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Dragon Space

China in Space
from Wan Hu to Yang Liwei
Ben J. Huset
Oct 14, 2003 Post Launch edition
Dragon Space



Future 2
Fire Arrows 100 AD 3
1232 AD
Battle of Kai-Keng
Chinese defeat Mongols 4
1500 AD
Wan Hu
- 1 chair
- 2 kites
- 47 fire arrows
There was a large cloud of smoke…
and Wan Hu was gone…

There is Lunar crater named after him 5
Farther of Chinese Rocketry
 Tsien Hsue-shen
(Qian Xuesen)
Profession: Engineer.
Marital Status: Married.
Children: Two.
Birth Date: 11 December 1911.
Birth City: Hangzhou.
Birth Country: China.
Nationality: Chinese.
Degree: Ph.D., Caltech, 1939 6
1911 - December 11 Born in Hangzhou, China
1935 - Aug 15 - Leaves China to study at MIT
1936 - Sep 1 - Enters CalTech
1937 - Helped founding of the Jet Propulsion Lab
1945 - Project Lusty – US military scientists go in
Germany, interviewed VonBraun
1947 – Married Chinese General’s Daughter
1949 - Applied to become a US citizen
1950 - June 6, FBI pulled clearances, house arrest
1955 - Sep 17 - Tsien Hsue-shen deported from U.S.
1956 - Feb 17 - Plan for missile development proposed 7
1960- current
1960 – Sept Launch R-2
Dec Launch DF-1
1968 - Founded the Space Flight Medical
Research Center
1970 – Launch DFH-1

1978 – Proposed winged spaceship

1991 – Awarded State Scientist of
Outstanding Contribution

Currently retired 8
R-2/DF-1 Rocket
 Soviet/China
Signed 12/6/1957
 Soviet Built R2
launched Sept. 1960
 1st Chinese built DF1
launched Nov.5,1960
 A Chinese built
copy of a Russian
copy, of a
German V2 9
DF-1 Rocket (Mission 581)

 Dong Feng-1 rocket

– Payload 1350 / 508 kg.
– Core Dia 1.65 m
– Total length 17.60m
– Range 550 km
– Maximum altitude 171 km.
– Time of flight 7.5 min
– Max velocity at burnout 2175 m/s.
– Accuracy 8 km in range,
– 4 km laterally. 10
Dong fang hong 1
 DFH-1 1970-34A
– (East is Red)
– Launched April 24, 1970 9:35 pm
– Perigee: 434 km. Apogee: 2,162 km.
– Today Perigee: 432 km. Apogee: 2,085 km.
– Period : 110.7 min Inclination: 68.4 deg.
– Weight 173 kg. 1 meter in diameter 1.1980 RCS
– Design life : 15 days
– Broadcast song ‘East is Red’ on 20.009 MHz
– CZ-1(Chang zheng) [Long March] 1 rocket
– Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center 11
East is Red

The East is red, the sun has risen!

China has produced Mao Zedong!
He works for the people's happiness,
he is the people's savior. 12
Fanhui Shi Weixing (FSW)
• Fanhui Shi Weixing (recoverable test satellite)
Photo recon. (Spy satellites)
• First Launched in Nov 1975 on Long March 2C
• Last launched in October 1996
•Oak heat shield 13
Shuguang 1 (Dawn-1) Project 714

• Total Length: 4.60 m Dong Xiaohai Fang Guojun Lu Xiangxiao
• Maximum Diameter: 2.20 m. Wang Zhiyue Yu Guilin
• Mass: 1,800 kg.
• CZ-2 booster
•1st Flight target 1973
•Team dissolved in 1972 after
failed overthrow of Mao Zedong by
Lin Biao and managers purged. 14
Shuguang 1 (Dawn-1) Project 714 15

China National Space Administration


Signs governmental agreements in the space area on behalf of organizations

, inter-governmental scientific and technical exchanges; and also being in
charge of the enforcement of national space policies and managing the
national space science, technology and industry.

Luan Enjie, Administrator of CNSA 16

China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT), headquartered in

Beijing, has been the leading launch vehicle manufacture in China since its
establishment in 1957. CALT is also one of the major launch service providers
in the world. The Long March launch vehicles, designed and manufactured by
CALT, can send various payloads to Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Sun-synchronous
Orbit (SSO) and Geo-synchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO) with low cost and
high reliability.
– 12 Research Institutes
– 5 Factories
– 22,000 People
Yansheng Wu 17
Under the direct administration of the State Council,China-
Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation is one of the
biggest enterprises solely owned by the state.Within CASIC,four
divisions have been established,including six large-scale
President academies,over 180 enterprises and institutions with nearly
Xia Guohong 100.000 employees in total,among which 40 percent are
technicians and engineers of different specialties.

Taking missile weapon system as its foundation,CASIC also lays

great emphasis on the development of information technology
for military and civil purposes,satellite exploration and
application,energy,environmental protection and equipment
complex,etc 18
The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) evolved from the former
China Aerospace Corporation encompassing some of its organizations. With the approval of the
State Council, on 01 July 1999, in an effort to become more competitive the Chinese government
reformed the top ten Defense and Technology Corporations. These corporations, including the
former China Aerospace Corporation, are all large State Owned Enterprises(SOE's) under
direct supervision of the State Council.
The former China Aerospace Corporation, with some 270,000 employees, was divided into the
China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) and the China Aerospace
Machinery and Electronics Corporation (CAMEC), presumably with about 150,000 employees.
The S&T Corporation has adopted CALT, the Fourth Academy, CAST, 062 Base, and 067 Base.
The Electro-mechanical Corporation has integrated the Second and Third Academies and the
remaining bases. 19

–China Great Wall Industry Corp. has been acting as the ties and
bridges between the Chinese and global space community. For nearly
20 years, China Great Wall has been endeavoring to contribute to the
peaceful utilization of space technology, and has especially played an
important role in the development of satellite communication in the
Asian-Pacific region. 20
China Province Map 21
China’s Launch Site Map 22
Jiuquan Launch Center - Base 20
• Construction stared June 1956
• Gobi Desert in Gansu Province
• Launches all recoverable satellites

Lat: 41° 19’ N

Long: 100° 19’ E
Alt: 1,000m 23
Jiuquan Corona image 1972 24
Jiuquan Launch Center
Oct. 4, 2003

© Space Imaging Ikonos Sat 25
Jiuquan Launch Center
Launch Pad
Sept 29, 2003

© Space Imaging Ikonos Sat 26
Jiuquan Launch Pad
© Space Imaging Ikonos Sat Oct 4, 2003 27
Jiuquan Launch Center
2nd Launch Pad
© Space Imaging Ikonos Sat Oct 4, 2003 28
Jiuquan Launch Center VATB
Sept 29, 2003

© Space Imaging Ikonos Sat

Vertical Assembly and Testing Building (VATB) 29
Jiuquan Launch Center
Oct 4, 2003

© Space Imaging Ikonos Sat

Vertical Assembly and Testing Building (VATB) 30
Jiuquan Launch Center 31
Jiuquan Launch Center 32
Jiuquan Launch Center Rollout 33
Jiuquan Launch Center VATB
Vertical Assembly and Testing Building (VATB)

Height :74 meters (243 feet),
Upper width : eight meters (26 feet)
Lower width :14 meters (46 feet)
Gross weight : over 350 tons 34
Beijing Control Center 35
Xichang Launch Center

• Latitude: 28°15' N.
•Longitude: 102°01' E.
•Altitude: 1,800.00 m
•Opened in 1984
• Mountains of Sichuan Province
• Designed to put geostationary satellites into orbit
• Equipment to support a cryogenic upper stage. 36
Xichang Launch Failure 1996

• CZ-2E rocket rocket explodes 22 sec after take-off of a Hughes-built

comm. satellite.
• Killing six people ??? 59 injured Maybe more??
• Western satellite insurers became nervous about the rocket’s reliability.
• Western Satellite launches were snuffed when Congress charged U.S.
companies with sharing militarily sensitive launch technology with China.
•The Clinton administration cracked down on satellite exports to Chinese
launch pads 37
Taiyuan Launch Center - Base 25
37°30'N 112°36'E

•Near the mountain city of Taiyuan in Shanxi Province

•First launch: 1988.
•Tests ICBM/SLBM missiles
•Launches polar orbiting spacecraft.
•Twelve Iridium satellites were launched here on six Long March rockets
from 1997 through 1999. 38
•Sounding rocket launch site.
•Latitude: 19°19' N.
•Longitude: 109°48' E.
•1st launch 1988 Dec 19 39
Sub-orbital Launch Site.
Latitude: 30°57' N.
Longitude: 119°13' E.
Sounding rocket launch site.
In use from September 1960 – July 1966. 40
Long March 1 CZ1 41
Long March 2 CZ2 42
Long March 3 CZ3 43
Long March Rocket Family 44
World Launchers 45
Land and Weather Sats

Hong Kong

CBERS-1 Feng-Yun-2 "Wind-Cloud" 46
Project 921
Shenzhou [Sacred Vessel]

• Started in 1992
• Weight of 7800 kg (17,000 lbs)
• 8.55 m (28 ft) long
• Maximum diameter of 2.8 m (9.2 ft).
• It is powered with four solar panels that generate a total of 1500 watts
• 19 billion yuan ($2.3 billion) a year ???? 47
Shenzhou vs Soyuz

Shenzhou Soyuz
2.8 m in diameter 2.3 m in diameter
8.8 m long 7.9 m long
Mass of 7,600 kg. Mass of 7,300 kg 48
Map of Shenzhou sites 49
Trajectory of Shenzhou 50
Tracking of Shenzhou
Yuan Wang (“Long View”)

Swakopmund, Namibia
Constructed in 2001
Staff 5-20 51
Shenzhou Assembly 52
Shenzhou Assembly 53
Shenzhou Flight Sequence 54
Shenzhou Launches
I – Nov 21,1999 6:30 a.m
II – Jan 9-16,2001 bad landing?
III – Mar 25-Apr-1,2002
IV – Dec 29-Jan-4,2002/3
V – Oct 15, 2003 ?? 55
Shenzhou Shroud Separation 56
Shenzhou On Orbit

Orbit module separation 57
Shenzhou Landing 58
Shenzhou Landing 59
Taikonauts (yuhangyuan)

Wu Jie

Li Qinglong

Wu Jie and Li Qinglong Autographs

Trained in Russia 1996-97 60
People born in China who
have flown in space:
• William Anders, born in Hong Kong, orbited the moon in
December 1968 on Apollo 8.

• Shannon Lucid, born in Shanghai,

holds the world record for a woman for time in space
(over 223 days in space on 5 space flights).

•Taylor Wang, physicist, also born in Shanghai,

spent seven days in space aboard shuttle mission
STS-51-B in 1985. 61
First Taikonaut in Space
•Launch : Oct. 15, 2003 at 9 a.m.
Beijing Time
Oct. 14, 2003 at 8 p.m. CDT

• Long March CZ-2F rocket

• Orbit Earth 14 times (21 hrs)?
• Initial Perigee altitude is 200 km
• Initial Apogee is 350 km.
• It will then shift to a circular orbit
with an altitude of 343 km.
• 42.4 deg incl. 62
Yang Liwei
Taikonauts List
Chen Quan Deng Qingming
Fei Junlong Jing Haipen
Liu Buoming Liu Wang
Nie Haishen Pan Zhanchun
Yang Liwei 1st Zhai Zhigang
Zhang Xiaoguan Zhao Chuandong
Li Qinglong, Wu Jie.
(Russian Trained)
• Experienced fighter pilots
• About 5 feet, 8 inches tall
• Weighing about 140 pounds.
• 6+ yrs training for mission 63
Taikonauts in Training 64
Taikonauts in Training
"They'll be able to eat shredded pork
with garlic sauce and kungpao chicken,"
"It will be more tasty than Western food.
After the meal, green tea will be available
to increase the astronaut's spirits."
-- 65
Taikonauts in Training

Tracking camera
Taikonaut quarters

Spaceflight Memorial Tower of the Jiuquan Launch Center 66
• Live TV Launch coverage ? NOPE!
• President Hu Jintao to attend
• Former president Jiang Zemin to attend 67
Yang Liwei’s Flight
Family photo 68
Yang Liwei’s Flight
"I will not fail the expectations of all
Chinese people and the motherland
and will try my best to make every
part of the mission successful. "

And you thought your I hope I don’t need

driver’s photo was bad those pieces. 69
NORAD info
Space Objects Box Score

Peoples Rep. of China

On Orbit as of 9-30-2003
Payloads = 37
Debris = 277
Total = 314

Decayed as of 9-30-2003
Payloads = 40
Debris = 275
Total = 315 70
Future Plans 71
China Space Schedule 72
2000 White paper
In the 21st century, China will continue to promote the development of
its space industry in the light of its national situation, and make due
contributions to the peaceful use of outer space, and to the civilization
and progress of mankind…

…The aims of China's space activities are: to explore outer space, and
learn more about the cosmos and the Earth; to utilize outer space for
peaceful purposes, promote mankind's civilization and social progress,
and benefit the whole of mankind; and to meet the growing demands of
economic construction, national security, science and technology
development and social progress, protect China's national interests and
build up the comprehensive national strength...

--Information Office of the State Council 11-22-2000 73
Space Station 921-2

2012 ?

Total Length: 11.00 m.

Maximum Diameter: 4.50 m.
Total Mass: 20,000 kg.
Electrical System: Two solar panels,
ca. 4 m x 15 m each. 74
Space Shuttle 921-3
wingspan of 8 m
length of 12 m
mass of 12 tonnes

201? ? 75
China on the Moon Chang'e
2010-2020+ ?? 76
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Thanks to …

 Mark Wade
 Chen Lan
 Jim Oberg
 Sven Grahn
 Yang Liwei
 Wan Hu 78
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