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PROVINCIAL GOVERNOR’S OFFICE 2/F East Wing, Cebu Capitol Tel.: 2531970 / 2536070/ 2539613/ 2541882 / 2543399/ 2550642 (fax) HON. GWENDOLYN F. GARCIA PROVINCIAL GOVERNOR Exec. Asst.V: Elizabeth C. Francia Secretary: Amor Sarmiento Administrative Division 2/F East Wing, Cebu Capitol Tel.: 2543399 Head: Elizabeth C. Francia Information & Technology Office G/F BAEx Bldg., Capitol Cmpd. Head: Elizabeth C. Francia Sugbo News 2/F BAEx Bldg., Capitol Compd. Tel.: 4166020 Head: Rogelio Murcia Sugbo TV G/F BAEx Bldg., Capitol Compd. Tel.: 4166020 Head: Katrina Kaye N. Tabanao Information Technology G/F BAEx Bldg., Capitol Compd. Tel.: 2547811/ 2535844 Tourism and Heritage Council 2/F BAEx Bldg., Capitol Cmpd. Tel.: 2535642/ 2531882 Head: Grace Paulino Prov’l. Barangay Affairs Office 2/F West Wing, Cebu Capitol Head: Rosalinda Orsal One Cebu Office Mezzanine, West Wing, Cebu Capitol Tel.: 5126431 Head: Ian Fresnido

PROVINCIAL ACCOUNTANT’S OFFICE G/F East Wing, Cebu Capitol Tel.: 2539065 / 2541139 / 2555135 Head: Emmanuel Guial Internal Audit Section Tel.: 2539063/ 2554071 Head: Emmanuel Guial

PROVINCIAL ADMINISTRATOR’S OFFICE 2/F East Wing, Cebu Capitol Tel.: 2541629/ 2548842 (fax) Prov’l. Administrator: Mr. Eduardo T. Habin Human Resource Management Division 2/F East Wing, Cebu Capitol Tel.: 2553896 / 2556004 / 4165723 Head: Noli Vincent A. Valencia Records Section Tel.: 2533975 Head: Noli Vincent Valencia

PROV’L. AGRICULTURIST’S OFFICE 2/F West Wing, Cebu Capitol, Cebu City Tel.: 4165788/ 2533991/ 2559727 Prov’l. Agriculturist: Dr. Necias Vicoy Jr. Agricultural Extension Division Head:

Fishery Division Head: Aileen Cielo Laboratory Research Division Head: Dr. Roldan Saragena Livelihood Division /Agribusiness

PROVINCIAL ASSESSOR’S OFFICE G/F West Wing, Cebu Capitol Tel.: 2533665 /2536421/ 4166602 Prov’l. Assessor: Engr. Anthony D. Sususco Tax Mapping Division Head: Anthonio Quiros Tel.: 2536421 /2533665 Administrative Division Head: Marieflor Vero

Assessment Operations Evaluation Head: Alma Sibonga Assessment Records Mgt. Section Head: Dolores Esmero Property Valuation-Assessment Standard Examination Section

PROVINCIAL AUDITOR’S OFFICE 2/F Baex Bldg., Capitol Cmpd., Cebu City Tel.: 2538180 / 2538192 Head: Barbara Ann H. Aloba

PROVINCIAL BUDGET OFFICE 2/F West Wing, Cebu Capitol, Cebu City Tel.: 2538576/ 4165836 Head: Emmy Gingoyon

PROV’L. EMPLOYMENT & SERVICES OFFICE G/F Cebu Capitol, Cebu City Tel.: 2535710/ 2556235 Head: Dr. Mathea M. Baguia

PROVINCIAL ENGINEER’S OFFICE 3/F West Wing, Cebu Capitol, Cebu City Tel.: 2533105/2556123 Prov’l. Engr.: Engr. Eulogio Pelayre Planning/Programming/Design Division Tel.: 2533981/2533983 Head: Engr. Eulogio Pelayre Monitoring Division Tel.: 2556123 Head: Engr. Susan Fernan Communications Section Tel.: 4165756 Head: Carmencita R. Caballion Administrative Division Tel. 253-3985 Head: Agustina M. Caña Laboratory/Material Quality Control Section Tel.: 2556123 Head: Sayade Annalie Alcoseba

Mechanical Division Tel.: 2533987 Head:

Property Section Tel: 2533105 Head: Edgar Bajares

Prov’l. Waterworks Devt. Task Force Tel. 2533105 / 2533977 Prov’l. Roads & Bridge Maintenance Division 3/F West Wing, Cebu Capitol Head: Engr. Rodel Arreza Tel.: 2556123 Motorpool Section DA Compound, M.Velez St., Cebu City Tel. 2533987

PROV’L. ENVIRONMENT & NATURAL RESOURCES OFFICE G/F West Wing, Cebu Capitol Tel.: 255-0157/ 416-5948 PENR Officer: Nerces P. Bispo

PROV’L. GENERAL SERVICES OFFICE G/F Cebu Capitol, Cebu City Tel.: 2539351 / 4165963 PGS Officer: Bernard Calderon Administrative Division Tel.: 2533969

Civil Security Services Division Tel.: 2538535 Head: Valentino Cruz Real Estate Division Tel.: 2533969 Head: Paulino Entera Maintenance Section Tel.: 2539616 Head: Engr. Antonio Ababan

Supplies & Storekeeping Division Tel.: 2537665 Head: Marina Jugan Property Division Tel.: 2549226 Head: Ma. Teresa Redoble Bids & Awards Committee 2/F West Wing, Cebu Capitol. Tel.: 4166065/ 2539614 Head: Levy Histurba Gasoline Section Motorpool, DA Cmpd., M.Velez St. Tel.: 2533995 Head: Jonathan Cello Public Assistance Center Cebu Capitol Lobby Tel.: 2538341

PROVINCIAL HEALTH OFFICE G/F East Wing, Cebu Capitol Tel.: 2549426/ 2539773/ 4165450 PH Officer: Dr. Cristina Mariza B. Giango Capitol Medical Clinic G/F West Wing, Cebu Capitol Tel.: 2533630 / 2555703 Head: Dr. Henry Calledo Capitol Dental Clinic G/F, West Wing, Cebu Capitol Tel.: 2533630 Clinic Head: Dr. Gladys Layese Capitol Medical Laboratory Capitol Compound Tel.: 2549883 Head: Yvonne R. Cariño

PROVINCIAL LEGAL OFFICE G/F, West Wing, Cebu Capitol Tel.: 2538331 PL Officer: Atty. Marino E. Martinquilla

PROVINCIAL LOCAL GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS OFFICE 3/F BAEx Bldg., Capitol Cmpd. Tel.: 2533993/ 2542370 / 4165939 Head: Jerome Gonzales

PROVINCIAL PAROLE & PROBATION OFFICE West MBF Hall of Justice Tel.: 2533534 / 2533947 / 2533536 / 2531588 Head: Ofelia R. Quijano

PROV’L. PEACE & ORDER COUNCIL G/F East Wing, Cebu Capitol Tel.: 2533412 Consultant: Col. Cesar C. Veloso (Ret.)

PROV’L. PLANNING & DEV’T. OFFICE 3/F East Wing, Cebu Capitol Tel.: 2533977 / 2533764 PPD Coordinator: Engr. Adolfo V. Quiroga Plans and Program Division Head: Melita Labarejos Special Projects Division Head: Felixberta Gelicame Research, Evaluation & Statistics Div. Head: Adela Lanzado

PROV’L. SOCIAL WELFARE & DEVELOPMENT OFFICE G/F West Wing, Cebu Capitol Tel.: 2547198/ 2548397 (fax) PSWD Officer: Marivic R. Garces CHILD MINDING CENTER Capitol Compound

PROVINCIAL TREASURER’S OFFICE 2/F West Wing, Cebu Capitol Tel.: 2538529 / 2533961 Prov’l. Treasurer: Atty. Roy G. Salubre

Administrative Division Tel.: 2533961/2538529 Head: Edna Toring Cash Division Tel: 2557475 Head: Ma. Eulanda Cabando Disbursement Section Tel.: 2533963 Head:

Receipts Section Tel.: 2557475 Head: Ma. Antoinette R. Go Field Supervision Division Tel.: 2540831 Head: Portia C. Ranay Revenue Operations Division Tel.: 2540827/2539361

PROVINCIAL VETERINARIAN’S OFFICE 2/F West Wing, Cebu Capitol Tel.: 2554031/ 2530332 Prov’l. Veterinarian: Dr. Mary Rose B. Vingcoy

PROVINCIAL WARDEN’S OFFICE Cebu Prov’l. Detention & Rehabilitation Center Kalunasan, Cebu City Tel.: 2553673/ 2543441/ 2554507 Prov’l. Warden: Algir C. Comendador

PROVINCIAL WOMEN’S COMMISSION 3/F Baex Bldg., Capitol Cmpd., Cebu City GAD Focal Person: Heddah V. Largo

CIVIL DEFENSE OFFICE / DISASTER COORDINATING COUNCIL OFFICE G/F East Wing, Cebu Capitol Tel.: 2550046 / 2542328 / 4165443


HON. AGNES A. MAGPALE PROVINCIAL VICE GOVERNOR Presiding Officer Chairman: *Tourism & Int’l. Affairs *Women, Family & Minors 4/F Legislative Bldg. Capitol Compound, Cebu City Tel: 2544164/ 2533640/ 2532759

HON. JULIAN B. DAAN PB Member - 1 st District Chairman: *Public Affairs & Information 3/F Legislative Bldg., Capitol Cmpd. Tel: 2533644

HON. SERGIO B. RESTAURO PB. Member –1 st District Chairman: *Public Health & Social Welfare *Senior Citizens 3/F Legislative Bldg., Capitol Cmpd. Tel: 2533636

HON. PETER JOHN D. CALDERON PB Member - 2 nd District Asst. Majority Leader Chairman: *Budget & Appropriations *Laws & Review on Ordinances 3/F Legislative Bldg., Capitol Cmpd. Tel: 2533761

HON. WILFREDO S. CAMINERO PB Member - 2 nd District Chairman: *Education *Ways & Means 3/F Legislative Bldg., Capitol Cmpd. Tel: 2538347

HON. ALEX S. BINGHAY PB Member - 3 rd District Chairman: *Provincial/Municipal Properties *Agriculture & Livelihood 3/F Legislative Bldg., Capitol Cmpd. Tel: 2536945

HON. CAESAR IAN GERONIMO R. ZAMBO PB. Member - 3 rd District Chairman: *Public Works, Highways & Infrastructure / *Cooperatives 3/F Legislative Bldg., Capitol Cmpd. Tel: 2533896

HON. JOVEN J. MONDIGO JR. PB Member – 4 th District Chairman: *Complaints & Investigation *Accreditation 3/F Legislative Bldg., Capitol Cmpd. Tel.: 2535998

HON. SUN J. SHIMURA PB Member – 4 th District Chairman: *Information & Communications Technology / *Safety, Peace & Order 3/F Legislative Bldg., Capitol Cmpd. Tel.: 4166156

HON. JUDE THADDEUS D. SYBICO PB Member – 5 th District Chairman: *Public Services *Commerce & Industry 3/F Legislative Bldg., Capitol Cmpd. Tel.: 2532799

HON. TADEO Z. OUANO PB Member – 6 th District Chairman: *Environmental Conservation & Natural Resources *Planning & Development 3/F Legislative Bldg., Capitol Cmpd. Tel.: 2537047

HON. ARLEIGH JAY C. SITOY PB Member – 6 th District Chairman: *Arts & Culture *Differently Abled Persons 3/F Legislative Bldg., Capitol Cmpd. Tel.: 2533646 / 4165711

HON. JOSE RIBOMAPIL S. HOLGANZA JR. PB Member – ABC Federation President Chairman: *Brgy. Affairs & Rural Dev’t. *Human Rights & Labor *Sports Development 3/F Legislative Bldg., Capitol Cmpd. Tel.: 2537273 / 4165417

HON. CARMEN REMEDIOS DURANO-MECA PB Member – Cebu Councilors League President Chairman: *Ethics *Dangerous Drug Abuse & Prevention 3/F Legislative Bldg., Capitol Cmpd. Tel.: 2537935

HON. ALADIN WILYAMIE P. CAMINERO PB Member – Panlalawigang Pederasyon ng Sangguniang Kabataan President Chairman: * Youth. 3/F Legislative Bldg., Capitol Cmpd. Tel.: 4165575

SANGGUNIANG PANLALAWIGAN SESSION HALL 4/F Legislative Building Capitol Compound, Cebu City Tel.: 2539613

PROVINCIAL SECRETARY’S OFFICE 4/F Legislative Bldg., Capitol Cmpd. Tel.: 4165662 / 2560131



N. Bacalso Avenue, Cebu City

Tel.: 2533830 Head: Carmen Quijano


M. Velez St., Cebu City

Tel.: 2534450 Head: Atty. Emmanuel Jimarino

CEBU INT’L. CONVENTION CENTER North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City Tel.: 2382681 ╢82-83 Head: Marissa Nallana

CEBU MUNICIPAL MAYORS’ LEAGUE 3/F Legislative Bldg. Cebu Capitol Compound Tel.: 2551245 Pres.: Hon Nelson F. Garcia

CEBU MUN. VICE MAYORS’ LEAGUE 3/F Legislative Bldg. Cebu Capitol Compound Tel.: 2530405/2561030 loc.315 Pres.: Hon. Arlene Zambo

CAPITOL POST OFFICE G/F BAEX Bldg., Capitol Compound Tel.: 2556669 Postmaster: Mila Gaviola

CAPITOL TELECOM OFFICE G/F BAEX Bldg., Capitol Compound TTIC: Zosima R. Gaas

CEBU CFI COMMUNITY CREDIT COOPERATIVE, INC. Cebu Capitol Compound Tel.: 2538103 / 2533614 / 2551066 / 2548799 Gen. Manager: Judge Esperanza F. Garcia (ret.)

INTEGRATED BAR OF THE PHILS. East Side, Capitol Compound, Cebu City Tel.: 2536713/ 2530637/ 4165776/2547787(fax) Pres. (Prov.): Atty. Ferdinand A. Pepito Pres. (City): Atty. Earl M. Bonashita


AGRICULTURAL TRAINING INSTITUTE DA Compound, M. Velez St., Cebu City Telefax: 2542870 Head: Dr. Carolyn May O. Daquio

AIR TRANSPORTATION OFFICE Mactan Cebu Int’l. Airport, Lapu-lapu City Tel.: 3408116/ 3402486/ 3412403/ 3410073 Head: Agnes B. Udang

BANGKO SENTRAL NG PILIPINAS Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City Tel.: 2540973 / 2540702 Head: Atty. Ma. Lux Berciles

BOARD OF INVESTMENTS 3/F Trans-Asia Bldg. Osmeña Blvd. cor. M. J. Cuenco Ave.,C.C. Tel.: 4121944 / 4121945 Head: Philip Torres

BOY SCOUTS OF THE PHILIPPINES Capitol Hills Scout Camp, Cebu City Tel.: 2542306 Head: Salvio Quicho

BUREAU OF BROADCAST SERVICES Radyo ng Bayan, CSCST Main Campus Palma St. cor. M.J. Cuenco Ave., Cebu City Tel.: 2538030/ 2534131 Head: Juanita Antiporta

BUREAU OF CUSTOMS Pier 6, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City Tel.: 2320160/ 2320611/ 2322408/ 2316782 Head: Atty. Ronnie C. Silvestre


N. Bacalso Ave., Cebu City

Hotline 160 / Tel.:2560553 Head: S/Supt Maria Luisa C. Hadjula



A. Arellano Blvd., Port Area, Cebu City

Tel.: 2562772-73-74 / 2561666/ 2562776 Head: Andres M. Bojos

BUREAU OF FOOD & DRUG ADMN. DOH-7 Compound, Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City Tel.: 2561966 / 2540109 Head: Monina R. Coyoca



P. Burgos St., Tribunal, Mandaue City

Tel.: 3456442 / 3456441 Head: Geronimo S. Rosas

BUREAU OF INTERNAL REVENUE Archbishop Reyes Ave., Banilad, Cebu City Tel.: 2328578 / 2328575-6 / 2311593 Head: Rodita B. Galanto

BUREAU OF JAIL MGT. & PENOLOGY 135 M. Veloso St., Guadalupe, Cebu City Tel.: 2544747 / 4127717 / 2563732 Head: J/CSupt Deogracias C Tapayan

BUREAU OF LOCAL GOV’T. FINANCE 3/F BF Bldg., N. Escario St., Cebu City Tel.: 2562797 / 4126778 / 2544152 Head: Carmeline G. Tugas

BUREAU OF SOILS & WATER MGT. Capitol Compound, Cebu City Tel.: 2533989 / 2545187 Head: Dennis de Guzman

BUREAU OF TREASURY 2/F DBP Bldg., Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City Tel.: 2548168/ 2543308/ 2549709 Head: Atty. Philips Jose P. dela Torre

CEBU CITY POLICE OFFICE Camp Sotero Cabahug, Gorordo Ave., C.C. Tel.: 2315802/ 2336705 Head: P/SSupt Melvin Ramon G. Buenafe

CEBU CITY PROSECUTORS OFFICE Chief Fernan Hall of Justice,Capitol Cmpd., CC Tel.: 2546605/ 2553012/ 2562191 Head: Prosecutor Nicholas C. Sellon

CEBU NORMAL UNIVERSITY Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City Tel.: 2536211/ 2539611 Head: Dr. Marcelo T. Lopes

CEBU PORT AUTHORITY CIP Complex North Reclamation Area, C.C. Tel.: 2316849/2341119/4129024/2316856/ 2316848/ 4129027/ 4120900 Head: Engr. Dennis R. Villamor

CEBU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY R.Palma St., Cebu City Tel.: 4121400/4121270/2561181/4120900 Head: Dr. Bonifacio Villanueva, SUC IV CEBU PROVINCIAL POLICE OFFICE

Doña Modesta Gaisano St., Sudlon, Lahug, C.C. Tel.: 2560116/ 4140116 (loc 8) Head: P/SSupt Patrocinio A. Comendador Jr.

CENTRAL BOARD OF ASSESSMENT APPEALS 3F BF Bldg., Escario St., Cebu City Telefax: 2541943 Head: Atty. Camilo Montenegro

CENTRAL COMMAND - AFP Camp Lapu-lapu, Lahug, C. C. Tel.: 2313543/ 2339052/ 2334084 Commdr.: Lt Gen Ralp A Villanueva AFP

3 rd CIVIL RELATIONS GROUP, CRSAFP Camp Lapu-lapu, Lahug, Cebu City Tel.: 2324961 Commdr.: Lt Col Oscar S Lasangue PAF

CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION Sudlon, Lahug, Cebu City Tel.: 41247488/ 2546765/ 2539050 Head: Atty. Judith D. Chicano CSC – Cebu North Field Office 2/F BAEX Bldg Capitol Compound, Cebu City Tel.: 4164498 Head: Ma. Victoria R. Gabud CSC-South Field Office 2/F BAEx Bldg., Capitol Cmpnd., C.C. Tel.: 4164498 Head: Minissi Cherith V. Asis

COMMISSION ON AUDIT No. 7, M.J. Cuenco Ave.-V. Sotto St., C.C. Tel.: 2555314 loc. 104/2555315 Head: Delfin P. Aguilar

COMMISSION ON AUDIT (Cebu Prov.) GF BAEx Bldg., Capitol Cmpd., C.C. Tel.: 2538180 / 2686798 Head: Evelyn Louise E. Rivera

COMMISSION ON ELECTIONS Suite 105 WDC Bldg., Osmeña Blvd, Cebu City Tel.: 2550418 Head: Atty. Rey Rene T. Buac

COMMISSION ON ELECTIONS (Prov.) G/F BAEX Bldg., Capitol Cmpnd., Cebu City Tel.:

Head: Atty. Lionel Marco Castillano

COMMISSION ON FILIPINOS OVERSEAS Causing-Lozada Bldg.,Osmeña Blvd.- M.J.Cuenco Ave., Cebu City Tel.: 2555253 Head: Aileen C. Macapili

COMMISSION ON HIGHER EDUCATION Ecotech, Sudlon, Lahug, Cebu City Tel.:

Head: Dr. Amelia a. Biglete

COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 132 F.Rafanan Bldg., Don Mariano Cui St. Capitol Site, Cebu City Tel.: 2546921 Head: Atty. Alejandro P. Alonso Jr.

COOPERATIVE DEV’T. AUTHORITY CFI Bldg., Capitol Cmpnd., Cebu City Tel.: 2682851 Head: Marilyn J. Estrella

DEPT. OF AGRARIAN REFORM GF Legislative Bldg., Capitol Compd. N. Escario St., Cebu City Tel.: 4126889/2536498/2536913/4165650(fax) Head: Rodulfo T. Inson

DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Subangdaku, Mandaue City Tel.: 2685187 / 2382163 / 2683063 Head: Leo P. Cañeda

DEPT. OF BUDGET & MANAGEMENT Sudlon, Lahug, Cebu City Tel.: 2561962/2561964/2539523/2539909 Head: Atty. Carmela S. Fernan

DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Doña M. Gaisano St., Sudlon, Lahug, C.C. Tel.: 2311309/2329925/2311433//2554542 Head: Ricaredo G. Borgonia

DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY 11/F Metro Bank Bldg., Osmeña Blvd., C.C. Tel.: 2533459/ 2532150/ 2537222 Head: Engr. Antonio E. Labios

DEPT. OF ENVIRONMENT & NATURAL RESOURCES Greenplains Subd., Banilad, Mandaue City Tel.: 3460661/3443047/3453959/3453966 Head: Maximo O. Dichoso, CESO III

DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS 4F Pacific Mall (Super Metro), Mandaue City Tel.: 2536798/ 2563193/ 2560624 Head: Elias Palawag

DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH DOH Bldg., Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City Tel. 2536355/4187628/2534580/254010 Head: Dr. Susana K. Madarieta F 2540109 DEPT. OF THE INTERIOR & LOCAL GOV’T. Sudlon, Lahug, Cebu City. Tel.: 2554849//2557730/2535473/2535489 Head: Ananias M. Villacorta, CESO IV

DEPT. OF LABOR & EMPLOYMENT GMC Plaza Bldg., McArthur Blvd., Cebu City Tel.: 2549412/2530638/2549415/2539521 Head: Atty. Ma. Gloria A. Tango

DEPT. OF PUBLIC WORKS & HIGHWAYS Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City Tel.: 2324357/2348015/2348018/2321983 Head: Pedro S. Herrera Jr., CESO III

DEPT. OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Manuel Cuenco Ave., Banilad, Mandaue City Tel.: 2311916/2328632/2328634/2317014-5 Head: Engr. Rene Burt N. Llanto

DEPT. OF SOCIAL WELFARE & DEV’T. M.J.Cuenco Ave.-Gen.Maxilom Ave.Ext.,C.C. Tel.: 2329507/2329505/2312172 Head: Ma. Evelyn Macapobre

DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM LDM Bldg., Legaspi St.-M.J.Cuenco Ave.,C.C. Tel.: 2542811/ 2546650/ 2542711 Head: Rowena Lu Y. Montecillo

DEPT. OF TRADE & INDUSTRY 3F WDC Bldg., Osmeña Blvd.-P.Burgos St.,CC Tel.: 2540599/2550036/2537465 Head: Asteria C. Caberte

DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION & COMMUNICATION Port Area, Cebu City Tel.: 4166903/ 4166902 loc. 103 Head: Jeffrey Rodriguez

DEV’T. BANK OF THE PHILIPPINES Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City Tel.: 2549163/2556323/2556325/2546196 Head: Rosalier B. Dagondon

ENERGY REGULATORY COMMISSION Machay Bldg., Gorordo Ave., Cebu City Tel.: 2344589 / 2344597 Head: Atty. Joel L. Bontuyan

53 rd ENGINEERING BRIGADE Camp Lapulapu, Lahug, Cebu City Tel.: 2333658/4161557/2310141 Head: Col. Mariano R Veloria CE (GCS) PA

ENVIRONMENT & MGT. BUREAU Greenplains Subd., Banilad, Mandaue City Tel.: 3461647 Head: Allan C. Arranguez

FIBER INDUSTRY DEV’T. AUTHORITY LDM Bldg., MJ Cuenco Ave.-Legaspi St., CC Tel.: 2561664 / 2539643 Head: Benjamin S. Gomo

GAMES & AMUSEMENT BOARD 2/F DBP Bldg. Osmena Blvd., Cebu City Tel.: 2552415 Head: Celso G. Miranda

GIRL SCOUTS OF THE PHILIPPINES Camp Marina, Capitol Hills, Cebu City Tel.: 2322777/ 2536550/ 2555344 Head: Aida C. Saromines

GOVERNMENT SERVICE INSURANCE SYSTEM Leon Kilat St., Cebu City Tel.: 2532940 / 2539060 Head: Ma. Fatima Rivamonte-Alvarez

HOME DEV’T. MUTUAL FUND (Pag-Ibig) -Cebu City Branch WT Tower, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City Tel.: 2329657/2342776/2329589/4155002 Head: Rio Teves

HOME DEV’T. MUTUAL FUND (Pag-Ibig) -Mandaue City Branch A.S.Fortuna St., Mandaue City Tel.: 4223620/4226000/4155003/3445099 Head: Jovelita V. Custodio

HOME GUARANTEE CORPORATION Rm. 304 Osmeña Tower, Osmeña Blvd., C.C. Tel.: 2543430 / 2536792 Head: Engr. Jorivic U. Pagalan

HOUSING & LAND USE REGULATORY BOARD LDM Bldg. M. J. Cuenco Ave.-Legaspi St.,C.C. Tel.: 2544564/ 4121844 Head: Roy T. Lopez

HOUSING & URBAN DEV’T. COORDINATING COUNCIL 3/F Albulario Bldg,Gen.Maxilom Ave., C.C. Tel.: 2341450 Head: Archt. Fernando V. Garso

INSURANCE COMMISSION Rm. 204, Doy Bldg., Osmeña Blvd., C.C. Tel.: 2540861 Head: Atty. Cesar Olaer Jr.

INTEGRATED BAR OF THE PHILS. -CEBU PROVINCE IBP Bldg., Capitol Cmpnd., Cebu City Tel.: 2530637 Head: Atty. Ferdinand Pepito

INTEGRATED BAR OF THE PHILS. -CEBU CITY IBP Bldg., Capitol Cmpnd., Cebu City Tel.: 2536713 Head: Atty. Earl Bonachita


Tel.: 2536045 / 2538327 Head: Ruel Z. Romarate

LAND TRANSPORTATION FRANCHISING &REGULATORY BOARD J.King Bldg., J.L. Briones St. North.Reclamation Area, Cebu City Tel: 2315199 / 2317466 / 2326074 Head: Ahmed G. Cuizon

LAND TRANSPORTATION OFFICE No. 7, N. Bacalso Ave., Cebu City Tel.: 2563766 / 2563767 Head: Raul B. Agilos

MACTAN CEBU INT’L. AIRPORT AUTHORITY Mactan Int’l. Airport, Lapu-lapu City Tel.: 3402313/3402486/3410560/3400228 Head: Nigel Paul C. Villarete

MACTAN EXPORT PROCESSING ZONE AUTHORITY Lapu-lapu City Tel.: 3400593/3400595/3400603/3400591(fax) Head: Sansaluna A. Pinagayao

MARITIME INDUSTRY AUTHORITY G/F CCCI Bldg.Cor 11 th & 13 th Ave. North Reclamation Area, Cebu City Tel.: 2324916 / 2326052 / 2325759 Reg. Dir.: Engr. Nannette Z. Villamor-Guinocor

METRO CEBU WATER DISTRICT Lapulapu cor. Magallanes Sts., Cebu City Tel.: 2560411/2560425/2548434/2545391 Head: Engr. Armando H. Paredes

MINES & GEO-SCIENCES BUREAU Greenplains Subd., Banilad, Mandaue City Tel.: 3443047 / 3469176

Head: Loreto B. Alburo

NAT’L. ARCHIVES OF THE PHILS. Hernan Cortes, Subangdaku, Mandaue City Tel.: 3468040 Head: Nancy M. Almodovar

NAT’L. BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION NG Bldg., Capitol Site, Escario Ext., C.C. Tel.: 2535631/ 2546444/ 2563366 (fax) Head: Atty. Eduard A. Villarta

NAT’L. COMM. FOR INDIGENOUS PEOPLE 2F Teodora Bldg., Osmeña Blvd.-Jakosalem Sts., Cebu City Tel.: 4155819 / 2549288 Head: Hazel Torrefiel

NATIONAL CONCILIATION & MEDIATION BOARD 5/F GK Chua Bldg., Sanciangco St., C.C. Tel.: 2530604/ 2530550/ 2530625(fax) Head: Edmundo T. Mirasol

NATIONAL DAIRY AUTHORITY DA-Mandaue Experiment Station Cmpnd. Highway Maguikay, Mandaue City Tel.: 3440830 Head: Antonio AB Ayen

NAT’L. ECONOMIC DEV’T. AUTHORITY Gov’t Center, Sudlon, Lahug, Cebu City Tel.: 2538959/ 4147500/ 2530489(fax) Head: Efren Carion

NATIONAL FOOD AUTHORITY Gov. Cuenco Ave., Banilad, Cebu City Tel.: 2314027 / 2336095 (telefax) Head: Atty. Danilo L. Bonabon

NAT’L. HOME MORTGAGE & FINANCE Machay Bldg., Gorordo Ave. Cebu City

Tel.: 2311379 / 2322823 / 2320578 Head: Randyl Espinosa SOCIAL HOUSING FINANCE CORP. Head: Engr. Randolph Librando

NATIONAL HOUSING AUTHORITY Rm. 308 Machay Bldg., Gorordo Ave. Cebu City Tel: 2329048 / 2329053 Head: Engr. Gavino D. Figuracion

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE COORDINATING AGENCY Nivel Hills, Camp Lapulapu, Lahug, Cebu City Tel.: 2313168 / 2310803 Head: Guillermo T. Matiling Jr. CSEE

NATIONAL IRRIGATION ADMIN. Gov. M. Cuenco Ave., Banilad, Mandaue City Tel.: 2311608/ 4162757-58/ 2311606 Head: Engr. Diosdado Rosales

NAT’L. LABOR RELATIONS COMMISSION 2/F Lim Brotherhood Bldg., Osmeña Blvd., C.C. Tel.: 2535527/ 2535529/ 2557404/ 2325664 Head: Jose G. Gutierrez

NATIONAL MAPPING & RESOURCE INFORMATION AUTHORITY Rm. 301 Osmeña Bldg. Osmeña Blvd.-Jakosalem St., Cebu City Tel.: 4121749 Head: Ruby Lastimosa



Head: Dr. Romeo S. Capa


Tel.: 2543263 Head: Dr. Parolita A. Mission

NATIONAL POLICE COMMISSION N. Bacalso Ave., Cebu City Tel.: 2625971/ 2610226 Head: Atty. Homer Mariano Cabaral

NATIONAL POWER CORPORATION 4F BF Bldg., N. Escario St., Cebu City Tel.: 2555201/ 3463322/ 2563694 Head: Edmundo Veloso Jr.

NATIONAL QUARANTINE OFFICE Gen. Maxilom Ave. Ext., Cebu City Tel.: 2322072/ 2334283 Head: Dr. Emmanuel C. Labella

NATIONAL SCIENCE TEACHING & INSTRUMENTATION CENTER Ecotech Cmpd. Sudlon, Lahug, CC Tel.: 2553633/ 2553005 Head: Engr. Raul Larosa

NATIONAL STATISTICS OFFICE M.J. Cuenco Ave., Cebu City Tel.: 2560592/ 4126794 Head: Engr. Ariel E. Florendo

NATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION Wireless, Subangdaku, Mandaue City Tel.: 3460179/3450823/4226822/3460687 Head: Engr. Jess Laureno

NAT’L. WATER RESOURCES BOARD 8F, NIA Bldg., EDSA, Quezon City Tel.: 02-9202641/ 02-9282365 Head: Ramon B. Alikpala NATIONAL YOUTH COMMISSION 2/F Myra’s Pension House

N. Escario Ext., Cebu City Tel.: 2341500 Head: Michael Frances Lopez

OFFICE OF CIVIL DEFENSE PNP HQ, Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City Tel.: 2538730/ 4165025/ 2536162 Head: Minda C. Morante

OFFICE OF MUSLIM AFFAIRS 4/F Crown Plaza, North Reclamation, C.C. Tel.: 2318300 / 2317925 Head: Sakiran A. Hajan

OFFICE OF THE OMBUDSMAN DA Compound, M. Velez St., Cebu City Tel.: 2550976/4166136/2538609/2530981 Head: Hon. Pelagio Apostol

OVERSEAS WORKERS WELFARE ADMN. Mezzanine Flr. LDM Bldg. M.J.Cuenco cor Legaspi Sts., Cebu City Tel.: 2543199/2560319/2540305/2553179 Head: Wilfreda L. Misterio

PAROLE & PROBATION ADMIN 4/F Chief Fernan Hall of Justice Capitol Cmpd., Cebu City Tel.: 2533005/ 2531588 Head: Ofelia E. Quijano



Mactan Int’l. Airport, Lapu-Lapu City Tel.: 4954844 / 4955389 / 4954845 Head: Engr. Oscar C. Tabada


Brig Gen Benito Ebuen Air Base, Lapulapu City Tel.: 3402709 / 3407589 / 3408543 Comdr.:BGen Raul Gabriel L Dimatatac PAF

PHILIPPINE AIR FORCE 2 nd Air Division Brig Gen Benito Ebuen Air Base, Lapulapu City Tel.: 3408284 Comdr.: MGen Jesus A. Fajardo AFP (GSC)

PHIL. AIR FORCE – 220 th ABW BGen Benito Ebuen Air Base, Lapulapu City Tel.: 3400475/ 3411533/ 3405137/ 3408339 Wing Comdr.: Col Salvador Melchor Mison Jr.

PHIL. AMUSEMENT & GAMING CORP. Waterfront Cebu City Hotel, Lahug, Cebu City Tel.: 2315652 / 2310679 Head: Roque M. Cervantes

PHIL. AMUSEMENT & GAMING CORP. Waterfront Airport Hotel, Lapulapu City Tel.: 3406052 / 3405194 Head: Roque M. Cervantes

PHIL. CHARITY SWEEPSTAKES OFFICE Osmeña St. North Reclamation, Cebu City Tel.: 2344356 / 2344354 / 2330318 / 2317272 Head: Federico Damole

PHILIPPINE COAST GUARD Arellano Blvd., Cebu City Tel.: 4166575 / 4166386 / 4166566 / 4166208 Comdr.: Commodore Cecil R Chen

PHILIPPINE COCONUT AUTHORITY DA Comp., Experimental Station Estancia, Mandaue City Tel.: 3458435 / 3450009 Head: Atty. Deodiro B. Ravelo PHIL. CROP INSURANCE CORP. 3/F DBP Bldg., Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City

Tel.: 2538686 Head: Crescencio W. Deligero Jr.

PHIL. DRUG ENFORCEMENT AGENCY R.R. Landon St., Cebu City Tel.: 2555260 Head: Jigger B. Montallana

PHIL. ECONOMIC ZONE AUTHORITY Mactan Economic Zone, Lapulapu City Tel.: 3400595 / 3401564 / 3402949 / 3400591 Head: Sansaluna A. Pinagayao

PHIL. EXPORT-IMPORT CREDIT AGENCY 4/F Krizia Bldg., Gorordo Ave., Cebu City Tel.: 4158105 / 2330469 Head: Jude Trangia

PHIL. HEALTH INSURANCE CORP. 8/F Golden Peak Hotel Escario St. cor. Gorordo Ave., Cebu City Tel.: 2333287/ 2342571/ 2333287/ 2337871 Head: William O. Chavez

PHILIPPINE INFORMATION AGENCY 3/F Machay Bldg., Gorordo Ave., Cebu City Tel.: 2324062 / 2324126 / 4163766 Head: Minerva B.C. Newman

PHILIPPINE INSTITUTE OF VOLCANOLOGY & SEISMOLOGY City Hall Compound, Lapulapu City Tel.: 3402951 Head: Engr. Robinson F. Jorgio

PHILIPPINE NATIONAL POLICE (PRO 7) Camp Sergio Osmeña, Osmeña Blvd., C.C. Tel.: 2562032 / 2549146 / 2549146 / 4155440 Head: P/Chief Supt Ager Ontog PHILIPPINE NATIONAL RED CROSS PNRC Bldg., Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City

Tel.: 2539793 / 2534611 / 4124140 Head: Norma C. Tancinco

NAVAL FORCES – CENTRAL PHILIPPINES HQ Naval Forces, Mactan Naval Operating Base Brgy.Canjulao, Lapulapu City Tel.: 3409399 / 3409401 3409402 / 3409390 Comdr.: Commodore Cyril D. Carlos

PHILIPPINE NEWS AGENCY Cherry Court Bldg., Gen. Maxilom Ave., C.C. Tel.: 2334542 / 2334595 Head: Atty. Eddie G. Barrita

PHIL. OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT ADMINISTRATION LDM Bldg. Legaspi St.-MJ Cuenco Ave., C.C. Tel.: 4122939 / 2560435 / 4167508 / 2560334 Head: Evelia M. Durato

PHILIPPINE PORTS AUTHORITY Cebu International Port Complex North Reclamation Area, Cebu City Tel.: 2323401 / 2323404 / 2326501/ 2321990 Head: Atty. Fernando B. Claveria

PHILIPPINE POSTAL CORPORATION Subangdaku, Mandaue City, Cebu Tel.: 3448242 / 3468044 / 4226866 / 3459518 Head: Robert S. Mondoñedo CESO III

PHILIPPINE TOURISM AUTHORITY LDM Bldg.,M.J.Cuenco Ave. Cebu City Tel.: 2551858/ 2557748/ 2533532 Head: Ma. Gina I. Martinez

PHIL.VETERANS AFFAIRS OFFICE Fort San Pedro, Cebu City Tel.: 2320273 Head: Emmanuel G. Pabilona POLICE NAT’L. TRAINING INSTITUTE Reg’l. Training Sch. 7, Brgy. Apas, Cebu City

Tel.: 4162493 / 4162494 Head: Supt. Rex Laher Ubbano

POPULATION COMMISSION Popcom Bldg., Banilad, Mandaue City Tel.: 4162559/ 4162528 Head: Atty. Rose N. Radas

PRESIDENTIAL COMMISSION FOR THE URBAN POOR 3/F WDC Bldg., P.Burgos-Legaspi Sts., C.C. Tel.: 2562169/ 2548651/ 2541773 Head: Chloe T. Manlosa-Ozano

PRESIDENTIAL COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS Rosal-Llorente Sts., Cebu City Tel.: 2546921/ 2535403 Head: Atty. Alejandro P. Alonso, Jr.

PRESIDENTIAL MANAGEMENT STAFF Door 1 Zoomir Apts., Escario Ext., Cebu City Tel.: 2534934/ 2545584 Head: Josefina P. Juanero

PROFESSIONAL REGULATIONS COMMISSION V. Rama Ave., Guadalupe, Cebu City Tel.: 2557396/ 2543497/ 2557397 Head: Atty. Dan V. Malayang

PUBLIC ATTORNEY’S OFFICE MBF Hall of Justice, Capitol, Cebu City Tel.:2532755/ 2536459 Head: Atty. Noel P. Catacutan

PUBLIC ESTATES AUTHORITY North Reclamation Area, Cebu City Tel.: (02) 8174711/ (02) 8131441 Head: Engr. Hermito B. Gorion

RECORDS MGT. & ARCHIVES OFFICE Traders Arcade, Hernan Cortes, Mandaue City Tel.: 3468040 Head: Nancy M. Almodovar

REG’L. STATE PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE MBF Hall of Justice, Capitol, Cebu City Tel.: 2540465/ 2534877 Reg’l. S.Prosecutor: Fiscal Antonio B. Arellano

REGIONAL TRIAL COURT MBF Hall of Justice, Capitol, Cebu City Tel.: 2533915 Head: Judge de Gracia

REGIONAL TRIPARTITE WAGES & PRODUCTIVITY BOARD M & E Bldg., Alcantara St., Cebu City Tel.: 2530638/ 2531280/ 2530055 Head: Ezekiel Sarcauga

SECURITIES & EXCHANGE COMMISSION SEC Bldg., V. Rama Ave., Cebu City Tel.: 2535337/ 2536987/ 2552874/ 2537221 Head: Atty. Lindeza R. Gavino

SMALL BUSINESS GUARANTEE & FINANCE CORPORATION Rm 802-B/ 8F Keppel Bldg. Cebu Business Park, Cebu City Tel.: 2344500/ 4158280/ 2321200 Head: Cesar Antoni

SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM SSS Bldg., Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City Tel.: 5059301 Head: Mario V. Corro

SUGAR REGULATORY ADMIN. 2/F Martinez Bldg., Osmeña Blvd., C.C. Tel.: 2534535/ 2534537

Head: Engr. Wilfred R. Monares

TECHNICAL EDUCATION & SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY Archbishop Reyes Ave., Cebu City Tel.: 2316718/ 2311596 Head: Rosana A. Urdaneta

TELECOMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Port Area, Cebu City Tel.: 4166903/ 4166591 Head: Engr. Geoffrey L. Rodriguez E-mail:

VICENTE SOTTO MEMORIAL MEDICAL CENTER B. Rodriguez St., Cebu City Tel.: 2539891/ 2551595/ 2539882Fax Head: Dr. Herardo M. Aquino Jr,



: Celestino E. Martinez Jr.

Vice Mayor : Santiago A. Sevilla

Tel.: 2512001 / 2512012 Councilors : Romeo P. Alarde Lyndon Hee C. Acuzar Santiago M. Oliamot Domingo P. Armenton Geronimo G. Almirante Victor Elliot S. Lepiten III Bienvenido O. Gulane II


, Benjamin M. Rodriguez Glenn N. Jumao-as Belinda N. Rodriguez Jose Brainard Y. Mayol – ABC TJ Marie L. Labastida - SK CARCAR CITY


: Nicepuro L. Apura

Vice Mayor : Mario Patricio P. Barcenas

Tel.: 4879510/ 4879511/ 4878323/ 4878322


: Roberto B. Aleonar Jr. Rogelio T. Montesclaros Ma. Bernadeth R. Barcenas Roy O. Velez Victor Ian P. del Rosario Alberto P. Camingao Jr. Giovanni A. Quijano Harold B. Nacua Elvi G. Sandoy Jeson B. Fernandez Mercedita R. Apura – ABC Jeconely A. Sandoy - SK


Ramon ‘Boy’ D. Durano Jr.

Vice Mayor : Ramon ‘Nito’ D. Durano III




(032) 2003300


: Cynthia A. Duterte Miguel Antonio A. Magpale Alejandro M. Lawas Antonio D. Camaongay Jesus C. Meca Jose Thaddeus B. Roble Jr. Carmen Remedios D. Meca Roland P. Reyes Jorge John T.Cane Joselina M. Enriquez

Ramonette Cynthia Mahinay – ABC

Joselisa Hermoso - SK




Valdemar M. Chiong

Vice Mayor

: Delfin R. Señor

Tel.: 2726655 / 4898989


: Vince R. del Mar Othello M. Chiong Elmer Q. Lapitan Nilo B. Alinsonorin Alexander R. Lara Rodrigo A. Navarro Letecia F. Abanggan Porferio V. Resaba Jr.

Carmelino N. Cruz Jr.

Domingo P. Millena Virgilio M. Chiong – ABC Alexa Manna Chiong - SK TALISAY CITY


Vice Mayor : Alan G. Bucao Tel.: 2720669 / 2721391 / 2731425



Socrates C. Fernandez

: Eduardo R. Gullas III Rodulfo L. Cabigas Valeriano Q. Ylanan Dennis B. Barsiliote Richard Francis F. Aznar Celiapo A. Cabuenas Bernard Joseph T. Odilao Danilo F. Caballero Romeo C. Villarante

Edward S. Alesna Charles L. Basillote – ABC Carmen John Burlas - SK TOLEDO CITY


Vice Mayor : Arlene E. Zambo Tel.: 3225748/ 3225625/ 3225122(fax)


: Aurelio P. Espinosa

: Ricardo D. Pepito Mark Erik G. Espinosa Marjorie P. Perales Victoria M. Amante Amelia O. de Pio Clint Anthony B.Borja Alfonso G. Mercado Jr. Arturo A. Mendoza Leo L. Dolino Rogelio J. Caburnay Sr. Edgardo M. Aguilar – ABC John Fredric R. Zambo - SK

CEBU CITY Mayor: Michael L Rama (2548684/2532045) Vice Mayor: Joy Augustus G. Young (2542045) Councilors - North District:

Edgardo C. Labella ( 4122816/2552262) Sisinio M. Andales (2548683/4127117)

Alvin B. Arcilla (2549272/2538038) Ma. Nida C. Cabrera (2551685) Alvin M. Dizon (2544334) Lea O. Japson (2558871) Noel G. Wenceslao (2558872/2532184) Augustus G. Pe Sr. (2533213/2561484) Councilors - South District:

Ronald R. Cuenco (2538586/4123201) Raul D. Alcoseba (2553124) Rodrigo A. Abellanosa (4122834/2563148) Margarita V. Osmeña (2539904) Jose C. Daluz III (2532536/4121782) Eduardo R. Rama Jr. (2532198/4122815) Richard Z. Osmeña (2532178) Roberto A. Cabarrubias (2536966) Sectoral Representatives:

Michael L. Ralota–ABC (5161981-


John Philip E. Po II–SK (2542373/2535556) LAPULAPU CITY


Vice Mayor : Marcial A. Ycong

Tel.: 3400656/ 3400018 / 3400017 / 3402657


: Paz C. Radaza.

: Efren T. Herrera Harry Don A. Radaza Eduardo L. Cuizon Eduardo R. Patalinjug

Alexander M. Gestopa Jr. Francisco M. Señerpida Rodolfo P. Potot Queenie M. Ammann Melissa D. Vidal Cornelio A. Pahang Florito T. Pozon Roque P. Wagwag MANDAUE CITY


Vice Mayor : Glenn O. Bercide

Tel.: 3443322/ 3451208 (trunkline)


: Diosdado P. Suico Demetrio C. Cortes Jr. Jose Jefferson C. Ceniza

: Jonas C. Cortes


Beethoven C. Andaya

Poch Abel S. Manlosa - SK

Jimmy C. Lumapas Atty. Nenita C. Layese




Lionel E. Bacaltos

Emmarie M. Ouano-Dizon Benjamin H. Basiga Elstone C. Dabon Editha F. Cabahug Ernie N. Manatad – ABC Jeric Mikhail Cuizon - SK


Vice Mayor : Cirilo P. Apuda Tel.: 4869416 / 4869421 Councilors : Daniel S. Sarnillo Metodio S. Dadula Sofronio C. Caballes Thomas C. Codilla Marianito D. Bugtai

First District


Gonzalo P. Uytico Mariano Laude


Mark Lester H. Sevilla



Eduardo Ma. C. Selma

Retche M. Fiel – ABC

Vice Mayor

: Elanito A. Peña

Loreine Bacaltos - SK


2728038 / 2725417

Second District





: Robert John R. Selma Rajiv V. Enad



Edsel A. Galeos

Loben C. Geonzon

Vice Mayor : Stanley S. Caminero

Jesus D. Velez


3677111 / 4858011 (fax)


Samuel G. Adlawan Jr. Lamberto F. Cañada Jeremias Ll. Cañares Concordio C. Mejias Manolo C. Delgado – ABC Elaine Erika Mejias - SK


: Rosa Gene M. Muller Rey M. Gealon Jivanni F. Villacora Roberto V. Villamora Annabelle A. Birondo



Joaquin F. Banosong Fedlemido R. Albero Guillermo S. Caminero Jr.



Antonio Ll. Canoy

Arnelito D. Rubin – ABC

Vice Mayor : Mikko N. Canoy


Stephanie Helsen - SK

Tel.: 4889678/ 4889694/ 4889679/ 4889393


: Emmanuel M. Tatoy Gerundio P. Taping Santiago Charito B. Manlosa Benedicto D. Panuncial Ranulfo S. Sasuman Vidala A. Loguiber Niel E. Enriquez Alexander P. Alicaway Alfonso S. Donaire IV – ABC



Vice Mayor : Jeffrey B. Belciña Tel.: 4848635-38/ 4848399


: Allan Ronald G. Cesante

: Estanisal M. Almagro Johnritz B. Osorio Kevin V. Belandres Francis Syndey A. Belciña Federico G. Muñoz Juan B. Moran


Teofilo A. Dicdican Amando O. Amazona Eriberto C. Bentazal – ABC Jaire G. Burda - SK


Mansueto A. Jugador Teodoro D. Mirasol Jesus C. Lim Carlos C. Luzano

Jovencio B. Belocura Aurora S. Caballeda John F. Momo Margarito M. Mauro Jr.


Jerome Christian V. Librando Paris D. Pableo Evangeline A. Tabanao Elvin A. Villarin


Guillermo R. Zamora

Roy Alvin A. Teo

Nicanor S. Silvano



Nicomedes A. de los Santos


Nenita T. Filosopo – ABC

Liza A. Chow

Jose C. Lapaz

Vice Mayor : Antonio M.


Jonald Michael Guaren - SK

Carlita A. Jomuad – ABC

Edwin S. Celeste

Tel.: 4839183 - 86 / 4839182


Mary Rose Momo - SK

Roberto D. Librando Sr. – ABC


: Jimmy M. Abajon




Kyrene Vesta Tabanao - SK

Jonathan M. Abajon



Marilyn S. Wenceslao



Daisy L. Creus


Michael Angelo D. Sestoso

Vice Mayor

: Wilson S. Wenceslao

Vice Mayor

: Lito Narciso E. Creus



Inocentes G. Cabaron

Ailee R. Costin

Tel.: 4809999


Tel.: 4779010/ 4779011/ 2553476

Vice Mayor : Nelson V. Abenido

Catalino M. de los Santos Jr.


: Maximo Buscato


: Lito Narciso L. Creus Jr.

Tel.: 4748204 / 4748202

Richard P. Gonzalez

Yolando E. Luzano

Maria B. Fernandez


: Marcelino D. Deniega


Ruel Antonio D. Sestoso Rolando de los Santos Domingo D. Carungay – ABC Kashieca Gianni Romarate - SK

Santiago G. Gador Marites B. Buscato Elenita A. Serencio Napoleon E. Teves Jr. Wilbert V. Miral Candida L. Miparanum Juanito O. Puspus – ABC Prince Georich C. Cumayas - SK

Charito C Sabac Marilyn P. Amante Ely Narciso E. Creus Peter S. Alburo Felicisimo C. Jadraque Romulo C. Pielago Lito Narciso L. Creus III – ABC Janice F. Enerlan - SK

Hamabar B. Mahinay Albert C. Tabanag Pedro R. Abrenica Raymund A. Mendoza Yvonne L. Cabaron Misael C. Sebumpan Conrado T. Tejero Susana E. Nuevo – ABC


: Teresita Derama-Celis


Claudette L. Cabaron - SK

Vice Mayor : Merlou D. Derama


: Raymond Joseph D. Calderon




Tel.: 4829292/ 4829119

Vice Mayor : Rogelio M. Capa



Emelita B. Guisadio


: Prudencio V. Barino Jr.


: Ervin M. Villanueva

Tel.: 4794073

Vice Mayor :

Marcial V. Rodriguez Jr.`

Vice Mayor : Beatriz Y. Caburnay

Alfredo R. Awe


: Jeffrey C. Catipay

Tel.: 109

Tel.: 4739199/ 4735587/ 4739005/ 4146012

Edmundo V. Estavilla

Carolina P. Gamallo


Nemia G. Alocillo


: Benjamin M. Lobitaña


Ruben N. Niere Nephaley R. Ceballos Proculo A. Navarro Mario G. Roma Ernesto V. Dacay Archibaldwin D. Navarro – ABC Iounah Sheriden Romero - SK

Remedios T. Tano Teodoro F. Limpahan Jr. Virgincito H. Ferrolino Elmer A. Tocao Nador E. Omale Franco B. Gorion Emerito S. Calderon – ABC Horace Reyes - SK

Raul A. Guisadio Raymund A. Aller Restituto H. Javierto Alejandro C. Villanez German L. Mejares Jr. Diosdado L. Lerio Ma. Leticia P. Donayre Patrick A. Guisadio – ABC

Godofredo T. Tabanao Fredo C. Cañete Joe Marie V. Barino Edgar M. Irojo Asterio R. Odever Sr. Sergio N. Marcellana Sr. Feliciano B. Ferraren Sr. Remedios C. Cultura – ABC



Ronald L. Guaren



Olive Mifflin L. Dacillo - SK

Kean Prudence B. Romero - SK

Vice Mayor

: Jose C. Tumulak Jr.

Mayor : Antonio O. Singco



Tel.: 4819185


Vice Mayor : Dean Michael P. Singco

Mayor :

Robburt D. Librando

Mayor :

Mariano Y. Blanco III


: Leonardo Rendon

Tel.: 4789100/ 2610110

Vice Mayor : Fructuoso A. Caballero

Vice Mayor : Jonnah John Ungab

Kenneth C. Tan

Councilors : Jose Ramon O. Gornez

Tel.: 4759058/ 4759044

Tel.: 4729055/ 4729056 (fax)

Clementino A. Filosopo

Ma. Riza A. Barriga


Carmencita L. Lumain


: Jorge F. Llego

Alfred M. Ricahuerta Eugenio B. Layaguin Alfredo B. Villafuerte Jay Ann V. Cañete Cipriano M. Georpe Perla L. Rosales Floredelio A. Verzosa Eugenio H. Ungab Jr. – ABC Mariano Marieve V. Blanco - SK


Mayor :

Nelson F. Garcia

Vice Mayor : Christopher R. Baricuatro

Tel.:4719400/ 4719393/ 4719224/



: Rainero G. Asentista Joshua kN. Dacumos Ricardo C. Condes Josephine P. Alpuerto Evelinda T. Quirante Francis Arthur L. Famor Guillerma A. Herrera Abdon A. Jumao-as Antonio L. Garcia – ABC Lyach Joseph C. Dacer - SK

Third District


Mayor :

Teresito P. Mariñas

Vice Mayor : Marlon F. Garcia

Tel.: 4709007 / 4709006 (fax)

: Luisito L. Ponsica William C. Ouano Rene Hector C. Gandiongco Shiela G. Pason Hector C. Celis Casildita P. Alquizola Alfredo C. Pabroa

Anthony A. Buenavista Norman T. Anore Sr. – ABC Christine Amorin - SK ALOGUINSAN

: Augustus Caesar L. Moreno



Vice Mayor : Cynthia G. Moreno


: Alan L. Adlawan

Leoncio Salubre – ABC

Tel.: 4699035/ 4695507 Councilors : Claudio C. Gacang

Vice Mayor : Joel D. Dumdum Tel.: 4649042/ 4649106/ 4649172

Lorraine S. Ruelan - SK SAN REMEGIO

Mariolito R. Biton

Councilors : Elenita V. Magbanua

Mayor :

Jay L. Olivar

Ernesto C. Secuya Marilou M. Ripdos

Celso R. Cañada Ma. Teresita T. Pintor

Vice Mayor : Miguel Maria T. Martinez. Tel.: 4359028 / 4359308/ 4359309/ 4351929/

Danilo L. Morgallo

Urbanito M. Noel

2512211 / 4359061

Josephine T. Concon Susan G. Laña Hipolito G. Mantalaba Sr. Rogelio D. Dealagdon – ABC Alexandra Moreno - SK PINAMUNGAJAN

Ben Rubio P. Serognas Galicano Q. Fajardo Leo Carlo T. Rallos Jr. Godofredo V. Taglucop Lourdes T. Balili – ABC Christine Ann Y. Goc-ong - SK


: Alfonso C. Pestolante Pablito S. Olivar Restituta P. Reynes Pantaleon C. Verallo Jr. Mariano Wenrecto M. dela Peña Antonio H. Villamor

Mayor :

Geraldine P. Yapha


Angelina H. dela Cruz

Vice Mayor : Ma. Honeylette P. Yapha

Mayor :

Democrito M. Diamante

Edrico Rondina Frasco

Tel.: 4685561/ 4689015/ 4124512/

Vice Mayor : Dominador P. Pesiano Jr.


Condrado A. Loon – ABC


Tel.: 4639218/ 4639116

Jasmin Faith A. Olivar - SK


: Jeffrey Anthony P.Yapha

Tel: 4156151/ 2538103/ 2533614


Oscar C. Cerna Jr.


: Danilo M. Diamante


: Ricardo R. Ramirez

Orchid Marie P. de Gracia

Marie S. Tabotabo

Vice Mayor

: Juan Alfonso L. Lim

Manuelito P. Cerna

Sesinando F. Potencioso Jr

Tel.: 4369555 / 4362030

Bonifacio P. Alqueza

Federico T. Montebon


: Joevenus L. Inot


Francisco I. Bellones Marcelo T. Gerongco Romulo B. Enario Jeffrey P. Yapha – ABC Mark Joseph P. Gerongco - SK

Eduardo E. Ondoy Renante A. dela Cerna Rosendo L. Mendoza Nicolas Y. Edellon Jr. Romel N. Tundag – ABC Bret Monsanto - SK

Dioscoro B. Suan Benjie V. Ygot Horacio V. Franco Conrado V. Mangubat Rolando N. Pedroza Jose V. Dublin

Mayor :

Ace Stefan V. Binghay

Jose Marie Osmena

Vice Mayor : Rosario V. Binghay

Fourth District

Leonardo V. Montilla – ABC

Tel.: 3332190/ 4650300


Kendrick Allen A. Lim - SK


: Dave John B. Karamihan


: Rex Casiano T. Gerona

= = 53 = =

Eliezer M. Climaco Gretel Marie G. Borgonia Emmanuel B. Jo

Vice Mayor : Wilma L. Zamora Tel.: 4619027 / 4619030 Councilors : Genesis P. Bravo


Gemma A. Monong

Ramon B. Arellano


: Ma. Luisa J. Loot

John Ismael B. Borgonia Avelino S. Pilapil Norberto A. Bardinas

Juan S. Menchavez Jr. Joel M. Gerona Joseph A. Cole

Vice Mayor5r : Renato R. Te Tel.: 4378670 / 4378761 / 4378690/ 4378670 Councilors : Marylou E. Pepito


Bernabe V. Gonzalez Jr. – ABC Michaella Kristy Diola - SK

Virginia A. Montecalvo Celerina G. Salubre Jean O. Oca


Samuel P. Moralde Teodoro C. Luche Enrique A. Abucay Jr.


Zenas C. Dublin Gilbert M. Arrabis Jr. Juanito P. Ybañez Ma. Bregidorietta M. Tancawan Rex M. Novabos – ABC Irish Christine M. Aguipo - SK

Ricline C. Asentista Randolph G. Rivera Emelita M. Gabito Cyrus M. Rebadomia Doroteo S. Dorimon – ABC John Eric Y. Ducay - SK

Edwin A. Armecin Gabriel V. Roble Achilles S. Cabahug William G. Brigoli Lito G. Brigoli Gamaliel B. Lumapas

Joy Ann P. Cabatingan Tessa P. Cang Wilfredo T. Salo Homer C. Canen Jose L. Cagang Alfredo F. Cabatingan


Toribio A. Montejo

Oliverio T. Francisco

Mayor :

Jennifer I. Ilustrisimo


Ricardo M. Vanguardia – ABC

Joven N. Amor – ABC

Vice Mayor : Renato E. Saagundo



Eusebio A. Dungog

Heart Therese Pasaol – SK

Daisy Rell Lopez - SK

Tel.: 4389220 / 4389221/ 4389132

Vice Mayor

: Ronald Ace T. Serafin




: Louwela G. Pacilan

Tel.: 4339085



Dan Jusay

Mayor :

Aly A. Arquillano

Jose Reneboy G. Ilustrisimo


: Leonardo B. Arpon

Vice Mayor :


Irish B. Gestopa

Vice Mayor : Alfredo A. Arquillano Jr.

Celso A. Espinosa

Carlos N. Alivio


4309196 / 4309195/ 4305717

Tel.: 4970330/ 4970296

John Rey S. Esgana

Samuel G. Malazarte

Councilors :


Earl Tidy H. Oyas



Dindo G. Zaspa Jezreel E. Ilustrisimo Wilfredo T. Bataycan Ithamar P. Espinosa Rolando O. Villacarlos – ABC Rossenette I. Esgana - SK

Gina C. Manloloyo Martin B. Etulle Leila Y. Quinain Andres L. Luna Jr. Frederick C. Serafin Teresita S. Lechido – ABC Jefmarie Lobitaña - SK

Benjie Ryan C. Aribal Lloyd S. Oyas Romulo B. Colonia Ceasar C. Coloscos Estrella F. Tagapulot Vicente O. Colonia Marvin M. Molde

: Aaron Capao Jr. Larry C. Formentera Eleazar E. Cartagena Aurelia Andrade Alejandro F. Cartagena Ruben O. Raña Renato Borromeo Avelino S. Obenza


: Ian Christopher G. Escario

Estrella C. Aribal – ABC

Allan a. Arquillano – ABC

Vice Mayor: Geralyn Escario-Cañares


Fifth District

John Manases M. Perez - SK

Aleck Arquillano – SK

Tel.: 4609028/ 3525190 / 4609166




Councilors : Arthur E. Despi


: Bernard A. Sepulveda



Martin Gerard T. Villamor


Apollo A. Cesa

Vice Mayor : Noel T. Dotillos

Vice Mayor : Al Silvestre B. Damiles



Luciano D. Rama Jr.

Edgardo F. Layese

Tel.: 4329053 / 4329487 / 4329308


4299217/ 2008101/ 4299215

Vice Mayor : Edgar G. Rama

Reynaldo S. Menchavez


: Roy D. Melgo


: Carlo Mariano T. Villamor



Dino N. Montemar

Neal M. Vergara

Manuel Mari A. Durano


Gualberto G. Escario Cleofe Rafaelita O. Desuyo Danilo F. Quiamco Jose Ribomapil Holganza Jr.-ABC

Vicente D. Sepulveda III Expeditor R. Urot Manuel G. Larrañaga Mardonio G. Mangubat Raul I. Antigua Emelio M. Flores

Antonio C. Awing James G. Camara Imelda M. Seno Jover B. Pisao Mamerto V. Reston Hermes K. Morales


: Ronald P. Carcellar William G. Surbano Roel P. Morata Eleuteria O. Lacbayo Emilianito E. Borlasa Ruben O. Estrera Sr. Agustos D. Zurita


: Salvador S. dela Fuente

Robert M. Vergara – ABC

Vicente K. Laping Sr. – ABC

Dervin D. Yuzon

Vice Mayor : Delfin V. Santillan


Mayflor S. Catubig - SK

Brynton James Morales - SK

Dina Z. Rama – ABC

Tel.: 4391031/ 4391120



Gyneca Claire G. Gorgonio – SK

Councilors : Owen G. Daruca


: Lissa Marie P. Durano



Joel P. Quiño



Bernabe M. Compra Sr.

Vice Mayor : Nicasio P. Bacayo

Vice Mayor : Mary Antonette C. Dangoy



Erwin P. Yu

Julius M. Villaceran

Tel.: 4319159 / 4319069/ 4319157


4258742 / 4258565/ 4256001

Vice Mayor : Clint M. Maratas

Alejandro V. Maru

Councilors :

Woodrow Q. Prisillas


: Josephine T. Abing

Tel.: 4004006


: Amphil E. Belacho

Vice Mayor : Aurelio A. Damole



Ninfa V. Orge


3441246/ 3441236-37

2/F East Wing, Fernan Hall of Justice

Francisco W. Orge


Tel.: 2540465 / 2534877/ 4128747/ 4128748


Mary Ann S. Tapayan Jocelyn T. Morata Lorenzo E. Solante Meldred E. Otadoy Auxiliadora P. Uy Greman B. Solante – ABC Sharmaine Diocampo – SK

: Nicole Alectis B. Villo Alfred Francis M. Ouano Julius P. Alegado Nilo A. Ferraren Bienvenido G. Ermac Iluminado E. Alin Ma. Analee J. Gungob Brando P. Cuizon Marilou P. Casul – ABC

R S P: Hon. Antonio B. Arellano PROVINCIAL PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE Fernan Hall of Justice, Capitol Compound Tel.: 4128766 Prov’l. Prosecutor: Hon. Pepita Jane C. Petralba

Fernan Hall of Justice, Capitol Compound

Mayor :

Jesus A. Fernandez Jr.

Vito Rolito B. Villo – SK

Tel.: 2532721 / 2532717

Vice Mayor : Eufracio P. Maratas Jr.



City Prosecutor: Hon. Nicolas Sellon

Tel.: 4004023/ 4975654



Adelino B. Sitoy


: Pablo Chito Q. Labiste

Vice Mayor : Rodrigo B. Jumao-as

Mercury C. Fernandez Jr.


4968310/ 4968150/ 4968041


Antonio R. Ceballos Cesar S. Tabasa Antonieto L. Pedericos Eli P. Borinaga Mamelito M. Colminas Melton A. Maratas Lilibeth C. Donasco – ABC Nestor Maria Mañoza – SK


: Rowena M. Tongco Ximgil Dino A. Sitoy Cesar E. Suan Edwina T. Premacio Rodrigo B. Sumagang Angeles P. Gairanod Lemuel W. Pogoy Roque S. Yburan Celedonio B. Sitoy – ABC Argeo B. Toring – SK



Vincent Franco D. Frasco

Vice Mayor

: Lucelito B. Pilapil



5643131/ 5642989/ 5642214

: Lyle Ulric Cañete Nelly Bernardo L. Lopez Cesar R. Cañete Jr. Adrian R. Pilones Lurgio R. Cañete Antonio N. Capangpangan Francisco C. Comendador III Edna Cala Leo P. Salundaguit – ABC Bernard Jett S. Lopez – SK

Sixth District



: Teresa P. Alegado


REG’L. PAROLE & PROBATION ADMN. 4/F West Wing, MBF of Justice Tel.: 2533534/ 2533005/ 2533536/ 2533947 Reg’l. Dir.: Atty. Ophelia E. Quijano

RTC SOCIAL WORKERS UNIT G/F (Center) MBF Memorial Hall of Justice Tel.: 4128857 Head: Lorna Go

REGIONAL TRIAL COURT Fernan Hall of Justice, Capitol Compound Exec. Judge: Judge Fortunato M. de Gracia, Jr. Hall of Justice Administrator Engr. Isagani Saranillo Tel.: 4128860 Clerk of Court Atty. Jeoffrey Joaquino Tel.: 4128724/ 4165484/ 4128862 Court of Appeals Tel.: 262-0096 Criminal Division In-Charge: Edwin Savellon Tel.: 4128852 Notarial Division Head: Concepcion Polizon RTC Law Library Head: Anjanette Manguila Tel.: 4128861 Branch 5: Judge Ramon Daomilan, Jr. Tel.: 4128742 Branch Clerk: Atty. Manuel G. Nollora

Branch 60: Judge Leopoldo V. Cañete (Barili) Branch 61: Judge Antonio Marigomen (Bogo) Branch 62: Judge Jesus S. dela Peña (Oslob)

MUNICIPAL TRIAL COURT Fernan Hall of Justice, Capitol Compound Tel.: 2532813/ 4134818 Clerk of Court: Teresita Remotigue Branch 1: Judge Monalila Tecson Tel.: 2532823 Acting Branch Clerk: Ronaldo Maceda Branch 2: Judge Anatalio S. Necesario . Tel.: 2532811 Branch Clerk: Harrish Kho Branch 3: Judge Gil R. Acosta Tel.: 2532827 Branch Clerk: Christopher S. Derama Branch 4: Judge Rosabella M. Tormis Tel.: 2532817 Branch Clerk: Reynaldo Teves Branch 5: Judge Oscar D. Andrino Tel.: 2532825 Branch Clerk: Josefina Uy Branch 6: Judge Francisco A. Seville Jr. Tel.: 2532819 Acting Branch Clerk: Rodelio Fernandez Branch 7: Judge Francisco A. Seville Jr. Tel.: 2532815 Branch Clerk: Victor B. Narvios Branch 8: Judge Edgemelo C. Rosales Tel.: 2532821 Branch Clerk: Evelyn Bacalla


PUBLIC ATTORNEY’S OFFICE G/F East Wing, Fernan Hall of Justice Tel.: 4128718/ 4128717 Director: Atty. Hermilo G. Butron Branch 20: Judge Bienvenido Saniel Jr.

Tel.: 4128793/ 2533941 Branch Clerk: Atty. Cynthia Cañete Branch 21: Judge Eric T. Menchavez Tel.: 4128798/ 2533945 Branch Clerk: Atty. Ma. Teresa F. Jaca Branch 22: Judge Manuel D. Patalinghug Tel.: 4128774 Branch Clerk: Atty. Rosemarie S. Pabatao Branch 23: Judge Generosa G. Labra Tel.: 4128759 Branch Clerk: Atty. Marylou A. Enjambre Branch 24: Judge Olegario R. Sarmiento Jr. Tel.: 4128796 Branch Clerk: Atty. Virginia V.L. Monteclar


Branch 25: Judge Edito Y. Enemecio Tel.: 2003305 (Danao City ) Branch 26: Judge Maximo A. Perez Tel.: 4858870 (Argao, Cebu) Branch 27: Judge Toribio S. Quiwag Tel.: 3408165 (Lapulapu City) Branch 28: Judge Marilyn L. Yap (Mandaue City) Branch 29: Judge Cesar O. Estrera Tel.: 3225737 (Toledo City) Branch 53: Judge Benedicto G. Cobarde Tel.: 3402996 (Lapulapu City) Branch 54: Judge Victor Teves Sr. Tel.: 3403002 (Lapulapu City) Branch 55: Judge Ulric Cañete Tel.: 3462005 (Mandaue City) Branch 56: Judge Augustine A. Vestil Tel.: 3455449 (Mandaue City) Branch 57: Hon. Enriqueta L. Belarmino Branch 58: Judge Gabriel T. Ingles Tel.: 2530520 Branch 59: Judge Gaudioso D. Villarin Tel.: 3225413 (Toledo City)

Branch 6:

Tel.: 4128779 Branch Clerk OIC: Alma E. California Branch 7: Judge Simeon T. Dumdum, Jr. Tel.: 4128764 Branch Clerk: Atty. Cecilia Mijares Branch 8: Judge Simeon T. Dumdum, Jr. Tel.: 4128847 Branch Clerk: Atty. Ma. Theresa Dadula Branch 9: Judge Geraldine Faith Ycong Tel.: 4128762 Branch Clerk: Atty. Chevin Vasquez Branch 10: Judge Soliver C. Peras Tel.: 4128865 Branch Clerk: Atty. Fe V. Salvador Branch 11: Judge Ramon Daomilan, Jr. Tel.: 4128819 Branch Clerk: Atty. Ricardo Boligao, Jr. Branch 12: Judge Estela Alma Singco Tel.: 4128771 Branch Clerk: Atty. Carlyn C. Pozadas Branch 13: Judge Meinrado P. Paredes Tel.: 4128812/ 2533923 Branch Clerk: Atty. Jessica N. dela Cerna- Capacio Branch 14: Judge Rafael Yrastorza Sr. Tel. 4128815

Branch Clerk: Atty. Aurora V. Peñaflor Branch 15: Judge Fortunato M. De Gracia, Jr.


Branch Clerk-OIC: Pamela S. Pesidas Branch 16: Judge Silva A. Paderangga Tel.: 4128768 Branch Clerk-OIC: Reynaldo R. Enolpe Branch 17: Judge Silvestre A. Maamo, Jr. Tel.: 4128769 Branch Clerk-OIC: Atty. Lucily Bathan Francisco Branch 18: Judge Gilbert P. Moises Tel.: 4128728/ 2533955

Branch Clerk: Atty. Emilita L. Go Branch 19: Judge Ramon G. Codilla, Jr.

4128772/ 2533951

Tel.: 4128848 Branch Clerk: Atty. Ofelia P. de los Reyes


-Santiago Sevilla -Geralyn Escario-Cañares -Alfredo Arquillano Jr. -Iris Gestopa -Glenn Bercede -Aurelio Damole Lone District –Marcial Ycong








: Nelson Gamaliel F. Garcia


: Vincent Franco D. Frasco



: Lionel E. Bacaltos



: Nicomedes delos Santos


: Raymond Joseph D. Calderon


: Carmen Remedios Durano-Meca


: Ronald Allan Cesante


: Eduardo R. Gullas


: Rex Casiano T. Gerona


: Dave John B. Karamihan

Board of Directors:

1 st District -Eduardo Ma. C. Selma










-Inocentes G. Cabaron -Edsel A. Galeos -Augustos Ceasar L. Moreno -Salvador S. dela Fuente -Bernard A. Sepulveda -Erwin P. Yu -Teresa P. Alegado



: Arlene E. Zambo


: Allan Bucao

Sec. Gen. : Clint Maratas

Treasurer : Elanito Peña


: Cynthia Moreno


: Rodrigo Jumao-as

Board of Directors:

1 st District: -Delfin Señor -Mario Patrick Barcenas -Antonio Plando -Nelson Abenido -Joel Dumdum -Marlon Garcia





Treasurer : Gamaliel B. Lumapas


: Alfred R. Awe


: Julius P. Alegado

Biz Mgr.

: Concordio C. Mejias

Board of Directors:

Emmarie Ouano-Dizon Mercury C. Fernandez Jr. Samuel P. Moralde Emmanuel B. Jo Robert John R. Selma Rodolfo L. Cabigas Alfonso C. Pestolante Napoleon Enrique M. Teves Jr. Appointed Board of Directors:

Othello M. Chiong Abdon A. Jumao-as Leo L. Dolino Emelita M. Gabito Adrian R. Pilones



Nieves Lamosao


4739199 / 4739048 - - -



Erick Ybas


Aloguinsan 6040

Emilia Luz Celis


/ 4699034

Argao 6021

Engracia Birondo


/ 3677542

Asturias 6042

Mark Supatan


loc 104

Badian 6031



/ 4759118

Balamban 6041

Lavina Narsico


loc 115


Ricky Derecho


/ 4609367

Barili 6036

Filomeno Leyson


Bogo City 6010

Jocelyn Tan


/ 2512016

Boljoon 6024

Corazon Medida


/ 4829119

Borbon 6008

Hon. Roy Melgo


/ 4329308

Carcar City 6019

RA Solomon Enriquez


/ 487954




/ 4299217 / 4299215

Catmon 6006

Nelson Ares


Compostela 6003

Helga Canen


Consolacion 6001



/ 3441508 / 2388186

Cordova 6017

Lily Ator

Daanbantayan 6013

49678150 / 4956572 Jorge Rosal


/ 4378786

Dalaguete 6022

Rydel Cisneros


Dumanjug 6035

Emmylou Cabonilas


Ginatilan 6028

Fe Cristobal


/ 4789100

Liloan 6002



/ 5643785

Madridejos 6053

Jessel Ortega

4391031 / 4391068 / 4397025

Malabuyoc 6029

Rochelle Allera


Medellin 6012

Giles Anthony Villamor



Minglanilla 6046

Joselito Nacario


/ 2725415

Moalboal 603

Pedro Abrenica


Naga 6037

Arnulfo Omani


/ 4898989

Oslob 6025



Pilar 6048

Edgardo Salazar


Pinamungajan 6039

Melucina Erames


/ 4685526

Poro 6049

Abel Graciano


Ronda 6034



/ 4729068

Samboan 6027

Fe Nellas


/ 4794073

San Fernando 6018

Genever Enad


San Francisco 6050



San Remegio 6011

Venicio Dajuya


Santa Fe 6047



/ 4389220

Santander 6026

Engr. Jonathan Buscato


/ 4809999

Sibonga 6020

Judith Leyson


/ 4869417

Sogod 6007

Michael Peter Erivera


/ 4319069

Tabogon 6009

Arnulfo Monteron Jr.


Tabuelan 6044



/ 4619027

Tuburan 6043

Wilma Reyes


/ 4639041

Tudela 6051


Danao City 6004


2003311 / 2003300 / 2004372

Lapulapu City 6015

Felicitas Baguio


/ 3401615

Mandaue City 6014

Roger Paller

3452799 / 3451208 / 3216481

Talisay City 6045

Arturo Bas


/ 2731425

Toledo City 6014

Romel Cabriano


/ 4378369

Cebu City

Carlo Dugaduga


Cebu Province



/ 4166020


Hon. Rachel Marguerete del Mar – Cebu City – North #5 Cañon Rd.,Elisa Valley Beverly Hills, Cebu City Tel.: 2539217

Hon. Tomas Osmeña - Cebu City – South 95 M. Velez St., Guadalupe, C.C. Tel.: 2548924

Hon. Eduardo R. Gullas - 1 st District University of the Visayas Colon St., Cebu City Tel.: 2552434/ 2537885/ 2555266

Hon. Pablo P. Garcia - 2 nd District # 2091 A. Abellana cor. Singson Vill. Guadalupe, Cebu City Tel.: 2532296/ 2537811

Hon. Pablo John F. Garcia - 3 rd District Cebu Capitol, Cebu City Tel.: 2545576

Hon. Benhur Salimbangon - 4 th District Suite 501, Cebu Holdings Inc. Cebu Business Park, Cebu City Tel.: 4158090/ 2310961

Hon. Ramon “Red”Durano VI - 5 th District RD Hills Guinsay, Danao City Tel.: 2004477

Hon. Luigi Quisumbing - 6 th District A.S. Fortuna St., Bakilid, Mandaue City

Hon. Arturo Radaza Lapulapu District Proper Mactan, Lapulapu City


Bogo City - Dr. Minerva A. Millor

2512759 / 2512001 / 2512016

Carcar City - Dr. Grace Corazon Alcoseba


Cebu City - Dr. Estella Ygonia


Danao City - Dr. Jose Arturo Allego


Lapulapu City - Dr. Rodulfo Berame

3405339 / 3402584

Mandaue City - Dr. Edna R. Seno


Toledo City - Dr. Tiburcio Dacalos



Badian - Dr. Prudencio T. Manubag

09209327538 / 4759046 / 4755592

Balamban - Dr. Loma Desiree O. Gonzales

09209327539 / 465220 / 3332273

Bantayan - Dr. Tomasita D. Santillan

09209237540 / 460933031 / 3525231

Barili - Dr. Rebecca G. Opsima

09209327511 / 4709026

Pinamungajan - Dr. Feleus B. Bascon

09209327542 / 4689264 / 4689239

Danao City - Dr. Olivia A. Dandan

09209327543 /2004482 /2004557/2003323

Daanbantayan - Dr. Mario M. Fernandez

09209327544 / 4375525 / 4378143

Sogod - Dr. Ellen L. dela Cruz

09209327545 / 4319080

Argao - Dr. Elvira L. Grengia

09209327510 / 4858599 / 3677500

Malabuyoc - Dr. Imelda C. Peque


Camotes - Dr. Lea S. Celestial

09209327507 / 5143327 / 4970243

Minglanilla - Dr. Clinia P. Seguerra

09209327506 / 4900900 / 4900979

Oslob - Dr. Nerlinda G. Maraguinot

09209327541 / 4819986 / 4819985

Carcar City - Dr. Evelyn Y. Familgan


Tuburan - Dr. Esteban C. Ligaray

09209327514 / 4639515

Bogo City - Dr. Carlos F. Layese Jr.





Hon. Edgardo M. Chatto - Bohol

Hon, Roel R. Degamo - Negros Oriental

Hon. Orlando A. Fua Jr. - Siquijor



Hon. Rene L. Relampagos - 1 st District

Hon. Erico B. Aumentado

- 2 nd District


- 3 rd District

Hon. Jocelyn Limkaichong

- 1 st District

Hon. George P. Arnaiz

- 2 nd District

Hon. Henry Pryde Teves SIQUIJOR:

- 3 rd District

Hon. Orlando B. Fua Sr.

- Lone Dist.

District ∑ Hon. Orlando B. Fua Sr. - Lone Dist. Brief History of the Capitol Building

Brief History of the Capitol Building

The Provincial Capitol was designed to inspire awe and respect for government among Cebuanos. The construction began on June 27, 1936. The laying of the cornerstone was led by then Cebu Governor Sotero Cabahug. Commonwealth Vice Pres. Sergio Osmeña Sr. and Fr. Jose Maria Cuenco also attended the affair.

The building was designed by Juan M. Arellano, a nationally renowned architect from Manila and one of the first American- educated Filipino architects being a graduate of the Drexel Institute of Philadelphia.

The Capitol building was completed during the term of Gov. Buenaventura Rodriguez and inaugurated on June 14,

1938 attended by Pres. Manuel L. Quezon. After the war it was rebuilt with the aid of the people of the United States of America under the Philippine Rehabilitation Act of


of America under the Philippine Rehabilitation Act of 1946. PROVINCE OF CEBU DIRECTORY 2012 Edition Provincial



2012 Edition

Act of 1946. PROVINCE OF CEBU DIRECTORY 2012 Edition Provincial Information Office G/F BAEx Bldg., Capitol

Provincial Information Office

G/F BAEx Bldg., Capitol Compound Tel.: 254-3454 / 416-6020