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wo years ago now, I started a major
change of policy in the diffusion of
Phosphenism. After realizing that I
would not find anyone to help me
with the difficult task of diffusing
Phosphenism throughout the world, and after
lengthy contacts with Dr LEFEBURE, I decided to
appoint my successor, my heir : Internet.
And during a short and formal ceremony, I
enthroned Internet as the diffuser of
Phosphenism =:)
At the end of the day, who else but Internet can
take on the heavy burden of WORLDWIDE
diffusion ?
So, for the last two years, all my actions have
been centered around this reflection : what if I
was not here anymore ! In what state am I
going to leave the magisterial works of Dr
LEFEBURE for the future generations ? Life is a
great wheel that keeps on turning. One day we
are 14 years old, then very quickly we turn 16,
18, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50... 60, 70... and
then one day, bang ! We are not here any
more !
What will be left of us afterwards...? NOTHING !
Absolutely nothing, once our close relatives are
gone, apart from a few rare individuals who will
come down to posterity.
But, what must remain and last is the works of
Dr LEFEBURE, as I promised myself years ago.
For children, time passes slowly. But the more
one grows older, the more time seems to fly
past, up to a such a point that it seems that we
have accomplished next to nothing for a whole
As I feel that time is accelerating for me, for the
last two years I have spent all my energy
making the whole of the works of Dr LEFEBURE
available on the Internet, mainly in the form of
books in PDF format for download, audio
courses in MP3 format and courses on video in
DivX format.
Also, I compiled in the PHOSPHENIC ENERGY
UNIVERSE collection all the texts that I found
PHOSPHENISM Publishing has been created for the
diffusion of the magisterial works and the
discoveries of one of the greatest masters of
initiation of our century.
A single goal, a single mission :
to protect and to preserve the works of Dr LEFEBURE
for the future generations.
In the next issues, you will be able to discover why
PHOSPHENISM is probably the most confidential
teaching that has ever been diffused.
Volume 2
Volume 2
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Page 3
Phosphenes are the patches of color that can be
perceived after having focused on a source of light. As
an experiment, a phosphene can be obtained by
focusing on a white opalescent (the filament cannot be
seen) light bulb, at a distance of 1.50 to 2 meters for a
duration of approximatively thirty seconds.
The effects on eyesight are very beneficial if the norms
are respected. These norms have been established by
Dr LEFEBURE after experimenting for 40 years with
thousands of subjects. (Check "Phosphenic Mixing
Applied to Education")
It is possible to use the sun but, in this case, focusing
should not last for more than 2 seconds. It is essential
to thoroughly read and follow Dr LEFEBURE's guidelines
if you want to practice with the sun. Focusing longer
does not improve the quality of the phosphene. When
light hits the eye, it triggers chemical and electrical
reactions in the brain, increasing considerably mental
and cerebral abilities as a whole. The practice of the
basic exercise of Phosphenic Mixing, i.e. mingling a
thought with the phosphene, is enough to obtain
a) When a child is asked to do a dictation of words, he
does it carefully at first, and his handwriting is regular.
But, after a short period of time, the words start to go
up and down like a wave and the child starts to be
restless : he is not attentive any more. To improve his
attention, ask him to do a phosphene and to observe its
colors for three minutes, the duration of a phosphene.
Then, resume the dictation. Straight away, his writing
will be steadier and his attention will be increased. This
means that the energy of light has balanced his nervous
system, improving motricity amongst other things.
b) When you want to reflect on a subject, you can find
it difficult to keep the same theme in mind : the thought
vanishes, parasitic ideas pester you ; the ideas you are
seeking do not appear and you get tired !
Why ? Is it because you are lacking concentration ? No !
Observing the phosphene shows that the brain
functions in a rhythmic manner. Try the following
experiment : focus on a white light bulb, and then
switch the light off. In the dark, you will perceive a
sequence of beautiful colors : yellow-green ; pink ;
purple ; dark blue ; black.
Certain cells of the eye, the cones, allow us to perceive
colors. If the cones functioned simultaneously, we
would perceive a white phosphene after focusing on a
source of light. We actually perceive a sequence of
colors because the cells of the eye function
alternatively. The phosphene, made of a regular
sequence of colors is a reflection of how the brain
The phosphenes amplify the rhythms of the brain.
Thinking, reflecting or working during the presence of
the phosphene, densifies thoughts. They become
clearer, more precise. The effort of concentration
becomes less important, attention is considerably
Choose a vague or very old memory. Think about it
while focusing on the lamp for thirty seconds. Then,
after switching the lamp off, keep thinking about it
during the presence of the phosphene.
Let the memory develop spontaneously. Do not try to
direct it. You will notice that your memory has a greater
intensity, that its details come back in an extremely
precise manner and that other memories suddenly
appear, sometimes long forgotten ones. The phosphene
has a particularily powerful action on memory. That is
why children remember their lessons better when they
have studied them with the phosphenes.
Page 4
The simplest example of learning with Phosphenic
Mixing is a child studying a map of geography with the
phosphenes. He can start by studying the map as usual
in his book. He should then close the book and switch
the lamp on, focus on it for thirty seconds, switch it off,
and then try and remember all the details of the map
successively once the phosphene has appeared.
Usually, nothing particular happens during the practice
of mixing a thought with the phosphene.
It is only later that the child will notice that the thought
that has been associated with the phosphene is now
denser, unusually solid and imprinted much deeper in
his memory.
The reflection of light on a page produces a continuous
phosphene and that will greatly help assimilating the
text. The phosphene also has an action on
The meaning of the words is clearer. The main ideas are
perceived better as well as the secondary and
transitional ideas. The meaning of the text as a whole
is understood better. The organization of the text is also
assimilated better and it is easier to find the various
elements that compose it.
Students, if they study their lessons every day with the
phosphenes, will, day after day, notice that they learn
faster and remember better. Grades and marks will
quickly improve and the teachers will be struck by the
rate of progress of the results.
You have an assignement to do, a project to develop, a
letter to write, but no ideas come to your mind. Be
efficient with the phosphenes.
Prepare a pen and a piece of paper. Do a phosphene
and, while you are focusing on the lamp, keep the
theme, the idea you want to develop in your mind. After
switching the lamp off, this idea will warp and will soon
be replaced by other ones. Accept what appears in your
consciousness, even if, at first, the ideas that appear
are already known to you, whether you have thought or
heard them before. There is always a short latency time
before the energy can be felt. Nevertheless, write down
your ideas and keep on observing freely the ideas that
appear. It is important to write them down, otherwise
you will not remember them. Do another phosphene
every 5 minutes or so, i.e. 2 to 3 phosphenes every 15
minutes. You will notice that ideas become more and
more numerous and that they flow more and more
Try this for 15 minutes and compare the number of
ideas, their quality, their logic and their organization to
what you usually experience. You can also compare
your handwriting by observing the beginning and the
end of your notes.
There is often a substancial difference : writing
becomes more fluid, more spontaneous. This generally
corresponds to a moment when many thoughts came to
your mind without effort.
Page 5
The process of focusing on a white opalescent 75
watts light bulb at a distance of one or two meters for
thirty seconds, switching the lamp off and remaining in
the dark, does not harm the eyes.
This method is actually very
beneficial for eyesight. An example
is this person who had to be
operated because his iris and
cristalline lens were stuck together.
Strong light followed by complete
darkness exercises the iris (light
makes it contract itself). In that
person's case, it cured the adhesion
and surgery was not necessary any
Retinal purple is destroyed by
strong lights and reforms itself
during darkness. This chemical
exercise increases capillar circulation. This is why
there is always a certain degree of improvement of
eyesight after the first few weeks of practice of
Phosphenism (if you practice for at least 15 minutes in
the morning and in the evening). The modification of the
sharpness of sight due to the rejuvination of the retina
often gives the impression that a myopia has improved,
even though it is difficult to prove a modification of the
curve of the transparent liquids of the eye.
Dr LEFEBURE was a living proof of the beneficial effect
of Phosphenism on eyesight. Physiologicaly,
presbyopia starts roughly at the age of 50 ; it is
complete by 60. The minimum reading distance for a
healthy young man is 30 centimeters. Dr LEFEBURE
demonstrated that he could read any type of characters
at a distance of 10 centimeters. He could also read at an
arms length until the age of 72. Thus, Phosphenism has
not only prevented his eyes from ageing, but it seems
to have rejuvinated them.
In the case of a glaucoma, i.e. the hypertension of the
liquids of the eye, one must naturally be careful. The
glaucoma is usually due to the impairement of the
resorbtion of the aqueous humor by the ciliary
processes, some kinds of vasculary packets situated
on the back of the iris. Nevertheless, the strong
exercising of this organ provoked by
alternations of light and dark, helps
strengthening the ciliary processes
and thus helps resorbtion. Indeed;
in the case of glaucoma, physicians
prescribe drops that trigger a
contraction of the iris ; strong light
produces the same effects in our
experiments, though for a shorter
period of time. Strong light thus acts
in a similar way as classic
This explains why, even with this
affliction, the practice of
Phosphenism is beneficial. Nevertheless, any therapy
can have the opposite effect of the one expected,
particularily if it is an active therapy.
It is important to start progressively as only two or
three surges of glaucoma can crush the retina.
In the case of a possibility of a detachment of the
retina, the treatment usually consists in heating it in
order to increase blood flow and the vitality of the
underlying tissues that stick it to the choroid. In this
case, phosphenic mixing shows a similar action as
In the first few sessions of Phosphenic training, the
conjunctiva can become congested during focusing. A
slight sus-orbital headache can also persist after the
session due to an unusual increase in the meningeal
blood flow. This reaction is very rare and after three or
four days it will disappear, once the vaso-motricity
reflexes have adapted themselves to the practice.
Page 6
or the first time in 1966, we had the idea of
experimenting with mixing thoughts and the
phosphenes. Quickly, we noticed some curious
effects, followed by very beneficial ones. We then tried
to develop a method of education with precise modes of
application for each of the subjects studied at school.
Generally, straight after the first sessions, the children
notice that their work yields more results ; the
improvement of grades usually take place within a
month. Certain children catch up with the other children
in their class within a few weeks in a spectacular
manner. Along with the increased work output, the
children's character is also improved, permitting better
discipline. An increase in intellectual curiosity and in
initiative can also be noted.
Applying this technique is not tiring, on the contrary.
Children feel more rested thanks to the extra energy
that brings a sensation of well-being. Moreover, it does
not waste the children's time as it is just a new way to
revise and do homework.
The principle of this method is very simple, and can be
resumed easily : first, what is a phosphene ? "A
subjective sensation of light" is the definition that can
be found in the dictionnary. There are several
categories of phosphenes.
For the purpose of education, we only use the kind of
phosphenes that we have called "Post-phosphenes", or
phosphenes consecutive to lighting. We do not use the
phosphenes produced by other methods : compression
of the eyes, hallucinogenic substances, electrical
To observe the phosphene, find a white opalescent light
bulb of 60 to 75 watts. Place it at a distance of two
meters and focus on it for approximately thirty seconds.
Switch the light off and remain in the dark. A full
darkness condition can be obtained by wearing an
eyepatch. For the next three minutes, you will see a
succession of colors. It usually starts with a beautiful
shining green hue (it is sometimes yellow during the
first few tries), circled by a red edge. The limits
between the colors vary abruptly ; sometimes the
phosphene disappears completely for a few seconds.
The red tint grows and, after a minute and a half, the
phosphene is entierely red. After three minutes, its
center has turned dark blue or black and it is
surrounded by a pale, grey cloud, three or four times
larger than the center. The cloud is a lot more stable
than the bright colors and its edges are irregular. We
gave the name "diffuse glow" to this cloud that appears
at the end of the phosphene.
"Phosphenic Mixing" consists in mingling a thought with
the phosphene. For example, a child who wants to
learn a map of geography can start by studying it as
usual. The only difference with the usual way of
working is that the child should focus on the lamp for
thirty seconds before reciting the lesson. It is during the
presence of the "Post-phosphene" that the child should
revise the map in his mind's eye, one detail at a time
first, then the whole map. Memorization is triggered by
the coincidence of the phosphene and the mental
Experimenting proves that thoughts are charged with
energy by the phosphene. Nothing special happens
during the experiment, it is only later that the mental
image will come back, clearer and sharper and it will be
imprinted better in memory.
Moreover, the mixing of a thought with the phosphene
strengthens certain cerebral connections. After
exercising for half an hour, twice a day, during a month,
certain effects will persist between the sessions :
primarily an improvement of attention, a most important
consequence. In the beginning, we experimented
without telling the subjects about the effects we had
already noticed, and after a month, we asked them to
relate to us what they had noticed. The most frequent
by Doctor LEFEBURE
Former extern of the hospitals of Paris.
Page 7
answer we got was "an improvement of attention, not
only during the experiments, but also between the
sessions improving work and all the activities of life".
There are different applications for all the various
subjects of study.
For a history lesson, it is not necessary to place all the
images of a chapter one after the other in the
phosphene. The important facts and names are enough.
Mixing thoughts with the phosphenes produces an
energy that can be compared to the energy created by
a chemical reaction. This energy helps the partial and
then the global assimilation of the lesson.
In order to increase the number of ideas necessary for
writing or doing essays, we advise on the practice of
"Streaming Mixing" : the theme of the assignement has
to be condensed and symbolized as an image. This
image is then mixed with the phosphene in order to
increase the phenomenon of association. New ideas will
appear. The clearest of these new ideas has to be
symbolized as an image and this image has to be again
mixed with the phosphene, and so on with each new
idea. You will notice that the flow of ideas increases
after each new mixing. General ideas that connect the
previous ideas together will then appear. The
assignement will not only be richer, but also of better
For studying mathematics, the best process is slightly
different. It was discovered by children. The child
should repeat the assumptions and the conclusion of
the question as he normally does when he wants to
answer a question but, this time, while focusing on the
lamp. Then, during the post-phosphene, he should keep
his mind at rest. During that time, a subconscious
assimilation of the data of the question happens. The
child usually finds the solution easily, with the pleasant
sensation that is specific of phosphenic phenomena.
Naturally, this sensation is subjective, but there is a
domain where the results of Phosphenism are
immediately objective : it is the domain of mild speech
disorders. Many children who speak fluently with their
friends, stutter as soon as they recite a piece of poetry
in front of a teacher or even in front of their parents. If
this recitation is done during the presence of the
phosphene, their voice becomes stronger straight
away, the delivery becomes faster, and the
pronunciation is improved.
Phosphenic Mixing can also help for the study of foreign
languages : an english teacher has observed that when
a student listens to a recording in that language during
the presence of the phosphene, he aquires the accent
better. Listening during the presence of the phosphene
actually improves attention for any school subject.
Certain retarded children benefit even more from
Phosphenism than normal children. Children afflicted by
mental inferiority hold on to Phosphenism as if it was a
lifesaver, as they are conscious of the positive effects.
Other children suffer of a lack of development due to a
momentary block provoked by growth. Surprising
awakenings are observed and a child that was very
weak in mathematics can quickly catch up with the
average level. Of course, in the case of a profound,
hereditary or acquired defect, these effects cannot be
Another variation can be applied to solve spelling
problems. The child should be asked to write the word
in the dark, during the presence of the phosphene. It is
actually not that difficult. This way, both the muscular
and the motivity memories are exercised. They have a
very important role, it is thanks to them that one can
type without looking at the keyboard. We also have
tried to read a text through the phosphene, in a dim
light. A brighter light was switched on regularily to
refresh the memory of the text. When this technique
was applied, the text seemed to persist in the dark, to
the point that it was possible to keep reading, or more
accurately, to keep revising. A periodic display of slides
representing algrebra formulas, would trigger the same
cerebral mechanism.
For juvenile delinquents, an improvement of intelligence
and of the character can be noted, but relapses are not
entierely eliminated. More research is needed in this
We have succesfully realized many experiences, but
our wish is that you realize your own.
Page 8
hosphenic phenomena
always tend to expand
like the universe. This
might be why characters like
14th century B.C.) or the
emperor JULIAN (331-363) have
tried to impose the worship of
the sun instead of the twisted
religions of the time, which true
meaning had been hidden by
power-hungry priests.
AKHENATEN realised the
profound implications of the
religion of the city of
HELIOPOLIS (the City of the
Sun), of which the main tradition
consisted in focusing on the
sun while praying (focusing
does not need to last more than
a second). The emperor JULIAN
had been initiated by the
Mysteries of Eleusis.
The initiation consisted in
focusing on a torch then, in the dark, in imagining an ear
of wheat. This emperor was, amongst other things, the
author of the motto "Soli Invicto" (To the Unvanquished
We could quote many other examples. Let us just say
that the basis of all religions is praying while focusing
on a source of light. It was the case of the MAYAS, the
POLYNESIANS, the JAPANESE whose solar worship is
still practiced: SHINTOISM ; etc...
Let us not forget that SHAMANISM is the foundation of
religion and that its essential power comes from fire. If
we go back to the origins of mankind, did we not learn
that Man became Man by taming fire ? Some people
say that Men worshipped powers like fire, the Moon,
the Sun, lightning or the stars,
only because these elements
scared them and that they did
not understand them. It is totally
incorrect ! Often, in the above
mentioned cultures, the roles of
"protector", "friend of mankind",
"dispenser of earthly goods",
"creator of the arts", etc, are
connected to deities of light.
The time has come for our
modern society to realise that
the worships of fire, the Moon,
the Sun or even the stars are not
to be taken symbolicaly, but for
what they really are : praying
while focusing on a source of
Through this brief historical
reminder, we wanted to make
the reader aware of a reality that
is hidden only because it is
interpreted as a symbol by our
view of the world. Once this is understood, it will be
easier to explain the principles of PHOSPHENISM.
To produce a phosphene, you need to focus on a 75
watts white opalescent light bulb for 20 seconds, at a
distance of 2 meters. After switching the lamp off, you
will perceive a patch of changing colors in the dark : the
The phosphene is an emanation of subtle energy that
will enable the brain to work in a different and much
more efficient way than usual. Nevertheless,
phosphenes do not develop anything on their own.
In order to channel the energy of the phosphene, you
need to mix a thought with the phosphene. This thought
Page 9
can be visual : for example, you can imagine an object
or a person during the presence of the phosphene (3
minutes) ; or auditory, i.e. a mental repetion of a
phrase, a word or a mantra (the Ancients used prayer).
Practicing this simple exercise regularily produces fast
and excellent results. It is possible to use this
technique for educational purposes (it is recommended
for children), as the energy of the phosphene
strengthens and densifies thoughts and thus develops
memory in a surprising manner. For the applications of
the phosphenes at school, check Doctor LEFEBURE's
Education is an example of the
use of phosphenes in everyday
life, but it is not necessary to
be a student to practice
exercise can be practiced by
everyone, from the children to
the elderly. The results are
always very beneficial. But, it
is also possible to go even
further with the practice and to
obtain interesting results.
To obtain these results, you
only need to induce a rhythm in
your thoughts. One of the most
Page 10
important rhythms is the rhythm of 2 seconds. This
rhythm can be easily induced by following the beat of a
metronome set on 60, (one beat every second). In a soft
and relaxed manner, and without exaggeration, try to
sway your head sideways, following the beat of the
metronome (one second to the right, one second to the
left). While swaying, you should repeat a phrase, a word
or a mantra in your mind and, if you can, you should
imagine an object that is swaying laterally too : for
example the pendulum of a clock, a flower swaying in
the wind, or any other object that comes to your mind.
Another variation is vertical swaying : the movement
should still be soft and without effort, the chin can come
down close to the sternum, but avoid moving your head
too far back, as the cervical arteries, passing through
small holes in the last cervical vertebras, would be
crushed and blood flow to the brain would be impaired.
A 45 angle from the vertical axis is perfectly
acceptable for this swaying. The importance of
swayings is considerable for several reasons :
1) The brain soaks in a nourishing liquid called the
cephalo-rachidian liquid. Thanks to the swayings, this
liquid can reach and nourish the whole of the brain,
maintaining and revitalizing the different
layers of neurons as well as all the
brain cells. This liquid also
dissolves toxins.
After explaining the swaying
exercises and their effects,
many people understand
why they had a much better
memory when they were
children : they used to
spend hours swaying while
daydreaming. If they were
lucky enough to have parents
that did not stop them, they
could, thanks to this elementary
hygene, awaken certain abilities like
memory, attention, concentration, to the
amazement of the people around them.
These cases are actually very frequent. Generally,
children lose the habit of swaying when they grow up
and their uncanny memory is toned down, though
certain of their capacities still remain above average.
One of the effects of swayings is the maintenance of
mental abilities.
2) Rhythm : the repetition of the same thought induces
a rhythm in this thought, i.e. the thought acquires a
movement (and movement is energy). With this work,
mental energies are put into motion in a way that
allows very subtle forms of perception. The meaning of
the phrase that is repeated does not matter. Mantras
are "mind sounds" (the root of the word mantra meaning
sound-thought), and using them will yield identical if not
more important results than a meaningful sentence. It is
the rhythm that is essential for this exercise.
3) The telepathic transmissibility of rhythmic thoughts :
the phosphene, associated to rhythmic thinking is
extremely transmissible by telepathy.
By the word telepathy, we do not mean transmission of
thoughts. Phosphenic telepathy is the transmission of
rhythms from one person to another.
Rhythms, when they are induced in another person,
can put certain spiritual centers in motion, giving
access to certain phenomena and other planes of
consciousness. This is the true meaning of initiation :
creating rhythms to awaken subtle energies in others.
After awakening these energies by using phosphenic
telepathy, it will be necessary to maintain and develop
them. If they are not put to use they can revert to a
dormant state.
Everyone intuitively knows that these
abilities are natural functions of the
brain, and that they should be part
of everyday life. People are more
or less sensitive to the
existence of other planes but
all feel deep within
themselves the possibility
of a connection with a
higher universe.
Children are those who feel
this the most ; and most of
them suffer from being
disconnected from this broader
consciouness. In so-called
primitive or inferior societies, children
are not left outside of the spiritual world, on
the contrary.
Around the age of 15, an initiation that will put the child
in contact with the spiritual world and its phenomena
takes place. Anthropologists call that period the tribal
age. Because of the children's receptivity, this is the
best period for receiving initiation. Children very often
experience dreams of flying. These dreams are
characteristic of out of body experiences. When they
receive the initiation, children enter the spiritual world
fully, a world which they were very close to before.
Page 11
The word initiation comes from the latin initium,
meaning beginning, start. Initiation is thus far from the
idea that we may have of it. In our systems, we do
realise that the period preceeding puberty is a difficult
time for children. It is a transitional period when
children discover themselves, and this discovery takes
them beyond anything they had imagined. Children feel
that they have possibilities and abilities that the adults
around them prevent from expressing. They are cut off
from a world which presence is obvious to them. Youths
then search for a palliative to this spiritual castration
and, hoping to find their world again, often turn to a
means that our societies provide : drugs.
Some of the sensations produced by drugs are the
same as the ones that can be experienced in spiritual
out of body experiences, the only difference being that
spiritual out of body experiences develop the individual
when drugs destroy the individual. The drug addicts,
trapped in the illusory world of drugs, do not even
realise that they are being destroyed. It is certain that if
a genuine knowledge was given to children at the right
age, they would develop in a more harmonious manner
and they would face life with solid values, rather than
flee and destroy themselves. Something many young
people do, often left alone by resigning parents who
ignore the true nature of the world.
As we just said, dreams of flying, falling or jumping are
characteristic of astral out of body experiences.
Everyone has, at some point in their life, experienced
these dreams of flying ; consequently, everyone has
experienced out of body experiences. Sadly, the notion
of astral travelling has been abused so much that it is
now scary, even though people do not know what it
actually is.
Reading is not enough to understand this phenomenon.
It is a shame that most of the authors that write about
astral travelling have no idea what it really is : they
copy something that has already been written by
someone else and they do not have any experimental
knowledge (certain schools give lectures about various
phenomena, but if you ask their representatives if they
have actually experienced the phenomena they are
talking about, they answer than "mankind has not
evolved enough for us to have access to the higher
planes of consciouness". They thus talk about
something they do not know...). Other authors take their
dreams for realities. What they have experienced is
conscious dreaming, i.e. they have been conscious
during a dream. But, being conscious during a dream is
not astral travelling.
These conscious dreaming phenomena occur in the
lower astral plane : colors are rich, dense and one often
Page 12
has the feeling of soaking in the colors. One of the
particularities of the lower astral is that one can create
any image one desires : if one wishes to walk on a
beach, one merely needs to think about this beach to
appear there. If one wants to ride a bicycle, thinking
about that action is enough to create an image of it. The
lower astral plane is a plane where we have the
possibility to create our own images and our own
dreams. It is also possible to change the dream we are
experiencing, if we do not like it.
Many authors thus do not go beyond the lower astral ;
consequently, what they perceive is the result of their
own emanations. If they explain in their books that
monstrous entities, demons, dragons and other horrors
must be fought in the astral plane, they only show to
everyone the poor quality of their
thoughts. Generally, these authors
make their greatest mistake when
they state that their dream is the
astral plane and that one will
encounter the same things as they
did if one goes there by the process
of an out of body experience.
One of the advantages of the
phosphenic techniques is that they
purify thoughts and feelings. This
purification is genuine and there is
no risk of encountering any
annoyance. The whole of the
individual will tend towards higher
thoughts and ideas as he or she will
try to develop his/her personality and to get rid of any
addiction or dependance.
An independent inner search and personal
development, that is an idea that we are not really used
to. Until now, supranormal abilities and the powerful
possibilities of the mind seemed impossible to reach or
only through a laborious, lifelong teaching and with the
condition that a MASTER, a GURU or an INITIATE would
accept the candidate as a servant... Until now, we have
thought that approaching spirituality and awakening our
dormant potential was only possible through other
languages, rejecting our own culture and
misunderstanding exotic ones in the name of
So much has been said and written about TRADITION
that the concept has become vague and imperceptible,
containing everything and contained by everything.
TRADITION is now an argument, a pretext, allowing
those who "teach" it any kind of abuse and aberration.
Under the name of TRADITION, the west has seen
various "teachings" coming from Asia or India and twist
after twist western people have started to want to eat
like the Indians, bow like the Japanese or even recite
silly phrases in order to place themselves in a
traditional atmosphere. By respect for TRADITION,
people end up impressed by faces that do not inspire
Wisdom or Serenity, terrorised by inaccessible initiates
or ready to play the role of slave.
Etymologicaly, TRADITION means transmission.
Obviously tradition is not folklore. Many writers refer to
ancient texts and find meanings in them that the original
authors certainly did not intend. Academic
interpretations of views of the world that are so different
from ours almost forbid translations, as much of the
original meaning is lost. Texts should
be read in their original version, as
ancient texts have been translated
by scholars who do not know
anything about initiation. Certain
branches of theosophy have done a
lot of harm to Humankind because of
their lack of profound knowledge.
It is a good thing to be curious, but
one has to be curious all the way
and take nothing for granted.
Personal experience is the only way
to understand spirituality. This is a
completely scientific process.
Science is not limited to
mathematics or physics and it
cannot limit the limitless. Defining
borders, limits to science is totally absurd. Science
does not have limits.
Science only exists because Mankind is discovering its
own universe. It is human beings that make
discoveries, not science. It is human beings that make
science. Science does not exist by itself. Through time,
Humanity learns to think differently. First hand
experience is the only process that allows individuals
to understand themselves beyond appearances and
forms. Experience can shed light on concepts and
notions that reason or Academism cannot assimilate.
Many possibilities are offered to us for investigation and
research and they are open to everyone.
By developing PHOSPHENISM and by placing it within
the reach of young people (to whom it can bring a
precious help), we believe that we are planting a seed
which will allow the next generations to understand and
judge things in a new way, parting with the past and
opening new horizons.
Page 13
he study of phosphenes
sheds light on how thoughts
function. It helps us
understand that a thought is an
energy. When this energy is put in
motion, cerebral abilities are
improved and fast and unexpected
results can be obtained in the
domain of the development of
supranormal abilities of perception.
These abilities will quickly become
part of our everyday lives as they
are very easy to produce with the
phosphenic techniques.
Our society usually views telepathy
like a show. The difficulties
telepaths have to obtain
unquestionable results do not
permit any practical applications.
Telepathy is thus considered as a
freak phenomenon and it is only
studied in fringe parapsychological
centers. The huge body of work that
professor RHINE has accumulated
over the years has never convinced
anyone that was not ready to be
convinced, though it would be
interesting to check what part the
phosphenes had to play in the
verified cases of telepathy he
Indeed, a subject of the experiment
could have unconsciously focused
on a source of light, for example
while sitting on the toilet during a
short break, and could have come
back to the laboratory with a
phosphene, momentarily allowing
the obsevation of telepathic results.
It would be a lot more interesting to
start all the experiments again,
using phosphenes systematically
as amplifiers of thoughts. Thus, we
will know for once and for all if
telepathy truly exists.
The definition of phosphenic or
initiatory telepathy is completely
different. When an individual has
developed rhythmic thoughts,
mainly by practicing swayings, they
are easy to transmit to others. This
transmission is a telepathic
phenomenon and is only the
threshold of a vast field of
discoveries and experiments.
People usually do not think that
telepathy can be that simple.
Feeling a wide range of possibilities
within oneself is a revelation that
makes a lifelong impression on the
individual. By accepting this new
consciousness, the individual can
delve into rich inner experiences
that nevertheless bear fruits in
everyday life.
Feeling inner possibilities is one
thing, realizing them is better. The
phosphenic techniques do not
belong to the domain of theory. They
can be applied instantly and enable
the individuals to realize themselves
according to their true goals. These
techniques are varied enough to let
everyone find what they need and to
develop what they are tending
towards. This is an essential part of
phosphenic practice.
Inducing rhythmic thinking in others
will provoke a motion of thoughts
that will not necessarily correspond
to the motion that was sent. The
perception of this movement can
happen in different ways : it can be
through images (for example the
image of going down a sky slope,
going up in hot air balloon, the
image of a pendulum, etc),
synesthesian sensations (the
sensation of being on a boat, etc) or
through both types of perceptions
simultaneously combined. There
are no general rule, everyone
perceives things in an individual
Induced rhythmic thinking will have
a profound action and will help
unlocking certain abilities. This is
why persons with a very high
spiritual level can, with this kind of
techniques, trigger elevated spiritual
phenomena in others. This is the
true meaning of initiation : putting in
motion energies that will help the
individuals realising themselves
and expressing what they tend
towards. Again, this is not a theory.
This exercise can be done standing
up or sitting. If it is done sitting, it is
important, in the beginning, not to
lean against the chair so that the
sensations will not be blocked. The
transmitter can sit behind the
receiver or can face the receiver or
they can also sit side by side. If the
Page 14
transmitter can see the receiver, he or she can project
the phosphene directly on him/her. If they are sitting
side by side, the transmitter should visualize a
miniature image of the receiver in the phosphene.
The transmitter does a phosphene (both can do a
phosphene). The receiver closes his/her eyes and
should try to stay aware of the sensations and images
that appear. The transmitter should then induce a
rhythmic thought, it can be a dot of light called the point
of concentration, animated with a rhythmic motion. That
motion can be a horizontal, vertical, circular or even
pulsating movement as well as any variations of these
movements to vary the experiments.
On the physical level, it is better to match the swayings
with the rhythm of the visualization. Afterwards, with
training, all that will be needed are very small swayings
of the head, in order to roll the brain in the cephalo-
rachidian liquid. Sometimes, the receiver will
unconsciously sway his/her head slightly.
The transmission of a rhythmic thought should last for
the duration of a phosphene (3 minutes); the transmitter
should then ask the receiver what images or
sensations have been perceived : it is always
interesting to know. Then, another phosphene is done
and the visualization of a movement of the point of
concentration is continued. The regularity of the rhythm
of the point of concentration is essential. The best
rhythm for developing supranormal perception abilities
is the rhythm of two seconds.
Swaying at a rhythm of 2 seconds : one
second to the left, one second to the
right. For a rotating thought : one or two
seconds for each rotation (check The
Yoga of 2 seconds by Dr Lefebure).
After these basic experiments, it will be
easy to find direct applications of this
technique, mainly to help opening
certain subtle centers.
Again, the point of concentration should
be visualized, pulsating on a subtle
centre or chakra, at a rhythm of one
second, a third of a second or a sixth of
a second. These rhythms correspond to
the rhythms of the human body and to
the rhythms of natural elements.
The most interesting subtle centers are
located on the top of the head, between
the eyes, on the throat, on the solar plexus and on the
heart plexus.
We do not state that this practice will open the subtle
centers. All we are stating that it will help opening
these centers, with the condition that an important and
necessary personal work is done.
The induction of rhythmic thoughts gives a push to the
subtle energies, but if these energies are not
maintained, their movement ceases and they return to
a dormant state.
There are other modes of application of this technique,
for example for soothing a person who is suffering. The
technique will not make the source of the pain
disappear but will bring an increase of vitality,
something that is always useful. In that case, the
visualization should consist in a swaying or a pulsation
of the point of concentration.
The phosphene has certain calorific properties. If it is
projected on a wound or a bruise while visualizing a
pulsating point of concentration, the clotting process
will happen much faster. It is not necessary to ask
someone else, as this technique can be applied to
oneself. Similarily, though we are moving away from
phosphenic telepathy, to make a small pain disappear,
one only needs to try to feel a pulsation where the pain
is. This shows the importance of the rhythms of
pulsation in the human body and the energies that they
Page 15
Inducing rhythmic thinking in another person will end up
putting this person's double in motion (sensation of a
light, swaying breath of wind), this will be a preparation
for out of body experiences. This preparation will
manifest itself in dreams : dreams of flying, jumping or
falling being characteristic. All that is needed then, is to
practice the techniques that lead to out of body
experiences to produce the desired result.
The person that receives the induction of rhythmic
thoughts will feel a great inner calm. This sensation can
be described by the image of being "well-centered".
Feelings are transformed and life takes on another
dimension. When this is felt, one has an idea of what
true purification can be : a genuine rather than symbolic
purification, a transmutation and elevation of feelings.
The implications of phosphenic telepathy are actually
very profound as the practice of certain exercises,
particularily the ones described by Dr Lefebure in "THE
INITIATION OF PIETRO", create a sentimental
relationship. This form of telepathy is much richer than
simply transmitting numbers or shapes. It creates a
better understanding of an other individual through the
feelings that are perceived, something that goes
beyond the superficial language that we use to express
ourselves. Language is a form of communication that is
so limited that it does not allow the description certain
Phosphenic techniques are progressive. Everyone is
free not to go futher than the production of a phosphene.
It is the same with phosphenic telepathy. Thus, by
keeping practicing, one unconsciously progresses from
For example : do a phosphene. In this phosphene,
visualize the miniature image of someone you are close
to. Observe the images that can appear ; observe the
sensations ; observe the major ideas that come to you.
Write them down. Do the same exercise during several
phosphenes. In the beginning, the ideas and images
will come from you, but after a while...
Page 16
elepathic storms are fantastic phenomena during
which many of the participants enjoy magnificent
visions. The character of grandeur of the
phenomena inspires deeply the participants.
A telepathic storm can take place when a compact
crowd, standing in rows, focuses on a large bonfire.
The phosphene produced by gazing at the fire is
accompanied by the emission of a subtle substance
that can sometimes be photographed. Also, various
types of experiments show that this phosphene is very
easy to transmit by telepathy.
The storm will be even more likely to take place if the
participants have practiced for a few months the
exercise of rotation of an imaginary dot of light moving
one time clockwise and one time anticlockwise along
the edge of a phosphene produced by a lamp.
It is necessary to have eaten or drunk nothing for at
least four hours and it is beneficial that your latest meal
should be composed entierely of bananas.
During the first minute of focusing, sway the upper
body from left to right, at a rhythm of two seconds (one
second one way, one second the other way), the head
is kept constantly tilted backwards.
When the movement is stopped, starting the experience
can be made easier by focusing on a point near the fire
rather than on the fire itself, eyes relaxed and perfectly
still, breathing slowly with the top of the lungs.
At this stage, a wink of the eye can trigger the
phenomenon, but it has to be interrupted if it starts.
Then, for cetain subjects, the fire seems to darken,
jump, pulsate, rotate, especially for those who have
praticed before the collective session and who become
In case of failure, close your eyelids without moving
your eyes, until the green phosphene appears. Then,
imagine a dot of light rotating around the edge of the
phosphene, then open your eyes again. Repeat this
process patiently, insisting on the phase in which the
fire seems to tremble and on the phase in which the
colors change around the fire. These two phases are
the beginnings of the "Dance of the fire".
In a group, the chances of success are increased, and
if the phenomenon takes place, it becomes awesome
because the rhythms of the phosphenes are multiplied
by telepathic resonance. It is the transformation of the
"Dance of the fire" into a "Fire prodigy".
The persons that do not perceive this dance can
practice "Mixing", i.e. mingling a precise thought with
the phosphene produced by the dazzle ; they will
nevertheless often experience visions or useful
The study of these phenomena is of major importance
for several scientific fields, but can only be continued
with large crowds.
If you are interested in helping us organising the
sessions, please contact us.
Would you like to help with the study of
by Doctor LEFEBURE
Former extern of the hospitals of Paris.
Page 17
PHOSPHENIC MIXING is like the "seasoning" of the
initiatory exercises in the sense that it has to be
associated as much as possible with all these
Apart from Phosphenic Mixing, there are four types of
exercises :
Static tensions,
Rhythmic breathing,
Ocular convergence.
These four types are themselves divided in two groups.
The first group includes all the different swayings and
the rotations, and the other group includes the three
other types of exercises.
Static tensions, rhythmic breathing and ocular
convergence are based on the principle of turning
towards the inside an activity that is usually turned
towards the outside. In the case of static tensions, the
point of application of muscular strength that is usually
directed towards the outside will be transfered to the
inside: for example, one of the exercises consists in
remembering the sensation that your muscles gave you
when you were walking.
In the case of rhythmic breathing, there is also a
transfer towards the inside. During normal breathing,
inspiration is short and exhalation is divided in two
phases : a fast exhalation and a short one that is
almost a retention. The phase of retention is thus
situated between exhalation and inspiration in the
normal cycle, when it is situated between the phases
of inspiration and exhalation in the spiritual types of
In the exercise of ocular convergence, the axis of the
angle of vision is turned towards the inside when it is
usually turned towards the outside. There is thus a
reversal towards the inside of an activity that is usually
turned towards the outside.
During the swayings, the cerebral hemispheres are
projected towards the "outside". To such an extent that
one can wonder if these exercises are part of the same
initiatory group as the other three. The path between
the cortex, the surface of the brain, and the periphery of
the body is a complete inversion. The right hemisphere
of the brain corresponds to the left part of the body ; if
the right ascending frontal circonvolution is injured, it is
the left part of the body that is paralysed. The lower part
of the body corresponds to the upper part of the brain.
If the right parietal is injured, it is the left foot that will
lose the ability to feel.
The posterior part of the brain corresponds to the front
of the body. For example, the occipital region
corresponds to vision and the eyes, when the lateral
regions correspond to hearing and the ears. Everything
that is located in the left of the brain correspond to what
is located in the right of the body, the top corresponds
to the bottom, the rear to the front.
There is a law of inversion that reminds one of the
symetry of the circle. But, reversing an inversion leads
back to the starting point. That is why all the exercises
belong to the same technique, the same initiatory
principle, since the two groups of exercises form a
dynamic couple of opposites. This implies that
swayings are a particularily important, separated group
of exercises that involve the whole of the brain mass
physically, i.e. the organ of consciousness, when the
exercises of other group only indirectly stimulate it.
Swayings are the main exercises.
by Doctor LEFEBURE
Former extern of the hospitals of Paris.
Page 18
This means that, if you do not have much time, only
swaying exercises associated to Mixing should be
practiced. The lateral swaying exercises should be
practiced in the evening (children spontaneously sway
lateraly before going to sleep). The anterio-posterior
swaying exercises should be practiced in the morning
(children sway that way in the morning to awaken
If you have more time, you can choose whatever
swayings you feel like doing and you can go from one
to the other following your inspiration. The mind tends
to spontaneously choose a type of swaying and will
change type several times during a long session.
If, on the contrary, you have as much time as you wish,
for example if you are on holiday or if you are retired,
the exercises can be practiced in the following order.
When we fall asleep, we gradually lose consciousness
of our body. This process starts with the feet and
slowly progresses upwards, up to a spot between our
eyes where we are conscious for a long time.
When we have just woken up, even before we have
opened our eyes, we feel that our consciousness is
located between them, on the base of the forehead in
the region that corresponds to the eye of Shiva. If, at
that moment, we wonder where our feet are, we have
to move them to be able to feel them. We thus fall
asleep from bottom to top and awaken the opposite
way. This matches the movement of the invisible
bodies that tend to leave the physical body during
sleep. Thus, the order of the exercises in the evening
should be :
Static tensions,
In the morning, the order should be reversed : even
before you have opened your eyes, practice
convergence, then use the relaxation of half sleep to
practice breathing, then static tensions, before going on
with the swayings once you are out of bed. Even if you
practice other types of exercises, it is useful to
establish a symetry between the exercises of the
morning and those of the evening.
For example, if in the morning you start by making a
plan of the day, in the evening, you should proceed with
an examination of consciousness, going backwards
starting with the last memory of the day and making
your way back up to the first,
Each exercise should be practiced for at least three
quarters of an hour.
If you do not have much time, but still want to practice
all the exercises, you can rotate them, without clinging
to a particular one as they all are complimentary.
Lateral swayings and static tensions :
evening exercises.
Rhythmic breathing, using the relaxation of half sleep
and before eating :
morning exercises.
Static tensions have a major action on willpower and
determination when ocular convergence has an effect
on concentration and the quality of thoughts. It is then
better not to stay focused on one exercise, but to
establish a rotation. During the day, do not miss a
chance to stimulate your inner rhythms with soft
movements of the head in order to maintain the
oscillation of the point of concentration.
Swayings Static tensions Breathing Convergence
Page 19
nitiatory techniques were lost mainly because of a
lack of scientific vocabulary. The initiation of Mithra,
for example, consisted in focusing on a torch in a
cave for three days. The candidate was then supposed
to keep on gazing at "lights" in the dark. These lights
were obviously phosphenes.
The central element of initiation, the one that allows
access to "the other world", is
immediately available to
everyone. If it is not put to use, it
is because a mistake in our
vocabulary hides its true handling.
We are going to prove this with
some experiments that can be
verified by anyone.
Many books about Yoga or about
psychic development state that
clairvoyance can be developed by
concentrating the mind on a point
between the eyes.
It is admitted traditionally, and
without experimental evidence,
that it is by focusing attention on a
point inside the body, preferably
on a chakra or psychic center of
the etheric body, that paranormal abilities can be
developed. Christian mysticism is no exception.
These texts and many others have spread the idea that
the "point of concentration" is the key to spiritual
development. If this was true, it would be so easy that
everyone would have become a great clairvoyant or
mystic. We are going to show that it actually consists
in a "point of dilation".
The following experiment should be practiced sitting on
a chair, in the dark, with your eyes open. Try to imagine
in your mind's eye a very small object, a spark for
example, and observe what happens. You obviously will
have to do the experiment several times in a row as the
mental image tends to vanish. What is actually of
interest to us here, is how this image vanishes. In
general, just before it disappears, the mental image
tends to dilate in extremely varied ways. Sometimes,
the mental image takes the shape of an irregular patch
that evaporates like a small pool of ether, sometimes it
takes the shape of strands or
concentric circles. A experiment of
psychology yields similar results :
children are shown the drawing of
a square and then asked to
reproduce it from memory. Every
fifteen minutes, the drawing is
shown and put away again. The
children's drawings tend to
become larger every time.
These two experiments converge
to demonstrate that a force of
dilation of thoughts exists, an
expansive tendency of the
imagination. The reverse is not
true : if you try to picture a gigantic
object, it will not diminish in size !
Let us now do a very interesting
complementary experiment : imagine the circumference
of a small circle as a white line then, imagine that in a
few seconds, this circle grows up to the biggest
dimension your imagination can conceive. Then,
imagine that this circle vanishes, starting with its
periphery. Wait for a few seconds making no particular
effort and observe what happens : AN IMAGINARY
CENTER OF THE PREVIOUS CIRCLE, this light can take
the shape of a spark or a patch.
If we observe it for a short while, it will spontaneously
tend to grow and we can increase that growth with an
by Doctor LEFEBURE
Former extern of the hospitals of Paris.
Page 20
effort of will, expanding the periphery of this patch up to
the limits of our imagination. After a few seconds,
something will appear in the center of the previous
circle and so on indefinitely.
The reverse process does not exist : if we try to
diminish the size of the circle, a resistance appears in
the center and the shape tends to dilate anyway. This
process can only maintain the pulsation of a visual
image in your imagination, alternatively growing and
shrinking, with the feeling that nothing new appears in
the center.
So, in the first experiment, we are dealing with a point
of dilation of the forces of visual imagination that
creates a continuous current from the infinitely small to
the infinitely large.
This process can be compared to what happens during
cardiac contraction : the heart pushes the blood in the
vessels by contraction, but fills itself with blood in a
purely passive manner : the contraction of the auricle
fills the ventricle with blood but it is by a simple dilation
that the auricles are filled with blood. In a similar way,
in the "point of dilation" exercise, the effort of will
happens during the extension, the dilation, to increase
the natural tendency of imagination, but, the formation
of a new element in the center of the first one that has
vanished is completely passive.
Something fresh and new appears in our
consciousness, without the participation of willpower.
There is a very moral aspect to this law of the behavior
of the "point of dilation" : we have to make a voluntary
effort to give, receiving is done passively by what hindu
philosophy calls Karma. The heart functions the same
way, it does not pump the blood in and out, it only
pumps it out. It is the pressure of the blood that makes
it go back towards the heart. We are not conscious of
the principle of Karma, but it surely brings back to us
the consequenses of our actions.
If you practice the exercise of the point of dilation for a
few weeks, every night during a few minutes while you
are falling asleep, you will experience a curious
Page 21
stral projection is not an experience that
succeeds of fails. The experimenter always
leaves his body more or less and the passage
from one degree to the next one is not progressive but
sudden. Out of body experiences follow very precise
levels or notches accompanied by very different inner
experiences, so by the expression "successful astral
projection" we mean that a higher notch than usual has
been reached. We will describe, in a rather conventional
manner, seven of these notches that cannot be called
stages because they are not necessarily presented in
their natural order.
If you are walking in the streets heading for the house
of someone you really like, your location and motion do
not stop you from imagining yourself already at that
person's and talking to him/her.
If you stay aware of this type of projections of yourself,
you will notice that they happen many times a day. It is
the first degree of spontaneous astral projection.
You can already notice certain characteristics that will
prove useful for triggering deeper out of body
experiences with the static tension exercises :
suddenness of the start, loss of the consciousness of
the image of the body between where you are and the
location you are thinking about as the image appears
instantly in that projected location.
Laying down and relaxed, start by imagining tiny dots of
light appearing on the surface of your skin, on all the
parts of you body that you are aware of. All these dots
then detach and gather in the axis of your body to exit
through the top of your head. Think about the location
where you want to go, project this image there in the
shape of a whitish cloud. You can focus on the dots one
at a time, following the journey of each of these dots
through your body ; or you can imagine many
simultaneous ones, like a burst of sparks gathered by a
current of air exiting your skull through its top.
If you practice this exercise regularily while you are
falling asleep, you will be surprised that, when the
image of yourself appears outside of your body by an
effort of will, it is denser, clearer and sharper than
usual, giving the impression of travelling to another
To the previous exercise, add a small oscillation of the
points that detach themselves from the conscious parts
of your body, going towards the top of your skull in a
curved trajectory / motion.
If you experience difficulties practicing this exercise, for
example if after managing to project your image for an
instant outside of your body, it seems that your image
is projected back into you, alternate the previous
exercise with this one : the dot oscillates from the top
of your head to your feet, concentrating itself as it goes
through your neck, dilating itself towards the
by Doctor LEFEBURE
Former extern of the hospitals of Paris.
Page 22
extremities, becoming like a ball that bounces with an
increasing energy, until it has enough energy to pull
itself out of your body.
Then, it is almost effortlessly that the oscillation of two
seconds is maintained, in one form or another, in the
exteriorised double or in its environement.
This is probably the fundamental element for obtaining
the best possible astral projection. If you experience
images as you fall asleep and if you observe them, you
will discover that their main theme follows a very slow
cycle, coming back endlessly every three minutes.
Strangely enough, this is the same cycle as the
phosphene. By synchronizing concentration with this
characteristic rhythm of the reverie, you will charge it
with initiatory strength, i.e. with the totality of the
rhythmo-phosphenic energy that you have accumulated
up to now. It transforms the reverie you experience as
you fall asleep like by magic ; the images become a
journey to the world beyond. By reciprocity, the
rhythmo-phosphenic complex receives a considerable
amount of energy from this process.
To realise this synchronization, practice the following
way :
a) Imagine the point of concentration far from your body,
in the distance.
b) Then, imagine shapes that emanate from it
INFINITY. These shapes can be varied : a circle which
diameter increases until it blends with the horizon for
example ; after a period of rest, imagine another circle
emanating from the point. You can, for example, give
each successive circle the colors of the spectrum.
After imagining series of circles, you will find that you
will need to replace them with sprays of sparks that
propagate in a linear fashion. But these are details that
should be left to your imagination. What is essential, is
the outpouring from a point and the centrifugal
propagation towards infinity. If it is not too difficult,
follow the rhythm of two seconds ; the diameter of the
circle can, for example, not grow regularily, but by
successive bursts every two seconds, reminding of
waves and tides, imprinting the mind with a cosmic
rhythm. You can also visualize beautiful sprays of
sparks pouring out from the point of concentration every
two seconds.
For a long moment, this exercise will become easier
and easier, but you will be surprized to realize that
suddenly, your thoughts cannot keep up this work any
more and tend to dissipate.
You should start again with the same concentration but
going in the opposite way, the same images appearing
in the infinite and condensing into a point ; this
centrifugal movement should last the same amount of
time as the centripetal movement did.
By analogy, the green color of the phosphene lasts the
same amount of time as the red one.
This is why it is also beneficial to visualize the colors
of the spectrum from violet to green during dilation, from
yellow to red during contraction, an analogy of this
order can be found in the evolution of stars.
During centrifugal visualization, the time during which
concentration keeps on improving is roughly of a minute
and a half and it is the same during centripetal
You can also notice that when concentration is nearing
its maximum, the point starts whirling and when it
reaches its maximum, mental static tensions are
triggered. Also, the greatest luminosity is obtained
when the light is imagined as a circle in the infinite.
With a little bit of practice, the loss of consciousness of
the physical body, compensated by the consciouness
of an exteriorised double, is complete. The double is
then directed towards the place you wish and is
sometimes perceived there by other people.
Mainly under the influence of fronto-occipital
oscillations of the point of concentration, you will
sometimes awaken during the night, not in the physical
world but in the middle of the images of a dream that
are sharper than usual and often prophetic.
Under the influence of certain static tension exercises,
some persons sometimes perceive their own physical
body in the position where it actually is as well as
some of the material objects in the room.
First let us say that the prime difference there is
between a dream and an out of body experience lays in
the quality and vivacity of the content and of the scenes
that are taking place "within yourself". These scenes
can remind you of elements of the physical world or of
perceptions giving you the impression of moving inside
an aurora borealis. Perception of motion in a universe
full of colors.
Page 23
n 1959, Doctor Francis LEFEBURE
discovered, thanks to the various
categories of phosphenes, that
he could have access to different
levels of cerebral organization, and
that connections and exchanges
could be created in the brain to
clearly improve the intellectual
potential of any individual thanks to
very simple physiological
These processes consist in
stimulating the different senses, to
trigger reactions of the deep
rhythms of the brain and of the
nervous system. These reactions
express themselves by the
"phenes", a kind of physiological
echo which vibrations spread to the
different regions of the brain,
simultaneously stimulating
memory, the capacity for analysis
and synthesis, conceptualization,
creativity and the capacity of
abstraction, developing a richer
intellectual activity. The educational
aspects of the method stem from
this action. Here are a few examples
of the various ways by which the
phenes can be individually
stimulated and perceived.
Children produce phosphenes
spontaneously by pressing on their
closed eyes to "see stars, colors
and lights". They are the
phosphenes created by
compression. They cannot be used
as a technique, as there are other
softer ways to produce
The phosphenes are the colored
spots that persist after we have
focused on a source of light for a
short period of time. We experience
them often, as the images of
dreams are made of spontaneous
phosphenes that organize
themselves in shapes and colors,
and to which we give a meaning
and an interpretation that are
connected to our environment as
well as the situations of our
everyday lives. Doctor LEFEBURE
has rationalized the use of the
phosphenes to create a simple
method that is easy to apply. His
method, Phosphenic Mixing Applied
to Education, is based on the
methodical use of phosphenes
obtained by a short period of
focusing on a source of light.
We are not dealing here with the
pathological acouphenes, but only
with the natural phenomenon that
anyone can perceive by placing a
seashell over one's ear, like the
children to whom we offer to listen
to "the sound of the sea". The
seashell amplifies the physiological
acouphene, i.e. the hiss produced
by the circulation of the blood in the
inner ear.
Doctor LEFEBURE has demonstrated
that the acouphene, like the
phosphene, permits the observation
and the regulation of deep cerebral
rhythms, as well as the
development of very valuable
educational and psychological
Phene of the sense of taste and
chewing, Proust's madeleine cake
is a classic example, with its
obvious effect on memory. Indeed,
the gustatophene awakens
profoundly buried memories,
together with intense feelings and
sensations. The images which
come back to consciousness are
extremely sharp and precise.
Forgotten persons or places
suddenly come back to our minds.
This process can open up new
horizons to our psychologists and
research scientists.
The phene of breathing. More
difficult to produce than the other
phenes, it is mainly used by
methods which purpose is to
develop self control, like martial
arts, Zen, Yoga, etc. The
pneumophene is produced by
practicing holding one's breath,
whether after a full inspiration, or a
full exhilaration. This ascetic
training is not adapted to our
culture. A softer and easier process
consists in slowing both the
inspiration and the exhilaration as
much as possible, but without
stopping breathing altogether. After
Page 24
a little bit of practice, the pneumophene appears as a
feeling of freshness, whether in the throat, the palate or
the chest. It is a very pleasant feeling that produces a
deep relaxation and, at the same time, a powerful
stimulation. The pneumophene is a potent reliever of
The phene linked to the vibration of bones and sinews.
It is stimulated by strong rhythmic vibrations. Everyone
has experienced it, for example after a long journey in
train : in the evening, while falling asleep, we feel the
vibrations and the rhythm of the wheels on the track ;
and we can even experience again the harsh pitching of
the carriage.
Everyone has experienced this phene, after a trip on a
boat, this time. As soon as we are back on the pier, we
realize that we still have the sensation that we are on
board. And again, as we fall asleep later on, the
movements of the boat come back spontaneously to
our consciousness, but in a more intense way than just
a memory, with a strong sensation of pitching and
tossing. This phene is very easy to produce and
observe, children do it naturally by turning round on
themselves and then stopping, keeping their eyes
closed to fully appreciate the reversed sensation of
This particular sensation is called the gyrophene.
Playground games such as swings also produce
similar sensations and curiously, it seems that certain
types of swayings produce relaxation and well-being,
like swaying in a rocking chair, for example.
The phene of muscular activity. It is common to feel it
after an intense repetitive muscular activity, for example
after having ridden a pushbike, dug a hole with a spade
or a pick, or used a hammer to make a hole in a wall.
These are common examples that underscore the
importance of the notion of rhythm and repetition to
trigger the myophene.
The phene of the sense of touch. This phene can be
perceived by repeating a rubbing movement or by a
lasting contact of the body or a part of the body. This
phene gives the sensation that one still feels the
contact or the movement, when there is no more
physical stimulation. For example, after having worn a
wetsuit or an armor for a long period of time.
Unlike the other phenes, the subjective perception of
time does not produce the same sensation as the
perception of physical time. Indeed, when we observe
one or several phenes during three-quarters of an hour
or an hour, for example, it is very frequent that we have
the feeling that this period has lasted only 20 minutes.
Similarily, in everyday life, certain periods seem very
short and others very long, depending on the activity we
are undertaking : whether it is work or leisure. Though
an hour is always an hour, our organism has its own
perception of time and this perception is plastic.
Thanks to the phenic system, we can discover various
means to access the deepest layers of our
subconscious ; and in a totally structuring and positive
way. They are simple "tools" which effects can be felt
easily, and which applications can only enrich our
potential and experience. Moreover, there is a great
chance that the ancients used certain of these
processes in a more or less empiric fashion, for the
purpose of improving individual intellectual and physical
abilities, like for example, the peripapetics (from the
greek peripatein, to have a stroll), followers of the
doctrine of Aristotes, who philosophized while walking.
Or also the Lioubavitch jews, who study while
practicing swayings. Or even the Taoists, who focused
on the reflection of the sun on polished seashells. They
showed a great capacity for creation and left very
important works.
How many surprises these physical processes can still
bring to us ? Will our society be able, at last, to benefit
from the works of Doctor LEFEBURE to improve its
know-hows ?
Page 25
(phene of the
sense of touch)
perception of
Gyrophene or
statophene (phene
of the sense of
Aromatophene or
(phene of the
sense of smell)
Each phene is a physiological intermediary between the physical sense to which it corresponds and an equivalent
spiritual sense which, once stimulated, gives access to the perception of intangible energies, events and
universes (i.e. that cannot be perceived by the physical senses).
The phenic system, when it is stimulated, triggers the perception of the spiritual planes, that the traditions call
"beyond", "invisible worlds" or "subtle planes".
The equivalent of the phosphene exists in all the other physical senses, to which should be added the sense of
balance, a particular property of the skeleton, muscular activity, breathing and the perception of time.
All these phenes, and others that might not have been detected yet (for example the phene of the voice that could
be constituted by auditory thoughts) are, of course, interconnected. So, when a specific phene is stimulated, one
can perceive sensations connected to another phene.
Moreover, there is a third sensory system, that until now has been called "psychic centers" or chakras. This
system is connected to the phenic system. This third sensory system is linked to consciousness. It is possible
that these psychic centers or chakras actually are the organs of consciousness.
Page 26
as phosphenism practiced in a church of the
Beaujolais region of France in the 12th
century ?
Even if the practice of Phosphenism is common to most
religions (though subconscious and instinctive in most
of the cases), it is rare to find concrete testimonies
proving definitive connections between worships and
this practice in religious historic places.
Nevertheless, in the Beaujolais region of France, there
is a very surprising little church full of symbolism that is
easy to decipher with a little bit of reflection. The
message thus unveiled is so clear that little doubt
remains about its true initiatory content. This church,
built in the 12th century, is located in the county of
Avenas, in the heart of the Beaujolais region, north of
Lyon, in a small village with a hundred or so
inhabitants, surrounded by woods and prairies, and
situated at an elevation of 640 meters.
It is by reading a book that I had found by chance :
"Symbolism and energy in the Beaujolais" by Serge
Barnoux that I discovered that this church, located only
a few kilometers away from my house, showed
peculiar symbolic and energy features. The
explanations provided by the book were convincing and
surprising enough and I decided to go and check all
these assumptions by myself.
For my little expedition I packed the usual gear of the
explorer of the world of energy : compass, map,
flashlight, camera, pendulum, divination rod and charts.
I was far from imagining what I was going to find inside
this church...
investigation :
phosphenisM and religion
by Alain Richard
Page 27
This church is so close to where I live that it only took
me a few minutes to get there. Once I arrived, I
immediately entered the church, impatient to discover
what was hidden inside. Once in the choir, I straight
away felt an extremely high vibratory level. I did not
need any kind of device to comfirm this, as I instantly
felt a very strong sensation of pins and needles in my
hands. For me, this is the obvious sign of an important
energy location.
Geobiology can be defined as the study of the influence
of the earth on everything that lives. A science, an art
and a technique, geobiology deals with various
parameters originating from the soil, the atmosphere or
from shapes that can be perceived by our sensitivity
like : underground water currents, geological faults,
telluric networks, cosmotelluric chimneys, the sacred
network, the Hartman network, the Curry network, etc.
These networks form a more or less regular grid on the
ground : they are usually composed of strips several
tens of centimeters broad that can be situated a few
meters away from each other. For more than fifty years,
physicists, doctors and diviners have demonstrated a
certain influence of the ground or of a location on the
growth or the behavior of plants, trees, animals or
human beings.
Everywhere on our planet, we are under the permanent
influence of two massive energies that we cannot
escape from.
Telluric energy : coming from the center of the Earth.
Cosmic energy : coming from space.
The Earth needs the cosmic energy to ensure the
distribution of the universal force, without which we
would not exist. This distribution takes place through
networks that can be compared to our blood circulation
system. The emissions of the Earth have an influence
on the cells of our bodies. The Earth is alive thanks to
its electromagnetic field. Without the surrounding
cosmic rays, there would be no life on Earth.
For the newcomers to geobiology : a sacred network is
a network of sacred energy nourished by the sun when
it is oriented East-West or North-South. It is usually
0.40 m to 0.80 m broad, and can be up to 2 m broad in
certain places. It is called sacred because it can be
found in all the places of worship which have been built
prior to the 14th century. It connects them together.
It is an extremely powerful network of positive energy.
The companions, builders of cathedrals, understood
these networks of energy and knew how to use them
in their works. The greatest French cathedrals were all
built on sacred networks. These networks were, of
course, perfectly well known and mastered in more
ancient times as many menhirs and dolmens have been
raised on these networks.
Sacred geobiology : it is the study of old, or even
ancient, places of worship, based on the telluric or
solar networks that can be found in these places.
Page 28
Shapes, materials or orientation also play a part. Like
human beings, our old planet is also covered by many
energy networks.
Though our ancestors knew how to use and respected
these networks, this knowledge has been lost today.
Purely on the point of view of energy, it seems that the
location -whether of a menhir or of another stone, but
also of any other temple or sanctuary- is originaly a bad
choice, if we only refer to the telluric plotting that is
measured. It corresponds to a location where human
beings cannot live, at least without any significant
danger for their health. Nevertheless, it is on vibratory
disturbed sites that the ancients planted menhirs,
raised dolmens or built churches. Their work enabled
them to transform the negative energy of a location into
an extremely positive and regenerating energy. (J.-L.
Bovin, Megaliths, Mosaic Publishing).
Churches were not to build to nourish our material
being, conditioned by the cycle "producing - consuming
- dying", maintained by the powers that be, but to
nourish our spiritual being.
The geobiological study of sacred places unveils a new
dimension. With patience, intuition and an open mind, it
is possible to make fascinating discoveries. Each
church is different from the others by its location and
the intentions of its builders. The architectural elements
can also be deciphered on several levels : telluric,
energy, biblical and symbolical, as the architecture of
these buildings resembles the living : it is interactive
and complex (a term not to confuse with complicated).
To appreciate a sacred place, is to feel its vibrations in
the whole of your being. To accept them, is to expect
them to awaken within you something that you have
left dormant...
This church has the particularity of having been built
over an ancient dolmen at the intersection of several
sacred networks.
A map of this church drawn by Serge Barnoud
represents the position of these different networks as
well as the points where energy is emited.
A little bit of research with the divining rod quickly
confirmed the presence of sacred networks in the
Three factors are necessary for an energy system to
function as an emitter :
the presence of negative energy : here, it is the
underground river,
the presence of positive energy : here, it is the sacred
the presence of a receptor : here, it is the person who
stands in the center of the choir.
The church is located at the conjunction of several
sacred networks and with two energy points on each
sides of the altar : points (4) on the map.
The energy point located in front of the altar is marked
by a small circle on the ground. It is thus clearly visible.
It is on this point that a maximal level of energy is
The importance of the emissions of energy is such that
they can be photographed easily by a camera used to
take pictures of people's auras.
The main colors of the altar are blue, purple and indigo.
Blue is the color which has most energy in all the
spectrum, purple and indigo are spiritual colors.
By positioning myself on one of the two points of
emission of energy, I could feel the energy rising within
me and, after a few minutes only, I was as charged in
energy as after practicing phosphenic exercises for
several hours with a group. It became very clear to me
that the potential of energy of this church was
I then took my pendulum and my divination charts to try
and evaluate the vibratory level of these high energy
Without going into too much technical details, let me
say that diviners measure vibratory levels with the
Bovis scale. A correctly balanced location usually
shows a vibratory level of 6 500 Bovis units.
To obtain these measurements, diviners usually use the
following kind of chart on which the zone of balance
near 6 500 Bovis units can clearly be seen.
Measuring these points of emission of energy took me
some time, as I am not used to measure such high
I had to switch to a different pattern of measurement,
as this source of energy was extremely powerful.
The measurements were impressive, more than
100 000 Bovis units. It even goes beyond the maximum
limits of my measuring pattern. It is important to know
that the vibratory level is not constant.
Page 29
Like any human being, the planet lives according to its
own rhythms. It is thus logical that the vibratory levels
monitored vary according to the time of the day or the
Until that day, I had not measured such a high vibratory
level (this exceptional vibratory level was confirmed a
few days later by Serge Barnoud) : these kinds of
vibratory levels are not common.
This church is truly exceptional on an energy level.
I then decided to have a closer look at the church.
Behind the altar, stood 4 pillars with rather curious
I thus passed behind the altar and, clockwise, I
examined the pillars thouroughly.
The first pillar clearly represented the six chakras (root,
sacred, solar, cardiac, larynx, frontal) topped by a 7th
chakra represented by a crown (crown chakra). This is
the first time that I have seen chakras so clearly
symbolized in a church.
The second pillar represented no less than a surge of
kundalini rising along the spine : a snake rising along
the spine undulating between the seven chakras.
My research was becoming more and more
The symbols on the third pillar represented the seven
chakras once opened after the surge of kundalini.
Powerful connections of energy link the different
chakras together.
The summit of the fourth and last pillar showed straight
lines topped by a two headed snake.
In ancient China, the rainbow was considered as a sign
of the unification of the Yin and the Yang. It was often
represented by a snake with two heads. Several
traditions, mainly hindu, relate the relationship between
the seven rays of the sun and the seven colors of the
rainbow, the rainbow being considered as a bridge
between Heaven and Earth, the spiritual and the
temporal. The rainbow then symbolises the breakdown
of white light or spiritual light into its seven basic
The straight lines symbolize the energy rising freely
after the surge of kundalini and the opening of the
chakras. Humans then directly access the spiritual and
become conscious of the divine part of their being.
Obviously, the sculptures on these four pillars were not
created by chance.
It is surprizing to find so much in such a little church.
The notion of center of energy is not really the
spearhead of catholic teachings. The presence these
pillars and their explicit sculptures is thus most
But my discoveries were not over, the most interesting
facts were still to come.
I resumed my exploration. After all, there might be more
interesting things to discover.
In the nave, there were seven stained-glass windows
(this is certainly not a coincidence). These stained-
glass windows are multicolored with the colors red,
orange and yellow being dominant. These colors
correspond to the colors of the lower chakras.
First pillar Second pillar Third pillar Fourth pillar
Page 30
And, when I was standing on the points of emission of
energy, I saw two rather peculiar stained-glass
windows on either side of the choir :
A yellow stained-glass window surrounded by a blue
A blue stained-glass window surrounded by a yellow
I was now confronted with the colors and the structure
of the phosphenes... with the predominancy of a central
color surrounded by a thin ring of a different color.
These stained-glass windows represent the different
phases of a phosphene.
Could this be a message ? Peculiar is it not ?
The connection with the phosphenes was more than
obvious, but I was still lacking the mode of operation.
The phosphene on its own has never led to spiritual
awakening. We know that phosphenic mixing (mixing a
thought with the phosphene) must be practiced to
obtain results.
Surprisingly enough, and though it is rather
unbelievable, I found the modus operandi of the
phosphene, on the table or rather, on the altar. But this
mode of operation is not visible by everyone : the
faithful in the church cannot see it, as it is engraved on
the top of the altar. The person officiating in front of the
altar is the only one who can see it.
Because of this position, it seems obvious that this
mode of operation was not meant to be disclosed to the
faithful attenting the office.
Was this mode of operation reserved to a few initiates ?
Of course, its symbolism needs to be interpreted.
The mode of operation is represented by a cross, or,
more precisely, by 5 crosses engraved on the top of the
altar. The cross that is used in this church is not the
cross symbolizing the crucifixion of Christ that is
usually present in all churches, but the swastika cross.
One of the crosses on an angle of the altar.
The cross placed at the center of the altar.
This cross needs a few explanations.
It seems that this cross appeared at the beginning of
the pre-historic period. Two different versions exist,
depending on the orientation of its smaller branches :
the positive version : the version that can be found on
the altar of the church of Avenas,
the negative version : the infamous swastika of Hitler,
with its sinister history.
The version that we are interested in represents the
dynamic power of the Earth and means "good omen".
It also represented a solar wheel for the Celts : they did
not represent the sun by a circle and rays, but by a
whirlpool, probably because they were struck by a
rather rare and thus prodigious phenomenon : the
whirling of the solar co-phosphene (for more information
on solar wheels, check The pneumophene by Dr
I wondered for a long time :
"What is this cross doing in this church ?"
"Why use a swastika cross instead of the traditional
catholic cross that could be expected to be found on the
altar ?"
There must be an explanation, a hidden symbolism.
This cross was not engraved by chance in this church.
It is after reading the explanations about this cross
provided by Serge Barnoud in his book that I
"It symbolizes movement... Take a good look at the
direction of the rotation indicated by the smaller
branches... If it rotates from left to right, clockwise, you
can use its energy and positivity".
The swastika cross thus symbolizes movement when it
follows a clockwise rotation. Things start to become
Page 31
A cross... a geometrical figure which direction of
rotation is indicated by its branches... the rotation of a
geometrical figure... a representation of the phosphene
on the stained glass windows...
There we are, I have at last found the mode of
operation : all that needs to be done is associate the
cross that can be found on the altar with the phosphene
that is symbolized on the stained glass windows and
...we find the principle of phosphenic mixing with the
rotation of a geometrical figure in the phosphene.
This is exactly the first group of work described by Dr
Lefebure in The initiation of Pietro.
I would like to remind you that the three groups of
images that can be used for phosphenic mixing are :
geometrical figures, for working on the level of
abstract thoughts,
representations of the vegetable kingdom, for working
on the etheric level,
the point of concentration, for working on the higher
levels of consciousness.
The purpose of the rotation of thoughts is to create
neurological connections that will lead to the
awakening and the surge of kundalini.
We have analysed the engaved reliefs on the pillars, the
stained-glass windows and the crosses on the altar.
Let us sum up now the different elements that we have
found and try to find the message that the builders of
this church have wanted to pass on to us.
Each element has its own meaning, let us take a look
at the big picture now :
the swastika cross = rotation of a geometrical figure
the stained glass windows of the choir = phosphenes
pillar n 1 = chakras
pillar n 2 = surge of kundalini
pillar n 3 = opening of the chakras
pillar n 4 = spiritual light
All these elements now connect very well together and
all this can be interpreted by the following message :
The rotation of a geometrical figure in the phosphene
will awaken the chakras and trigger the surge of
kundalini, by opening the chakras one after the other,
permitting to reach the spiritual light.
I believe this message is clear enough and does not
require any extra explanations for a person that is
familiar with the phosphenic techniques.
It is exactly the message that Dr Lefebure has left for us
in his books and his teachings.
I will leave to your imagination the potential power of
exercises practiced in this church if a group of people
project their phosphene on a person standing on the
point of emission of energy situated just in front of the
This a initiatory location of prime importance.
The people who built this church had access to an
absolutely exceptional knowledge.
It is clear that when I entered this church, I was far from
imagining the impact of the message that I was going
to find.
This church carries an extremely powerful universal
initiatory message.
I am pleased to have had the chance to decipher it and
to share it with you today.
Le Beaujolais symbolique et energetique de Serge
Barnoud (Editions Eoke).
I strongly recommend this very well documented book,
if you wish to broaden your knowledge about the
church in Avenas.
I would never have been able to decipher the whole
symbolism of this church without the remarkable work
of Serge Barnoud who spontaneously gave me the
authorization to quote his words and to diffuse certain
of his documents.
I wish to thank him.
Mr Barnoud's book does not deal with the symbolic
aspect that is connected to phosphenism. It covers in
detail the complete symbolism of the church of Avenas
and of other locations in the Beaujolais region. The
interpretation of the symbolism related to Phosphenism
is strictly personal.
I have only found a single interesting link in relation with the
church of Avenas on the internet :
There is also another link related to the county of Avenas :
A word of advice : if one day, during a trip to
France, you happen to visit the area, why not pay a
visit to this peculiar church ?
Meditation with a phosphene on the point of
emission of energy will be very efficient.
You will not be disappointed.
Alain Richard - Rhone 69, France
(a.k.a. Alain69 on the Forum of the website of Phosphenism)
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