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INAMSC GUIDELINE Literature Review Competition

Participants of INAMSC 2013 are undergraduate medical, bio medical, dentistry, pharmacy, public health, nursing, nutrition, biology, clinical psychology student all over the world. The theme of INAMSC 2013 is "Cancer: Pursuing the Cure of the Century".

Literature Review Competition

Participants may enter as an individual or team. A team should consist of maximum 3 members and each team should have one first author. Each individual or first author can only submit one literature review for this competition. The theme is CANCER. Participants should submit the paper for the preliminary round. The deadline of the paper submission is February 28th 2013 11.59 PM GMT +7 Forty (40) literature review papers will be selected for the semifinal and final round which will be held in Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia, on May 1st-4th 2013. The announcement will be given through participant's personal email. The invited participants should register themselves at For the semifinal and final round, the first author will be the presenting author. The first author will present the paper orally (with the aid of power point presentation) on semifinal and final round.

Format of The Literature Review Paper

The literature review paper should be written in English, on A4 paper size, with the margin 1" and font Times New Roman. The paper consists of the Title Page, Abstract Page, Content Pages, and Reference Pages. The Title Page consists of the title of paper, the symbol of institution where author(s) come(s) from, the name of the author(s) and the year in making the review . The name of the first author is placed first. The components of the Title Page is formatted center. The Abstract Page consists of the abstract or resume of the paper and the keywords. The abstract should be in 100-250 words. The format of the Abstract Page is Times New Roman 12, space single, justified format and no indentation on the first line of paragraph. The keywords consisting of 3-6 words are placed below the abstract. The Content Pages consists of the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion of the paper. The Content Pages should consist of 2500-3000 words, maximum 5 tables and 5 graphs. The format of the Content Pages is Times New Roman 12, space 1.5, justified format and indentation 0.56"on the first line of paragraph. Introduction will focus on the author's background in reviewing the topic, the main problems discussed in the paper, and the aims of

reviewing this topic. The body will focus on the results of the review and analysis or synthesis of ideas found about the topic. The conclusion conclude the author's main finding in the review. The Reference Page consists of the list of references that the authors used in the paper. The citation on the paper must be written using Vancouver style. Each page should be given page number, except the title page. The page number is placed on the right bottom of the paper.

How to Register Literature Review Competition

Click on the "Register Now!" tab "Literature Review Competition" Fill and submit the registration form at:!literature-reviewcompetition/cs9x and you will get the confirmation email by the committee in 2x24 hours. Pay the registration fee and send the transfer receipt (scanned or photo) via email to no later than a week after the registration form has been submitted. The registration fee is 150k IDR for Indonesian participant and 20 USD for International participant. The payment can be done by bank transfer or Paypal (further information:!literature-review-competition/cs9x). The email title should follow this format: Name of Contact Person of The Team_University_Faculty_Name of Competition. You will get the confirmation email by he committee in 2x24 hours. Send your literature review paper in MS Word 97-2003 / 2007 format with the title First Author Full Name_University_ Faculty_Title of Your Literature Review to You will get the confirmation email by the committee in 2x24 hours.