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case study

PROJECT SUMMARY Innovative Technology Produces

ARUP Cutting-Edge Bioframe Stadium Design
World-class event and sports administration complex to
provide missing link in Melbourne’s sporting infrastructure
Melbourne, Australia
Project Objective:
Daunting structural and design challenges faced area. The roof will use 50 percent less steel
Create a new sports complex by a project development team can often lead to than a typical stadium roof of the same size. Arup
for the city of Melbourne to host innovations that serve as a model for designing chose GenerativeComponents®, an associative
football and rugby matches future projects. The Melbourne Rectangular parametric software application that captures and
Products used: Stadium, a $250 million project now under exploits the critical relationships between design
MicroStation®, Bentley® Structural, construction, is such a case. intent and geometry, to develop the design.
& GenerativeComponents® The medium-sized rectangular pitch stadium in GenerativeComponents allowed Arup engineers
Australia, which is expected to be completed by to model the stadium’s primary roof structure and
December 2009, will provide the missing link in quickly test many alternate geometric configurations
Melbourne’s sporting infrastructure. Designed by as well as accommodate the final preset values for
Cox Architects, Major Projects Victoria is developing fabrication and steel construction.
the stadium on behalf of the state government “To generate the stadium roof geometry, a 3D
and the Melbourne & Olympic Parks Trust. The model of the stadium structure was created using
builder is Grocon Constructors and structural and Bentley building information modeling (BIM)
engineering design services are provided by Arup. software,” said John Legge-Wilkinson, Arup’s
The world-class event and sports administration CAD leader. “Since the roof geometry was subject
complex will include a sports campus, an elite training to a variety of changes throughout its lifecycle,
• Seating for 31,000 center, and the 31,000-seat stadium. The facility will optimization studies of the stadium roof were
• Unobstructed sight lines for fans host Melbourne Victory FC A-League football games undertaken that led to the development of final
and other international and national football matches, geometric and structural design.”
• 50% less steel in roof vs.
in addition to rugby league and rugby union matches
conventional stadium roof According to Legge-Wilkinson, GenerativeComponents
in the Olympic Park Sports Precinct in this city of
• Bio Frame roof based on the was used to create a center line wire frame model
nearly 4 million people.
inherent structural efficiencies of the stadium roof. This model was then passed
of the Buckminster Fuller The stadium’s cutting-edge bioframe design on to Cox Architects for coordination and approval,
geodesic dome features a geodesic roof that covers the seating and used by the structural engineers for analysis.
• Structure will be clad in a
triangular panelized facade
made up of a combination of
glass, metal and louvers

• Rain water harvesting system

• Project completion date

December 2009

GC Script- Complete Shell Lacing

“Final optimization
results identified a
10-percent savings
in roof tonnage in the
steel members and an
optimum roof profile. ”

ABOUT BENTLEY Image of a model designed with Bentley Structural and GenerativeComponents
Bentley Systems, Incorporated
is the global leader dedicated The GenerativeComponents model was created the contractor and used as the primary set out for
to providing comprehensive
software solutions for sustaining using two scripts; the first containing variables the roof geometry and for the preparation of the
infrastructure. Architects, engineers, written into the script to help define the base structural steelwork shop detail drawings used for
constructors, and owner-operators geometry and to provide the ability to test steelwork fabrication.
are indispensable in improving our alternate geometric configurations during the
world and our quality of life; the Using GenerativeComponents and Bentley®
company’s mission is to improve structural optimization studies; the second written
Structural, the Arup team was able to create and
the performance of their projects to generate the typical lacing configuration for
rationalize the roof geometry to eliminate errors
and of the assets they design, each individual shell. This too contained variables
build, and operate. Bentley sustains that might result from manual modeling methods;
that provided the flexibility to change the internal
the infrastructure professions by the ability to quickly regenerate a number of geometric
helping to leverage information lacing options and configurations. The second
configurations for the optimization studies, which
technology, learning, best practices, script was made into a GenerativeComponents
yielded a cost-effective and efficient final design;
and global collaboration – and by library component and imported into the first
promoting careers devoted to this and the ability to measure the total length and
script to complete the lacing for each shell.
crucial work. surface area of the roof steelwork for comparison
For more information, Data exported from GenerativeComponents model between the different geometric combinations
visit was used for optimization studies of the roof steelwork used during the optimization studies.
members, which investigated a large number of
The team was also able to produce a complete
separate geometric configurations. The alternatives
set of coordinated drawings and documentation
BENTLEY OFFICES studied included changes to the profile of the
for each of the roof members; make allowances
overall lip arch at the sides and ends of the roof,
Corporate Headquarters for the actual deflection values at the edge of the
changes in the height-to-chord ratio of the arc
685 Stockton Drive roof, providing a substantial time savings when
Exton, PA 19341 USA profile at the tip of each individual shell, and a
compared with alternative remodeling methods;
1-800-BENTLEY (1-800-236-8539) combination of both – which resulted in an initial
and provide the contractor and steel fabricator
Outside the US +1 610-458-5000 study of 18 separate geometric configurations.
with an accurate 3D model of the roof steelwork
Bentley Systems Europe B.V. A final study was undertaken using a combination and geometry.
Wegalaan 2 of the best results from the previous exercise,
2132 JC Hoofddorp Using GenerativeComponents for the optimization
resulting in six additional configurations.
Netherlands studies yielded a 500-percent return on investment,
+31 23 556 0560 Optimization studies were completed by Arup
while using Bentley Structural for documentation
engineers using Strand Design analysis software.
Bentley Asia and scheduling resulted in a 200-percent return
An internal script was written by Arup to link the
Unit 1402-06, Tower 1, on investment. A summary of the final optimization
data generated from GenerativeComponents with
China Central Place, results identified a 10-percent savings in roof tonnage
No. 81 Jianguo Road, the data in the Strand analysis model. The final
in the steel members and an optimum roof profile.
Beijing, 100025, China design analysis model was imported into Bentley
+86 108 518 5220 Structural and used for project documentation and In all, the design team regenerated and exported
scheduling, including member schedules containing the 24 different geometric configurations using
member mark, section size, and length for all of the GenerativeComponents. “The optimization studies
individual members in the roof. A final wireframe would not have been feasible without the ability
model was created in GenerativeComponents, of GenerativeComponents to quickly regenerate
making allowance for the calculated deflection of the different geometric configurations and to
the structural steelwork members at the lip edge export the data in a format that could be linked to
of the roof. This preset model was passed on to the analysis software,” said Legge-Wilkinson.
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