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33 West Manilla Avenue, Pittsburgh PA, 15220 | 412.901.0994 |

To find a position where I can fully utilize my analytic mind and attention to detail to solve problems in an efficient manner.

BACHELORS OF SCIENCE | 2009 | UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH Major: Computer Science (andBachelorsofArtsinHistory) Minor: Classics

Skills & Abilities

TECHNICAL SKILLS Java, PHP, C, C++, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby, MySQL,, Unix, Linux, Windows, Eclipse, Wordpress, PHPBB HTML (5.0), XML, XHTML, CSS (3.0), Visual Studio, AFS

IT TECHICIAN | OPASKA & CO. CPAS | 2009-PRESENT Maintained a small (<10 employees) office network infrastructure. This included administration of maintenance of network printing and network storage, maintenance (virus removal) of office computers, data recovery from failed devices, network security, and remote access (VPN). INTERN | UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH CAPSTONE INTERNSHIP | JANUARY APRIL 2009 Member of a three person team responsible for the development and deployment of a Virtual Bulletin Board (VBB) system. Each bulletin board consisted of a HTML/PHP/JavaScript front end and a MySQL database on the back end. A specific board was to be attached to a locationusingaQRCode.Thisprojectwasdeployedforthedepartments ComputerScienceDaywhichfeaturedexhibitsfromcompanieslookingtohireortryingtopromotetheirbrand.The QR codes were used to attach a bulletin board to a specific location. Development of the system used CVS version control to keep the code-base consistent when working independently. An importantchallengewasworkingwithapreviousyearsprojectinvolvin g RFID tracking of users. When a user scanned the QR code on their smartphone, they were prompted for the unique name on their RFID card. Once it was entered, our coderequestedtheusersinformationfromtheRFIDsystem,allowingustoconnectuserstotheirpostsonthevarious bulletin boards. CHESS INSTRUCTOR | 2006-PRESENT Self employed as a chess instructor, beginning while I was still an undergraduate student. I have taught in afterschool programs at St. Raphael, St. James, Franklin Park Elementary, Hosack Elementary, and Montessori Community School in Sewickley. I also have sever private students with a wide range of abilities from beginners up to class B (1700 rated). I have yet to have a student achieve success in state or national championships but recently, one of my students placed 8th in the U10 category of the North American Youth Chess Championship.