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CHANGELOG - Record of Changes for GUITAR PRO 6 Please find below the list of the various changes and

improvements that were par t of each successive update. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Guitar Pro 6.0.7 beta 2 - Latest Release (r8924 2010-11-08) * * * * * * * * * * [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] Problem when printing a multi-giga file Quality of a score's png export Overall print quality Interpretation of double coda Interpretation of alternate ending after a segno jump Saving prevented by invalid characters in filenames Re-opening of certain gpx files Potential crash after opening certain gpx files Ties broken off by transposition Fermata interpretation improved

* [fixed] Fermata taken into account when calculating a score's duration * [fixed] A track's effects chain was altered by the insertion of a rest at the end of a bar * [fixed] Section names: L' was missing and not bordered, the cursor for editing section names was dysfunctional * [fixed] Placement of sections in the scores * [fixed] Crash when inserting notes into bars containing alternate endings * [fixed] Exporting tempo automations when MIDI-exporting a solo track * [fixed] Channel numbers not kept when importing a MIDI file * [fixed] Triplet feel not kept when exporting a MIDI file * [fixed] MIDI-exporting a file beginning with a grace note * [fixed] GuitarPro unstable after MIDI-importing a file * [fixed] Adjusting track-based pan in MIDI playback * [fixed] Excessive CPU load when using let-ring * [fixed] Memorizing the last soundcard used * [fixed] Support of Conexant audio cards * [fixed] Banjo's free short drone string out of tune * [fixed] Interpreting arpeggios on piano tracks * [fixed] Tuning playback can be stopped * [fixed] Tuning playback string by string * [fixed] Display of tuning's name didn't take into account the specificity of 5 -string banjo * [fixed] A selection's wav-exports are no longer truncated * [fixed] Exported WAV files sometimes of the wrong length * [fixed] Homogenizing combobox for track-based MIDI setting * [fixed] Improved ergonomy for the scale dialog window * [fixed] Detecting and restoring file-associations on Windows * [fixed] The status of the Smooth Scroll option was not restored when launching Guitar Pro * [fixed] The edit-label cursor for automation names was dysfunctional * [fixed] Improved gui for the fingering dialog box * [fixed] Focus issue with fretboard or keyboard * [added] German user's guide available * [fixed] Improved crash report on Windows Guitar Pro 6.0.7 beta 1 - Latest Release (r8607 2010-09-30) * [added] German user's guide available

* [fixed] Problem when printing (several-giga spool files) * [fixed] Improved beaming design when printing * [fixed] Supporting conexant soundcards on windows * [fixed] Tuning playback can be stopped * [fixed] String by string tuning playback * [fixed] Recalling last used soundcard * [fixed] Wav exports truncated no more * [fixed] Homogenizing per-track MIDI-config comboboxes * [fixed] Crash when inserting notes into bars that include alternate endings * [fixed] Free short drone string out of tune when played open * [fixed] Ties broken when transposing * [fixed] Better ergonomy for the scale dialog window * [fixed] Some gpx files cannot be re-opened * [fixed] Improved detection and restoring of file associations on Windows * [fixed] Handling filenames' invalid characters that prevent saving * [fixed] Exporting tempo automations when exporting solo track to MIDI * [fixed] Fermata interpretation improved * [fixed] Fermata taken into account when calculating of the score's duration * [fixed] Improved crash report on Windows

Guitar Pro 6.0.6 - Latest Release (r8375 2010-08-03) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * [added] [added] [added] [added] [added] [added] [added] [added] [added] [added] [added] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] GP5 file export 5-string banjo more than 250 RSE presets from Guitar Pro 5 dynamics can be hidden in the stylesheet import RSE1 presets from GP5 files midi, tef and ptb files are inclued in the recent files alternate endings can be extended when applied to a range of bars Timer can be pasted using special paste Windows: force file association help file (User's Guide) in PDF format - French, English 4 new translations: Korean, Romanian, Italian, Hungarian bad score width in parchment view dots were too big when displayed on the Tab better multi-voice rendering in Tablature better track-level import from GP5 files trills were not imported correctly from GP5 files

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed]

printing in landscape simile marks were not exported in MIDI volume-automation handling pan-automation handling wah-wah was increasing CPU usage better tempo-variation handling grace note doesn't break beaming and triplet pdf export in parchment view crash when playing unplayable bars tristate order in the let ring tool handling triplet feel on pickup bar prevent a sample file from being opened twice crash when saving on a non-accessible device rim shot MIDI playback inversion of stems now working on multi-voice scores artificial harmonics not displayed on tied notes tuning name now supports UTF8 characters horizontal view mode is saved in the gpx files windows un-installer bug with fonts Qt/carbon

Guitar Pro 6.0.5 - Previous Release (r8217 2010-06-23) * [fixed] Printing/Export pdf issues (line thickness, margins, patterns and some other glitches) * [fixed] Export PDF (orientation) * [fixed] Error when loading tabs with custom tuning * [fixed] GP5 import (alternate ending, tempo automation, accentuation, ...) * [fixed] MacOS : GuitarPro won't start after installing a gpbank * [fixed] MacOS : external usb speakers (Bose, LaCie) * [fixed] MacOS : external usb audio device that does not support 44100Hz * [fixed] Linux : reduce CPU Usage * [fixed] Font selection in the stylesheet * [fixed] Bad Mandolin tuning * [fixed] Crash on creating Whistle track * [fixed] Potentially corrupted savefile * [fixed] Bad import of multivoice notes from gp5 files * [fixed] Crash on opening files with saved custom tuning * [fixed] Repeat sign on pickup bar * [fixed] Nartural harmonic with partial capo * [fixed] Harmonic velocity * [fixed] Loss of enharmonic notes when loading a file or applying some effects * [fixed] MIDI tempo import/export * [fixed] MIDI Export : Simile bar * [fixed] MIDI Import : empty drum tracks * [fixed] MIDI Time signature import/export * [fixed] MIDI In configuration was not saved * [added] Dobro open G tuning * [added] Editing: Use the previous accidental when a note is entered * [added] Editing: Errors reported in the score are customizable in the preferen ces * [added] Guitar fretboard or keyboard available for all instruments * [added] Multi-user account support * [enhanced] TAB rendering * [added] Translations : Russian, Sweden * [updated] All translations

Guitar Pro 6.0.4 - Previous Release (r8020 2010-05-18) * * * * * * * * [fixed] GUI bug of the British Stack amp [fixed] some stringed tracks were monophonic [fixed] MIDI files import empty if containing Sysex [fixed] unicode for Japanese localization [fixed] import bass from power tab [fixed] undo/redo for variation [fixed] minor improvements of Bank installer [updated] all translations

Guitar Pro 6.0.3 - Previous Release (r7994 2010-05-17) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * [fixed] improve software midi playback on Mac OSX [fixed] improve the import of gp3/4/5 files [fixed] the current variation is kept during editing [fixed] alternate endings behavior [fixed] tempo precision [fixed] midi export handles muted tracks [fixed] file-opening from network location [fixed] some bugs in chord window [fixed] the effect chain's presets are available under Linux version [fixed] the bank installer handles unicode encoding [fixed] page up/page down [fixed] load the track color from gpx files [added] detection of bad bank installation [added] options for the GP3/4/5 importation [added] Norwegian translation [updated] all translations

Guitar Pro 6.0.2 - Previous Release (r7898 2010-04-26) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] [fixed] some crashes during playback install vcredist in quiet mode transpose crashes crash when removing the first in multiselection translate zoom fingering disapear when adding effect on fretboard, scales take capo into account update fretboad on tuning changed draw tremolo on drumkit part draw "rasg." when standard notation is alone hairpin spread over rests draw tuning for violin parts draw capo when standard notation is alone don't draw dynamic after a simile mark crash when no soundcard was detected undo/redo on some operations crash when removing simile with key DEL handle unicode everywhere name of the default variation in example files

Guitar Pro 6.0.1 - Previous Release (r7840 2010-04-12)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Added Autobackup Fixed Several rendering bugs Fixed Crash on Undo Fixed Bugs when inverting stems Fixed Bugs with Chord Diagrams and Fingering Fixed Bugs using tempo labels Fixed Bugs using Volume Automations Fixed Bugs with clickables elements in Score Fixed Drop B and Drop C tunings Fixed Crash when badly naming diagrams Fixed Crash when changing tab while loading template Fixed Default filename when exporting Fixed Rests do not change the dynamic anymore Fixed Design Mode is now disabled when playing or using Screen Display Mode Fixed Lyrics now accept [-] symbol Fixed Bugs with PNG Export Fixed Opening a File during audio playback Fixed Strange behaviors with British Stack Amp Fixed Channel selection switch of Recti Amp Fixed Problems with the Machine Stomp Fixed Display bug of collapsed instrument subpanels Fixed Capo is now visible and editabled with arrows in instrument panel Fixed Crash on Play Tuning Button Fixed RSE/MIDI now saved in preferences Fixed Several minor Main Screen bugs Fixed Some crashes with PTB, MIDI and XML importers Fixed Occasional crashes when opening GP5 file Fixed Crash when deleting a tracking after MIDI import Fixed Several minor bugs on GP5 File loading Fixed Missing elements when loading GP5 file Fixed Playback during editing Fixed Some wrong Translations Fixed Some Texts were not translated Removed Light Amp Improved Bank selection tree in instrument panel on OSX Improved PDF Export Improved Documentation Improved Stylesheet Dialog Improved MIDI playback on OSX and Linux