function of the brain. This
effect is even more amplified if one
adds gentle rhythmic swayings to
the practice. The whole of the brain
mass is thus deeply stimulated and
nourished, regenerating mental and
psychic abilities. Also, rhythmic
repetition structures thoughts better
than long, non rhythmic texts. It is
then better to use short simple
themes that are easy to repeat. It is
also absolutely essential to use a
steady rhythm for practice (music or
a metronome), in order to keep a
regular rhythm in thoughts.
All the traditional methods of
meditation follow the rhythm of one
or more musical instruments. If
there is no regular rhythm,
meditation or prayer has no chance
of triggering rich and deep effects.
For physiological reasons, it is
impossible to maintain a regular
rhythm without an external rhythmic
support. Moreover, the regularity of
the rhythm enables one to
accumulate physical and mental
energies that, after a period of
latency, trigger psychic phenomena
(these phenomena are not due to
suggestion). Nowadays, the best
rhythmic support is the metronome,
it will enable you to practice very
efficiently and to produce
phenomena quickly. The best
rhythm to use is the rhythm of two
seconds (the metronome can be
set on 60 for a beat every second).
In order to practice, you need to do
a phosphene first. Then, after
turning the lamp off, you should
sway your head slightly, following
the rhythm of the metronome : one
second to the right, one second to
the left. The movement should be
soft and without pause. Then, you
should start repeating softly a short
sentence which theme should be
chosen in advance. You should then
keep repeating this phrase in your
mind until the phosphene
disappears. You can then start the
exercise again by doing another
After repeating an auditive thought,
you should try and practice a
visualization. For example : after
doing a phosphene you can imagine
a flower swaying with the wind, the
pendulum of a clock, a child on a
Dr LEFEBURE in front of the cathedral of Lourdes.
Bernadette Soubirous.
Page 13
swing, etc.. You should make this image sway,
following the rhythm of the metronome during the
presence of the phosphene. When the phosphene has
completely disappeared, keep doing the exercise for a
while before doing a fresh phosphene.
When you are used to practice these two types of
exercises separately, associate them. Though it might
seem difficult in the beginning, you will be surprised by
how easy it will become with practice. A session can
last a quarter of an hour, half an hour or even an hour
as long as you follow the guidelines we provide when
focusing on a source of light. During an hour session,
you will do about six phosphenes. This exercise is not
tiring and, on the contrary, the practice of rhythmic
thinking combined with phosphenes will enable you to
accumulate mental energies first, then subtle energies.
A great mental and cerebral stimulation is thus created,
developing inspiration, intuition and ideas. Then, with
regular practice, you will progressively perceive
phenomena of exteriorization of consciousness until
you perceive your double totally exteriorized, floating
above your body. The door to "astral travelling" is then
opened !
Unlike this person who practiced a japanese meditation
technique and to whom I had taught techniques to
produce out of body experiences, do not be startled by
the results. This person complained that he found it
difficult to meditate when he was perceiving his double
standing next to his body ! I had to explain that the
purpose of meditation (from the latin meditatio :
exercise) is actually to produce out of body experiences
(or consciousness extensions), and that this is possible
only if thoughts follow a precise rhythm. Exteriorizing
consciousness out of the body is what all mystics
search in order to access the higher planes of
You now know the secrets and if you apply them, you
will discover that this is only the beginning of the
adventure for the human race.
1 2 3
6 4
1 - Persepolis.
2/3 - Ancient zoroastrian temple.
4 /5- The Temple of Fire of Yazd.
6 - A Tower of Silence.
Page 14
n order to trace the influence of
Phosphenism in the history of
mankind, it is useful to have at
least a basic knowledge of
Phosphenism. A great number of
historical elements, whether about
culture, popular tradition, religion or
worship are connected to
Phosphenism, i.e. have a
relationship with fire and light. If this
relationship does not appear
clearly, it is because we are used to
confuse the essential knowledge of
a culture with its outer shape. We
end up giving more importance to
the appearance of the myths rather
than to the actual knowledge
contained within them. It is true
that it is difficult to
something that is already known,
and that it is difficult to understand
notions that do not correspond to
our biases or prejudices.
Phosphenism is a constant of
humanity. This appears very clearly
when great civilizations are studied.
With enough knowledge about
Phosphenism, it is possible and
even easy to understand the
religious or cultural aspects that are
related to it.
It seems that it is after the quest for
fire, (Homo-erectus, around 800
000 years BC), that the first
spiritualistic rites appear, mainly
expressed by the worship of the
dead, (Neanderthal man, between
75 000 and 36 000 BC). It is also
during this period that tools and
hunting techniques were invented.
Then, the Homo sapiens sapiens
(around 35 000 to 10 000
years BC) built the first
civilizations and
sophisticated tools that diminished
in size and became more and more
specialized and numerous. Art
appeared, in the form of drawings
on cave walls and sculpted objects.
These drawings differ from one cave
to another and do not follow a style
or a trend that codifies the means of
expression. Also, the caves in
which the drawings were found
were not used for living, this seems
to show that these drawings had a
special purpose. These
communities lived in huts and the
caves they used for drawing are
often difficult to access. It is
possible to say that these drawings
were part of a worship or of magical
rites if not magico-religious rites in
relation with hunting and
fertilization. They are connected to
the development of shamanism that
is found at the beginning of all
Then, from being a hunter-gatherer,
Man became a cattle breeder and
developed agriculture. With each of
these forms of evolution came new
knowledge and technical progress.
Living beings tend to exteriorize their view of the world.
Think while you observe a phosphene and you will become a shining
being, a sun within society.
Like the chameleon, human beings take the shape of their environement. Practicing
Phosphenism protects from all forms of mimicry.
Page 15
The traditions born from agriculture
(calendars, earth worship, etc...)
have been transmitted up to the
twenty first century as our societies
are founded on the settling process
rather than on a nomadic
organization (following the flocks
from pasture to pasture).
Finally, the discovery of metal
provoked a slow but deep revolution
as the techniques improved.
Agriculture and metalwork were first
developed in the Middle-East.
Agriculture uses light and the heat
of the sun, metalworking uses fire.
Man understood intellectualy how to
use these natural forces for various
results. This might seem obvious,
but let us beware of the obvious. Dr
LEFEBURE has proved that the
feeling of obviousness is a
phosphenic phenomenon. This
phenomenon has to do with intuition
and inspiration. An element that
would unlock our understanding of a
situation is hidden by a feeling of
obviousness. Some particular
circumstances (research, reflection,
practice), associated to the practice
of Phosphenism, enable
consciousness to access this
element. It is felt like a logical result
and appears as a new solution
though we will not consciously
acknowledge it. It is thus interesting
to point out that all technical and
technological evolutions have
always come from a relationship
between the human mind and the
light of the sun or fire.
The various civilizations of Antiquity
also found light and fire important
and it was not only their heating and
cooking aspects that were
worshipped and deified.
The "theory" that states that the first
men chose fire and the sun as
divinity because they were forces
they could not understand, and that
they worshipped them because
they feared them and because of
their ignorance, is wrong.
On the contrary, studies of the Arya
civilization, common stock of the
indo-european people, show that
the shining aspect of the sun (Mitra)
was considered close to Mankind
and "friendly" (in touch with the
activities of Men). Its
complementary aspect, the
"obscure" aspect of the sun
(Varuna), was considered remote
from Men but corresponded to the
principle of the "Cosmic Order"
(justice, domain of the Genies and
the Dead).
These two aspects, symetrical
though not opposite show the
concepts of "visible fire" and "hidden
fire" ; this is also present in the
Shinto mythology (Japan) in the
mythical fact that the god of Fire
was beheaded by his father.
Shinto mythology states that there
is a missing or invisible principle
(beheaded) linked to fire ; and that
principle is essential (the head, seat
of intelligence and knowledge).
An analysis of this symbol shows
that there is a non material principle
in physical fire, related to
intelligence and knowledge. From
the elements of the Arya culture
stated above, we can also add that
this principle gives access to
invisible worlds.
Normally, we should not be allowed
to compare two civilizations that are
so different unless they had an
important common factor. This
factor is that both the religion of the
Aryas and the Shinto religion are
solar worshipping religions.
What kind of information would
permit us to think that this "hidden
fire", this "obscure" aspect of the
sun corresponds to the phosphene ?
Let us take a closer look at the
culture of the Aryas.
The main gods of the Arya were
MITRA and VARUNA. These two
Brahman praying in front of the
reflection of the sun on water.
Shinto priest praying in front of a fire.
Page 16
terms exist separately but can also
be understood as a couple. This
important pair rules the universe. It
actually corresponds to the sun
perceived as two different aspects :
the MITRA aspect is the shining
aspect, of unlimited mass. Close to
Mankind, it is always benevolent. It
is "everybody's friend" and puts
people in their right place in society.
The VARUNA aspect is the "black
shape". Distant from Mankind, it is a
fearsome dispenser of justice. The
"Cosmic Order" acts through it. It is
a creator of shapes.
Let us take a look at a first notion. In
phosphenic practice, after focusing
on the lamp for about thirty
seconds, the color dark blue
appears. If you focus on the lamp
longer, the color becomes pink then
yellow. This is called the co-
phosphene, it appears while you
are focusing on the lamp. When you
close your eyes, it is the post-
phosphene caused by that period of
focusing that is perceived. The post-
phosphene follows a reversed order
of colors : yellow-green or yellow
circled by red, then pink, purple until
it becomes dark blue, almost black.
When focusing on the sun (never for
more than two seconds), the post-
phosphene still exists, but
automatically together with the co-
phosphene. When a crowd focuses
on the sun, like it happened in
Fatima, La Salette or in Lourdes with
Bernadette SOUBIROUS, the
phosphenic phenomena are
amplified and transmitted by
telepathy. The crowd perceived the
solar co-phosphene : a dark disk
that seemed to hide the sun. Hence
the reports of darkening of the sun.
This is a possible explanation of the
"black shape" of VARUNA. The
Aryas practiced the worship of the
Sun, and so must have known the
phenomenon. In the texts, VARUNA
is not compared to the sun itself ;
only MITRA is likened to the sun.
VARUNA corresponds to the "other
world", and we know that the
phosphene is precisely a gate
between this world and the invisible
world. MITRA and VARUNA are two
aspects that are impossible to
separate, the same way one needs
a source of light to produce a
The social organization of the Aryas
can help us to understand why the
corporations that were specialists
of the phosphenic techniques are
not so numerous.
In the beginning, the Arya tribes
followed their massive flocks in
search for pastures. They then
settled progressively and their
civilization started to develop. Three
social classes structured this
society :
The caste of shepherds and
farmers (Vaisya).
The caste of warriors (Kshatriya).
The caste of holy men and women
Indeed, everywhere else, those that
posseded powers came from one of
those three castes : monks in Tibet ;
Pharaohs and high priests
worshipping the sun in Egypt. Those
of noble origin, a class devoted to
the professions of war, had an early
religious training. It was the case of
ZOROASTER, who was born in the
land of Mages (Media) and of
BUDDAH SAKYAMUNI (the wise man
of the SAKYA), who was born in a
tribe whose members called
themselves the "Sons of the Sun", a
name often used by cultures that
practiced solar worship. Other
groups with two activities existed
as social classes: the warrior-
priests of the Maya served the Sun
and are less known than the
european Templars who were both
monks and knights. Other
individuals were shepherds like
Joan of Arc or, more recently, the
young children involved in the
famous "miracles" of FATIMA, LA
were shepherds. It is interesting to
point out that as soon as he was
born, JESUS was surrounded by
Mages and shepherds and that
later, his first followers were
fishermen and shepherds.
"Supernatural powers" were
constantly developed by people Varuna.
Page 17
belonging to the same classes. This shows that these
powers are due to particular practices common to these
three castes, with fire or the sun as a common point.
Indo-european people (Hittites, Indo-iranians, Latins of
Rome, Greeks, Celts, Germans), have carried the legacy
of the Aryas, without understanding that the distribution
of "powers" followed the basic social structure of the
If we have insisted on this particular culture, it is
because the civilization of the Aryas is the oldest
common linguistic and cultural background of all the
indo-european people, whose descendance has carried
this legacy in their religions and their social structures
with different original adaptations particular to each
people. The solar origin of religions can be found in
every one of them.
For example, for the greeks, APOLLO was the god of
Beauty, Light, the Arts and Divination. In these
attributes, we find light associated with knowledge and
In Rome, JUPITER was the god of the Sky, Light,
Thunder and Lightning, dispenser of earthly goods and
protector of the City. He was the father and the master
of the gods. The romans likened him to ZEUS.
The latter was the supreme god of the greek pantheon.
God of the Sky and master of the gods, he upheld order
and justice on earth. His attribute was Lightning.
The reason why Greeks and Romans always respected
the religion of the peoples they lived next to or that they
subdued is that they must have known or felt the
common origin of their religions. On the contrary,
christian missionaries have always been intolerant or
have always misunderstood other traditions.
This legacy can still be found today. Indeed, on a
linguistic level, the name ZEUS originates in the term
dyu, which vedic root dyauh means "bright Sky".
The term dyauh also means "holy thoughts, prayer",
and the proper meaning of its root dhi seems to be
"inner vision". There is a clear relationship between
"inner vision", "holy thought" and "bright Sky". This
corresponds precisely to Phosphenic Mixing which
consists in mingling a thought to the co-phosphene by
focusing on a source of light in order to develop
A derivative of the term dyu became an archaic form of
latin : deivos, which describes a superior power related
to the bright Sky.
In time, deivos became deus, which gave "dieu" in
french, "dios" in spanish or "divine" in english.
The cave of the Virgin Mary in Lourdes.
Page 18
Antero-posterior oscillation Lateral oscillation
The illustrations above are extracted from The Yoga of two seconds by Doctor F.LEFEBURE - PHOSPHENISM Publishing
Let there be light !
So, from a purely cultural analysis, without even
refering to the religions or their practices, we find
throughout the history of humanity a principle that
enabled Mankind to evolve and progress.
We know now that LIGHT IS A SOURCE OF
Oscillation of the point
of concentration :
Advanced technique
Swayings are always practiced with a
metronome or, for an even better result,
with the MANTRATRON.
On a very precise and steady rhythm,
the exercise consists in visualizing the
three groups of work (geometrical
shapes, dots of light, etc...), which,
mixed with the phosphene, will allow
the creation of neurologic connections
that trigger psychic experiences.
This is the basis of rhythmic thinking
More information on :
Page 19

The phosphene is the umbilical

cord that connects us to the
other world". In one sentence,
Docteur LEFEBURE has summed up
the considerable importance of the
phosphenes in the development of
psychic abilities. Nobody before him
understood the importance of
focusing shortly on sources of light,
nor why all religions and initiatory
traditions are based on such
focusing, like the zoroastrian
religion, asian religions
(Bouddhism, Shintoism, Taoism),
original christianity, etc. The study
of the phosphenes shows that they
actually are an energy that brings
us closer to planes which are not
perceptible by the physical senses
but nevertheless real. Often in
history, phenomena that were
considered as miracles were
diverted from their true meaning in
order to prevent their understanding,
but they all originated in the use of
the phosphenes.
Thus, holy places are locations
where the phosphenes have been
used constantly for centuries or
even millenia. Certain experiments
show that the phosphene is an
energy that emanates from the
brain. One of the greatest
discoveries of Docteur LEFEBURE is
Phosphenic Mixing. Mixing a
thought with the phosphene
produces an energy that remains in
the location where the exercises
have been practiced. This is what
the Ancients called "egregor", an
accumulation of energy that allowed
people to enter the subtle planes.
Certain particular locations are
particularily favored in that way, like
for example mount Athos in Greece,
which already was a sacred place
before christianization. Today, the
monks still do phosphenes by
staring at the sun for very short
periods or by focusing on the flame
of candles for long periods of time.
Pilgrims notice that, even outside of
the monastery, the whole mountain
is soaked in a particular
atmosphere. They feel a very strong
sensation of swayings that is not
physical, neither due to the wind.
They feel carried by rhythms that
put them in a much deeper state of
receptivity than usual.
There are many festivals of light in
the monastery and on certain
occasions, the chapels are
completely illuminated by candles
during worship and it is impossible
not to do phosphenes. Moreover, in
the orthodox religion, monks sway
while praying and focus on candles,
a proof that these practices existed
in the origins of christian religions.
The same way in Mevlana, Turkey
(the holiest place of Sufism), visitors
have the sensation that they are
"somewhere else". They feel a
peace and serenity that they have
never felt before. Some Sufis
practice rotations : the Sama or
danse of the whirling dervishes and
practice rhythmic thinking a lot by
repeating prayers or sufi texts and
poetry. Also, they benefit from
excellent lighting conditions,
whether from the bright sky, white
walls or brightly lit sand and
systematically do phosphenes. A
Sufi told me a while ago, that he
liked to meditate in the desert as it
was there that he obtained the most
beautiful out of body experiences.
Indeed, meditating is practicing
rhythmic thinking while doing
phosphenes, and the desert is a
particularily favorable environement
for that thanks to the reflection of
the light on the sand and the rocks,
as well as the light from the sky.
The blue color of the sky is due to
the reflection of the light of the sun
on the layers of the atmosphere.
Reflected light is polarized and it is
this polarization that provokes
phenomena of clairvoyance.
In Lourdes, Fatima and in other
places where "solar prodigies" have
taken place, children asked the
crowd to focus on the sun and
people saw it darken, shake, sway
or even fall ! Actually, what they
took for movements of the sun were
simply the rhythms of the solar co-
phosphene, i.e. the phosphene that
is perceived while focusing at a
source of light. What was hastily
considered as a miracle is really a
number of physiological phenomena
that can be reproduced at will by
using a simple lamp.
Page 20
Indeed, if you focus on a white opalescent light bulb of
75 watts for thirty seconds, at a distance of two
meters, you will quickly perceive a blue hue that covers
the surface of the bulb and the reflector, creating the
impression that the lamp is darkening. Around thirty
seconds later, a pink tint appears. After three minutes,
a very light green color is perceived. After that period,
the light reverts to its original white color.
If the lamp is turned off after the first thirty seconds of
focusing, during the period when the pink phase of the
co-phosphene appears, the post-phosphene can be
observed with the eyes closed. Its colors keep
changing. At first a yellow or yellow-green patch circled
by a red border is perceived. The color pink then
appears and turns to purple, then to dark blue or even
black. The last phase of the phosphene is a ghostly
glow called "diffuse glow". These are the colors of the
post-phosphene, the phosphene that is consecutive to
lighting. The phosphene has a typical behavior : it fades
away and comes back, pulsates or gives the
impression it grows bigger or shrinks. Its edges can
shake and it can also rotate or sway. Often, people who
do phosphenes for the first time see it spontaneously
slide in their field of vision. It seems to move to the
sides or rise or fall. It is obvious that these movements
correspond to the phenomena perceived during the
solar prodigies. On an individual level, only certain
rhythms of the phosphene are perceived, for example :
sliding or rotating, swaying or pulsating.
These phenomena can be reproduced easily with a
lamp and it is obviously not a "suspension of natural
laws" that has made the sun move but a physiological
reaction that produces a very particular energy that is
related to cerebral rhythms. When a crowd focuses on
THE Miracle OF FatiMa
(Portugal 1917)
3 4
1 - The three children shepherds (left, Lucia
2 - The crowd, enthralled by the solar prodigy.
3 - Press article on the subject published
in 1917.
4 - Sister Lucia Santos.
5 - The 70000 people gathered near the village
of Fatima.
Page 21
the sun (or even on a lamp), the rhythms of each person
present are greatly amplified, in such a way that
persons that have never experienced psychic
phenomena are carried by the group and can enjoy
subjective perceptions though they do not even know of
their existence. Rhythms are transmitted from one
person to another, creating a surge that can be
compared to a nuclear chain reaction. Rhythmo-
phosphenism i.e. the awakening of deep cerebral
rhythms by the phosphenes is the first aspect of
"initiation" i.e. the transmission of rhythms by a person
or a group of persons.
It is necessary to begin this kind of experiment with a
lamp though, or at least not to focus on the sun for a
long time. In the beginning, one should stare at the sun
for no more than a second and should avoid repeating
this process too often. In order to practice safely with
the sun, it is important to know the phosphenic
techniques really well and to take a few elementary
precautions : taking off glasses or contacts
that could have a magnifying glass
effect and burn the retina, drinking a
lot of water to make the blood
more fluid and irrigate the eyes
better. Moreover, you will not
accumulate more energy by
looking at the sun longer :
once the maximum quantity
of energy has been
absorbed from light, no more
can be absorbed. Using the
phosphenic lamp yields as
much results and prevents
accidents from happening to
people who could be tempted to
focus on the sun in an inconsiderate
manner. These few lines are merely a
warning to foolish people. Practice with the sun, when
it is done properly, is extremely interesting on a psychic
and mental or initiatory level.
The word initiation comes from the latin "initium" which
means "beginning, start". Initiation is an energy "push"
given by a group or an individual who has enough
power to trigger certain phenomena in a candidate. It is
then necessary for the candidate to maintain regularily
the energies thus awakened. Initiation is a powerful
boost that needs to be channeled and organised by
rhythmic thinking. Neglecting this maintenance will
cause the phenomena to disappear. All this is thus very
far away from "miracles" or "suspensions of the laws of
nature", concepts that seem to give an explanation but
that are actually the expression of a profound
ignorance. As soon as the physiological phenomena
have been studied, anyone can have access to
energies that can be controled and used. They become
a tool that sheds light on many traditions and that can
help you avoid superstitions and obscurantism.
Understanding these phenomena can enable anyone to
easily achieve highly spiritual experiences.
These "dances of the sun" have always been instigated
by children and they also have had visions. Indeed, the
third phase of the phosphene, the diffuse glow, appears
as a cloud of light and produces "visions" when
attention is focused on it. It is what clairvoyants look at
when they use a crystal ball. They place a couple of
candles behind the ball and focus on it. They say that it
is only when they perceive a cloud inside the ball that
the visions take place. By focusing on the ball, they
actually are focusing on the magnified
flames of the candles. They are thus
systematically doing phosphenes.
It is only when the cloud appears
that visions occur. These
clairvoyants thus obtain the
same phenomena as the
children that have been at
the origin of solar prodigies.
Indeed, the children stated
that they first saw a bright
cloud appear and then a
character inside the cloud.
The same way, it was the
character that disappeared first,
then the cloud. The children never
said the character was the Virgin ; that
was said "for" them. The children of Fatima
stated they saw a "white lady" and Bernadette
Soubirous talked of a "lady the size of a little girl". The
rest is only improper interpretations. In his book "the
scientific key to supernatural phenomena", Docteur
LEFEBURE analyses the conditions in which Bernadette
Soubirous had lived. It appears that she frequently
played with the phosphenes.
When Catherine of Medici asked Nostradamus to
foresee how long her sons would reign, she wanted to
witness the actual vision herself. Nostradamus
practiced focusing at "the reflection of the moon" on a
silver tray for a long time. When, a month later, he felt
he was ready, he had to produce a mental effort in order
Page 22
to make the queen perceive a vision
of a character rotating around the
tray. Every lap this character did
around the tray corresponded to one
year of reign of her sons. This vision
took place in a cloud ! It is obvious
that Nostradamus could not focus
on the reflection of the moon every
night for a month. It was much more
practical to focus on the reflection of
the sun or on the sun itself during
the day or on the reflection of the
sky when the sun was blocked. At
night, he could also use the flame of
a candle or even better, the flames
of the fire in his chimney.
Reports on that story focus a great
deal on the importance of the
astrological signs that decorated
the silver tray. But it is
understandable that an object
belonging to a famous astrologer
would have beared a mark that
showed his trade, the same way
coats of arms would decorate the
shields and armor of knights and
lords. Before Doctor LEFEBURE, no
one had showed interest to the "folk
story" that Nostradamus focused on
the reflection of the moon on a silver
tray. If writers have insisted so
much on the decoration of the tray
with all its symbolism, it is because
of their total lack of knowledge of
initiatory techniques. The result of
this was to surround Nostradamus
with mystery though he always
described how he proceeded.
Indeed, in the first quatrain of the
"Centuries", Michel de Nostradamus
described the technique he used to
produce his visions. We will let you
check it by yourself.
Astrological symbols and the
"moon" aspect (abusively
associated with sorcery) of the
practices of Nostradamus confused
many people who got stuck in
would-be occult considerations.
Under the guise of a mysterious
operation realised with the help of
Slne appears a constant of the
process of the visions of
Nostradamus : focusing on a direct
or indirect source of light, thus using
There is a third kind of phosphenes
that can be easily perceived in the
dark. With your eyes closed and
while focusing attention on your
field of vision, you can notice that it
is not pitch black, as it is commonly
thought, but that some vague
patches of light and color can also
be found within it. This is what we
call visual chaos. It is made of
spontaneous phosphenes provoked
by cerebral activity, and is a visual
perception of the exchanges
between the hemispheres of the
When observing the details of this
visual chaos, you can notice that
they progressively become brighter,
more precise, and that colors
appear as well as movements and
more and more numerous shapes.
After densifying the visual chaos
like this for about 10 minutes, you
will be able to perceive it easily with
your eyes open.
Certain people think they can see
"auras" when what they describe
are only the colors and movements
of their own visual chaos. Everyone
can obtain this perception of the
various kinds of phosphenes and
the experiences that they produce.
In "Mystics and Magicians of Tibet",
Alexandra David-Neel describes the
different kinds of reclusions that are
practiced by the monks : "Meditating
in the dark is a practice known in
India and in most of the buddhist
countries. The Burmese build
special chambers for that purpose, I
Catherine of Medici.
From the Praying Wheel to the Spiritual Dynamo - Kundalini Volume I .
Page 23
have seen various designs during my stay in the
Saghain mountains, but the monks only stay in them for
a few hours. In Tibet, on the other hand, there are
people who spend several years in the dark and even
some who spend the rest of their lives in
these kind of tombs." It is obvious that in
these conditions of complete darkness,
the lamas obtain an extremely rich
and dense visual chaos. The
amazing periods of time spent using
this technique show how important it
is to the Tibetans.
But, as soon as the physiological
principles that underline these
techniques are understood, it is not
necessary to practice such a strict ascetism. The
visual chaos is, after the phosphene, one of most easily
perceptiple subtle energy and it allows access to very
interesting phenomena. This technique is mainly used
to develop clairvoyance and to create out of body
The technique lies in the observation of
the details of a totally subjective light.
On a philosophical level, it is going
towards the light. It is the process of
all true initiatory traditions ; and the
practice of focusing on direct or
indirect sources of light is universal.
The Ancients used to say that "light is
a source of knowledge".
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any people search for out of body experiences
without knowing what they really are or how
to produce them. In these conditions, it is very
difficult to recognize the phenomena. There is a very
strong antagonism between initiatory experiences and
psychological experiences. The latter are not part of
initiatory techniques and belong to an entierely different
domain. It is extremely important to know what domain
you are working on and what are its limits. It is also
important to know why a technique is applied and what
results can be obtained with it so that you can make
the right choices.
The brain has its limits and whether for study or
practice, it is important to define the field you are
working on. Sadly, a lot of people only start a
research to validate the prejudiced
ideas they already have. When they
experience a phenomenon that
disturbs them because it challenges
their preconceived ideas, they react by
refusing the phenomenon or even by
stating that out of body experiences are
dangerous or scary. This danger, this fear,
is only the risk of discovering one's true
nature. These people thus limit
themselves to the production of purely
psychological phenomena.
It is also easy to be influenced by an
atmosphere or an attitude that will act
more as a suggestion than as a catalyst
of genuine experiences. Also, people
frequently experience sensations that
only touch the surface of the
"psychological layers" of the individual
and these are mistakenly taken as an
achievement or as a contact with the
deepest of the self. Most of the times,
these sensations are just pleasurable
illusions. A few images and sensations
are perceived ; that in itself is very pleasant, but the
process does not go past this stage.
If you go and watch a film in an IMAX cinema with an
180 screen, you will feel many sensations and
"experiences". You can feel your body become heavy or
light, feel like you are falling or going up, flying or
effortlessly floating in the air. In the end, you will
experience sensory fun as the film has stimulated
certain of your sensory organs. But these are not
psychic phenomena. You will find yourself stuck in a
sensory dead end and will wish for the
sensations to keep going
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as they are very pleasant. The same process happens
when you are feeling an itch : you scratch and after a
while, this scratching becomes a pleasure and you find
it pleasant to scratch. Doctors call this phenomenon
"scratching exctasy". Again, you are stuck in a sensory
dead end that leads to a pathological state.
Initiatory phenomena rarely take place during practice
but usually several hours or a day after it. It is important
not to confuse sensory fun, which produces a pleasant
moment, with initiatory exercises, which lead to
genuine experiences, outside of practice time, often at
night, projecting consciousness into the cosmic planes.
Initiatory phenomena are beyond self-created
sensations. Very little people accept the idea of taking
the study further than the layers that are still connected
to the unconscious will. On the contrary, those who do
delve deeper, find a different aspect of themselves and
the universe.
Out of body experiences are not rare phenoMena !
They have been practiced throughout history
and lie at the core of all initiations.
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One of the first effects of the combination of
phosphenes and rhythmic thinking is to produce
colored dreams. Then come dreams of flying, they
represent the first level of out of body experiences or
"astral projection".
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Astral out of body experiences
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Page 26
've got the blues ! As soon as it
is grey outside, we feel bluesy.
This is due to the infamous
winter depression or chronical
seasonal depression. Other reasons
include character disorders,
tiredness, sleeping disorders, lack
of concentration, etc...
Indeed, the absence of light can
produce, in a majority of cases, a
disturbance of inner rhythms,
whether psychological or
physiological. Women are affected
four times more than men by this
In France, the intensity of light goes
from 100 000 Lux on a summer day
to 1 500 Lux in autumn. This quantity
cannot fulfill our basic needs and
the lack of light produces the "winter
blues" that affects 75% of women
aged 30 to 50. So do persons
working in an environement without
sufficient lighting like schoolchildren
and students.
It is essential to understand how
much light influences our nervous
system and our general behavior.
The luminous aspect of the sun has
a beneficial and even healing
influence on the body. Certain rules
have to be followed. Seasonal
depression, character disorders,
tiredness, etc. can be treated with
By increasing the production of
melatonin (the hormone regulating
the inner rhythms of
sleep/wakefulness), light has the
capacity to balance the inner
rhythms of the organism and thus
can help being in a good mood and
full of energy. Light therapy is now
prescribed by many doctors and
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in improving cerebral abilities like
memory, ideas, concentration,
creativity in a remarkable manner.
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money and is guaranteed 3 years.
This method works for various
domains of application and it is
harmless for children or adults alike.
Many countries already practice the
method of Phosphenic Mixing
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The works of Dr LEFEBURE have
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level and he has received many
prizes and thanks.
The quality, integrity and care with
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Light therapy lamps are expensive
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