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Name of Council Candidate: Scherie Murray Name and Title of Person Completing Questionnaire: Scherie Murray, Candidate Campaign



1. Many in the United States think of international affairs when they think of human rights. Our work emphasizes the applicability of the human rights framework here in the United States. Please share your thoughts on the domestic applicability of human rights, and discuss why human rights are important to you in the context of New York City and the City Council. Human rights are important because its the basis for equality. Human rights are important in New York City and the City Council because City Council members are lawmakers with the ability to create and reform policies and are obligated to do so. Elected officials should be aware of and involved in policy-making. Members who are directly impacted by human rights violations should be involved in assessing and creating policies to address these violations. 2. How have you used current or previous professional positions to advance human rights? I have used my professional positions to advance human rights in a debate on Global Governance in ATHGOs 4th annual Global Forum at the United Nations. I have advanced human rights with a mission to address the needs of the underserved, under-privileged and under-represented population. With the lack of employment opportunities in media for minorities, I founded The Esemel Group Inc., a Television Production and Advertising Company in 2004. Through television commercial production and programming, The Esemel Group Inc. generated employment for some thirty (30) individuals. In my grassroots efforts as a candidate for city council I have advanced human rights. 3. What will your top 3 legislative priorities be in your first term as Council Member? 1. Opportunity to Bid Residents will have the opportunity to bid first on jobs in the district. 2. Bullet Buy Back Program Similar to the Gun Buy Back program, this pilot program will be an measure to help curb gun violence. 4. What will your top 3 budget priorities be in your first term as Council Member? 1. Economic Development Constructing a pool in Brookville Park. Better maintenance and upkeep to all parks in District 31. 2. Economic Development Community Center in District 31 3. Transportation -- Bridging the gap between the main land and the Rockaways. added

5. Do you plan to use participatory budgeting to allocate your discretionary funds? Why or why not? Its unfortunate, the self-serving nature of some politicians today, nonetheless, my community needs all of the funding resources available. For almost 12 years District 31 has been stagnant with the same City Council leadership. Along with a new pool in Brookville Park, District 31 needs a Community Center, better transportation alternatives and a Police Precinct. In order to revitalize the community, as the next City Council member I would like to ensure that all funding resources are available for Rosedale, Laurelton, Springfield Gardens and the Rockaways. 6. Please provide examples of recent legislation in Council that you believe promotes human rights. With an increasing unemployment rate in New York City the amendments to Int. 0814-2012 will give unemployed persons a fair opportunity to become employed. Effective June 11, 2013, the New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL) was amended to prohibit discrimination against unemployed persons. This amendment to the NYCHRL, known as Int. No. 0814-2012, prohibits employers from making any employment decision based on an applicant's unemployment status. The amendment also prohibits employers from publishing, in any medium, a job advertisement that requires current employment, indicates that employment status is or will be considered as a job qualification, or states that an applicant will not be considered for an open position if they are unemployed. On May 8, 2013, City Council approved legislation allowing all New York City workers paid sick leave. This legislation promotes human rights giving City workers five paid sick days starting April 1, 2014. 7. Legislation is only one of many ways in which Council Members can work to advance human rights. What ways other than through legislation will you advance the human rights of New Yorkers as a City Council Member? Legislation is one of the many ways to get reform. It is important to address human rights concerns in my community, thats why I will utilize grassroots efforts to advance human rights concerns in my district. I will work with faith-based institutions, public and private sector organizations, community leaders and the law enforcement community to promote and advance human rights issues in Rosedale, Laurelton, Springfield Gardens and the Rockaways. 8. Some advocates contend that the position of the Council Speaker has too much power over the progression of legislation. Please use this space to respond to that critique. I too contend that the speaker has too much power over the progression of legislation. In 2009, speaker Christine Quinn utilized her power as speaker to extend term limits in New York City. In 2013 speaker Quinn also used her power allowing two bills Intro 1079 and intro 1080 an expedited protocol.

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