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Infinite MLM Software

Software Requirement Specifications


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Infinite MLM Software Requirement Specifications

Flow of Documents Annexure # Subject Regarding

1. Introduction of Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP 2. Offered Modules & Features List 3. Optional Modules & Features List 4. Infinite MLM Software Demo 5. Supporting Compensation Plans 6. Development Process Flow & Delivery Schedule 7. Technical Environment & Web Server Requirements 8. Commercial Proposals along with Terms & Conditions 9. Support System 10. Project Pre-requisites 11. Optional Outsourcing Resources 12. Sign Off Process

Annexure 1 Introduction of Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP

Thank you very much for your enquiry and giving us this opportunity to work with your esteemed organization. I take liberty to introduce once again about our company to give more information and confidence before we go into this new service / job contract. IOSS (Infinite Open Source Solutions ) is a Leading company of web and Software Solutions in India. We offer extensive experience to build interactive & efficient open source web based solutions for its global client base. We offer custom Linux Apache MySQL PHP, JAVA (LAMP, LAMJ) programming & development solutions according to customized needs of clients. We help our clients to take full advantage of Open Source applications and frameworks. We are experienced in professional website designing and web development (MLM), E-commerce enabled and various other dynamic websites. This software is supposed to provide the wherewithal to handle even the most challenging demands. The Infinite MLM Software could play a big role in the success of any Inte rnet MLM Company. The software provides customized solutions for managing the different activities of MLM Companies like Online Registration, Automated Confirmations, Product Packaging & Delivery, Online Viewable Genealogy, Online Accounts, Automated Calculation of Incentives, Statistical Reports and Member Profiles. This product also works with SMS Integrator and has a built-in E-Commerce Shopping Cart. According to the company Infinite MLM Software is easy to operate and user-friendly. They can also completely customize and offer services to develop this software to cater to your individualized MLM Compensation Plan.

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Infinite MLM Software Requirement Specifications

Annexure 2 - Offered Modules & Features List

1. Dynamic Website* HTML & DHTML, Flash & other animation tools, designer softwares along with Photoshop / coral draw tools used to bring best presentable website design along with database driven home page & user personalized web pages. Dynamic features like scrolling of latest news, seminars and other promotional contents. These contents can be updated thru Dynamic content manager in Admin Control as and when you feel required to change yourself. The Language on the website will be English, Incase if any other Indian or foreign / regional language replication required, will be an additional than this assignment (charges for translations would be on actual and to be incurred by the client). Filling of forms like Feedback, inquiries, queries etc also provided which will be delivered to database reports and email ID of the administrator or specifi ed email ID. Initially we will provide you one static level website designs for your approval. On your acceptance, we will proceed further and prepare the pages, navigations & animations to make the website more beautiful & presentable. Option of themes will be also given for members to change the looks on the page. The website include following pages. 1. About Us -> Profile, Vision, Mission. 2. Business Plan. 3. Contact Page. 4. Terms & Conditions. 5. News & Events. 6. Legal Documents. 7. Achievers List with photos. 8. Meetings & Seminars. 9. Photo Gallery. 10. Members Login. 11. Downloads 12. F.A.Q page (*Dynamic Website design may vary according to client preference. Though Dynamic Website is listed in offered modules, additional charges are applicable) 2. Online Application Signup / PIN Registration All the users can enroll to the net work by simply filling the online application form. You have to provide what are the fields in the application form.

User Area
1. User Login/Logout Infinite MLM Software has a special style of providing Users login from others, which is most secured and features system. Users can have more facilities to operate this business and down line follow-ups. 2. Welcome Letter 3. My Profile
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Infinite MLM Software Requirement Specifications

3.1 Show Profile 3.2 Change Login Password 3.3 Forgot Password 3.4 Change Profile Picture 4. Center (In-built Mailing System) 4.1 Inbox 4.2 Out Box 4.3 Compose Mail 4.4 Mail Forwarding 4.5 Read and Unread Mail 4.6 Mails update with counts 5. My Genealogy 5.1 Tree View (Graphical View) 5.2 User Searching in Tree (Search A Downline) 5.3 User profile in tree as tooltip 5.4 Tabular Tree Structure 6. Sponsor Details 7. My Incentives 8. Repurchase Here, user can repurchase the products for redeem BV (Business Volume) or PV (Point Value) My Accounts. 9. Consolidated Income reports 10. Process & Disbursement Mechanism 10.1 Processing of Payouts time to time (Automated / operator enabled) 10.2 Schedule Reports of all Incomes 11. Well designed Vouchers & Statements 12. Payout funding & analysis Reports 13. Payout Incomes MIS 14. E-Pin System 14.1 Show My E-Pin 14.2 Request E-Pin 14.3 Search My E-Pin 15. Leg Details 16. SMS System 16.1 Send Preset SMS 16.2 Invite Friend 17. Welcome message 18. Day Greetings 19. My Referrals 20. Download Documents

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Infinite MLM Software Requirement Specifications

Admin Area
1. Admin Login/Logout 2. Configuration System 2.1 Network Settings Admin have an option to change the commission like Level Commission (In the Case of Matrix or Unilevel), Pair Commissions (In the Case of Binary), Payout Ceiling and Referral Commission. 2.2 Site Information 2.3 E-pin Configuration If your company sales products or user sign-up is through e-pin, this utility provides you to configure the e-pin as you like. Here you can set the number of characters, character set for e-pin and maximum active e-pin at a time in your system for security purpose. You can set the number of characters in the e-pin to any integer values between 6 and 25, and also you can configure whether the e-pin includes only specified number of digits, alphabets or a combination of alpha numerals. 2.4 User Name Configuration Admin has the privilege to set the user name format. Here you can set the user name by including a prefix or not. If you need prefix for user name you can set the prefix. 2.5 Referral Status This feature enables you to set the referral status in your system. If you configure the referral status as Yes in your system, then you can set the referral commission t hrough Network Configuration link. And then for eac h new user registration, the sponsor of that user will get the referral commission and also provides users to track their referrals through View My Referrals link. 2.6 Welcome Letter This utility provides you to configure the welcome letter. It also gives a preview of the welcome letter after you completing the settings. 2.7 Terms and Conditions This feature enables you to set the terms and conditions of your system. The terms and conditions configured here is display on the I ACCEPT TERMS AND CONDITIONS link on the user registration form. 3. E-Pin System It is very useful for MLM companies. E-pin is the best way for payment. Most of the MLM Companies want to sale their products and sign-up through e-pin. By this way you can collect payment from members. This software manages e-pin & secures the transactions. We are providing following feature. 3.1 Generate E-Pin 3.2 Request E-Pin 3.3 Show E-Pin Request 3.4 Allocate E-Pin 3.5 Block E-Pin 3.6 Edit, Delete E-Pin 3.7 Show E-Pin 3.8 E-pin Status 3.9 Search E-Pin
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Infinite MLM Software Requirement Specifications

3.10 Send E-pin by SMS 3.11 Send e-Pin in User Panel 3.12 E-Pin Wise Report 4. Products Management This facility provides you to configure your products. We provide the following features to manage products in your system. 4.1 Add Product 4.2 Edit Products 4.3 Add Product Image 4.4 Delete Product 5. Profile Tools Member can view the profile details and can able to edit some of the details confidential. 5.1 Show Profile 5.2 Edit Profile 5.3 Change User Password 5.4 Approve / Reject Profile 5.5 Search profiles 5.6 Member Photo Upload Option 6. Genealogy Infinite MLM Software includes well structured graphical tree view. The tree view is expandable up to the last level of the joining under him. 6.1 Graphical Tree View 6.2 User Searching in Tree (Search A Downline) 6.3 User profile in tree as tooltip 6.4 Tabular tree View 7. Payout Release Admin have an option to release payout by selecting payout date and user ID. The released is show in the status as released otherwise is the status as pending. 8. Reports The Reports of MIS and other summaries, Analysis, queries and any kind of data retrievals for your Business Reporting, you need to specify the type of report and format of reports required, which will be incorporated time to time to an endless extend during the service agreement period. We have a general format of all reports that are given below. 8.1 Sponsor Report 8.2 User Profile Report 8.3 Date wise Payout Report 8.4 Payout Released/Pending Reports 8.5 TDS Report 8.6 Joining report with date criteria 8.7 Block IDs Reports 8.8 Bank Statement Report 8.9 Activation And Non Activation Report 8.10 E-pin Reports 9. IP Tracker (Optional) 10. Support Center (In-built Mailing System)

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Infinite MLM Software Requirement Specifications

This Facility will enable to have authenticated communication among all the Users, Administrators, Branch network etc. within the application / single window working. 10.1 Inbox 10.2 Out Box 10.3 Compose 10.4 Mail Forwarding 10.5 Mails update with counts 10.6 Read And Unread Mail 11. Contents Manager This Module will enable the admin users to manage contents on the website dynamically form time to time 11.1 News on Home page with RTF editor 11.2 News on Users Home page with RTF editor 11.3 Event on Users Home page with RTF editor 11.4 FAQs 12. Processing of Payouts time to time (Automated / operator enabled) 13. Well designed Vouchers & Statements 14. Payout funding & analysis Reports 15. Backup Mechanism / Recovery Mechanism 16. Upload & Edit Documents The above-mentioned features of MLM software from us are scheduled as per your requirement understood and also allowed to customize or add any other features as per the Requirement based on Business model requirements or as per the business practice chosen by the Client. However, if any new kind of feature is in need to develop the logic at our end, the client should allow us the required time duration for the same.

Annexure 3 - Optional Modules & Features List

1. SMS Menu (Fully integrated SMS Facility) The system is able to send automated SMS to the users mobile on various actions & activities to update the user on his gains & transactions. We have our own 100% reliable gateway ( for SMS, which is currently available to Indian clients. For Clients outside India, we can integrate with other International SMS Gateways or 3 rd party SMS service providers. 1.1 SMS to new enrolled user a welcome message 1.2 SMS to the Sponsor of new enrollment to congratulate him 1.3 SMS when payout all the payout receivers 1.4 SMS on shopping Transactions 1.5 Send SMS By Selecting Starting ID And Ending Id. However, you may specify any other occasions / actions where you need this SMS Alert integration as per your requirement All the SMS message text matters to be prescri bed by the client within the limit of SMS one single unit as 160 Characters. The sender ID for all the SMS sending out from the system should be a choice of the client.
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Infinite MLM Software Requirement Specifications

SMS Delivery Limitations The Automated / integrated shooting of SMS from the web application on various occasions are only an add-on facility provided. The Delivery of SMS s is purely depends on the gateway efficiency configured in the system, Operators compatibility and Internet services availability. Our Limitations will be up to error free gateway integration and tracking / keeping log records. 2. E-Wallet System E-Wallet is an online medium holding the information and history of money transactions assuring safety and security to the users. In the case of an MLM Software, E-wallet has the role of a virtual account where member can make transactions with the amount available. Amount deducted from the payouts can be transferred to E-wallet. Some amount from the Net payouts can be transferred to E-Wallet. (Option given to the members) By using the E-Wallet Amount can be utilized for purchasing the E-Pin and Products. 2.1 Fund Transfer 2.2 E-Pin/Product Purchase 2.3 Available Balance 2.4 E-Wallet Report 2.5 Transaction History 3. E-Commerce Software Infinite MLM Software is Integrated, "customizable web-based online shopping cart solutions for companies of all sizes, on an easy -to-learn and manage, Web -based platform. The MLM user can purchase the product by using online shopping cart solutions. E-commerce Software is essential for MLM Business in the case of purchases. Most of the companies use an E-Commerce Software for the same reason and even for affiliate marketing product promotions they use E-commerce applications. And further, all the E-Commerce purchase order goes to Infinite Inventory; which is an application developed to manage later processes. Sub modules of Infinite E-commerce Software include, 3.1 Shopping cart 3.2 Product Categories 3.3 Product Sub-categories 3.4 Product Editor 3.5 Purchase Orders 3.6 Members Login 3.7 Reports 4. Infinite Inventory/POS Management Software This includes a dedicated business application which is designed to track and manage product sales, purchase, delivery of goods and other production and distribution process. This comes with a tracking system to give a complete accounting of all the shipping and storage details. Sub modules of Infinite Inventory include, 4.1 Item 4.1.1 Add Item 4.1.2 Edit Item 4.1.3 Delete Item 4.1.4 View Item
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Infinite MLM Software Requirement Specifications

4.2 Order 4.2.1 View Order 4.2.2 Deliver Order 4.2.3 Cancel Order 4.3 Stock 4.3.1 Add Stock 4.3.2 Edit Stock 4.3.3 View Stock 4.3.4 Stock Status 4.4 Shipping 4.4.1 Set Price 4.4.2 Edit Price 4.4.3 List By Country 4.4.4 Shipping ID Country 4.4.5 Affiliate ID 4.4.6 Quantity 4.5 Sales Report 5. Multi-Lingual Apart from basic EN (US) version. Depending upon the client requirements, Infinite MLM Software can be integrated to Spanish, French, Portuguese and Chinese or to any other language according to client preference. 6. Employee/Privileged User This module allows the company to add their employees with certain privilege or tasks. You can set tasks in specific for different employees. Later, employee can check their assigned tasks and can work in progress according to that. 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 6.5 6.6 Register Employee Employee Login Set Permission/Privilege Add Employee Edit Employee Delete Employee

7. Self-Replicating System Member who joins your company will receive their own personalized self replicating web site, with a static, search engine friendly URL. You can check the replicating site Our Infinite MLM Software, supports virtually any web site, and can be easily managed through the MLM Software's Admin Control Panel. Multiple self replicating web sites Easily managed through the server Uses no disk space on your server Eg: is the replicated user ID.

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Infinite MLM Software Requirement Specifications

8. Payment Gateway User can purchase the product using their credit card/debit card. So the Merchant should take a payment gateway account. Transaction includes buying new products, Bonus, Online Registration, and Online Purchase, Signing Up new Members, Package Up-gradation, and Member Renewals. Below is the list of Payment Gateways which are can be associated with Infinite MLM Software. 8.1 Paypal 8.2 8.3 CCAvenue 8.4 First Data 8.5 Liberty Reserve 8.6 EBS (E-Billing Solutions) 8.7 iPayout 8.8 NMI (Network Merchants Inc.) 8.9 SolidTrust Pay 9. Payout Release This module can be referred to as the payout method carried out in a fixed schedule which can be processed from either E-wallet or via default process. 9.1 E-wallet Payout Request (Payout Release from E-wallet Balance) 9.2 Default Payout Release 10. Forum The MLM users can discuss and can hold conversations in the form of posted messages related to their MLM business. Example: 11. Blog The MLM user can create their own personalized blog for posting the MLM details and comment to the post. Example: And more, Above-mentioned features of MLM software from us are scheduled as per your requirement understood and also allowed to customize or add any other features as per the Requirement based on Business model requirements or as per the business practice chosen by the Client. However, if any new kind of feature is in need to develop the logic at our end, the client should allow us the required time duration for the same.

Annexure 4 Infinite MLM Software Demo

All new users are recommended to check our free demo before requesting us a quote. You can register free demo of Infinite MLM Software with full features for a limited period of time. Our current demo supports Binary/ Unilevel/ Matrix compensation plans. Please visit the following link to register free demo,

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Infinite MLM Software Requirement Specifications

Note: Counting from the registry date, demo will be active for 3 days. Soon after user can upgrade the demo for further 27 days, which adds the total expiry date of demo to 30 days

Annexure 5 Supporting Compensation Plans

Infinite MLM Software basic package comes with Binary, Matrix, Unilevel and Boar d Plan. Here is the complete list of supporting compensation plans. Binary Plan Matrix Plan Board Plan Unilevel Plan Generation Plan Party Plan Hybrid Plan Spill Over Binary Plan Australian Binary Plan Stair Step Breakaway Plan Monoline Plan

You can read more about each and every MLM Plan by visiting the following link: Apart from the above listed Compensation Plans, we are keen to develop MLM Software as per client requirements and we can also blend or combine the compensation plan if they needed.

Annexure 6 - Development Process Flow & Delivery Schedule

Upon confirmation of the Annexure 4 the list of Features & Modules required to be developed and delivered finalization and understanding the priorities the development process flow will be like. Phase I Preparation of complete new website design as per the choice along with the software for enrollment process, admin, user login & commission, related to complete business plan equivalent or more than the present available. This phase of work will be initially developed and delivered for testing at client level up to their satisfaction. Further, on a prearranged schedule the data of all required information will be extracted from the old software database and migrated to the new and release the new website & software to the public. This phase of work is requires 4 week time and will get ready for launch

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Infinite MLM Software Requirement Specifications

Phase I I Further to the Release of the domain, A team of developers will be coordinating on client site with the admin end users to provide the required process developments / customizations / Report building etc. enabling the client more smooth ride on the day to day business operations. This phase of work requires 7 10 days of time to complete and have the completion of scheduled work. Further on complete application delivery, our support team will be continued to attend from support center in Kerala, available for any time updates thro ugh the agreed service support period.

Annexure 7 - Technical Environment & Web Server Requirements

Development Platform specifications The entire application will be developed in PHP. The backend used will be MySQL Linux Server with unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth. Testing Methods Applicable The testing methods will be manual, post to the development of each module / feature / facility and pre stage to the release on the live server. On your approval we will plug in the same to the live domain. This procedure will avoid any break down in the application running. However, if you feel some other testing method is required, you may suggest before we start working on this project. We request you to kindly depute a qualified and decision maker as we ll as a subject well known on our complete business plan & process to engage in this testing activity. This will help both side in accurate testing & early release of each update.

Annexure 8 - Commercial Proposal

The commercial proposal & payments plan along with the terms & conditions are as per below: Terms & Conditions of IOSS Software & services: 1. Software Cost: Total cost will be XXXX USD On the approval of this document you need to place a work order on us an d need to pay an advance amount of 50% Next on complete delivery of domain application Live Phase I & II, you need to pay the second payment 50% 2. Taxation: The taxes applicable for the software development services will be charged according to the constitutionally established scheme of taxation in India. 3. Warranty: Six Months warranty will be from the date of Application first Live against delivered software changes / updates at free of cost. 4. Source code: The ownership rights of the source code will be with the end user client, Handing over process to the client only after completion of application development & payments as agreed. However the client is entitled to use and customize as per their own requirement, but not to resell to anyone else. The technology developed & delivered is an intellectual property ownership remains with M/s. Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP. 5. Add on Costing: Further to the specified modules / structural genealogies incase of any additional work, will be chargeable extra time to time on the basis of work length involved.
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Infinite MLM Software Requirement Specifications

6. Validity: This offer is valid for 30 days from the above date.

Annexure 9 - Support System

Infinite Open Source Solutions has an established infrastructure set up with efficient man power to attend all your queries, update requests, modifications time time. All the communications we expect & appreciate by exchange of mails only. However depending upon the importance of the job required you may keep calling us as per requirement. We have 2 Managers to handle the Support system with the common email id and we will be requesting you one official email ID from your end as to have as one point communication to avoid gaps in information updates. To serve our clients in a better way, we have also created a dedicated sub domain exclusive for Infinite MLM Software support and it is Further you are requested to have one executive form you office to have complete in -charge of software & data handling who also coordinates with us regular.

Annexure 10 - Project Pre-requisites

You are requested to provide us all the below listed items in Soft & Hard copies, which are required to use on various stages of Website designing & software development. 1. Title of the Project / Company / Venture & LOGO. 2. Company Address, Mailing address, Phone Numbers to be shown on website Contact us page. 3. Finalized Descriptive matter of Business Plan with illustrations. Case studies for references and also critical logic explanations to understand the funds allocations for each income offered. 4. Content material like profile of the company or promoters to be shown on the website, Products / Services literature, proprietary images (If any), etc to be shown on the website. 5. Application form format to know the fields of data to be filled by the applicant, and list of Terms & Conditions to be accepted by the applicant while signing up. 6. ID No. Format The unique identical number or username the system should allocate against every 7. Color choice if you have any for website design, specifications like links and navigation required on the open website. 8. Formats of Bills, Certificates, receipts and other any stationery, which need to provide from the software. 9. Flow of Business operational procedures as chosen to administrate the complete business activity. 10. Content document of User Agreement, Disclaimer & Privacy Policy to be shown on the website. 11. Templates of SMS & Email alerts that software needs to shot out automatically.
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Infinite MLM Software Requirement Specifications

12. You have to provide a payment gateway account (Eg. Your early arrangement of above listed points enables us to design, develop & deliver the application software as per your customized requirement on time.

Annexure 11 - Optional Outsourcing Resources

SMS Gateway The web based software application that we are offering is also having an integrated facility to deliver SMS to the users on various prescribed facilities. To enable this facility the system needs an URL based API function of best servicing gateway with all required provisions like delivery report, export & import of reports in the gateway software. Now this Gateway you need to arrange from your end, so that we will be integrating in the software application. For Indian we can have the facility to provide you this SMS gateway ourselves, but we have access to deliver in your country. You may find a good gateway service provider and let us know the API to integrate in your software (Eg. Payment Gateway On your requirement arises we can integrate the payment gateways of any banks in India with our website software application. You need to provide us the few samples / testing cards data useful while integrating & trial transactions. However our service involvement in this process is limited to show you the secured URL exchange of positive & negative signals with the gateway website & our website database. The complications that regularly encounters with payment gateways or banks will no us. You have to provide a payment gateway account (Eg. SEO Presence SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an optional facility, which will be chargeab le extra. The SEO will help you to have top ranking / result listing you on the top of website searching portals / engines. On your requirements, this can be discussed and agreed separately as and when feel required. The SEO can be taken up either by your in-house team or by ourselves only. Because this SEO team needs access to web server FTP to make day to day updates. This password we cannot share with anyone else as a matter of security and data privacy.

Annexure 12 - Sign off Process

On completion of website & software application as per the specification, required customizations & implementation and also complete payment are made; we will be approaching you with the Sign off process call. During this process we will be handing over you all the software developed source codes to your custody. You will also intimate to change all the passwords of live servers, domains FTP & database to maintain privacy further at your own responsibility. However if required you may share with us again as and when required any

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Infinite MLM Software Requirement Specifications

support or updates from us as a reserved privilege, we will be keeping a copy of the software source code with us for our necessary records.


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