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PFP demands expulsion of banned groups from Kashmir

Muzaffarabad(Jammu and Kashmir)

Tuesday,, 30 June, 2009

Press For Peace(PFP) has urged government of Pakistan to prevent reorganization

operations of some banned militant groups in different areas of Pakistan controlled
Kashmir in order to save the lives of local population from terrorism.

Press for Peace (PFP) head Zafar Iqbal on Tuesday dispatched a letter to Prime Minister
of Pakistan Yousaf Raza Gillani to inform him about the details of recent reports of
movement of some outlawed belligerent organizations in bordering Neeelum Valley and
capital city of Muzaffarabad in Pakistan controlled Kashmir and called upon
government of Pakistan that it must force out such elements from Kashmir and thwart
their plans of the construction of offices and other projects because they pose profound
danger for local people and security of the area.

PFP letter said that a large number of women in Neelum valley have contacted and
informed PFP local activists that some suspicious none-local persons have been trying to
establish camps in Kuthan Peeran, AathMuqam, Shah Kot, Dudnial and surrounding
villages of bordering Neelum district of Azad Kashmir where people started a new life
after cease fire between troops of India and Pakistan.

‘Considering threats from their presence in Neeelum Valley local people want the
expulsion of these none local wary people who claim to belong a militant group Jamaat
ud Dawa(JuD).Similar activities of some none Kashmiri people have been seen in
Capital city of Muzaffarabad, it further said.

It said that various government officials of government of Pakistan have termed Jamaat
Ud Dawa(JuD)as greater threat for the security of country than Alqaida, therefore, people
of Kashmir are worried that the existence and movement Jumaat Ud Dawa( JuD) in a
relatively peaceful area of Azad Kashmir pose alarms for local population.

Pakistan’s attorney Latif Khosa has termed Jamaat ud Dawa(JuD)was linked to Al-Qaeda
and might cause threats for country.

Mentioning the murder of a local Kashmir student, PFP said that the law enforcement
agencies of government of Pakistan must drive out such elements from jurisdiction of
Kashmir and halt their illegal construction of projects in the guise of chairy work in
‘The PFP consider this recent movement of outlawed elements in Azad Kashmir a great
threat for peace and tranquillity in the region and it would protest publicly if government
did not accomplish its responsibilities to save citizens from presence of such nefarious
elements’ the letter further said. Ends