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YRKKH January 12, 2009 (Ep1) - Written Update You hear a voice over.

A man is describing where the house of Rekun.something? (Sorry my sister was yelling when they were saying it. haii.)(Well.. Akshara's house they were talking about) A girl (Dhaniya) goes up to a guy (bhola) washing a car. They start fighting. Gopi Dadi comes over and asks whats happening. Bhola says that Dhaniya is teasing him. Gopi Daadi laughs. Dadi teases Bhola and explains the relationship of a man and woman. Someone calls Dhaniya. Its Badi Ma calling. Dhaniya says "I don't know who's face I saw early this morning, now I'll have to hear her yell at me too" She runs into the house blabbering things and sits infront of God. Badi Ma comes and calling Dhaniya. She says she's been calling her forever. Dhaniya says she just came. Badi Ma asks where Akshara is. Dhaniya says there is no real location of a flying bird. A lady comes in smiling and says "your right Dhaniya, its Badi ma that keeps her locked in a cage" (Its Choti Ma) They explain that Akshara is Badi Ma's daughter but was taken care by Choti Ma. Choti Ma's daughter was brought up by Badi Ma. Daadi comes in. The three talk about Akshara, wondering where she is and how her father is looking for her. Daadi says that she went to get some medicine. A girl is yelling to a boat yelling "Kaka Stop!", she runs inside the boat just as it takes off. (Introduction of Akshara). Music plays and they show Akshara sailing in a boat smiling and playing with water. Akshara gets off the boat. The music is still playing. She dances with some of the girls dancing by the temple. she runs up the stairs to the temple. Theres a baraat there and she looks on. Akshara starts running again. Someone calls her. She looks down. A girl is calling her (Entry of Varsha). Akshara and Varsha come and give offerings to the pandit. When Varsha and Akshara comes out they laugh. Varsha says giggles saying the pandit probably thought you came to pray for a good husband, he would probably faint when he found out what your real wish was. They giggle. The wish was for Akshara's father to let them go see a new movie in the theatures (One of Hrithiks). They talk about Hrithik Some more. They go home. Daadi is talking to herself wondering where Akshara is. Daadi and Gopi dadi talk for a while. Gopi dadi says that Akshara took after Daadi. Dhaniya comes and says that Akshara is back. Daadi says Akshara will get a lot of scolding today. Gopi dadi says that you will forget all your anger after seeing Akshara's face. Daadi scolds Akshara and looks mad. Akshara says she brought something for her. Daadi forgets about being mad and takes the present. They're Laddoos. Badi Ma comes and says Akshara knows how to make you happy. Badi Ma explains to Akshara how she should be behaving like a mature woman. Akshara explains how theres no use of smiling if the skys can't hear it. Badi ma says theres no use in explaining to you, know wheres my medicine? Akshara is confused. Badi ma tells Daddi that again you made an excuse for Akshara? They all laugh. Badi Ma tells Akshara that her father hasn't eating and is waiting for her.

On the way to her father's room Akshara bumps into a little boy (Her brother--> Anshuman aka Anshu) Akshara says where are you going, aren't you going to school? Anshu says that he has a stomache ache. Akshara says that Choti Ma will never believe you. Anshu says "But Badi Ma Will" he starts running. Akshara says sick boys don't run like the wind. Anshu says "Oh right, thank you Di" Choti Ma comes to Badi Ma asking where Ashu is. Anshu comes acting like his stomache aches. Badi Ma says you won't come to school. Choti ma says "your going to believe him?" Badi Ma says "when its about Akshara you take her side but when its about Anshu..." (They tease each other like this) Daadi says "Oh that's too bad Anshu, I had asked for Laddoos." Anshu cuts his act. Everyone laughs. They tease Anshu. Akshara's father is reading a file. Akshara comes in. Akshara's father tells her to come infront of him. Akshara says she went to the temple after asking daadi, but you go a little late. Badi Ma comes in she says "A little late? You know your father doesnt do anything Shubh Kaam without you. Akshara's father says after Akshara was born their businesses have grown. Badi ma says "Well, its time for pooja, its 9:30am, who's going to sing the aarti?" Badi ma turns to go. Akshara still stands there. Akshara's father asks her if theres something she needs. Akshara says "Varsha was saying theres a new film in the theature..." Badi ma says no, she doesnt like it when young ladies go to the theatures.. Akshara and badi ma argue for a moment. Akshara's father asks what time the show is. Akshara says its at 12:00. Badi ma starts saying no, but Akshara's father says she can go but to be back soon and gives her money. Akshara leaves. Badi Ma says that you (Akshara's father) never say no to her about anything, we can't send her alone. Akshara's father says she isn't going alone, Bhola is going too. Badi Ma and Akshara's father argue a bit. Akshara's father leaves. Akshara is singing the aarti. Everyone (the women) is sitting there. A guy is standing on the balcony smiling (That's Akshara's brother, Shaurya). Baadi Ma and Akshara's father come and stands behind Akshara.Badi ma remembers her and Akshara's father's argument. The aarthi ends on Badi Ma's face. PRECAP Akshara and Varsha are in the city. A guy is holding Akshara's hand. Akshara looks like she doesn't want the guy holding her hand. Akshara's father is riding in his car. He see's the guy holding Akshara's hand.

2nd Episode - 13 January 2009

The aarti is over. Everyone takes blessings. Varsha comes and takes the elder's blessings. Badi ma tells Akshara to be careful and to stay with bhola. Akshara says okay and she and Varsha go. While running Akshara and Varsha bump into Omi kaka (OH! It wasn't Shaurya it was Omi Kaka! My bad, my bad) . They talk for a while. Omi Kaka leaves. Akshara and Varsha leave. They talk about how nice Akshara's voice is. They go to Akshara's room. Akshara changes. They talk about Akshara's voice again. They giggle and laugh. Akshara and Varsha come out of the movie theature talking about Hrithik. They are walking down the street. A guy is looking at them. A second guy comes over and says "No Alok, no akshara, she isn't like those kind of girls. Alok says he knows, she is deferent.. that's why.. the second guy warns him against it. Alok goes on and on about Akshara's beauty. Akshara and Varsha are talking about Hrithik (hai, they really likes Hrithik don't they ) Bhola is behind Akshara and Varsha like a bodygaurd. Varsha says they will have to get rid of him. Varsha tells Bhola that Akshara likes Ghola (like snowcones.). She asks Bhola to go buy some for them. Bhola goes and brings them some Gholas. Alok and the other guy are watching them from across the street. Akshara pertends to fait (because she ate the ghola lol)(In the background you can see Alok wanting to come but his friend is holding his arm) Bhola comes to get water for Akshara. As soon as Bhola leaves Akshara and Varsha run away. Alok and his friend high five each other. Bhola goes to find Akshara frantic as he realizes they made a fool out of him. Akshara and Varsha go have fun in the market. (buying bangles, eating, playing with puppets). Its night. Akshara and Varsha go to find a riksha. Badi Ma asks why did you leave without Akshara. Bhola is crying he says he looked for her everywhere. Badi ma is worrying and crying. Choti ma says that nothing will happen. Akshara and Varsha are walking on the road. Akshara is really worried. They go to find a rikshaw. Alok and his friend are watching. No riksha's are waiting for them. Aloks friend says "Poor girls, all the auto's are probably at the temple. Alok gets this look. Alok and his friend ride the motorcycle to the temple. Alok gets into a riksha and goes back to where Akshara and Varsha are. Akshara are worried that they haven't gotten a rikshaw. Alok rides by in a rikshaw. He gets out and aks as he is surprised to see them. He says we're from the same collage, you probably don't recognize me. Akshara doesn't know who this person is, but Varsha says "Oh! Your from our collage, sorry we didn't recognize you" Alok offers his rikshaw to Akshara and Varsha. Akshara says no its okay, more tension for you. Alok says don't worry, you are girls, Im a guy I'll get home. Akshara says "But.." Alok says "No worries" Varsha says come on Akshara. Akshara says thank you to Alok. She goes to get on the Rikshaw but trips and is about to fall when Alok grabs her hand. A car is going by, its Akshara's father. He sees Akshara's hand in Aloks. Akshara takes

her hand out of Aloks. She smiles nervously. She gets into the cab. Akshara says "I don't know him" Varsha says "So, neither do I" They laugh. Akshara's father is sitting on the coach looking angry. Badi Ma and Choti ma come. Badi Ma offers Akshara's father a drink. Akshara's father says no. Baadi ma asks Akshara's father whats wrong. Akshara's father is angry and he doen't say anything. Then angrily he asks where Akshara is. Baadi ma hesitates. Akshara's father asks again where Akshara is. Are you hiding something from me? Baadi ma says she hasn't returned home. Akshara's father is angry he says its almost 8:00pm and Akshara isn't home yet. Akshara gets home. She sees Bhola crying outside. Akshara comes inside. The whole family is staring at her. Baadi ma looks worried and Akshara's father is angry. He asks Akshara where she was. Akshara says that she went to see a movie. Akshara's father asks with who she went with. Akshara says "With Varsha" Akshara's father asks is that it? Was anyone else there?? Baadi ma tries to talk but Akshara's father tells her to stop. Akshara says "Just Varsha" Akshara's father says she's lying. There was boy with you two too! He yells at her. Everyone is shocked. Akshara says she doesn't know anything about the guy. Akshara's father says "and that's why you were holding his hand, right?" Episode Ends PRECAP Badi ma puts Akshara's father's hands over a dia. She asks him, "first tell me, have you forgiven your daughter?"

3rd Episode - 14 January 2009

In anger Vishambharnath questions Akshara. How long have you known that guy for? Does he study and you college? Or did you meet him somewhere else? What is his name? Where does he live? Akshara tries her best to explain to her father that she doesn't know the guy, Visham quickly responds,' and that is why he was holding you hand'. Akshara truns to Badi maa and tries to reason with her. Visham without letting Badi maa get a word in turns around and says.... 'He doen't know whom to believe his daughter or his eyes and goes on to explain that she has let him down'. Akshara disheartened runs towards her room. On her way to her room she comes Dadi Ji. Dada Ji tries to ask her what is wrong but Akshara turns away with out saying a word and runs to her room. Where she falls on her bed in floods of tears. Dadi is standing on the terrare with Gopi Dadi. Confused she asks why did Vish shout at Akshara so much. And she asks Gopi Dadi, Why didn't anyone say anything? Dadi si annoyed that Vish has only seen what he has wanted to see but has ignored Akshara's tears. Gopi Dadi explains that Akshara hasn't stopped crying and has refused to eat. Dhaniya walks in and announces that Choti maa and called everyone down to eat. Dadi in anger say,' I don't want to eat, Go and tell them that. Dadi's not hungery'. Dadi storms off shortly followed by Gopi Dadi. Dhaniya standing alone (To her self says) No one is hungery today as Akshara didi has cried soo much. At the Dinner table. Vish sits down and is confused to see that no one is sitting at the table. (Apart from a little boy... I don't know his name) He asks why hasn't anyone come down to eat. Choti maa says that no one wants to eat because there daughter hasn't eaten, how are they sipposed to. Vish responds,Well thats up to them, she need to be punished for what she has done. Choti maa walks off but is stopped by Badi maa. She asks Chot why isn't she eating and she explains that her husband hasn't eaten so how will she. Dhaniya walks in and Badi asks her about the wherabouts of Dadi and Gopi Dadi and Dhaniya explains that they don't want to eat. Badi sits down at the table. Vish asks her why is she not eating and she down't respond. Vish looks annoyed and storms off. Akshara is lying on her bed. Dadai walks in and aks her what's wrong. Akshara tries to explain to her that; she didn't know the guy and that was the first time she had met him. Crying she hugs Dadi. Dadi tries to calm her down. Dadai sits on the bed and Akshara lays her head on Dadi's lap....Akshara goes on to explain that Badi maa didn't say anything, in tears she asks Dadi why didn't anyone believe her and why did they thiunk she would hide something from them. Meanwhile Vish is sitting in his room reading some paperwork. Badi maa walks in with a tray, ahe hesistates and then asks him why hadn't he eaten properly. Looking down he replies,' I'm not hungry'. She promises to him that Akshara will never do anything like this again, and tries to

reaon with him but he turns around and says that this wouln't have happened if Badi had explained all this to her before. Badi ask him if he really believe that Akshara could have done something like this. Once again Badi maa asks Vish if he really believes that there is something going on between Akshara and the Guy. The morning arrives. Akshara is a sleep (still wearing the clothes from the night before) on the floor resting her head on the bed post. Badi maa walks in and sees her on the floor. she is about to put a pillow behind her head when Akshara wakes up. Badi sits on the floor next to her. Akshara asks her if she is angry with her. Badi shakes her head and Akshara starts to cry and hugs her. Badi explains that her dad loves her alot and tries to explain the tradition that the family have. She goes on to say that Vish would break if an outsider tried to question his family and hopes that the rules are never broken. Akshara explains once again that she didn't know the guy and asks if badi trusts her. Badi declares that she trusts her daughter. Then badi aks Akshara to promise that she will never break the trust. Downstairs. Vish is sitting down and calls to Badi asking her to hurry he is getting late. He turns around to see that Akshara is holding the Aarti ki tali, with Badi maa and Dadi by her side. Akshara puts a tikka on her fathers head. He goes to take blessings and that's when Badi holds his hand over the Dia and asks him whether he has forgiven Akshara. Badi still holding his hands over the dia asks him whether he has forgiven her. He looks at Dadi and Badi maa. He smiles and stokes Akshara head. Dadi with happiness says that,' thats much better now I will go and make one is leaving the house without eating'. Vish smiles and tells Akshara to go and get ready as he will be dropping her off at college today. At college. Varsha in a very good mood comes up to Akshara and explains that the history teacher is absent so that means they have a free period. Varsha goes on to make a list of what they will do. Akshara cuts in and explains that she will have to go straight home. At this point Alok is earsdropping on there conversation. He friend tries to explain to him that Akshara doen'y know him and she doesn't like him. Alok goes on to explain that they have had there first encounter. Akshara explains to Varsha that after all that she won't be able to go to the picnic. Suddenly she stops and her face fills with tears . The camera tunrs to reveal that Alok iis standing there. Pre-Cap Dadi tells Akshara not to tell....Shaurya Daddu about what happened. Shaurya is shown questioning Omi chacha about what happened.

4th Episode - 15 January 2009

Akshara looks nervously up at Alok. Alok clears his throat and says Hi. Varsha and Akshara look at each other with a confused expression on there faces. Alok starts smiling and says , 'We have met before, last night in the market, you couldn't get a rickshaw. Alok pauses. 'Since I have seen you, I can't stop thinking about you....'Alok is interrupted by Varsha. Varsha with a firm voice replies,' One minute, We are very thankful to you as you helped us. Thank you, Thanks alot. But that's it. So don't try and turn it into something eles. Alok tries to cut in. But Varsha continues to say, that she hopes that he doesn't read to much into it as they aren't interested. Akshara seconds the motion by saying Please. Akshara and Varsha walk off, leaving Alok standing by himself. A few seconds later his friend (the one from yesterday's episode) appears and asks him what happened. Alok replies' I don't know'. At the house, Gopi Dadi and Dhaniya are in the courtyard (Gopi Dadi is putting the dried chillies into a basket whilst Dhaniya is grinding something) Gopi Dadi is talking quite openly about how girls have to be careful as no one says anything to the guys. Dhaniya agrees. Gopi Dadi looks at Dhaniya and says, ' I was telling you. Eventhough I have said this all before I will explain to you again. I'm talking about the way you run behind Bola all day. The day Big Bahu sees this, she will fire you'. Dadi Ji walks in. Who are you firing now? she asks Gopi Dadi. Dadi turns to Dhaniya and says,' Gopi Dadi rules around here, that is why all the bahu's show her alot of respect. That's why you should keep her sweet. Laughing she says,' I am very scared of her. I've been looking for my belonging (mmmh sorry i didn't quite get what she said..sorrry). Gopi Dadi replies, 'well I put it on you dressing table. They continue the conversation back and throw. Gopi Dadi finally truns around and asks Dhaniya why is she standing there, and that she should go and look for them. Shortly after Dhaniya leaves, Akshara arrives. Akshara walks towards dadi whom is excited to see her. Dadi notices that Akshara is looking very upset and at once asks her whats wrong. Akshara shakes her head and remains silent.Dadi goes on to question her about what happened at college and then changes the topic toward Alok. Finally Akshara responds,' I told him that he shouldn't try to get to know me as, I'm not interested and I don't want to know him'. Gopi Dadi rejoices at the fact the Akshara and said that to him. And she goes on to explain how society and relationships are in this day and age. Dadi turns to Akshara and explains that, this is the reason why her parents said all that to her yesterday. Suddenly a sound interupts there conversation. Akshara confused to Dadi and ask who is here? Dadi tells her that Shaurya has returned. With excitement Akshara runs of in search of him. Dadi and Gopi Dadi retun to there conversation. Akshara is running calling out to Shaurya, who calls her from behind. She turns and runs to him. (omg he is soooooo cute) They have a cute conversation about how brothers and sisters these days. Akshara asks him if he has brought her the gifts she wanted. He tells her she has brought her everything. With excitment she drags him to the room. And starts open up the suitcase. Shaurya hands her a Jewellery box. And Akshara continues to rumage in his suitcase and finds a Dress.

Suddenly she comes across painting things. She is confused and asks why have you brought thus when no one in the house paints, Askara suggests that they give these things to Varsha as she likes to paint. Acting very confused, the very cute Shaurya asks 'who is varsha?'. Promptly Akshara replies' my best friend Bro, remeber the one we met at the ice parlor, your always. You have met her so many times but you miss her name'. Shaurya replies that why would I remeber that girls name. Choti maa walks in and says, 'she is very beautiful and here is you forgetting her name'. Shaurya very cheeky replies,' If you weren't so pretty, I wouldn't forget'. She hits him over the head and replies 'your flirting with me, I'm your aunty'. Badi maa walks in and says' If you have stopped messy around , Choti has made food.' Anshuman gets exicted and they all start talking about how chibby he is. Choti turns arouns and says that I don't no whether he will past this year. Shaurya turns around and says its ok I will teach him after all I am smarter than a 10 year old.Everyone laughs. Dadi says how great it feels to see everyone happy. Anshuman turns around that atleast it is better than yesterday when Akshara was crying and no one ate. Shaurya questions them. Dadi dismisses it and tells him that Vish shputed at because she had got late. And that is why she started crying. Anshuman goes,'I get told of all the time, shame I'm not a girl'. Dadi changes the subject towards the food as away to get Akshara out of the room. Dadi explains to Akshara that she shouldn't tell Shaurya about what happened yesterday, espically about her dad shouting and Alok. She reminds Akshara that her brother is very hot headed, and he loses his temper very quickly, just like her father. Dadi goes one to talk about how simular Shaurya and Vish are. Downstairs in the living room. Vish and Omi are sitting down talking about the business. Shaurya comes down and gets blessings from both. They have a conversation about a new business deal. Omi is very happy and explains that he is proud of Shaurya. Vish puts a downer on the conversationa and starts talking about how Shaurya still has alot to learn. Dhaniya walks in and says that Badi maa is asking whether everyone will eat together today as no one ate together yesterday. Shaurya looks very confused. Vish gets up and tells the guys to come with him to eat. Vish walks ahead. Shaurya asks Omi, about what happened yesterday?. Omi responds that Vish shouted at Akshara as he had seen her with a guy, Omi tries to reassure him that Akshara didn't know him. At once Shaurya replies, So this means he was forcing her to talk to her, he becomes angry. Omi tries to calm him down. Omi walks off to eat. Shaurya stands behind and is still full of anger. Varsha is in Akshara room trying to convince her to go to the picnic.Akshara stands to her guns and say she will not go. Varsha sits on Akshara's bed and notices the paint stuff. Varsha asks her what is this. Akshara very cheeckily responds,' That stuff is to sort out your face, Its a gift'. Varsha asks her where did it come from. Akshara replies that Shaurya got it for her. Varsha's faces lights up. 'Your Shaurya Dadu is back?' she asks. Akshara says yes. Varsha gets exicted,'So this means you will be able to go to the picnic if shaurya goes with us. Akshara confused responsed.' But he won't wanna come with us'. Varsha replies,' what if i try to make him' . Akshara says' you can try but i doubt it and do introduce yourself first, He never seems to remeber your name'. Varsha looks at the gift, 'Then why did he buy this gift? Akshara responds, 'That was by accident'.

Shaurya is sitting on the Terrace with Anshuman trying to teach him about Shakespeare. They are both confused when Varsha walks in and ask Shaurya to answer the question himself. He says that he is a bad teacher. Shaurya asks Anshuman who is Varsha. Varsha responds that,' after all what is in a name if you keep forgetting it'. She walks off and that is when Shaurya follows her and grabs her arm. He looks at her. She asks him to remove his had. He asks her if she was missing him as much as she was missing him. Varsha gets annoyed and says that she is annoyed that she keeps lying. Shaurya says that there are only little lies, and he doesn't want to tell anyone about them. Varsha is about to suggest that he comes to the Picnic, when Akshara walks in. Varsha turns to her and says that Shaurya has agreed to come to the Picnic. At the college Alok is sitting on his bike, when his friend comes up to him. 'Alok I have found out that Akshara is going to a picnic'. Alok decides that he will be going to the picnic to. His friends tries to ward him off...But Alok wasn't having any of it. Pre-Cap Akshara is filming when Alok comes out of nowhere and stands infromt of the camera. She is scared and she screams. Alok followers her. Akshara looks like she is about to fall.

5th Episode - 16 January 2009

Shaurya stands on the road side with the driver and his helper. He looks at the engine and suggest that the driver looks at a certain part. Shaurya paces around the bus. When Akshara comes out with the rest of the girls. 'What's Wrong Daddu?' questions Akshara. 'There is something wrong with the enigne and the tyre need to be changed, they won't be able to short it out until the evening,'sighs Shaurya. 'So that means the picnis is cancelled,' replies Akshara. A girl (Later find out her name is Kavita) complains that her parents won't let her go again. She grabs onto Shaurya's arm. Varsha who looks like she with murder the girl if she keep touching Shaurya . Shaurya looks at Varsha. 'What can I do?' aks Shaurya. Varsha replies in sarcastic way replies,'..... Well look shaurya all these girls are waiting for you to do something'. Shaurya looks around as all the girls Beg him to do something. He looks at them and says in a very cheeky way ' I'll see what I can do.' Shaurya sticks out his hand into the road, waiting for someone to stop. A couple of seconds later a open top Truck stops. And they all get into the back. There are a few scenery shots as the truck in on the open road. In the back of the truck everyone is laughing and joking (and there is some guy playing a guitar). And Shaurya is sitting very comfortably in the middle. Akshara and Varsha are sitting to one side. Akshara is filming the scenery and Varsha is venting her anger on the hay. Akshara's camera turns towards Kavita and Shaurya. Akshara turns to Varsha and says ' Varsha look at Kavita, all she has been doing is talking to Shaurya. And look at how they are laughing'. Varsha full of cute jealous replies' Well I bet she likes you brother'. Akshara very disapprovingly replies,' I don't like his'. Varsha replies,'I don't like it either'. The camera vooms up on Varsha's very annoyed face. The focus moves away from there story to the Alok, who has just arrived at the place where the bus had broken down. Alok asks the driver and the Driver points the other way. He drives off again. Once again there some scenery shots of everyone having fun apart from Akshara and Varsha who are glaring at Shaurya and Kavita. Shaurya excuses himself and sits next to Akshara and Varsha. Akshara wards him of Kavita, Varsha looks even more annoyed. Once again the story shifts to Alok and his friend who are follwoing. And for the third time there are some scenery shots and the truck finally stops and some ruins of a building and green fields. ( Simiular to the one from Rang De Basanti.) 'Wow! It's such and beautiful place,' says Akshara, ' Varsha you bring the stuff with Shaurya I'm going...'. Varsha quickly disappers leaving Varsha and Shaurya. The dialogue between ShaVa is sooo cute that I have decided to write it out. Shaurya: So Varsha Ji? Don't you want to go? What are you thinking? Varsha: Why are you asking me? Go and ask your Kavita Shaurya: Think again, your sending me yourself... If I go your'll get alone. Varsha: I've thought.

Varsha walks off. Once again there are scenery shots and some shots of the group setting up tents. Shaurya is putting up the tent with the guys, When Varsha and Kavita both at the sme time offer him some food. Shaurya being the cutie that he is takes the plate from kavita and thanks her. Varsha looks angry. Shaurya puts some food in his mouth and looks at Varsha... She looks at him and walks off. Once agin there are some scenery shots. Akshara is standing slightly away from the group filming the great outdoors. She begins to walk and finds Varsha sitting alone. Akshara asks Varsha whats wrong. Varsha replies' well its ok for a boy to have a girl as a friend but wrong for a girl to have a friend, buts its the boy who takes the first step. Akshara explains to Varsha that there is no point going in that direction and both there family wouln't like it. She tries to show her the recording she has done. Varsha hesitates and refuses to left Akshara record her. Akshara who is still really exicted tell Varsha to sort out her mood well she goes and films. Akshara is walking around filming. When Alok and his friend arrive. Alok stops Akshara and decides to go and find her. Meanwhile another cute ShaVa scene is taking place. Once again I have written out the dialogue. Shaurya: See I told you, if you left my side you would find yourself alone. And look you are. Varsha: We you found someone didn't you. (Shaurya laughs) Shaurya: And that is why your annoyed because of that. If i speak the truth, If i didn't have you by my side I would feel alone in a crowd. Varsha: Leave out the Filmi dialogues... you and your words. I thought because we came on the picnic we would be albe to spend sometime together...but Shaurya:But.... But what (He moves a little closer to Varsha...close enough to kiss her. Varsha pushes him alway) Varsha: Someone will come (Shaurya holds onto her dupatta) Shaurya: No one will come. Varsha: What if someone sees Shaurya: But who will see? Varsha: Akash, Shaurya: I don't care. Varsha: Kavita Shaurya: I don't care. Varsha: Akshara Shaurya: But where is Akshara, I haven't seen her in ages. They both look at each other. Akshara is happierly filming away unknow to her that Alok has been following her. Alok moves closer and closer. Shaurya and Varsha call out to Akshara as the try to look for her. Akshara is still filming. she slowly moves the camera around... When Alok comes infront of the camera. Akshara Screams.

Akshara scream is heard by Shaurya and Varsha who get scared and try to find her. Alok walks towards Akshara. Alok explains that he wants to be friends with her. Akshara replies' but this can't happen, Alok Ji, But my family won't accept this kind of freindship'. Alok looks upset and tries to show her that he is understanding. He says sorry and she acceptes. Akshara turns around and is about to fall when Alok catches her. Suddenly Shaurya shouts Akshara. Eyes filled with anger he runs towards Alok and Akshara. Shaurya queations Alok and hits him to the ground( he friend picks him up) and warns him that he shouldn't see him again. Shaurya (Just like Vish) asks Alok 50 questions, Akshara tries to explain that he is an ok person but Shaurya ignors all of it. Shaurya after saying a million things pulls Akshara away from the scene, with Varsha following behind. At the house, Badi maa tries to explain that the world is a bad place and how bad boys are and that they shouldn't go out again. Akshara tries to defend him. Shaurya cuts in and shouts that he had followed her therefore he is bad. Badi Maa calms him down and thanks gos that they are safe. Badi maa explains that no one should find out what happened today. Badi Maa tells Shaurya to drop Varsha home. Badi maa explains that what she said was for benifit to. Shaurya and Varsha walk off. Akshara turns to Badi maa and asks her what is so wrong with Alok. Badi maa is shocked to hear that Akshara knows his name. Badi Maa closes the doors and asks her how does she know Alok. Akshara looks at her mom. In the car. Shaurya question Varsha about how they know they boy. He goes into detail about how he know about what is going on in boys heads. He goes on to say that all boys are the same and no boy can be trusted. Varsha truns around and asks him,' then how can i trust you?' . Shaurya stops the car. ' So what are you trying to say, what are you comparing me to them??'. Varsha who looks nervous replies,' Thats exactly what you said'. She goes onto explain how she is confused and that she trusts him and know how much he loves her.But I don't know why I'm thinking like this.She tells him that she is confused at the fact that he hasn't told the family about there relationship.He turns around and says you don't have to be afraid that I will betray you. Varsha with her eyes full of tears turns and looks at Shaurya. They hug. Shaurya looks at Varsha and explains that in his family no one has ever had a Love marriage. And because they will be the first, he needs time and he will speak to the folks. Both agree that they will wait for the right time. Badi maa asks Akshara again How does she knows Alok?. And if he was the same guy that her father had seen her with. Akshara agrees. Badi Maa looks worried. Pre-Cap Varsha comes to Akshara and explains that if she doesn't sort out everything... Alok will drop out and his career will be ruined and it will all be her fault.

6th Episode - 19 January 2009

'Is he the same boy that your father saw you with?' questioned Badi maa. Akshara eyes swell up. 'Tell me the truth' Badi maa demanded. 'Yes maa, That was him', said Akshara. Badi maa gets worried. 'Oh my god, so this means you called him there? You told him to meet you?' Akshara turns to her badi maa,' so this means you don't trust me?'. Badi maa all emotiona answers' why am i questioning my daughter?'. The moring arrives. Everyone is downstairs at the pooja. Akshara is playing the Sitar and singing the aarti. She looks at her mother with tears in her eyes. Her mother becomes very emotional. As Akshara is singing Varsha arrives and stands next to Shaurya. Shaurya turns arounds as is shocked to see her. He takes a step forwards and Varsha copies. The Pooja ends and everyone begins to move around. Badi maa goes to one side and Vish follows. Badi maa puts a tikka on his head. Akshara is about to pass them when Vish stops her. ' Akshara are you ready, we need to leave early today, I'll drop you off to college....' Badi maa cuts in and tells him,' Akshara isn't going college today'. He asks why and Badi maa replies that Akshara is ill. He looks at Akshara. 'Yes i have a bit of a headache', replies Akshara. Choti suggests that they take her to the doctor. Daadi see this realises what Badi maa is trying to do. Vish also suggests that they take her to the doctor. But the Daadi says that she will rub some balm into her head and walks off. Shaurya and Vish also leave for work. Badi tells Choti that she needs to go to the Radha Harman Ji's Mandhir as she wants to ask for something and asks Choti to go with her. They leave for the mandhir. Badi tells Dhaniya to tell Bola to get the car ready. On the Balcony. Akshara is lying on Daadi's lap with a Gum-sum Chehra. 'Akshara tell me whats wrong that it made your head. And why is your mother worried' Daadi asks whilst rubbing her head.She goes on to tell her that eventhough she is old she understands. Varsha walks in with a glass off Lemon juice. Daadi aks Varsha whats wrong. Akshara shakes her head, in the hope that Varsha won't tell. Varsha begins to telll Daadi what happened... When Akshara cuts in and says that, A guy tried to talk to her and Shaurya. Daadi replies with a smurk on her face' and your brother didn't like it'. Gopi Daadi asks whats wrong with that, there is no reason to make a face like that, he is her brother. Daadi explains that the world has changed and that she should forget it all, Akshara explains to Gopi Daadi that after what Shaurya did she would look wrong. 'Akshara Didi there is a call for you' calls Dhaniya. Dhaniya is now standing on the balcony. Akshara asks who it is.Dhaniya replies,'I didn't ask a name but I know its a guy'. Akshara looks worried and looks at Dadadi. Akshara grabs Varsha and the walk to the phone. Dhaniya sits next to Gopi Daadi. Gopi Daadi questions Dhaniya about the phone call but in a very sneaky way. Akshara and Varsha get to the phone. Akshara asks Varsha to speak. Varsha speaks. Alok friend who thinks its Akshara starts talking about Alok. He starts talking about how hurt he is and he tells her that Alok has decided to leave the college and the city.Varsha on several occasions tries to tell her that she is Varsha. He asks her to stop Alok from leaving. Varsha after hearing all this tells Akshara to get ready as they will have to leave for the station. Akshara explains she can't go. Varsha explains that if they don't go his life will be ruined and it will be all her fault.

At the Station. Alok stands on the platform. He stands there and asks his friend why didn't she come. As Alok is about get on the train Varsha arrives. Varsha explains that Akshara wasn't allowed to leave the house after everything that had happened. Varsha hands him a letter from Akshara.And the letter says;(Akshara's voice over) 'Alok Ji,I know that in your heart there is alot of love and respect for me, But I have never felt the same about you and that is why I rejected your friendship, And I know my brother really hurt you, I hope that you won't feel disheartened Don't ruin your life and if you don't leave and complete your studies I will be the happiest person'' Back at the house. Akshara is over the moon as Varsha tells her that the letter idea worked. Akshara hugs Daadi and it is revealed that the letter idea was hers.Varsha tells Akshara that he has promised that he will come infront of her again. Akshara explains that she was upset before she has the hope that everything will be the same as before. Daadi looks upset and explains that everything changes. 'Akshara. Akshara!' calls Badi from the living room. Badi gives Akshara some offerings from God. Badi and Choti explains that it took them ages because they got talking to someone called Shankari Tai. Shankari walks in and everyone is happy to see her. Shankari talks about that she how she was the matchmaker for Daadi's sons Vish and Omi. The she goes on to talk about how she said she would never come to this house. After they laugh. Daadi calls for Dhaniya to get food and drinks. Ask Akshara is standing there Daadi sends her too. Shankari keeps staring at Akshara. Daadi asks her why is she here and ST (so much easier then writing Shankari Tai ) replies because i couldn't see your Badi bahu like this. Akshara asks Dhaniya who is she. Varsha appears out of nowhere. Dhaniya replies that she is the matchmaker. ST asks Dhaniya what happened to her wedding. Dhaniya replies that she wishes that St would stop talking to her mum about marriage. St replies well Parents start getting worried if there daughters aren't married by a certain age. And thats when she turns to Badi Maa and says,'Don't worry, your daughter is still young, i will find plenty of boys'. Akshara and Varsha look confused at look at each other. Daadi also looks confused and asks her whom is she talking about. ST replies that Badi Bahu had asked her to start looking for a match for Akshara. Daadi looks at Badi who has a nervous look on her face. Daadi turns around to see Akshara whom at this point looks worried. Varsha is smiling away as the camera zooms up on Akshara's worried expression. Pre- Cap Choti asks Badi if this is all happening because of that boy. Badi acts like it isn't. Choti replies that why else would have you called ST. Badi replies what does it have to do with that boy.

7th Episode - 20 January 2009

Akshara looks shocked whilst Varsha stands smiling beside her. Shankari Tai (ST) looks at Akshara and say (to Daaadi)' So this is your granddaughter then'. Daadi looks at Akshara. 'Come here then, come to me', ST calls out to Akshara. ST stands up. Badi Maa nods at Akshara reassuring her that ST is ok. Akshara walks towards to her. ' Oh look how big your girl has gotten,' says ST as she touches Akshara face. ' Look at the way her face is glowing'. She looks at Badi and tells her not to worry as there is nothing wrong with Akshara and that she will have a line of guys. Akshara runs off. ST assumes she is blushing but then Daadi explains all this has come to her has a bit of a shock. ST with attitude says that all girls know that one day they have to leave there parents house. She looks at Badi Maa and asks, ' Didn't you explain that to her'. Badi Maa explains that Akshara does know this and that she is very smart. ST replies,' well we will see how smart she is when she looks after her family...But i'm worried she has been brought with so much love and wrapped in cotten wool, will she be able to look after a family?'. Daadi replies that Akshara is very compatible and she will get on well with everyone. ST laughs and starts to talk about how many things she wants after she finds Akshara a man. ' The guy be as good as gold as we are giving them a diamond like daughter' says Daadi and then laughs and walks off. ST asks Badi maa if she has any photos of Akshara. Badi maa explains she has many but not for showing potenial grooms. ST assures her its ok and she will come back for them. Dhaniya picks up ST little cahir thing and starts to walk off. When Badi Maa asks ST once more to find Akshara a guys as good as gold. ST agrees and walks off. Akshara paces up and down in her room.' Akshara why are you getting so worried for, What happened?' asks Varsha. Akshara replies,'Didn't you here the conversation they were having downstairs?'. Varsha explains to Akshara that every girl needs to get married one day and now she will get married. 'Now don't tell me you don't wanna get married?' asks Varsha. Akshara replies' I do want to get married'. She pause and looks at Varsha. ' And what has happened to you....Are you on Maa and ST side aswel?...what I don't understand is why the idea of marriage came to my Maa now?'. Daadi walks in and explains that its because she has got old and it is every mothers dream to see her daughter hands covered in mendhi. Akshara worried replies,' No Daadi, you know this isn't the reason and you know to well'. Daadi's smile fades. In the courtyard. Choti and Badi are watering the Tulsi plant. 'This all happened because of that boy didn't it?' questions Choti. 'What all?' replies Badi contiunes watering the plant. ' You know thinking of Akshara's wedding, ST suddenly appearing...Just like that?' Choti aks again. Badi explains that she wants to Akshara to get married and explains that she is the age of marriage. 'Anyway what has all this have to do with that boy?' asks Badi. Choti looks at her. Badi looks down and answers' Yes this is because of the boy. Don't you understand that Akshara is a girl and if something goes wrong the world points at the girl. I just want Akshara to get married then the world will stop talking'. 'Daadi, I don't want to get married this quickly'.explains Akshara. Daadi explains that they have only spoken about marriage. Varsha seconds the motion. Daadi realises thats Varsha is still at there house. Varsha is about to leave when she reminds Akshara that they need to go to the market. Varsha runs off. Akshara turns to Daadi and explains that she is worried about marriage because everything will change. Daadi laughs and tells her that she may like the change. In the background Vish calls out to Badi maa. 'Look even your Dad has arrived,' Daadi points out. Akshara stands up.' So this means Mum will talk to Dad about the marriage'. Akshara (to god) says' Please let my dad disagree to me getting marrige. Downstairs in the living room. Vish, Omi and Shaurya are talking about buiness. Vish gives Omi and Shaurya orders for the following day. Badi Maa walks in slowing. Vish exuses Omi and Shaurya and tells them to go and eat dinner as he is really busy with some work. Omi and Shaurya walk off. Vish confused at the fact that Badi is still standing behind him asks her what she wanted. Badi explains the ST had come and was talking about how old Akshara was. At this point Vish is talking on the phone.

Badi tries to continue the conversation but sees that Vish is busy. She asks him if she should continue but he yells her to do whatever she thinks is right. Badi runs off smiling. Akshara is sleeping.The very cheeky Anshu starts moving his things into her room. Akshara looks confused. Sh gets up. ' What are you doing Anshu?' asks Akshara. ' Can't you see, I'm moving my stuff in' replies Anshu. 'Get your rubbish out of my room.' replies Akshara as she grabs her things out of his hand. ' This isn't rubbish, anyway we all know that you will be leaving soon, I know everything, Badi Maa is getting you married .And as your leaving I thought that I will move in before anyone else does. I have booked your room'. replies Anshu very proudly. Akshara looks confused,' So this means my room won't stay mine'. Anshu giggles' well that was the plan'. Akshara storms off. On the terrace. Shaurya is joking with Choti about the food. Akshara runs in,' Maa! Explain to Anshu to move his things out of my room, he said he has booked it'. Badi maa explains to her that he is a child and ever since he has heard about her wedding he keeps talking about what things he wants. 'So that means that my room won't be mine and all my stuff won't be mine?' questions Akshara. 'Ye Didi!' replies Anshu who walks in and sits next to Shaurya who is still eating,' You are leaving soon,right Shauya Daddu'. Shaurya agrees. Both laugh about how they have been waiting for Akshara to get married for ages so that they can be free. Hearing this Akshara gets upset and walks off. Choti tells them off for upsetting her. Askara walks into her parents room. Where her dad is getting ready. He asks her to pass him his scarf. He notices that Akshara is upset and asks her why she has tears in her eyes. ' You love your daughter don't you?' asks Akshara. He replies' What kind of question is know?'. Akshara eyes fill with water. ' How much do you love me?'. Vish explains that know can express how nuch a father loves his daughter. He questions her again about why is acting like this all of a sudden. Akshara goes on to talk about how its every fathers dream for him to see his daughter getting married, and she didn't understand how a father who loves his daughter so much see her leaving the parents house. Vish replies' Dear, It is true, even if you have to put a stone on you heart but he is always looking forward to it'. Akshara asks him whether he wants her to go to even if she doesn't want to?. He explains that this is how the world works and a daughter has to leave. Akshara replies that she won't leave. He tells her that there is plenty of time. Akshara smiles and tells him that she won't leave and she asks him to explain to Badi. Akshara runs off smiling. Varsha calls out to Akshara who is still running around with Joy. Varsha smiles and tells her that she is happy to see her like this.Akshara explains that she was soo scared yesterday but she is happy now. They walk towards Akshara's room where Varsha sits on her bed. Akshara explains to Varsha that she felt as if Badi Maa was going to get her married off straight away, but now Vish will tell her not to. Varsha reminds Akshara that she need to get ready as they were going to go to the market. When Badi appers holding an orange/yellow sari with a gold border. Badi tells Akshara to put on the Sari. Akshara explains that they were going to go to the market. But Badi tells her that she will stay at home. Badi walks off to put a teeka on Vish. Varsha teases her that maybe her father failed and there may be a guy sitting outside. Akshara agrees to wear it hoping that her mother will forget about the marriage idea. Meanwhile Baadi is about to apply a teeka on Vish when asks her what was wrong with Akshara. Badi replies 'well one day she will have to leave and go to a strangers house, so thats why she was getting teary, since I have asked ST to look for a boy for ....' Vish interupts' You asked her took look for a boy, You could have asked me...'. Badi maa looks worried. Back in Akshara's room. Akshara appears from behind the shutters with the sari wrapped around her. Akshara explains that her mother has tried many times to show her how to tie a sari. Varsha laughs at the fact that Akshara doesn't know how to tie a sari yet her mother wants to get her wed. Varsha agrees to help Akshara tie the sari and begins to make the folds whilst Akshara giggles. 'Wow, you know how to tie a sari really well...what do you pratice? It looks like you will get married before me, you will see'. They laugh.

Back down stairs. Vish asks her when did she asks him. She explains that she asked him last night. He explains to her that last night he was busy and that the wasn't paying attention. Badi tries to explain that she had already told St to find a guy. He replies,' But Akshara. she is still young'. She laughs and says to a father there daughter will always remain young. The both turn to see Akshara walking towards them in a sari. Vish and Badi smile at each other. ' Now tell me, does she still look like achild to you'asks Badi. Vish smiles and stokes her head. ' I never realised she had become so big, I think it is right to look for a boy for her'. Akshara eyse fill with tears as Vish and Badi smile.

Pre- CapBadi is dancing around Akshara and is singing a

song about leaving the house after marriage.

8th Episode - 21 January 2009

Vish and Badi smile at each other. ' Now tell me, does she still look like achild to you'asks Badi. Vish smiles and stokes her head. ' I never realised she had become so big, I think it is right to look for a boy for her'. Akshara eyse fill with tears as Vish and Badi smile. Badu explains how happy she is at the act that he agreed. Sh talks about all the things she has been collecting for the wedding. Vish laughs and tells her to calm down as there is still time. Badi replies that there isn't that much time. Vish reminices about how old Badi was when she married him and came to the house. Badi explians thats she is worried because the only have one daughter and that she is worried that she might get somthing wrong. Badi laughs and walks off. Vish turns around to Akshara that her mother is right and they will be happy when she gets married. He walks off. Varsha begins to tease Akshara at teh fact that Vish is on her mothers side and that she should start packing her bags. Hearing this Akshara storms off. On the terrace Gopi Dadi and Dadi are making some paste which goes on the face. Akshara sits on the swing. Dadi walks up to her and tells her how beautiful she looks but she is confused at the fact that she looks upset. Gopi Dadi suggests that they put the paste on her face. Dadi and Gopi Dadi argue and Akshara starts laughing. Dadi explains she would do anything to see her smile then once again asks her whats wrong. Varsha appears out of nowhere and explains that her attitude has been like this since they started talking about her wedding. Akshara tells Dadi to tell Varsha to stop. Varsha starts laughing and Akshara runs off. Varsha follows. Dadi tells Gopi Dadi that she is worried that all this is happening to fast and that Akshara is too young. Simiularly Omi and Choti are having the same conversation. Omi explains that he is worried and Choti shows her exictement for the wedding. Akshara walks into her room followed by Varsha. Varsha promises that she won't tease her again. Akshara steps on her sari and it comes un-done. Both Varsha and Akshara laugh. Varsha begins to tie the sari when Badi maa enters with two ladies. She expplains that they are from the beauty parlour and they will be doing her make up. Akshara is shocked but agrees. Badi tells her to hurry up at get ready. Varsha tells her she will have to. The ladies do Akshara's hair and make up. Dhaniya goes and faunts her bangles infront of Bola and tells him that some guy is coming to see her. Bola rejoices and thanks god. Dhaniya who gets upset asks him whether he has any feelings for her. Bola replies that He don't want to get into all that. Suddenly Gopi Dadi appears and tells them to hurry up as Akshara will be ready soon. Badi maa runs to Akshara room. Varsha opens the door and tells her that Akshara isn't ready. Badi tries to get in but Varsha tells her that she will bring Akshara down. A group of ladies are standing around the courtyard. Dadi is running around tryong to get everything ready. She runs into Badi and asks her where is Akshara and that is when Akshara walks dwon the stairs. Everyone comments about how beautiful she looks. Dadi wards the evil eye away with read chillies. After this everyone starts singing. Varsha drags Akshara into the center and everyone dances around her. Badi and Akshara hug. Varsha grabs Akshara's hand and they swing. The accidently know over the Camera man. He stutters and asks who photo should he take. Badi tells him he will taking photos of Akshara. The camera man looks around for a stop and drags Akshara there and starts directing her. Everyone laughs at the camera man. Akshara looks really upset. Badi maa nods up her telling her that everything is ok. Everyone continues to laugh at the camera man as Akshara becomes more and more apprehensive. Everyone keeps telling the camera man and Akshara what to do. Vish appears and tells everyone to let the Camera do his work. She becomes more and more upset. ' I can't do this!' Akshara eyes well up with tears. 'You can't what?' asks Badi. 'I can't do this', replies Akshara and runs off crying. Everyone turn and look at her.

Pre Cap Badi tries to show Akshara some photo's.....But Akshara replies that she doesn't see the point of Badi showing her.

9th Episode - 22 January 2009

Dadi follows after Akshara. Akshara is in her room crying. Dadi hugs her and tells her to stop crying. She helps her up and puts Akshara on her bed. Once again she tells her to stop crying strokes her head . 'Dadi I don't know why I started cry, I know every girl needs to get married but still....Everything was ok at irst but the started tell me what to do, I know they were telling me to do those things as it was best for me but I can't do it. I'm not as pretty as Aishwarya or Madhuri , I'm not pretty. I don't know how to do anything,' cries Akshara. Dadi explains to her that she is beautiful and she is very clever, Beauty isn't everything. She tells her that infront of Aishwarya and Madhuri she is amazing. Dadi strokes her head and she calms down. Downstairs. Omi explains that she must have got scared but told them not to worry because Dadi has gone to see to her.Badi looks worried. The Camera Man tells them that he need to go somewhere else and asks them how long it will take. Everyone looks at eachother. Choti asks Badi what to do as Akshara got very nervous and suggests that maybe they should take the pictures some other time. At that moment Dadi brings Akshara down. Everyone stands up as Dadi brings Akshara down the stairs. Dadi tells them that she has spoken to Akshara and Akshara has agreed to take the pictures as long as no-one says anything to her whilst she is taking photos. Dadi asks Vish and Badi whether they don't believe in Akshara and that they should be proud as she is amazing. The Camera man takes many photos of Akshara posing and then finally nods is head in indication that he has the photo. Very cheekily Anshuman tells Dhaniya to bring Ladoo has finally Akshara has taken a photo.Badi feeds Akshara a ladoo and everyone around them smiles and eats. Varsha and Shaurya are alone on the riverbank. Varsha looks upset. Shaurya appears with ice-cream and asks her what she is thinking about and hands her the ice cream. I have written out the dialogue. Varsha: I was thinking about what happened with Akshara. Shaurya: why that happens with every girl Varsha: You are just like your father (They both laugh) Varsha: Yes I know that happenes with every girl. But you know your sister better than I do so you know how things get to her very quickly. And how she cries over little things....and then there me who acts like this makes no difference to me.... Maa had photo's tooken of me ...... (Shaurya looks really shocked) .....It felt weird but .... Shaurya: your photo's? Is your mum looking for a boy for you? ..... (Varsha walks off, Shaurya follows) ....You didn't answer me.....Does your mum want to get you married off ? Varsha: Why isn't my mum going to think about it. Akshara is still younger than me. You whole family is there to look for a guy for her..... It has been 13 years since my father passsed away...My mother wants me to get married so that she can have a break. Shaurya: I know I am messing you around... I wish I could take you to my parents and tell them that this is you daughter-in-law but I can't.... I know you understand me....I know that you are with me. (He throws his ice-cream on the floor, Varsha copies) Varsha: Yes I understand you and you know that I am with you and you understand that...... (Shaurya Hugs Varsha) ....Now i have to try and stop maa.... you know what mothers are like all they think about is there daughters wedding. Badi is sitting on her bead showing Choti all the things she has got for Akshara's wedding already. Akshara walks in. Badi sits her on the bed and starts showing her things. Akshara looks through all the things and asks her mum why doesn't she use then. Whilst searching she comes across and little box.

She asks them what it is. Choti explains that it is a Sindoor box. Badi is pleased and explains that all those things are for her and that she had been collecting it for ages. Akshara looks upset. Badi tells Choti is will be happy the day she see her dressed up. Akshara runs off. Badi assumes that she is blushing. As Akshara leaves Dhaniya arrives and tells her that Shankari Tai is here. Dhaniya tells her hurry up as all ST is doing is eating. Badi explains that guests are like gods and that they should be respected. Badi tells her to go down to ST. Akshara is wondering around when Dadi calls to her. Dadi notices that she looks lost. Badi interupts and tells them that ST has arrived and Badi runs off. Dadi tells Akshara not to worry and get her Sitar as she hasn't heard her play in ages. Akshara walks off. Dadi looks worried. Downstairs ST is eating and drinking away. Badi asks her whether she has found anyone. ST explains that it isn't like the old day and nowadays people ask questions. ST shows her the boys she has found so far. In the background you can hear Akshara singing and playing her sitar. ST is shocked that it is Akshara and she praises her. They both smile. Dadi is sitting listen to Akshara. Gopi Dadi joins them after watering the Tulsi plant. Out of nowhere Varsha appears holding a box. She sits down next to Akshara. Akshara sings. Dadi tells a story about Tulsi Maa and marriage. Badi runs in to show Akshara pics of Guys. She tries but Akshara says that what will she do after looking at them . Akshara gets up and asks her why does she want to get rid of her, she asks her whether her mother loves her. Badi looks upset.

Pre- Cap
Varsha and Shaurya are on the balcony. Shaurya tells Varsha to admit she is lying. He goes into kiss her but Varsha pushes him off and as she turns around she notices Akshara is standing there looking shocked

10th Episode - 23 January 2009

Akshara's dad is talking with Ragini's dad (Bidaii). Ragini's father is inviting Vish to Ragini's wedding. They talk about their daughters and their weddings. Badi Ma tells Akshara to look at the pictures of boys. Akshara says "what will I do after looking at them, you look at them. Don't you love me? why do you want me to leave?" Badi looks hurt and walks away. She goes and sits on her bed and cries. Daadi calls Badi. Daadi comes in and Badi Ma pretends to be cleaning clothes. Baadi Ma comes up to her and says "you know, your daughter has taken after you" Daadi says Both of you start crying at little things. I know your hiding your tears. Badi Ma "am I her enemy? What does she think? Does she even know how a mother feels when her daughter gets married from home?" Badi Ma crys. She says "all I want is for my daughter to get married, all mothers want this. What is my fault?" Daadi says "Its not your fault. Akshara is still young for marriage" Badi Ma says "you were 13 when you were married and I was 18". Daadi says "we will have to explain these things to her, we will make her understand." Daadi says "Leave all this to me" Dhaniya, Varsha and Akshara are in the kitchen. Dhaniya is ranting on and on about something. Varsha is smiling. Dhaniya starts talking about Marrige and about ST. Dhaniya talks about Bhola and Marrige and ST. Varsha says "Akshara is also worried by ST" Shaurya comes and says "P.P..P..Pani" Dhaniya says she'll get it for him. Varsha says its okay, she'll get it. Shaurya and Varsha seem akward. Varsha gives him water. Shaurya motions Varsha to go upstairs. VArsha shakes her head. Shaurya gives Varsha the glass again and starts to leave. Varsha says "Look Akshara, listen to me, what's the problem with looking at boys? I understand that half of the boys are stupid (Shaurya turns aroung and smiles) but maybe your kismat is good." Akshara says "No Varsha, Mera maan nahin Maan Raha Hai" A voice says from behind "Toh maan ko maana lo" Its baadi Ma and Daadi. Badi ma says "we will wait" Akshara is happy. "Look akshara, me and your daadi thought a lot, maybe your not ready yet, every girl has to marry. You need time? We'll give you time" Akshara is very happy. Akshara thanks her mom. Badi ma and Daadi leave. Akshara and Varsha give each other a big hug and laugh. Badi Ma and Daadi are talking. Badi Ma Says "Because you said, I gave Akshara time. But what if she doesn't say yes?" Daadi tells baadi ma not to worry. Badi Ma leaves. Akshara runs in and gives Daadi a hug. Akshara is really happy. Akshara is looking for Akshara. She asks Dhaniya where Varsha is. Dhaniya says that she went behind you. Akshara says maybe she's upstairs. Akshara goes upstairs. She hears Varsha laughing. Akshara follows the voice. Shaurya gives Varsha a kiss on the hand. Akshara is looking on Shocked. Varsha goes to leave and sees Akshara. Varsha says "I was looking for you" Akshara says "I was looking for you too" Varsha and Shaurya look worried. Varsha stammers "thank you Shaurya, I found Akshara" Shaurya nods his head and goes to leave. Akshara says "Dadu (bro), please go and drop Varsha home" Shaurya says okay. Varsha and Shaurya leave. Akshara looks sad. She goes onto the balcony. Omi Kaka comes and Asks Akshara what she's doing on the balcony so late. Akshara says "mera dil nahi lag raha tha camade main" she asks Omi Kaka why he's here. Omi Kaka tells her he's always here. Omi Kaka and Akshara talk for a while. Akshara looks a little mad at the end and walks away saying sorry. Varsha and Shaurya are leaving. Varsha says "I feel that AKshara saw everything" Shaurya says he doesn't think so. Shaurya goes to sit in the car but sees that Varsha is still standing there. He asks her what's the problem. Varsha says she doesn't feel right about keeping all this from Akshara as she is her best friend. Shaurya says your being to emotional. Varsha and Shaurya argue for a while. Varsha and Shaurya make up and get into the car.

Anshu comes into the kitchen and asks if the foods ready yet. Daadi, Badi Ma, Choti Ma and Dhaniya laugh. Akshara comes in and bumps Anshu. Daadi aks Akshara why she looks upset. Daadi asks Akshara where Varsha is. Akshara says that Varsha left. Badi Ma says "What? Alone?!" Akshara says Shaurya went to drop her off. Badi ma says okay. Daadi says "listen, in two days its Rangor? (I couldn't hear and the video lagged :S) Akshara leaves. Dhaniya and Bhola are talking. Bhola looks annoyed. They both leave. everyone is working, decoratiing and such. Akshara comes in Combing her wet hair. Gopi Dadi says that Daadi is calling her. Akshara goes to Daadi. All the ladies are making idols. Badi Ma says "where is your friends?" Varsha comes in and says "Did someone call me?" Everyone talks. Varsha says she's going to make a idol as well. Shaurya comes in saying "mom!" The ladies say that this is a women's only area. They talk about Shaurya getting married. Akshara watches as Shaurya and Varsha look at each other. Shaurya leaves. Varsha tells Akshara to come sit beside her. Akshara says she's going to go find Anshu. Anshu is playing downstairs. Akshara comes in. Akshara says comes with me, we'll play scramble. Gopi Dadi asks Dhaniya to go to the mandhir. Dhaniya says she can't she has to go home early as a guy is coming to see her. Gopi Dada says "then who will go to the mandhir?" Gopi Dad calls Akshara Akshara is at the mandhir looking at the late. Varsha comes. She asks Akshara what happened? Akshara things "why aren't you telling me? I'm going to get you to tell me" Akshra and Varsha talk. Akshara asks Varsha if she knows what love is. Varsha explains what love is excitedly. Akshara asks her how she knows. Akshara asks Varsha if she's ever bee in love. Varsha changes the subject and leaves. Varsha and Akshara get home. Everyone is singing and dressing their idols. They are all happy. Akshara sits by her mom and watches. A bunch of girls start dancing and pull Varsha and Akshara there too. Shaurya looks down at Varsha from the stairs and motions for her to come upstairs. Akshara sees this. Shaurya leaves. Varsha leaves, Akshara sees this and follows. She goes upstairs. PRECAP Varsha is pressed against a piller and Shaurya he bending down towards her. Akshara is hiding behind another piller watching, her eyes wide open.

JANUARY 26th 2009

Shaurya is on the terris. Varsha comes over to him. Varsha asks Shaurya why he called her. Shaurya says Just like that. Shaurya takes Varshas arm and goes towards her. Varsha backs up against the piller. Akshara is also on the terris. She sees Shaurya and Varsha. Akshara remembers Varsha telling her about love. Akshara runs away from the terris and runs all the way to the temple. Akshara thinks she sees someone. Akshara looks around. Akshara sees someone in a white salwaar running. Akshara follows. Akshara sees that the girl is her. Akshara looks on. Akshara goes to her. The girl (herself) his smiling. Akshara goes to touch the girl(herself) but she runs away. A guy walks from behind her. to the girl. The girl (herself) is shy. (YOu still can't see the guys face) Akshara looks on. She sees the guy and girl having a romantic moment. The guy lifts the girl (herself) into his arms and they walk away. The girl (herself) is very happy. Akshara is alone. Akshara hears Varsha in her head talking about love. She wonders if theres someone out there for her, someone she is waiting for. Akshara smiles. Akshara is home. She walks towards the women. She is still smiling. Varsha comes and asks Akshara where she's been. Akshara smiles and walks on. Choti Ma calls Akshara over. Choti Ma says whomever makes an idol of Shanker Bhagwan, they see a glimpse of their soul mate in it. Akshara asks Badi Ma how someone knows if their in love. Badi Ma says that a bell will ring and you'll know. Akshara says she will make an idol as well. Badi Ma is very happy. BREAK Badi Ma asks if she will really keep the vraat. Akshara nodds. Dhaniya brings her the things she needs to make a idol.Akshara starts making her idol. Everyone watches. Akshara paints her idol. Akshara dresses her idol. Everyone sings. Akshara finishes her idol. Akshara is standing by the tulsi holding her idol of Shanker Bagwan, she is smiling. Badi Ma tells Akshara's father that Akshara is keeping the vraat as well. Baadi Ma says that she thinks something is happening in Akshara's heart. Akshara is in her room. She put an idol of Gauri beside her idol of Shanker Bhagwan. Akshara starts talking to the idol saying she doesn't know who he is, how he looks.. Akshara looks in her mirror and talks to herself

saying she is dumb, how come she didn't think of this before now. She asks herself how she will know when she meets her soul mate. Akshara remembers what choti ma said about the bell. Choti Ma comes in and gives Akshara a payal for her idol of Gauri. BREAK Bhola is making a vase singing the hanuman chalisa. Dhaniya comes in. Dhaniya and Bhola argue a little. Dhaniya leaves. Daadi and Gopi Daadi laugh . Daadi and Gopi Daadi talk about Dhaniya's marrige. Gopi Daadi says a girl is incomplete without marrige, she says she would know. They talking a little more. Anshu calls Gopi Daadi. He says that no one is paying attention to him and no one gives him food. Gopi Daadi says she will give him some food. Choti Ma, Baadi Ma, Akshara and Dhaniya are making some sweets for god. Choti Ma says make your sweets well, the more shanker bhagwan is happy, the better husband he will find for you. Akshara smiles. PRECAP Akshara and VArsha are sitting. Akshara says "not today, tomorrow. I saw you and Shaurya Dadu on the terris" Varsha is shocked.

JANUARY 27th 2009 TODAY Akshara and Varsha walk down the stairs to the Rangor Pooja. Badi Ma is doing the Aarthi. All the ladies are at the pooja. After the Pooja. All the ladies take thier idols and walk together out the door and to the festivities. Everyone is happy. Akshara is smiling and Badi Ma watches her. All the ladies walk to the lake. (WOw its huge! I've never seen any Rangor festivities before ) Varsha asks Akshara to tell her what she's hiding. Akshara says theres nothing to say. Akshara and Varsha sit down. Varsha says if there isn't anything to say then why are you getting shy every second and smiling to yourself? Akshara says its because she's really happy. Varsha says no one knows whats on your mind. She asks Akshara what happened to her yesterday and why she wasn't talking to her properly, what happened to me? Akshara says "not yesterday... the day before. I saw you and Shaurya Dadu on the terris yesterday" Varsha looks shocked and scared. VArsha says "I was about to tell you but.." Akshara finishes "but you didn't" Akshara says that she was really mad but then she realized that she wasn't mad because Varsha didn't tell her she was mad because she was mad at herself." Akshara and Varsha laugh and talk about Varsha and Shaurya. Akshara says that this will be a secret. Akshara starts teasing Varsha. Badi Ma and ST are talking. ST says that she will find a perfect boy for Akshara once she says yes. The women put Dia's in the lake. Akshara and Varsha are home. They talk about Akshara's soul mate. Akshara says she will find her own soul mate. Badi Ma calls Akshara. Varsha and Akshara go. Daadi tells badi ma and choti ma to hurrt up. Daadi asks Badi ma if she has a sindoor dani. Badi ma says she doesn't... theres one that she saved for Akshara's marrige. Badi Ma tells akshara to go get it. Akshara goes to badi ma's chest and opens it. She opens the silver box inside and takes out the sindoor dani. Shes about to close the chest but she sees lots of sari's in it. She smiles shyly. BREAK Akshara brings the sinoor dani to Badi Ma. Akshara says "you've kept so many sari's for me.. but you haven't asked what colours I like and this sinoor dani.. was for me right? But now you'll have to get another one for me" Everyone is happy. Badi ma says "this means? you've agreed?" Akshara smiles shyly. Daadi says yes, your daughter has agreed. Everyone

is happy. Akshara gets shy and embaressed and runs away while everyone laughs. Dhaniya is washing the car. Dhaniya looks on. Dhaniya calls Bhola. She says "A girl is calling you and your looking around" Bhola and Dhaniya argue again. Akshara is drying her hair. She sees herself in the mirror. She starts talking to herself about marrige. Daadi comes in. Akshara laughs nervously. Daadi teases Akshara and they hug. Daadi Akshara ki Nazar uthar thi hai. Anshu comes in. Anshu says "Daadi Meri bhi Nazar utharo na!" Daadi does. Askshara laughs. Anshu tells Daadi to come. Everyone is waiting for her. BREAK Akshara, Daadi and Anshu and everyone comes downstairs. A guy comes in. Badi Ma asks if he brought the photos. Akshara looks on nervously. Badi Ma and choti ma look at them and then give them to akshara's dad. Who gives them to Omi Kaka. Choti Ma gives some pictures to Daadi. Akshara looks nervous. Daadi says the photo's of Akshara came out beautiful. Anshu grabs the pictures and runs off. Akshara runs behind him. Akshara finally grabs Anshu and takes the pictures. Akshara looks at the photos and grins.Akshara hears a voice. She turns the corner to see Shaurya there talking on the phone. He says "then stop them! tell them you don't want to get married right now. look, don't cry like that Varsha. You know me. We've talked about this. Make your mom understand. please? I don't know how long. Not until Akshara gets married. Akshara looks worried. The episode ends on her face. PRECAP Akshara, Varsha and Varsha's mom is there. Varsha's mom is crying. A girl's badnami spreads like fire. Who will marry you know Varsha?! Tell me!

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update

(Episode 13)

For 28th January 2009

Akshara walks down the stairs straight to Badi Maa. 'Maa..I'm going to Varsha's house, I 'll get to college from there.Should I go?' Badi Maa happily send her. As Akshara is on her way out , Shankari Tai (ST) walks though the door. They both glance at each other and Smile. Badi Maa sends Anshuman to go and get someone. ST questions Badi Maa about where Akshara had gone. Badi replies college...At this ST replies, ' What is she going to do after studying Badi Bahu'. Badi Maa looks upset at the remark made. She looks down at Vish. Omi and Choti Maa look ata each other is disbelieve at what ST had said. ST sits down. To break the silence Badi Maa hands ST photos of Akshara. ST looks at them and replies ' Ohhh...What beautiful pictures of the girl'. As she is saying this Shaurya comes down the stairs. Vish sees this and stands up, shortly followed by Omi. 'Ok then, we will leave', says Vish. Badi Maa asks him to stay as they are talking about there daughters wedding and she can't decided anything without him. Vish agrees to stay and sits back down. ST looking at photos, and out loud decides whom she will send the photos too. Badi Maa and Omi smile. Bechara Shaurya stands behind them getting bored . ST looks at everyones happy faces. Then she asks Vish what kind of Son-in-law would he like. He replies one that is from a good family, culutured and will keep Akshara happy. ST boost about how good she is when it comes to match making. Shaurya whom has been becoming more and more impatient suggests to Vish that he stays as it seems like this may take awhile and tells him about the meeting.Vish nods. Badi Maa asks him to stay as they will be looking at guys photos. He reponds,' What will i do after looking at the photos'. Badi tries to plea with him to stay. ST buts in,' Just wait and watch when I bring around photos of girls for him'. Badi Laughs. ST asks Badi about Akshara's friend but she can't remeber her name. Shaurya looks worried. 'who Varsha?' answers Badi. 'Yes Varsha, I am her match maker too. Today the boys side are coming to see her. He is such a great guy and from such a great family. Lets says the Rishta is done.' Camera vooms up of Shaurya worried expression. 'Akshara, every since maa found out about that they were making wedding plans for you, she has began to think of mine', explains Varsha as they are walking out of her house. Akshara asks her whether she has told Shaurya. Varsha explains that Shaurya won't talk about them until your wedding is over with. She tells her home ST turns up with photo's. Akshara has a bright idea and tells Varsha to reject the boys that come to see her and the ones you don't reject I will. Akshara Laughs. Varsha gets angry. ' Here I'm dying and your making jokes', replies Varsha. Akshara says sorry and explains that they should leave as they have a history lecture.Varsha tells her that she doesn't feel like going, she explains that she is worried that they wedding will be fixed today. Varsha gets tear full. In the car, Varsha gives Bola directions. Eventually Bola asks her where she wants to go as he is getting confused. Akshara asks Varsha they same question. Varsha still abit emotion replies that she doesn't know. Akshara tells Bola to take them to teh ice cream stand. Akshara buys two ice creams and joins Varsha on the bench. Akshara hands on to her but Varsha doesn't accept it. Akshara explains to her that she skipped school just for her and that she would like her to smile for her. Varsha with her eyes filled with tears replies' I will get married to someone eles and the one I love ....'. Akshara tells her that she will talk to Shaurya. She explains that if the guy doesn't like her the the wedding won't take place. Varsha confused replies that she doesn't understand. Akshara tells her that it is all in her hands. Akshara tels Varsha to eat the ice cream. At the home. Dhaniya is outside with Gopi dadi. Dhaniya is tying up something to the pole.Dadi comes in calling Dhaniya and Gopi Dadi. Gopi Dadi recalls the past about Dadi's Husband. Dadi reminds Dhaniya that she need to go and make the food. Dhaniya runs into the kitchen. Badi Maa asks her what she is making. Dhaniya replies potatoa fritters as they are Shaurya favourite. Badi tells her that she won't be making them....Akshar arrives all happy and hugs Dadi. She is about to tell her about her day when Choti tells her to wash her hands as Badi has called her in the kitchen. Badi arrives and tells her that she will be making them, after all she should be able to and that she shopuld never give her saas the chance to have ago and at her. Dadi gets shocked,' when did i say anything to your mum'. Badi

explains that not all saas's are they same. They laugh for a while about Husbands and then Badi takes Akshara into the Kitchen. Akshara is in the kitchen chooping potatoes. Badi talks to her about family life and Husbands and wivies relationships. Akshara tells her that she understands. Badi laughs and tells her i she understood she would cut the potatoes that badly. Dhaniya laughs. Badi tells her to stop laughing and tells Akshara that she will show her. She goes on to say that this is what every family wants a girl that can do all this and that they will like her. ' What would happen if they didn't like me' innocently asks Akshara. Badi gets angry and tells her not to say that again, she taps her on the head and laughs. She leaves. Akshara asks the same question to Dhaniya and Dhaniya respnds the same. ' Once a Rishta breaks its becomes a stigma on the girl. And then no one agress to marry the girl. Once a rishta breaks everyone blams the girl'. Akshara remebres the conversations he had with Varsha and she runs off telling Dhaniya to sort everything out. Meanwhile at Varsha house the Boys family have arrived. Akshara walks in holding a tray. Varsha's mum intorduces her to the family. They all look at her. The Boy's mum suggests that Varsha and the Boy go and have a chat. Varsha looks worried. Akshara on the other hand is in the car ...praying that Varsha won't say anything. She tells Bola to drive faster. 'I did to tell you something....' says Varsha. They show another clips of Akshara in the car praying that she won't say anything. Varsha tells him that she is in love with someone and don't want to marry him. The guy looks confused and asks her why didn't she tell her mother. Varsha tells her that he will have to tell them that he has to tell her. He is still confused. Varsha explains that if she tell her mother she will die. Varsha starts crying. He tells her he doesn't understand. She begs him. He tells he to stop crying. He tells her that he will do something.

Varsha walks back into her hose without the Guy. Akshara approuches in the car and runs in. Inside she catched up with Varsha and asks her whether she had said somthing. Varsha is about to tell her when the shouting of the Boy's Mum cuts in. Varsha mum asks her why. The boy's father is also angry. Varsha's mum asks again. But the Boy's mum is too angry and tells her to ask her daughter. They all storm out of the house. Followed by Varsha's mum who is trying to stop her. V's Mum questions Varsha. And she breaks down telling her that her Rishta has broken and that when a girl has been deframed no one will want to marry her. V's Mum shakes her and asks her 'Who will marry you now?' . She walks off crying. Varsha turns to Akshara and says that she told her it was up to her and that its only her relationship which has broken. Akshara is also crying now. Varsha asks her whether her mum will accepted her. Akshara is thinking when the words thet Dhaniya spoke is repeated. Akshara looks at Varsha and then runs off.

The End Pre- Cap

ST is speaking about Varsha. Badi Maa explains that Varsha is not like this. Akshara and Varsha hear what they are talking about.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update

For 29th January 2009 (Episode 14)

Video Update - nipun97

Written Update Hey Guys... today's episode was really slow paced and it left alot for the auidence to work out. I really felt bad for Varsha and I wish Shaurya would have

told everyone the truth about the early. I hope that my updates will be as good as hers. So Sorry for any mistakes and Please do tell me if I have made any....Anyway I hope you enjoy the update.

Recap They summerize yesterday's episode (Commentary not done by Ragini...)

' After all where did Akshara go? Didn't she tell you anthing?' Badi Maa questions Dhaniya. Dhaniya replies,' Oh Badi Maa, if only your daughter would give someone a moment to ask, she just dissapears'.Dhaniya switches on a light. Badi goes on to talk abot how worried she is when she notices a shadow. 'Akshara! Where did you go? atleast you could have told us..I thought you were in the kitchen making food But then...' A light switches on, to reveal that Akshara is standing there crying. 'Akshara are you crying?', Badi says as she touches her face. Akshara hugs Badi and starts crying loudly. Badi asks repeatedly whats wrong. Bola arrives shortly after her. Badi looks at him and Bola replies,' Akshara Didi said she wanted to go to Varsha's house, there were people there....' Shaurya arrives. ' Then I don't know what happened, Akshara returned and said she wanted to go home, and i brought her'. Shaurya looks worried. Badi tells her to calm down. She tells Akshara to tell her the truth about what happened. She assumes Varsha and Akshara broke up. Akshara tears up again and runs off. The camera vooms up on Shaurya. In the morining. Shaurya is standing on the terrace feeding the birds. When Bola asks him whether he is going to work as the car is ready. Shaurya replies, ' Tell him I will come late'. Bola turns and asks him whether he should come back for him. Shaurya annoyed tells him that he will come. As Bola leaves Akshara arrives. She is about to talk to him when Dhaniya runs in all exicted holding a book. Dhaniya tells her that she was looking for her for ages and

then drags her to the bench. She tells her that the book she is hold is Shankari Tai's and she got it from Badi Maa room. Akshara gets angry and tells her that they will think she sent her to get the book full of guys pics. Dhaniya reassures her and tells her that all the women are waiting eagerly for the Tailor/ Sari selling Man. Dhaniya opens the book and tells Akshara to look. Akshara tells her that she doesn't feel right about doing this and the one that mum and dad will be fine for her.Dhaniya agree ' All I want....(camera cuts to Shaurya who looks like he is listening).... Just not me but every girl wants her soon to be husband will stick by her though it all and won't leave her side even if everyone else will (cuts to Shaurya) .... The promises he makes he keep,' says Akshara. Hearing this Shaurya gets upset and puts the bird feed down and walks off. Suddenly Akshara tells Dhaniya to get up as they are going to Varsha's house. At Varsha's House in her bedroom. ' No I can't go out with you, especially after what happened yesterday, Maa isn't letting me leave the house,' explains Varsha to Akshara replies,' Ok you can't go out but you can go college.....' . Varsha's Mum cut's in, 'NO! Varsha will not go college....(Varsha and Akshara stand up an walk towards her)....Did you hear me?. Akshara who looks scared and replies that she will miss her classes. Varsha's mum reinforces it again and says that the boy's side don't like gives who have study too much there for she won't be going to college. 'Today Varsha won't leave the house!......' Akshara cuts it,' Not even to my house?....(Varsha's mum looks at her)... after all you used to say that my house is her..' asks Akshara. Varsha's Mum gets worried and asks her what will her mum think. Dhaniya cuts in and tells her that Badi Maa sent them as the Sari Man/Tailor was at there house and she told them to get Varsha. Meanwhile at Akshara's house. The Sari man is siyying showing the women sari's. He keeps showing Badi sari's and she rejects a few. Dadi turns up at the joking about the way he keeps complimenting everyone. He laugh at gives her a statue and starts talking about a temple near the Ganga. As he starts showing Dadi a sari .... ST voice is heard. The Sari Man looks worried.

ST walks and greets everyone. She sits down with the ladies and starts looking at the sari's. ST tells Dadi not to fall for the Sari Man's sweet talk as he confuses you and ends up selling you rubbish. Choti tells her that it was great she came. ST laughs and asks them to her what he has been showing them. He laughs and makes a joke out of the words she uses and the fact that she can be rude. Badi tells Sari Man to show her a sari for ST for Akshara's wedding. ST reminds them that she will get sari's and gold after Akshara's wedding. Some random Aunty makes a point that she has fixed many weddings this year therefore she will recieve many sari's. ' But where? This time the love of marriage is cold. I thought that Akshara's friend, Varsha that she would get married, The boy I found was perfect, but where she told the guy to say he didn't what to marry her, The boys mum made a scene and don't ask,' explains ST. Badi maa replies,' But why did she do that...?' As Badi asks the question Shuarya arrives.' How do I know Badi Bahu, there is probably a guy involved...(cuts to shaurya)...She studies in college...I told you college is no good', replies ST. 'Varsha is not like that.' explains Badi. As she says this Akshara ,Varsha and Dhaniya arrive. ' Oh what do you know Badi Bahu, you can never tell who they have hidden...(cuts to varsha)....I'm telling you keep Akshara away from that girl (cuts to Akshara and Varsha who

is crying)....Your daughter is innocent you never know by staying around her she might change...(camera cuts to Shaurya)....Her mum didn't bring her up right'. Dadi cuts in,'Stop it ST...You are so bitter. Don't you feel bad talking about someones daughter like that. Didn't you even consider the fact that what with alot of strenghth her widow mother brought her up...(camera cuts to Varsha)....and about values we brougt her up....' Dadi stops as she notices Varsha crying. Everyone turns around to look. Varsha looks up at Shaurya abd runs off crying follwed by Akshara and Dadi slowly after. Dhaniya shouts at ST that she is horrible and that she shouldn't have said things like that. ST replies that it must be true and if anyone would know it would be Akshara. Badi explains thath Akshara doen't know anything.

Break In Akshara's room. Akshara tries to calm Varsha down and explains that Shaurya is not bad but he beeds time and that he will do something soon. Varsha cries and explains she doesn't care about herself but she cared for her mum. Dadi walks in and gives them a speech about the ways of the world. Dadi tells her to calm down and that there is nothing wrong with her. Then Dadi in an rhetorical way' you didn't ask him to say no did you?'. Akshara and Varsha look at each other and at Dadi. Dadi is about to walk off when Varsha stops her and Akshara tells her that Varsha did tell the guy to say no. Dadi looks shocked. Dadi locks the door. Downstairs Shaurya is pacing when Gopi Dadi goes up to her. He asks her what Dadi is talking to Akshara and Varsha about. Gopi Dadi explains that Varsha is upset and they are talking about that. He walks off. Dadi opens the door and walks out leaving Varsha and Akshara. In Vish and Badi's bedroom, Vish is reading when Badi tell him that ST had come. She brings to explain the things ST was saying about Varsha and she is worried that people will think that Akshara is the same as Varsha and her are always together. Vish tells her to calm down as they know that she isn't like that and that she should stop thinking like that. Badi agrees but tells him she is worried. Vish explains that people will always way talk and tells her that why we should keep them in line. In Akshara's room. Varsha cries at the fact that they told Dadi and her and Shaurya's relationship yet Dadi said nothing and walked off. Akshara explains that she mught be shocked but her and Shaurya. Varsha explains that she is worried that when the word gets out what will happen. Akshara tries to calm her down. But Varsha replies that she knows her family won't execpted her and they won't accepted that Shaurya will have an arranged maariage.

The End

Pre - Cap
Vish tells Shaurya that an love marriage won't take place and the person he will marry will be up to them.



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TODAY Akshara runs into Shaurya's room with tears in her eyes. Shaurya is sitting on his bed looking sad. Akshara comes in and says to Shaurya crying "You broke Varsha's promise didn't you? The one she trusted most let her down. Why? Why?" Shaurya says he had no other choice. He said he can see his love fail but he can not see any problem in his sister's marrige because of him. Shaurya sarts crying. Akshara crys too. Omi Kaka is driving Varsha home. Varsha is crying. Omi Kaka pats Varsha on her head. He says he doesn't know what happened to his brother today (Akshara's Dad). His brother has never done injustice to anyone. They arive at Varsh'as house. Varsha and Omi Kaka come out. Varsha goes to leave. Omi Kaka says "Varsha. Remember no one can force a dicission on you, you don't have to come with your mother tomorrow." Varsha says no, she will come tomorrow. She can't say no to bauji (Akshara's Dad) word. Varsha walks away crying. Omi Kaka says to himself "Just for you Varsha... I wish I believed in God, I would ask for your happiness today" Everyone is doing Pooja. Vish (Akshara's Dad) comes in. Gopi dadi asks Akshara whats wrong, will she not start the prayers today. Daadi tells Akshara to start. Akshara looking sad and doesn't say anything. Badi Ma looks at her sadly. Vish asks Akshara whats wrong. Akshara says that she isn't able to sing today. Vish asks whats wrong. Akshara tells him that her voice has been taken from her. Akshara gets up and goes up to her father. She tells him "You tell me that prayers are sang with the truth of the heart.. well my heart isn't truthful today." Vish asks her what she means and what she wants to say. Akshara says that for my life to be bright my friend's is being distroyed. So that my marrige will happen... my friend

may stay unmarried forever. You tell me, is that right? I had thought that because Im going my friend will be here for my place... but..." Vish looks away and Akshara runs away crying. Akshara runs up the stairs crying. She runs into Omi Kaka who says "I was right, Tumhare Kant mein Aathma behti hai (can't translate, sorry). Akshara crys again and runs. Just then Bhola comes and says that Varsha is here with her mom, he leaves. Everyone looks at eachother nervously. Daadi says she won't be able to watch this and leaves. Badi Ma goes to Varsha and her mom. Akshara, Choti Ma and Omi Kaka come too. Akshara goes to Varsha. Varsha's mom asks "Varsha said you wanted to meet me? Was there anything important" Badi Ma says "Badi Ma says yes, Akshara's dad heard you were looking for boys for Varsha so" Badi ma stammers and tells her Varsha and Akshara are both the same for her... she stammers again. She gives Varsha's mom a album of boys, maybe she would like some of them. Varsha's mom says that aren't these boys for Akshara. Badi Ma says Varsha is older and so I think it would be better. Varsha's mom smiles and says that you guys think of Varsha so much. She has tears in her eyes.

Varsha's mom starts looking at the album. Varsha and Akshara are worried. Varsha's mom sees one that she likes and motions to Badi Ma. Just then Vish comes and says "One Minute." Varsha's mom and Badi Ma stand up. Vish says "Before you take any decision I would like to say something. I have boy in mind for Varsha." Everyone looks worried. Vish smiles and steps aside. Its Shaurya. Akshara and Varsha are shocked and they smile. Varsha's mom is very happy, she has tears in her eyes. Everyone is happy. Varsha's mom says Shaurya is perfect. Vish said it was his fault. His bahu was so close and he didn't even recognize it. Varsha's mom tells Varsha to take blessings. Varsha coems up and she and Shaurya take blessings of Vish and Badi Ma. Vish says that Akshara tells him that A bahu must come into the house before the daughter is sent off, so thats what he's doing. ShaVa will be married first. Akshara thanks Shiv. Shiv says that because of your good heart I came to this decision. But you said something wrong... no one will ever take your place. The mood lifts up and everyone talk about the wedding. Akshara tells Varsha to come with her. Badi Ma says she will not come as long as Shaurya is here. Varsha shys and runs off. Varsha goes to god and prays. Akshara goes the same. Akshara teases Varsha and Varsha teases back. Akshara says they took blessings from

everyone but they forgot to take blessings from Daadi. They leave.

Daadi and Gopi Dadi are on the balcony. Akshara and Varsha come in. Daadi and Gopi Daadi are arguing. Akshara tells Daadi about Varsha and Shaurya's marrige. Daadi is happy. Varsha takes Daadi's blessings. Shaurya comes in smiling. Shaurya motions Varsha to come but Varsha shakes her head. Shaurya turns to leave and Daadi and Akshara notice him. They look at Varsha knowingly. They laugh and give her a hug. Varsha goes to Shaurya. They are at a park. Shaurya asks Varsha what took her so long. Varsha says that its not her fault. Shaurya is angry, he says that he has been waiting for an hour. They argue. Shaurya says why don't you just say no to the marrige. Varsha pretends to call Badi Ma and Shaurya looks scared. Varsha laughs. Shaurya does to. They make up. They hug. PRECAP Vish asks Badi Ma "Do I write my favorite on a letter and put it by the temple?" Badi Ma says yes. Vish does that and says "okay lets see how good of an eyesight my daughter has" Akshara looks on.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update

For 4th Feb2009 (Episode 18)

Video Update - Nipun97

Written Update
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Mini Update
Vish is happy that Akshara has agreed to marry the Bachelor of his choice. ST arrives and takes the Shagun to give to the boys side. Everyone is tidying the house in preparation for the grooms side arriveral. Everyone sings a song to Akshara. After Varsha comes to see Shuarya . Akshara, Varsha and Shaurya go to the riverbank. Varsha explains to Shaurya that Akshara doesn't like the guy. Shaurya follows Akshara and Akshara explains she will marry that guys for the happiness of her father. Badi hears and decides to do something. Vish tells everyone that the biys side will be arriving today. Badi fails to tell Vish.

Detailed Update
Vish puts down the book of bachelors and sits down on the sofa grinning. ' I guess your happy now, that you and your daughter have the same taste,' says Badi. ' After all she is my daughter and she know gold when she sees it....' replies Vish but as he is finishing his sentence ST arrives. Badi welcomes her in. Vish tells her that her timing is prefect. ST laughs and replies that Badi told her that they have chosen a Groom. Vish replies that Akshara likes him too. ST asks them who he is. Badi shows her a picture. At first ST looks confused but then she laughs and starts clapping. She tells them about the Groom to be and his family. She tells them he is tall. Omi cuts in, ' But our Akshara isn't that tall, what if they look like a mis-match?'. Choti reassures him that they will make a nice couple. As there conversation ends Dadi arrives with Gopi Dadi and Dhaniya and servants holding trays. Both says Hi to each other. Dadi tells her that as they are in agreement ST will get the Sari's and the gold she asked for. ST laughs and questions about the pearls. They all laugh. Dadi tells her to calm down and to give the Grooms side the Shagun and tell them to come and see Akshara. ST leaves. In the courtyard Gopi Dadi is shining a steel pot and the everyone is busy doing other things. Badi tells Gopi to tell Dhaniya to polish the pots as the grooms side could arrive at any moment. Dadi replies that she has gone to see prince Charming and she knows that Gopi is also waiting to hear the news about the groom. Gopi Dadi begins to sing. In the song she asks Varsha to tell them what the Groom looks like. Everyone joins in. Dadi replies that he must look like Shiv ji. Akshara gets up and walks off followed by Varsha but they are stopped by everyone asking her ,What he looks like?. Dhaniya arrives with ST. Dhaniya sarcastically sings and takes the mick out of his appearance. ST hits Dhaniya over the head in a playful way and starts singing about how amazing he is and the way he looks. Dadi turns to Badi and tells her to tell everyone how does the Groom to be look like. Badi sings it doesn't matter what he looks like as long as he keeps Akshara happy. Dadi tells her that she hopes that her is exactly the way she hopes. Then all the women dance around Akshara and Varsha. Everyone is busy. Vish and Omi walk down the stairs talking about the things they need to remember. Vish tells Omi to make a list. Meanwhile Badi is tells a servant to make sure that they haven't left anything out. In the courtyard Choti tells Dhaniya to make sure that she changes all the sofa covers. And this is when Varsha arrives. Choti goes up to Varsha and asks her who she is looking for Varsha doesn't reply but Choti assumes that she is looking for Shaurya. She walks off laughing. Dhaniya tells Varsha that no one is leaving Shaurya alone today. Varsha stresses that she really need to meet him. Dhaniya agree to help her talk to Shaurya. On the River bank,Akshara tells Varsha to stay with Shaurya as she is going upstairs. Varsha stops her and tries to get Akshara to admit she is not happy with the alliance. Shaurya

confused asks them what he is doing there. Varsha reminds Akshara of the time she told her if that if the one is truely in you heart, the stone will skip across the water. Varsha says Shaurya and throws the stone which skips across the water. She tells Akshara that it is her turn. Akshara says Devinder and throws the stone but the stone sinks. Akshara looks scared.

Varsha asks Akshara if she understood anything. Akshara replies that she didn't undersand anything and that it was nonsense. Akshara runs off. Shaurya turns to Varsha and tells her thst he didn't understand either. Varsha explains to Shaurya that Akshara doesn't like Devinder Ji and that she only agreed to the marriage becuase she didn't want to disappoint their father. Akshara arrives home and ignors Badi maa's calls and runs up the stairs. Shaurya follows moments later. Badi calls to him and he stops. She questions him about what happened. He doesn't reply to her question but asks her where is Akshara. Badi tells him that she has gone to her room. Shaurya runs off in search of Akshara.He calls out her name and then notices that she is standing on the balcony. Shaurya questions Akshara about her decision. Akshara replies that she didn't want her father'd pride to shatter and that she wanted him to feel happy at the fact that one of there weddings is happening to his accord, She also mentions the fact that he has gone against himself and agreed to Shaurya having a love marriage. Akshara ends the conversations by telling him that she will do what ever her father thinks is right. As there conversations ends the camera zooms to reveal that Badi was standing there listening to there conversation. Badi looks worried. But before she can ever think Vish comes up to her all exicted to tell her that the Groom side is coming. Badi looks over to Shaurya and Akshara. Vish notices and tells them to come over. He tells her to tell Akshara that teh grooms side is coming. Then walks off. Badi tells Akshara that the grooms side is coming. Shaurya attempts to tell Badi but Akshara holds onto his arm. Then Akshara runs off to get ready. Shaurya looks upset. Badi turns to Shaurya and says,' Shaurya I know'. Shaurya is shocked

Badi tells Shuarya that she heard everything and that she will see what she can do. Downstairs Omi and Vish are making a list of things they need to do. Badi tries to talk to him but he tells her that he is busy. Shuarya arrives. Vish tells Shaurya to listen to Omi and understand everything that he need to do and tells him to move the car. Shaurya leaves. Vish all excited asks Badi what he should wear, as he need to look his best. Badi tries once agin to talk to him but fails. Shaurya is parking the car when Varsha arrives. She asks him whether he has spoken to Akshara. He relpies that he has but Akshara isn't saying much and won't let anyone say anything. He tells Varsha that he is confused at the fact that she wants to marry that guy and then mentions that the grooms side are coming today. All confused he tells her that now only his mother can sort things out for them. Varsha is glad to hear that Badi Maa knows and says that she is teh only one whom would be able to sort things out. In Vish and Badi Bedroom, Badi attempts to tell Vish again but Vish tells her to get his clothes and to go and check whether Akshara was ready and why she hadn't changed. Badi

tells him that first he told her to get his things. He laughs. Vish tells Badi that he is so exicted that it is the first time he is speaking about his daughters alliance. He reaveals to her that he is nervous and that he is worried something will go wrong. He turns to Badi and asks her what she wanted to talk about. She tells him that she has forgotten. Vish tells her to go and check on Akshara. Badi leaves.

The End

Pre- Cap
Vish annouces to the family that the Grooms side liked Akshara. Akshara smiles whilst the rest look worried.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update

For 5th Feb2009 (Episode 19)

Video Update - Nipun97

Written Update
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Badi walks around looking upset. 'Maa?', Calls Shaurya from behind. Badi Stops and Shaurya and Varsha rush over to her. 'Maa... Did you speak to Babu ji?' asks Shaurya. 'No, Today for the first time I have seen your father in the form of the Father of the bride, He is scared at the fact that he may miss somthing out or something bad may happen', Badi replies. She goes on further to explain that she didn't have the strenght to tell him that the daughter he has made the sky's and the earth one for, her happiness will be destroyed by him. Shaurya and Varsha look at eachother. ' Just think about what he would come over him,Shaurya, Just think,I just don't have the stenghth, your mother doesn't have enough strenghth that she can go and tell your babu ji this,' cries Badi. As she finishes Gopi Dadi appears and tells her to get Akshara ready as the Grooms side will be arriving soon. Badi Maa holds onto Varsha's

hand and the walk off leaving Shaurya alone. In Akshara's room Dadi and Choti are getting Akshara ready. 'This is a 'something' (didn't quiet chatch what she said) Necklace, I got it from my maternal house', says Dadi with pride. As she is saying this Gopi dadi arrives. ' Do you remember once when you lost it, Oh what a racket you made, (To Akshara) Your Dadi didn't eat anything, and when you found it that when you stopped crying.....' Dadi cuts in,' And what it is a memento from my mother, I looked after it so well. I thought that when my daughter gets married I would give it to her but with gods grace I got to Boys instead, So, that means I will see my Grand daughters face and all my wishes will come true'. Dadi smiles and touches Akshara's face. Badi and Varsha appear and look worried to see that Akshara is almost ready.' In this colour our Akshara looks even prettier, Isn't that right Didi?' asks Choti to Badi. Badi nods. Dadi tells them to wait. She puts a black dot behind Akshara ear to ward evil eye away. ' Now no ones evil cast will fall on you, Look Badi Bahu your daughter is now ready,' annouces Dadi. Badi touches Akshara face then kisses her forehead. She helps Akshara up and hugs her. ' I couldn't tell you Babu Ji anything....' wispers Badi to Akshara. Akshara faces falls and she looks upset. Badi explains to her that all her mother wants is for Akshara to go to a good family. Dadi pulls away from the embrace and wipes her tears from her eyes. ' All a mother wants is that her daughter gets all the happiness in the world, and that she never has to kill her aspirations for someone else,Isn't that right?' Badi says whilst touching Akshara's face. A servant arrives and asks how much longer will they take. Badi tells her to tell them that Akshara is ready. Outside a car pulls up. Visha and Omi greet the guests outside and they follow him into the house into the leaving room where Badi, Choti and Dadi are awaiting to meet them. Vish introduces them one by one. Dadi shows them to the living area'Look they have arrived, your not worried are you?' asks Varsha as they look from the landing. Akshara gets teary and shakes her head. Everyone is the living room being served refreshments. Vish tell Devendra's father that him and Omi look after the business together. D's father nods and asks and Askahara. The camera shows Akshara listen to the conversation. ' She studies at college, after all every daughter is the apple of her fathers eye, But in our house after three generations a daughter arrived, she is a part of everyones heart here.....' The camera once again shows Akshara's reaction to what her father is saying about her '.....She is my pride,'explains Vish. D's Mother says that they would like to see Akshara. They camera shows Akshara looking nervous. Badi tells Choti to get Akshara. Badi looks over at Vish desperately almost trying to get his attention. Choti gets Akshara and brings her down the stairs. Everyone turns to look, Badi gets up and helps Choti bring Akshara over. Badi introduces her to everyone. Akshara says hello. D's mum gets up and gives Akshara her blessings as she touches her face. ' your daughter really is shy isn't she....' says D's mum and the rest smile'....Come and sit next to us'. Akshara sits down next to them. Varsha looks upset as she watches from the landing. D's father questions about Shaurya. Badi looks worried and looks around. In the courtyard,Shaurya is pacing up and down. Gopi Dadi walks into him and asks him what is he doing here when his father said everyone had to attend to the guests. Shaurya looks down and in anger replies,' Isn't there anyone who can control him?'. Gopi replies,' Yes his mother can control him, he listens to everything she says...Now go quickly go'. Shaurya

looks shocked at the fact that he didn't think of it earlier. Gopi Dadi hurries off. Holding a tray ,Dhaniya is walks through the courtyard when Shaurya calls her over. ' Are you taking this tea to the guests?' asks Shaurya. Dhaniya replies sarcastically,' Yes who else would it be for?'. Shaurya notices the napkins and writes a note on it. The note reads; ' Dadi, Akshara doesn't want to marry him, but she didn't have the stenghth to tell Babu ji, Now only you can do something ' He places the napkin under the a tea cup and tells Dhaniya that they tea cup has to reach Dadi. Dhaniya stares at Shaurya and then at the tray. Shaurya asks again if she understood and She agree and walks off. Shaurya looks worried.

Everyone is laughing in the living at something Omi had said. Dhaniya walks in holding the tray she is shortly followed by Shaurya. Vish introduces Shaurya. Shaurya says hello. Vish tells them that he helps running the business. Omi adds that he is amazing and no one can hold a light up to him after all he is young blood. D's father laughs. Shaurya concentrates on Dhaniya who is pouring out the tea. Dadi tells D's father to take eat something. Dhaniya is about to hand out the the tea when Badi stops her and tells her that Akshara will give everyone the tea. Shaurya looks concered. Dhaniya tries to reason but Badi insistes. Akshara hands D's mum a cup and she passes it around. Shaurya looks worried. Akshara is about to hand the a cup to Dadi but Dadi tells her to give the cup to Vish. Akshara hands it to Vish. Finally Akshara hands the last cup to Dadi. Dhaniya looks to see when Dadi lifts up the cup that she will have the note. But unfournately she doesn't but Shaurya notices that Vish got the note instead. Dhaniya leaves and Shaurya follows her into the courtyard. ' How many times did I explain that, that cup had to reach Dadi but...' says Shaurya. Dhaniya replies that infront of his eyes he just saw that Badi maa had told Akshara to hand out the tea. Shaurya hopes that Vish didn't see. Bola walks in and tells Shaurya that the guests are leaving and tells him to go out. Vish and Omi escort the guests out. Dadi goes up to Akshara and strokes her head. She turns to Badi and says,' Thank God everything went well, they said they will reply by tonight, I think that it will be a yes.....' Shaurya cuts it,' But I want it to be a no Dadi...' Dadi looks confused at Shaurya reply. Shaurya looks at Akshara and says that he knows that she has made up her mind but he won't stay quite. Shaurya turns to Dadi and says,' Dadi, Akshara doesn't like that guys. She only won't down his name to keep Babu Ji happy'. Dadi looks at Akshara who nods at what Shaurya is saying. Dadi turns to Badi who also nods. ' Now only you can tell Babu ji, please do something, please', Shaurya plea's. ' Now what can I do, If only you had told me earlier...' Dadi stops in her track and looks towards the door. Vish walks towards them.

'They said they will give us there answer by tonight......,' announces Vish. The camera shows everyones upset faces.'..... They also said that they like Akshara'. The camera vooms up on Akshara smile hidden behind her tears. ' And I have given them my answer to'. Vish walks

off. Everyone turn to watch he walk away. Dadi turns to Shaurya. ' Did you see,look it was to late, why didn't you try and tell me earlier?' asks Dadi. ' But I did, I even wrote you a letter but it went under the wrong cup... look...Where did the letter go?' says Shaurya whilst looking around the table. Omi walks in and tells them that Vish made loads of excusses and said no. Everyone smiles. Badi notices a letter on the table. Which reads; 'You always used to say that out of all the children Akshara was our favourite, And how we always furfill her every wish, you were right' Badi smiles and nods at Akshara and shows her the letter. Everyone smiles. Akshara hugs Badi. Omi walks down the stairs followed by Bola. ' Shaurya we have to go to work there is an important meeting... and oh Omi was right that guy was too talk for Akshara they were a mis-match but I did like is moustache, Shaurya, Omi lets go'. says Vish. Everyone smiles and Akshara hugs Badi

The End

Pre Cap Choti and Akshara are looking at the book of Bachelors. Choti points at one and Akshara blushes. Vish tells Badi that he likes the Boy. Badi smiles and replies why wouldn't you like him after all your daughter does.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update

For 6th Feb2009 (Episode 20)

Video Update - Nipun97

Written Update
Hey Guys ... I'm sooo Happy today!! My Bhabhi had a baby girl this morning!! And Guys sorry the update is abit late.... OMG I'm sooo Happy... We haven't named the baby yet so if anyone has any names suggestions please do send them to me... hehe!! And omg all Ali Fan's will be happy...As they showed Ali in the Pre-Cap for Monday!!

Sorry for any mistakes and Please do tell me if I have made any....Anyway I hope you enjoy the update.

'Where are you running to?...wait a moment,' calls Badi ask she follows Akshara into her room. 'Look Didi at how our Akshara is blushing,' points out Choti. Akshara sits on her bed and has her back to Badi and Choti. Badi explains to Akshara that Vish has given her strict orders that he will talk to the family of the Groom of her choice. Akshara smiles. Badi tries to

hand her the book of Bachelors but Akshara blushes and turns away.' Choti, she isn't listening to me now only you can make her understand'. Choti takes the book from Badi and sits down next to Akshara. ' If you don't say anything... What will I tell your Babu Ji?....' Badi looks at Akshara and smiles,' Ok I won't look... Look calmly'. Choti opens the book and starts showing Akshara photos. Akshara shakes her head. Badi turns around to try and get a sneak peak. Finally after a while of page turning Akshara smiles at a page. Choti and Badi both smile at her. Badi looks at the picture and asks Akshara if he is the one. Akshara runs off. As she is about to leave her room she bumpes into Vish. She looks at him and runs off. Vish enters Akshara's room and Choti excusses her self. 'Did Akshara tell you?' asks Vish. Smiling away Badi says yeas and then reaches over for the book. She opens it and shows Vish. Vish looks concered at first but then smiles. ' The boy is good, Don't you think so Shauya's Maa?' asks Vish as he smiles at the photo. Badi agrees. ' Maybe last time we just passed over him, my eyes have become so weak that I missed such a good guy, I like him,' says Vish. 'How wouldn't you like him after you daughter likes him', replies Badi. Vish explains that he is very happy and that the only weakness a father has is his daughters love. ' Ok, What is his name....?' Downstairs in the living room Shankari Tai replies his name is Rituraj. Vish asks her what the boy is like and aks about his family. ST replies that they are well known and well off and that they are tradition. Vish hearing this replies,' My Babu Ji used to say that a person isn't rich because of the money they have but they are rich because of there traditions, there norms and values'. ST agrees and then goes on to tell them that she has done her research and they also have the same mentality.' I say cloase you eyes and agree to the rishta, I granatee it,' boosts ST. Vish smiles. Badi asks about the Boy. ST explains that he is well behaved and he is literate. As the conversation is conducting Akshara is standing on the balcony listening to the conversation. Hearing all the nice things about him Akshara smiles failing to realise that Varsha is approuching her from behind. ' Why, Are you listening quieting about what they have to say about you husband-to-be?' Varsha asks in a cheeky way. Akshara looks at her and then turns away and runs. Varsha follows her. In the courtyard Gopi Dadi is taking about Dhaniya's Maa to Dadi. She explains that her mother as been to every temple to pray yet Dhaniya is... Gopi Dadi stops in her tracks. Akshara sits behind Dadi and hides behind her. ' What happened?Who are you hiding from?' asks Dadi. ' First she queitly listens to them talking about her husband-to-be,' replies Varsha. Akshara tells Dadi to tell Varsha to stop it. Varsha continues to tease her. Varsha tells Akshara to stop hiding behind Dadi. Dadi very cutely tells Varsha off. They all laugh. Akshara runs off again. As she runs off Vish comes in. Akshara stands behind a pillar. Vish tells Dadi that the Grooms side will be coming tomorrow to see Akshara. Dadi looks over at and she blushes and looks down. Vish goes on to tell her that they will go and meet them at some place and Akshara and the boy will get to meet. 'What do you think?' asks Vish. Dadi replies,' They are the Grooms side, we can't turn them down.Take Akshara, Badi, Choti and Omi with you.....' Vish Cuts in,' What about you?'. Dadi explains that she doesn't go to hotels and she will wait at home for the news. Vish agrees and walks off. Dadi walks over to Akshara. ' So you will be meeting tomorrow... How will you meet him..?What will you talk to him about?' They all look at Akshara. 'We still need to teach her many things,'says Dadi smiling. Akshara runs off and Varsha calls and follows from behind when Akshara walks into

Choti. 'Where are you going? Where are you running too?', asks Choti. Varsha replies that Akshara has gone crazy as she is meeting he hubby- to- be. Dhaniya replies so that means Akshara Did is blushing. Gopi replies that she is worried about meeting him. Choti tells everyone that she will get her ready. They all laugh. Badi tells her that a girls best assert is that she blushes. Varsha pulls her towards her and tells her not to blush to much otherwise he will think that you can't speak. They all laugh. Gopi tells her not to speak to much otherwise he will think that your a gossip. Each of them take turns on given Akshara advice on how she should talk and how she should act infront of him. They are laugh and tease her. Akshara gets upset. In Akshara's bedroom. Akshara is looking in the mirror she is about to touch her hair when she remebers the advice Varsha gave her. ' Now what do I do? What don't I do? I can't be perfect.But I'm not that far off perfect'. Akshara bushes her hair. Piya Bawri starts playing in the background. Akshara gets up and lays on her bed.

Akshara is lying on her bed. Piya Bawri is still playing in the the Background. She truns around and faces her statues. (To the Dulhan Statue)' What do you care? You have your Dulha already thats why your standing there smiling. But what will happen to me?' She goes on to explain that she is worried as she doen't know what he will be like and if he is made for her or not. ' Do you know my heart is beating very hardly and I am breathing deeply, Will he be exactly how I thought he woud be?' Akshara turns away and lays back down on her bed. She gets up and smiles at Rituraj's photo. (To herself) ' Inbetween all these photos like I picked this face did he pick my face. Between all the girls pictures did his eyes fall on my photo?' She smiles and then looks at Statues and aks them whether they were laughing at her.She tells them to laugh and she storms off. Dadi walks aound the house switching off the lights. She switched off the balcony light abd then notices Akshara standing there. She sits and down next to Akshara on the swing. Dadi explains that when she can't sleep she usually comes out and counts the stars too. ' But from the expression on your face... I don't think that you are counting the stars but infact you are looking for one in particular.. Isn't that right? Is that why you can't sleep? Is that why your heart is pounding?' asks Dadi. ' How do you know Dadi?' asks Akshara. Dadi explains that she went though the same emotions when Dada Ji came to see her for the first time. She explains that time passes but things remain the same. Dadi explains that all girls go though the same thing. Akshara explains that she is worried abut what she will talk to him about and what if he asks her about something. Dadi tells her that everyone will be there with them. They go onto talk about how someone can read another in a first meeting. Dadi tells her to look out for certain theings such as the respect he shos towards women like her father and uf he speaks to everyone as equalls like her Omi Kaka and she will get her answer. ' But Dadi how wil I find out if he is the one for me?' asks Akshara. Dadi tells her that she will have to listen to her heart. Dadi and Akshara smile at each other. In the moring Dhaniya goes to wake up Akshara. Buts is shocked to see that Akshara is not there.

Break Dhaniya calls out to Akshara. Downstairs in the coutyard Gopi and Dadi are talking about Akshara. Choti and Badi are watering the Tulsi Plant.' Choti, Today we have to finish all the work quickly after all we are going to go and see the groom side today. Plus we need to decided what Akshara is going to wear'. As Badi finishes her sentence Dhaniya shouts down to her and tells her that Akshara isn't in her room. Badi tells her to check the roof. Dhaniya replies that she isn't there. Badi gets worried and asks Dadi whether she has seen her. Dadi nervously replies that she had sent her to the doctor for medicine. Badi tells her that she could have sent Bola. Badi and Choti walk off. Gopi Dadi tells Dadi that it is bad to lie irst thing in the morning. Dhaniya listens in and then asks where Akshara has gone. Dadi explains that she had told Akshara that she needs to listen to her heart and it would be good for her to send sometime alone. On the riverbank Akshara stands holding a rock. She recalls they way Varsha had thrown a rock into the water and instead of sinking it slipped across the water. Akshara is about to throw the rock into the water and then questions whether he is the right guy for her. Akshara looks worried and wonders how she will tell Babu Ji if he is the wrong guy for her. Back at the house Badi and Choti bring Akshara down the stairs all dressed and ready to meet the her hubby to be. Dadi hugs Akshara and asks her what answer did her heart give. Akshara thinks to her self that she didn't have the stenght to listen so she has left it to fate. Vish, Omi and Shaurya walk down the other stairs. Vish asks if they are ready to go and Badi tells them that they are ready to go. Badi aks Akshara and Akshara nods. They all walk of leaving Dadi, Gopi Dadi and Dhaniya standing together.

The End

Vish and Badi meet Rituraj's parents. Akshara asks Rituraj how much sugar he wants in his tea. She looks up at him



Hey guys! Its Payal again! mistakes!

Hope you like today's update, sorry for any

Today Everyone is waiting. Shaurya asks Vish why they haven't they come yet. Vish said its probably because we're early. Badi Ma gives Akshara some pointers on what to do when the boy and the family come. Akshara looks very nervous and scared. Vish said your scaring her, she's fine the way she is. The boy's family comes. Vish and the rest of the family go to greet them. The apologize for being late. (Rituraj doesn't seem to be with them) Rituraj's dad as says this is a beautiful place, my son has been taking pictures all day. Vish aks Rituraj's dad where Rituraj is. Rituraj's mom says that he should be coming. Rituraj comes. (Entery of Ali Merchent) Rituraj comes downt he stairs and a waiter bumps into him and accidently drops water or a drink on his shirt. Akshara watches on. Akshara thinks of Daadi and what she said about rich boys who think bad of everyone beneath them." The manager comes and yells at the waiter, he apologizes to Rituraj. The manager says that he will fire the waiter. Rituraj says that the fault was his too and if you fire the waiter, he will have to leave too. Vish, Badi Ma and Akshara are impressed. Rituraj tells the manager to forgive the manager, it was his fault as he is very nervous today. Rituraj walks to his parents and vish. Vish introduces everyone in the family... lastly he intoduces Akshara. Rituraj shyly looks at Akshara and nods with a smile. Akshara folds her hands and nods as well nervously. Vish says for them to sit down. They all sit down at the table. Akshara and Rituraj sit across from each other. They are both shy and blushing. Rituraj's mom smiles tells Rituraj to stop blushing and at least look at Akshara. Everyone smiles at each other. Vish clears his throat and asks what they would like to drink. Rituraj's dad says that they are his guests. Vish says that they are in his town. The manager comes and asks what they would like tea or coffee. Vish says Tea and Rituraj's dad says Coffee. They laugh. Vish says that why don't you bring Coffee for us all. Rituraj

says "why? If you like Tea uncle, we will all have tea, and coffee we have everyday" Rituraj's dad agrees. Vish says no its okay, bring coffee. Rituraj and Akshara look at each other shyly. The two familys talk about the city for a while. Rituraj's mom smiles and says that you can talk about the rest later, now we should talk about what we came here for. She asks Akshara if she goes to collage. Badi Ma interupts and says that she can stop her studies when she gets married. Rituraj asks Akshara what her hobbies are. Akshara talks really quietly and Rituraj's mom doesn't hear her. Badi Ma says that Akshara is shy thats why. Rituraj's mom smiles understandinly. Vish asks Rituraj what he does presently. Rituraj says that he finished his studies and now works with his father in the office. They talk some more. Badi Ma asks Rituraj if he wants to ask akshara anything. Rituraj shys up, so does Akshara. Rituraj stammers and asks what he should ask. The parents chuckle. Rituraj's dad tells him to ask her anything. Akshara and Rituraj blush. BREAK Omi Kaka takes Choti Ma to the side and says that he thinks that Akshara and Rituraj should have some time to talk alone, they look really uncomfortable with everyone watching. Omi Kaka tells Choti Ma to ask Badi Ma. Choti Ma says she can't do that. Omi Kaka says then he will have to do something. Choti Ma says that they can not do anything. Omi kaka says that he will ask no matter what. Choti Ma and Omi Kaka go back to the table. The waiter comes and brings them coffee. Badi Ma tells Akshara to give coffee to everyone. Akshara does, she looks at Rituraj secretly while doing it. Akshara asks Rituraj how much sugar he wants, he tells her how much. Akshara is still looking at him while putting sugar in the coffee. Akshara keeps putting sugar without noticing and Rituraj says "bas". Akshara sits down blushing. Rituraj asks Akshara why she is not drinking coffee. Akshara takes the coffee. Rituraj's mom asks Rituraj to ask Akshara something else. Rituraj stammers again and asks what he should ask. Rituraj's dad says that in these kind of things girls get shyer than boys.. in our case... Rituraj looks emberassed. The parents laugh. Rituraj's dad says that they should talk to each other. Omi Kaka says that they won't be able to take infront of us.. what if... BREAK Rituraj's dad says that they should go and talk seperatly. Rituraj looks hopeful. Akshara looks nervous. Rituraj's dad asks Vish if he has any

problems with that. Vish says he has no problem. Rituraj and Akshara get up and sit at a differant table. Rituraj clears his throat and starts the converstation. Vish, Badi Ma and the family look on from the other table. Rituraj asks Akshara lots of questions, akshara just stares at him nervously. Rituraj asks Akshara if she likes films. Akshara says yes. Rituraj says good, he looks relieved that Akshara is talking. Rituraj asks her which actor she prefers, shahrukh? Akshara shakes her head. Rituraj gives a bunch of names. He asks Hrithik Roshan? Akshara says yes. Their familys are still staring at them smiling. (aha their sitting at the table beside them.. wow, uncomfortable much?)



Hey guys! Its Payal back with today's update! Hope you like it and sorry for any mistakes

TODAY Akshara and Rituraj are talking about Akshara's favorite heros. Rituraj seems happy that Akshara is finally answering. Rituraj's parents and Akshara's family look on smiling. Omi kaka asks Rituraj's parents what they would like to eat. Rituraj's mom doesn't know what they should order. Shaurya recommends some food. Rituraj's parents agree. Vish orders a lot of food. Rituraj's dad says that they won't be able to eat that much. Vish says that you are our guests. Rituraj's dad finally agrees and says that he may order whatever he wants for them smiling. While the waiter is going over what they ordered, Akshara and Rituraj's family look over at their children. Akshara and Rituraj are staring at the table saying nothing. They both look shy. A waiter comes over and hands them some drinks. Rituraj's mom says that she thinks the two have chosen each other. Everyone looks happy. Badi Ma looks worried for some reason. Rituraj drinks his drink. He motions Akshara to do so too. Akshara drinks. Akshara looks uncomfortable. Rituraj says that she's probably thinking how they will talk with their familys watching them from the other table. Rituraj says that okay, do as I say, please? Rituraj stands up and so does Akshara. The family looks away. Rituraj and Akshara come back to the table. Rituraj asks Vish if he can explore the hotel with his daughter. Vish says he doesn't understand. Omi Kaka says that the two want to look around the place. Won't you let them? Vish agrees.Badi ma says okay, she will go with them too. Rituraj says not to worry, he will take care of his daughter. Badi Ma smiles nervously. Akshara smiles shyly. Rituraj and Akshara are outside walking around. The family is watching them from inside. Rituraj says that he thinks that their familys will never let them alone for even a second, he says there's only one way left, he

stops. Rituraj says that they can not see them now. He then says that what he is about to do, she may think its (didn't catch that part). I know your mom does, but I want to know if you trust me too. He extends his hand. Akshara nods a little but nothing else. Rituraj drops his hand and tells her not to worry. He will not ask her to do anything that she doesn't want to do. Akshara smiles shyly. inside Badi ma looks worried, she asks Shaurya to see where Rituraj and Akshara are. Shaurya goes outside and doesn't see them. The family looks at each other worried. Vish and Rituraj's dad wonder where the two went. Omi Kaka sais that Rituraj asked to take Akshara. Rituraj's mom says don't worry. Akshara is with Rituraj, he is a good boy, he will take her of her. Badi Ma and Vish look worried.

Akshara and Rituraj are talking. Akshara is smiling. Rituraj is talking about his interests. He says he wants a beautiful wife that can cook. Akshara laughs. He says he likes music as well. Akshara and Rituraj laugh and talk. Vish and Rituraj's dad are wondering where Rituraj and Akshara were. Akshara and Rituraj come in. Rituraj's family says they will leave now and to come and visit them. As soon as they visit Jaipur they will call and let them know. Rituraj and Akshara look at each other and smile shyly. They say their goodbyes. Rituraj's family leaves. Akshara smiles to herself.

Everyone is at home. They talk about how Rituraj's family is a good family. Varsha is running after Askhara and they come into the sitting room where everyone is. Akshara shys and runs away. Choti ma asks Varsha whats the matter. Varsha says she's been asking Akshara about the boy for so long but Akshara won't tell her anything. But she will get it out of her sooner or later. Choti Ma tells her that she must tell them what Akshara says afterwards. Akshara is running away and Varsha is running after her. They tease each other. Akshara runs to her room and locks the door before Varsha can get in. She smiles to herself. She lies down on her bed, she smiles and hugs a pillow to her. She talks to herself smiling wondering if he is the one. Varsha knocks on the door. She tells Akshara to open up. Daadi and Gopi Daadi Comes and asks whats the matter. Varsha says that Akshara won't open the door. Gopi Daadi asks if they've been in a fight. Varsha says no but there will be if Akshara doesn't open the door. She tells Daadi that

Akshara just came from meeting her to-be husband and she won't tell her about it. Akshara yells from the other side of the door that she will not tell. Daadi tells Akshara to open the door. Akshara says first tell Varsha not to ask anything about IT.. Daadi says okay. Akshara opens the door. Gopi Daadi teases Akshara. Gopi Daadi and Daadi Leave. Varsha asks about Rituraj. Akshara is all shy. Varsha says that she is her best friend she has to tell her. Akshara says "who said?" and walks away. Varsha smiles. Vish and Badi Ma are in their room. Baadi Ma says that she thinks they have found a husband for their daughter. Vish seems to be in thought. Baadi Ma asks Vish what happened, did he not like the boy? Vish looks at Baadi Ma. PRECAP Vish nods at Baadi Ma. Baadi Ma nods back and tells Varsha that they won't think she should come here.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update

For 11th Feb2009 (Episode 23)

Video Update - Nipun97

Written Update
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for the late update.

I had to take my meds today which make me dizzy..... OMG that conversation between Badi and Varsha scared me at first... But after the break I was relieved that finally ShaVa relationship will be given a name very very soon!! Can't wait till they get married now....!!

Sorry for any mistakes and Please do tell me if I have made any....Anyway I hope you enjoy the update.

Vish and Badi are in there bedroom. Vish sits in silences looking at the ground. ' I think we have found the right partner for Akshara. Do you think so?' asks Badi as she closes the

cupboard door. Vish doesn't react to the question seeing this Badi walks over to him. ' Why are you quite? Don't you like the boy?' Badi asks Vish with a confused look on her face. ' No...No...It's nothing like that... It's just that I had a feeling...I was thinking....' explains Vish. Badi cuts in,' What is there to think about, you can see with your own eyes that the Boy is ; So cultured, He looks good, He is a literate, He respects his olders and he talks to us if we are his own. He is such a good person, where else would we find such a great boy for Akshara.....Why ? Have you seen any fault in him?' asks Badi. ' No, Its nothing to do with faults, Its just that....?' even before Vish has a second to elaborate futher Badi replies,' It's just that what? Shankari Tai speaks the truth,' For there beloved daughters,prince's still aren't good enough', Badi smiles. Vish explains that it is very difficult for a father to give his daughter's hand to someone else. He reassures Badi that he also believes that he is a great match for Akshara. 'Badi Maa,Badi Maa, Shankari Tai is here', annouces Dhaniya. Shankari Tai walks though the front door followed by Bola holding her stool. As she walks in she asks Badi ; What she thought of the Boy and his family. Everyone sits down around the table. Shankar Tai sits down and tells Badi that she searched high and low for him. Omi laughs. As she is talking she pulls a box out of her bag. Dhaniya places the cup of tea infront of ST. ST looks at Badi and asks whether she was going to sweeten her mouth with tea today. Badi looks at Dhaniya Dhaniya tells ST that Badi has brought loads of sweets and tells her that she will go and get them. Choti kaughs. Dhaniya runs off. As she departures, Vish arrives and is greeted by ST.' Omi should we leave....?' asks Vish as Omi stands up. Badi turns to Vish. ' ST was asking whether you liked them?' asks Badi. Vish replies,' ST has already said that there was no time to asks questions'. He says whilst looking at ST. ST asks if you is in agreement.Vish tells her that he is happy with the alliance. ST smiles and asks,' And what about the boy? Is he the match for Akshara'. Omi replies,' I liked him alot, they way he spoke to Bhabi he won my heart over'. Dhaniya walks in holding a tray. ST takes a step back and tells him as soon as he says yes then the alliance will be fixed. Vish tells her that it is a yes from him. ST gets happy and starts eating the sweets. Vish and Omi leave for work. ' Now you have to agree that Shankari work isn't raw', laughs ST. Badi's smile turns into a frown. ' Shankari Tai you haven't told us whether they like our Akshara?'. ST tells her to wait and when it concerns Akshara she can't imagine someone saying no to her. ST tells Badi that she has to go and say hello to Dadi and she excuses herself and Dhaniya. ST and Dhaniya walk into the cortyard. Akshara and Varsha are laughing in the distances. Dhaniya and ST look up to see both of them laughing. Varsha asks Akshara to tell her about her meeting with Rituraj. Akshara replies,' Why, like the way you told me about you and Shaurya?'.They walk off. ST looks in disgust,' Oh isn't that her, Varsha? Hasn't Badi come to her sense instead of letting Akshara walk around with her?'. Dhaniya relpies,' Why, why would she stop her? They have been together from childhood, they have grown up together'. ST starts talking about how Badi is so worried about Akshara wedding and she should keep taps on who Akshara associcates with. Dhaniya asks,' What mistake has Varsha made?'. ST replies that Varsha broke up her own alliance and in some respects that means it has rubbed off on Akshara. Thoughtout the conversations Choti is watering the Tulsi plant. At the last remark ST makes , Dhaniya looks at Choti who signals her to stop. ' Oh my throat has dried up from all the talking, get me some water,' ST demands. Dhaniya (To herself):' Maybe you should rest your throat if you talk like that ofcourse it will dry up'. ST turns around and asks her if she said anything. Dhaniya denies and they walk off to get water.

Akshara and Varsha runs down the stairs. Varsha continues to questions Akshara about her and Rituraj's meeting. ' Ok,Ok, if your not going to say anymore you have to admt that your relatioship with Rituraj is like mine and Shaurya's?' asks Varsha. Akshara smiles. ' At least I knew your brother from before but you have become crazy over him in one day?' laughs Varsha. Akshara replies that she doesn'y know. She runs off. Varsha follows. They are into the courtyard where Akshara runs into ST and Dhaniya. ST tells her to calm down and tells her that soon she will be wed and she needs to learn how to walk properly. ST stares at Varsha. Dhaniya reminds ST that she need to meet Dadi. Akshara and Varsha run of laughing. ST turns around and watches them walk off. In the evening Badi and Choti are lighting diya's and the Tulsi plant in the garden. ' So Choti why didn't you tell ST about Varsha and Shaurya's relationship?', questions Badi.Choti explains that people think that Varsha is only comes here to meet Akshara but if they found out that if they found out about Varsha ad Shaurya people will start talking, She goes on further to explain that they will begin to think that we have given the children freedom before marriage and they shoul becareful as they are trying to Akshara married off. Badi agree. Vish walks in calling for Badi. Vish tells Badi that as they are have been called over by the boys side that they should... He stops in his tracks and looks at Badi's concerned face. Vish looks at Choti who also looks the same. Vish asks her whats wrong. Dhaniya is escorting Akshara and Varsha to Badi and Vish's bedroom. Akshara asks whether they have called for both of them or just one of them. Dhaniya tells them that they have called for Varsha. Varsha stops infront of the room and they slowly walks in followed by Dhaniya. ' You called for me Masi Ji?' asks Varsha. ' Yes I did I have to talk to you about something important,' replies Badi. Badi looks down at Vish. He nods and she continues. ' Look Beta, you are Akshara's best freind and you have been coming to our house since you were a child. For us you are both equals and are both our daughters, meaning this home is ours but Varsha, realtionships have changed and that means that we don't want you coming here anymore,' explains Badi. Varsha looks upset.

' And the next time that you enter our house it will be as our ...Daughter-In-Law. I have spoken to preist and there are many good days in the calender, We will find the perfect day and get you and Shaurya married,' explains Badi as she wipes Varsha's tears. Dadi goes and hugs Varsha and explains when one Laxmi enters the house one will leave. Akshara stands at the door smiling. Varsha goes to get b;essings from everyone.Badi tells Bola to drop of Varsha and tells her to go to as she has to take a Shagun with her. They both leave. At the door Akshara asks Varsha if she is happy. Varsha and Akshara Hug. Dawn breaks. ST arrives and everyone welcomes her. ST asks how they arranged Shaurya's wedding without consulting her. Badi and Dadi laughs. Dadi explains it is the first wedding of the family and they would need all her help. ST starts praising Varsha. Badi and Choti look at each other and give each other the look ' Oh here she goes again'. ST tells them that she would have got them arranged. Badi tells her its ok as she is getting one child married. ' Have the boys side replied?Did they lik our Akshara?', asks Badi. ST tells her that the reply will come soon.

In Akshara's room, the sari man shows Akshara Sari's. ' So what do you think of this one?' asks the Sari man as she passes the sari over. Akshara drapes it over herself. ' I don't even know what colour he likes?' Akshara says to herself. The sari man asks her what she said. Akshara replies No. The sari man grabs another Sari and passes it to her. Akshara smiles at the sari she stands up and looks in the mirror. As she drapes the sari over herself she sees Rituraj's reflection in the mirror. Akshara looks shocked she turns around to check but he isn't there she looks back at the mirror and sees him again. He points at the pink sari she has draped over herself and gives it a thumbs down. She looks down at the sari and looks back up at the mirror and Rituraj shakes his head. Akshara walks over to the Sari man and tells him to show her something eles. He passes her a lime green Sari. She walks up to the mirror and shows Rituraj's reflection. He shakes his hand suggesting that its Ok. She looks at it and shakes her head. She passes it back to the Sari man and tells him to pass her something else. The Sari man tells her about the Lengha and the special duputta. She walks over to the mirror again. Rituraj shakes his head. Akshara is about to walk off when he stops her. He points at the Dupatta and tells he to put it over her head. Akshara puts it over her head and blushes. Rituraj gives her a thumbs up.

Akshara looks up at the reflections and laughs. ' You look like a bride don't say no now, the look on your face suggests that you will be wearing this at your brothers wedding', laughs the Sari Man. Akshara smiles. Choti walks in and asks the Sari Man whether Akshara has chosen something. The Sari man tells her that Akshara finally decided on the lengha. He tells Choti that he also brought things for her but she doesn't have the time for him. Choti tells him that she will be with him in a moment. The Sari man leaves the room. Choti turns to Akshara thats she will look prettier than the bride and tells her not to worry as her time will come and then she will look even prettier. ' Chachi,' Akshara blushes. ' Now tell me did you like the boy?' asks Choti. Akshara looks at her reflection in the mirror. Rituraj appears again,' I know from you that your answer is yes.' Akshara replies,' No'. Choti repeats Akshara. She looks at Rituraj who is shaking his head. ' No Never.' replies Akshara. Choti looks at Akshara. ' But I thought that you liked him?' asks Choti. Choti walks off. Akshara stops her and tells her that she didn't mean it like that. Choti tells her that she understands that these decisions can't be made that quickerly. Akshara looks down. Choti tells her to take her time and when she finally decides, she should come and tell her Chachi. ' What about Mum?' asks Akshara. Choti tells her that she will handle her.Choti leaves. Akshara walks over to the mirror. ' You should tell them that your happy with this alliance,who knows you may get late', cheekily replies Rituraj. ' Didn't you hear Chachi she said I could take my time and its about the rest of my life,' explains Akshara. She pulls her dupatta down and swings it down to reveal that Rituraj isn't not there. Akshara looks in the mirror and smiles. Akshara walks around and dwonstairs in the background Piya Bawri plays. ' Chachi told me take time to think....,' Akshara says to herself as she walks down the stairs. Akshara admits to herself that she should say yes and that she is starting to like him. She tells herself that she is worried that she will make the wrong choice. At the bottom of the stairs Akshara walks into Badi.Badi asks her why she is talking to herself. Badi asks her whether she has decided what she is going to wear as it is Shaurya's engagement today, Akshara explains that what she

was thinking about and before she even gets to end Badi tells her to come into her room later and tells her she will give her things to wear. Badi walks off. Piya Bawri starts playing again as Akshara is left thinking on the stairs.

Pre Cap
Akshara is talking about Rituraj to Varsha. Varsha understands that Akshara can't decide as they have only met once. Varsha asks Akshara whether she wants to meet him again.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update

For 12th Feb2009 (Episode 24)

Video Update - Nipun97

Written Update Hey Guys Todays's episode was sooo cute!! Varsha's Mendhi!!! I didn't actually think that they would show the mendhi sooo soon ( As in most dramas it would be two/three days after) OMG now that the mendhi is over that means the Shaadi will be soon. All that is left is the Haldi. Can't believe that everything is happening sooo quickly. Plus the Pre- Cap looked promising. Rituraj and Akshara's meeting... Can't wait till tomorrow's episode!! Anyway Sorry for any mistakes and Please do tell me if I have made any....Anyway I hope you enjoy the update.

'Maa',calls out Akshara as she walks into her parents bedroom. ' Come in,come in, Look

there, at there my jewellry and if you don't like it I'll tell Vish to make you some', says Badi as she is taking things out of the cupboard. Akshara walks towards the bed and sits down. She picks up one of the boxes and smiles, she looks up at and notices a photo of her parents on there wedding day. ' Look at this set my Bua got me from Jaipur, have a look at how it looks on you,' Badi says as she walks over to Akshara who is still smiling at the picture. Badi notices that Akshara is staring at something an asks her what. Akshara looks up at Badi and smiles. Akshara picks up the photo. ' You looked so pretty didn't you Maa', replies Akshara. Badi smiles,' Did, What do you mean by did? Don't I look pretty now?'. Akshara turns to Badi and tells her that she looks even prettier. They both laugh. ' It's true Maa, you and Babuji look so good together,' says Akshara whilst looking at the picture. Badi takes the photo out of Akshara's hands. ' Years have pasted yet it feels like it was only yesterday I came to this house as a new bride. I used to worry all the time and blush all the time. I didn't like everything or everyone all I felt like doing was crying all the time. I used to think ' oh why did they get me married', But today ....Today it feels I can't live without them', explains Badi maa. ' I can't even imagine that once you where 'new' in this house, and that you grew up somewhere else and that you came from another home', says Akshara in disbelief. Badi touches Akshara's face,' When you get married you will see how you will just fit into there family and how you will forget us and this home'. Akshara shakes her head and asks Badi how she got married. Badi tells her like everyone elses. ' No maa, I mean mean how did you meet father? What did you see in him that made you say yes? Weren't you scared that something might go wrong? After all it was about the rest of your life.....?',asks Akshara. Badi cuts in,' Oh Lord All these questions?...First sit down'. Badi and Akshara sit down on the bed. ' Shankari Tai was our matcher maker, Yes she has been match making since then, I was so nervous that day and I hadn't eaten anything since the morning, on top that my mother kept saying,' Rajshri don't do that, Rajshri don't say anaything and don't sit like that' , Like I do to you sometimes. All mothers are the same,' Badi laughs. ' And then?,' asks Akshara. ' And then you father came. I couldn't even look at the boys side I was soo nervous. My heart was beating so fast I felt like everyone could hear. And then my mother asked me, ' Do you like the groom?' I was shocked. She kept asking and I started crying and ran in. After all that the families said yes'. Badi smiles. ' And Babuji? Did you like him?', asks Akshara. Badi replies,' To be honest I didn't know what to think at first but after the wedding I started fallen for him'. Badi blushes. ' What did you like about him?', Akshara asks smiling. Badi blushes and looks down, She looks up at taps Akshara cheek and Akshara pleads with her to continue. ' Well I liked everything about him, but the thing I liked the most about him was his eyes, so clear so full of truth, In which I completely lost my self in and found myself'.

Downstairs in the courtyard. ' Your Kaka, He was soo different. He used to sit quietly in the corner and didn't speak. My mum got confused as she thought he didn't speak. But later on I found out that he speaks with his eyes', explains Badi to Akshara. Akshara smiles,' But still what did you like most about him?'. Choti replies something which confuses Akshara. ' Bola Ji! Oh mother mine', Dhaniya almost falls but Akshara helps her up.' Just like this, this is how I fell for Bola, Tell you the truth Akshara didi but all the rest of the boys tease me but Bola is one who doesn't, that what I feel for', explains Dhaniya. Once again Akshara looks

confused. In the living room. ' Who asked me? The rishta came and my olders agreed', explains Dadi. 'But...', Gopi Dadi cuts in. ' But what?', asks Akshara. ' Well I was a villiager and you Dadaji studied at college.He said that until I said yes he wasn't going to say yes,' laughs Dadi. ' And then?', asks Akshara. And before Dadi can reply Gopi Dadi says,' You should asks me... They both made excuses to drink water and the met outside. Your Dadi was blushing red. Your Dadaji asked her a 100 times and then she slowly replied yes'. After hearing this Akshara asks,' But Dadi did you like him?'. Dadi replies that she have the strenght to look at him, she goes on to say that she liked to things about thing. Akshara looks confused for the third time. At Varsha house, Varsha is sitting on her bed surrounded by clothes.' Varsha,' calls out Akshara as she walks into her room. Varsha looking annoyed replies,' Why did you take so long? I was sitting here thinking that Akshara will come and help me pick out my clothes for tonight? But you come now'. Akshara looks at Varsha and replies,' Sorry Varsha, at home there were sooo many people and Maa wasn't letting me go. Alongside you wedding I have to make preparations for my brothers wedding'. As Akshara is saying this Varsha's Maa arrives. ' Oh stop making excusses,' replies Varsha. Varsha's Mum explains that it is not an excuse as the relationships has changed between them. She tells them before that before was her best friend but now she is her soon-to-be- Husbands little sister ,her soon to be Nanen. Varsha mum leaves. ' Why did Masiji that our relationship won't remain the same?' asks Akshara. Varsha replies,' What can I do, you have now become my Nanen after the relationship is like that'. They both laugh. Downstairs ST arrives with Dhaniya. Varsha's mum greets her. ST explains that she has brought a shagun from the boys side to give Varsha. Dhaniya explains that ST is doing great things today. Varsha's mum laughs and says that she has to be careful as ST is on the boy's side. ' I would have been on your side but your daughter sisn't give me the chance,' explains ST. Varsha's mum's face drops.

' Where is Varsha Didi, Masi Ji?,' asks Dhaniya. Masiji explains that she is upstairs and Akshara is with her. ST asks her whether she has a mirrored plate. ' Mirrored Plate?' asks Masi ji. Dhaniya also question ST but ST tells them that will find out soon. They walk off. 'Really Varsha, I am soo annoyed that my brother stole my best freind,' explains Akshara. Varsha smiles,' Why are you saying that?'. Akshara looks at her,' Well at first we could tell each other everything but now you will go and tell Shaurya'. Varsha explains that Shaurya won't come between them and that she can tell her everything. Akshara replies,' Leave, now all the private will be between you and Shaurya and you won't tell me'. Varsha laughs,' Thats true'. Akshara hearing this gets annoyed,' Fine thane from now on we are just Nanen and Bhabhi to each other'. There is a pause. Akshara and Varsha look at each other and start laughing.' Ok thats enough for now, we will deal with the Nanen-Bhabhi realtionship later. But there are still two days till the wedding we can still talk about what's on our heart's

now'. Akshara looks confused. ' But I already know what's in your heart....'. Varsha cuts in,' But I don't know about the person you went to go and meet and you didn't even tell me whether you liked him.' Akshara acts as if she doesn't know who Varsha is talking about.' You like Rituraj didn't you?' asks Varsha. Akshara nods her head. Just then ST and Dhaniya holding a plate walk in. ' So what are you girls up to?' asks ST. Varsha look down and is about to walk up to her when ST stops her. ST explains that she can't look at her as she doesn't want to cast evil eye on her therefore she will only look at her reflection in the water. Dhaniya makes a cheeky remark. ST tells Varsha to look into the water. ST looks into the water and see Varsha's reflection. ST starts talking about how pretty Varsha looks. ST blows a kiss at her and leaves. Downstairs all the women are sitting down on the floor. ST tells Masi Ji to come down to get her Mendhi put on. Upstairs in Varsha's room. ' Your so weird , you like him yet you still haven't said yes?' comments Varsha. Akshara explains that she doesn't understand and sits on the bed. Akshara explains that she is worried. She explians it was easy for Varsha as she knew how Shaurya was but she has only met him once. ' Do you want to meet him?' asks Varsha. Just before Akshara can reply Masi ji comes in and tells them to come down. Downstairs Akshara is applying mendhi on Varsha's hands. Ladies are dancing and singing around them. ' Varsha show me your mendhi?' says ST. Varsha shows her hand to ST. Dhaniya tells them that it will get so much darker. Akshara replies,' Just like there love'. They all laugh. 'Varsha should I write Shaurya Dadu's name on your hand?' asks Akshara. Dhaniya tells Akshara she should. ' What's the point of writing it on her hand... She has written his name on her heart, Isn't that write?' explains ST. Varsha blushes.

'It doesn't matter what will happen today but I will help you meet Rituraj today,' declares Varsha. Akshara looks shocked,' You haven't gone made have you? You know that can't happen....' Varsha cuts in,' You have to meet him again, It will be good for you plus you will be able to decided whether you want to marry him or not'.Akshara looks at her. ' Akshara Didi will you be getting you mendhi done....' ask Dhaniya. ' Nope, If Akshara has mendhi put on then ,' replies Varsha. ' Then?' questions ST. ' Then who will call for me, after all I have mendhi on my hands,' replies Varsha. ' Oh my mother, who are you going to call Shaurya?I'll go and get the phone', Dhaniya gets up and gets the phone. Varsha tells Akshara to dial the a number 29547. Akshara realises that it isn't Shaurya's number. Varsha tells her that she knows. ' Hello Royal Resort,' answers the person on the phone. Varsha tells Akshara to talk. Akshara hesistates and then asks Varsha what she should say. Varsha tells her to book an appointment at the parlour. ' Hello, Can I book an appointment at your parlour?' asks Akshara. The lady asks whether it is for today. Akshara looks at Varsha and Varsha tells her that it is for today. ' Yes for today,' Akshara replies. The lady asks her whether 7 pm is ok. ' No 7pm will be late,' explains Akshara. The lady books Akshara in for 4 pm instead. Akshara worries that there parents will see them and that Masi ji won't let her out. Varsha says that she will sort everything out.

The End

Pre- Cap
Rituraj stands behind Akshara. She slowly turns around to look at him.



Hey Guys! Its Payal I'm updating for Simmie today The update is kind of rushed as I am going to my friends bday party/sleepover tonight and need to get everything ready plus clean my room (which shall take a while) Hope you like it and Sorry for any mistakes.

TODAY Akshara and Varsha are alone. Varsha is admiring her mehendi. Akshara tells Varsha that she is crazy, there are only 2 hours left in the engagement. Your the dulhann, no one will let you go. He one will let them go. They hear someone coming. Its Bhola. He says that he came to get Akshara because Dadi says that she has to get ready. Varsha says that Akshara will take some time. Bhola says that there is so much to do and he still needs to go to the hotel where Rituraj's family is. Varsha says that they have to go near there too. Will her take them? Bhola says okay. he leaves. Akshara says that this is to risky. Will your mom let us go? Varsha asks Varsha if she's crazy. Varsha says that she has to go, her hairstyle looks so bad and its her engagement. Varsha's mom says no. Shankri Tai says that let her go. Varsha says .. but alone? Varsha says that Akshara is going to go to her. Varsha's mom agrees and they leave. Bhola drives the girls to the hotel. Varsha and Akshara get out. They say they are going to the parlor. They will meet him there. Akshara says that she is scared. Varsha tells her not to worry. Akshara says that we don't even know their room number. Varsha says are you crazy? We came to meet Rituraj not the whole family. Varsha and Akshara go into the hotel. Varsha says that she is going to the parlor. You can wait here. And besides if I don't go to the parlor, what will I tell mom? Akshara is scared that she is alone. Varsha leaves. Akshara waits. The manager comes and asks her if she needs help. Akshara says

no thanks. The manager gives her the direction to the restaurant in the hotel. She turns. She sees Rituraj and their family coming. She hides and closes her eyes. She feels a hand on her shoulders. Its Varsha. She's back from the parlor. Akshara tells her what happened. Varsha asks her where they went. Akshara says maybe their outside. Varsha pulls her outside. Varsha teases Akshara looking at a chubby guy on the phone. Akshara sees Rituraj and his family. Akshara tells Varsha. Varsha tells Akshara that she is happy with her choice. Akshara sees Bhola. Akshara says that she forgot to tell Bhola not to tell them they are here as well. Bhola tells the family. Varsha and Akshara come out towards Rituraj and their family. Akshara is shy. Akshara explains that they are here to get Varsha's hairstyle done at the parlor. Rituraj's parents say good thing. they got to meet Shaurya's dulhann.

Rituraj's dad says that they must go now. Say namaste to your parents for us. They wanted to come to Shaurya's engagement but they could not due to business. They get into the car and Akshara's dupatta gets caught in the door. Rituraj says bye. Akshara turns and feels her dupatta caught and thinks that Rituraj caught it. She turns around and sees that he didn't. Akshara is blushing. She fees the dupatta and rituraj and his family leaves. Varsh and Akshara come home. VArsha's mom tells Akshara that she is looking very pretty. Akshara's family comes. They are greeted. Akshara and Varsha come. (Varsha looks gorgeous as does Akshara)

Badi Ma, Choti Ma and Varsha's mom goes towards Varsha and Akshara. Badi Ma says that my bahu looks very pretty. She will look so good with Shaurya. Omi Kaka, Vish and them also come. Varsha takes their blessings. Badi Ma asks Akshara where Akshara went. Akshara says "mom.." but dad comes and interupts. Akshara goes and sits beside Varsha. Varsha asks whether she told Badi Ma that she approves of Rituraj. Akshara says no, how could she...she didn't ask. Varsha says that she will have to do something. The women gives her gifts. Badi ma asks Varsha what she wants. Today she can ask for anything. Varsha says that she has everything she needs, a wonderful husband and in-laws. Now its Akshara's turn. Daadi tells her first Akshara has to agree. Varsha tells her to ask. Badi Ma and Daadi are very excited understanding what Varsha is trying to say.

Akshara nods when asked. badi ma is very happy and goes to tell Vish and the others. Everyone is happy.

PRECAP Shaurya and Varsha's wedding.



Hey guys! Its Payal again with today's written update Hope you like it and sorry for any mistakes! Also! Please take part in YRKKH Rishtedarri Chat Clubs First Contest! CLICK HERE

TODAY Shankri Tai Says that Varsha is very lucky for them, sitting you found matches for both your children. Daadi says enough of this, we should get the ceremony done. Varsha and Shaurya both slip rings in each others fingers. They are engaged. Everyone is happy. Shaurya and Varsha take the elders blessings. Akshara looks on happily while she looks at a ring on her hand. She blushes. Akshara is in her room. She stands by the window. Piya Baweri plays in the background. Akshara tells herself that she can't believe she agreed. She blushes. She talks to herself. She wonders if her heart is wrong... if she took the wrong decision in the hurry. She says no. She goes to the mirror and sits down infront of it. She asks herself if Rituraj likes her too. She assesses herself in the mirror. She tells herself that she isn't that pretty, what if he doesn't like her. She dismisses the thought. She wonders to herself again. She says even Varsha isn't here to talk to her. What will she do? She calls Varsha two times, both times Varsha's phone is engaged. Varsha wonders who she is talking to this late. Shaurya and Varsha are talking on the phone. Varsha is talking about what she will have to do after their marriage; cooking, cleaning...etc. Varsha is teasing Shaurya and Shaurya is taking the bait. He gets serious. Akshara comes by the door. Varsha laughs at him, she tells him that she loves teasing him because he gets irritated easily. Shaurya says that after we get married I'll show you what teasing is. (Aihai ). Varsha gets embarrassed. Akshara listens on smiling. She leaves. She scolds herself for listening at their conversation.

Shankri Tai and Badi Ma are talking. Badi Ma tells ST to tell the other family that it is their yes after they agree. ST says that they are coming.. maybe they have a message to send. Badi Ma and Choti Ma start talking about the wedding, the jewelery and all. Akshara listens on from the balcony. Badi Ma tells Dhaniya to go call Akshara. All the women are sitting down looking at Sari's and jewelery. Cuwar sa is there. Akshara is walking upstairs. Badi ma calls her and tells her to come look at all the jewelery and Saris. Akshara comes and sits down. They look at Jewelery.

Cuwar Sa shows Badi Ma a jewlery set for Akshara. Badi Ma likes it. Akshara likes it too. Badi Ma says she would like another one like it. Cuwar sa says that there isn't any other one. Badi Ma says she doesn't want it then because If she buys this necklace for Akshara, then she wants to buy the same one for Varsha. She doesn't want any difference between them. Cuwar Sa says that she has a very big heart and shows her another set. Its the wedding Day. The women tell Akshara that she looks beautiful. Why don't they marry her today. Akshara shys off and leaves. She goes to Badi Ma's room. Badi Ma isn't there. Akshara sees an album. Its the picture of the boys. She takes it and looks through it. She finds the picture of Rituraj and takes it out. Badi Ma comes in and asks Akshara whats the matter. Akshara says nothing. Akshara leaves. Badi Ma sees the album. She goes over to it and sees that Akshara has taken the picture of Rituraj. She smiles to herself

Daadi, Badi Ma and everyone is waiting for Shaurya at the gate. Shaurya comes. Before he gets on the horse Daadi says that Akshara should ask for something from her brother. Akshara goes up to Shaurya. Shaurya asks Akshara what she wants. Akshara says that you tell me, how much do you love your sister? Shaurya says here, he takes out a stack of money. Daadi says your giving your sister money? Shaurya puts the money away. Badi Ma gives Shaurya a idea. Shaurya holds out a ring. goes to take it but steps back. she says she will not be bought with gold or silver. Anshuman says what if you tell Akshara that you will take her to see a hrithik roshan movie? Akshara shakes her head. Badi Ma gives Shaurya another idea. Shaurya says what If I give you the promise to take you to your dulha? Akshara lets go on the horse and blushes with her head down.

PRECAP Badi Ma and Shankri Tai are talking. Badi Ma asks what went wrong? Badi Ma has tears in her eyes and Akshara is listening behind a piller crying. Shankri Tai says she doesn't know



Hey guys! Its Payal back with today's update mistakes

Hope you like it and sorry for any

TODAY Everyone laughs. Dhaniya asks for her naik as she is Shaurya's sister as well. Shaurya says do you want me to say it in front of everyone? Dhaniya gets embarrassed and covers her face. Badi Ma does Shaurya's Aarti. Shaurya takes His elders blessings. Shaurya climbs onto the horse. The barat makes its way to Varsha's house. Everyone is dancing and clapping. Everyone looks happy. Akshara is dancing. Suddenly Rituraj comes out of nowhere and starts dancing with Akshara. Akshara asks him what he's doing here and who called him. Rituraj says that she calls him herself and then denies it. Akshara tells him to go, what if someone comes? Rituraj says that even if he goes, will she be able to get him out of her heart? Akshara smiles and looks down. She looks back up and Rituraj is gone. It was her imagination. She smiles to herself and starts dancing again. Bhola and Dhaniya get the rest of the family dancing. Shaurya is very happy. The barat reaches Varsha's house. Shaurya gets off the horse and is escorted to the door by his parents. Varsha's mom does Shaurya's Aarti. Akshara asks Varsha's mom where Varsha is. Varsha's mom says that she is upstairs. She says she won't come down until Akshara comes. Akshara says she will go bring Varsha. Shankri Tai comes. She goes over to Baadi Ma. ST tells Baadi Ma that she has to tell her something. She looks serious and sad. Baadi Ma says okay. Varsha's mom comes. She comes to tell Baadi Ma that she did everything she could for the wedding, she is sorry if anything is missing. Baadi Ma says NO no, we have a beautiful daughter-in-law like Varsha, what else could we possibly want? God has given her all the happiness of the world. She leads Varsha's mom away. ST trys to call her as she didn't get to tell Baadi Ma what she had to say.

Akshara and Varsha are in Varsha's room. Varsha is in her bridal clothes. She is looking Gorgeous. Akshara says that her to-be bhabhi looks gorgeous. Varsha says she's nervous. Akshara says afcouse.. you getting married for the first time. They laugh. They talk about the wedding. Akshara says she can't believe your getting married already. Varsha says not to worry as she will be getting married soon as well. Akshara blushes and smiles. Everyone is by the mandap. ST tells Baadi Ma she has to tell her something. Baadi Ma says okay. Daadi suddenly comes and asks her where Varsha is, the shubh mauhrat is passing. Baadi Ma says that she should be coming, Akshara went to get her. Akshara and Varsha suddenly come. Baadi Ma smiles and goes over to them leaving ST once again.

Varsha comes. Shaurya is sitting in the mandap. Baad Ma brings Varsha to the mandap and seats her beside Shaurya. ShaVa look at each other and smile. The wedding rituals begin. The phares take place. While the phares are taking place, ST goes to Baadi Ma. She tells her something. The phares are still taking place. Everyone is happy. something catches Akshara's eye. She loosk back. It isn't anything. Baadi ma is standing next to Vish and they are smiling. The phares are done. The wedding has successfuly taken place. They take their elders blessings. ST goes to Baadi Ma and tells her something. Baadi Ma follows ST. ShaVa and everyone go and take blessings from Kuldevi. Time for another Rasam. The bride and groom have to look for the ring in the bowl full of milk? Anshu and Akshara fight over who will win. A lady sitting with them says that a big rasam is taking place but the grooms mother is no where to be seen. She should see that her bahu will rule the husband. she smiles. Akshara goes to find Baadi Ma.

Gopi Daadi is scolding Dhaniya. Akshara comes and asks Gopi Daadi if she's seen Baadi Ma. Gopi Daadi Says no. Akshara goes to find Baadi Ma. She asks Vish. Vish says he doesn't know. She was here a minute ago. Akshara finally spots Baadi Ma. Baadi Ma is with ST. They are alone. Baadi Ma asks ST what could have possibly gone wrong. ST says that she doesn't know but they said no for the rishta. Akshara looks on shocked. Baadi Ma asks but why? What happened that they said no? ST says that she doesn't know. Akshara is crying. No one notices her. ST says something to Baadi Ma (its muted) Akshara listens and crys. Baadi Ma starts crying as well. Akshara leaves. The Rasam is still going on. Both Shaurya and Varsha are looking for the ring still.

Varsha finds it. Akshara comes. Varsha asks Varsha where she went, she tells Akshara that she won. Choti Ma tells Akshara to come sit by her. They all start talking. Akshara stands there and then leaves. She bumps into a some ladies, they all talk about Akshara's marriage and how she will be married soon. Akshara tries to smile and leaves. She goes away from the people talking. She thinks about the ladies and what they said about her getting married soon. She cries. She think about what ST said about Rituraj's family saying no to her. She crys harder.

PRECAP Daadi says smiling that ST said that Rituraj's family were going to send their answer soon. She asks Badi Ma... did it come? Baadi Ma shakes her head with tears in her eyes. Daadi gets serious.

Yeh Rishtha Kya Kehlata Hai 18 Feb 09 (Written Update)

Akshara is crying. Daadi Comes calling AKshara. Daadi Sees that Akshara is crying. Daadi Asks Akshara why she's crying. Daadi says she gets it, she's crying because of her friends bidaai. She says but why are you crying, your friend is coming to your house as your bhabhi right? Or are you crying because your best friend is coming to your house and your going to leave. Akshara crys and hugs Daadi. Shankri Tai tells Badi Ma to stay strong. Baadi Ma is crying. ST tells Badi Ma to smile, today is the day of your test. You must smile for your daughter-in-law. No one should know about Akshara getting rejected, or people will say that the daughter-inlaw didn't even enter the house yet and this in-auspicious thing happened. Now go do the rest of your mother-in-law rasam's happily and make sure no one sees your tears. Badi Ma wipes her tears and nods. She leaves. ST looks on Sadly. Badi Ma, the rest of the women and Shaurya are inside. Varsha's mom comes nad says that Varsha is ready for her Bidaai. Badi Ma says nothing as she is in deep thought. Varsha's mom sees this and asks her whats the matter. Badi Ma doesn't repond. Choti Ma calls Badi Ma and she snaps out of it. Choti Ma asks what she is thinking, don't you want to bidaa your bahu and bring her home? Badi Ma nods. Varsha's mom goes to get Varsha. Varsha comes escorted by Varsha's mom and Akshara. Varsha and Shaurya together followed by the family go outside. Its time for the bidaai. Everyone is crying. Its a emotional moment. Varsha and her mom hug crying. They let go of each other and Varsha is seated in the Doli. Varsha and Shaurya reach home. They go through some Rasams. Badi Ma does Shaurya and Varsha's Aarti. Akshara does some Rasams for her new Bhabhi and her brother. Varsha does the rasam where she tips the Calash full of rice with her right foot. Shaurya and Varsha take their first step into the house after marriage. They do some more Rasams. Varsha does the rasam where she has to stack some thalis without making any news. If any of the thalis clack is means that there will be some clashes between Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law (Saas and Bahu). Varsha picks up the plates without making any sound. Everyone claps. Badi Ma says that we should do the rest of the rasams. The bride, Groom and the family go take blessings from God. A lady beside Badi Ma says that now your bahu has come and I hear that you will be marrying off your daughter soon too. She says you are very lucky. Badi Ma smiles and nods. As soon as the women looks away she frowns and wipes away her tears.

Akshara sees this and looks over. She looks like she's about to cry and leaves. Badi Ma has tears in her eyes. Akshara runs upstairs and into her room. She closes the door and leans against her door. She looks at her idols. She runs to her bed and cries.

The women of the family lead Shaurya and Varsha to their room giggling. Dhaniya blocks the door to their room. Daadi asks where Akshara is, doesn't she want to get her Naik from her brother so he get into his room? Badi Ma says she was just here. Choti Ma says that its late, She probably went to sleep. Daadi says that your lucky today but you will have to give your sister something for tomorrow. Shaurya nods smiling. Dhaniya says that she will not let Shaurya and Varsha in. Dhaniya waits. Shaurya gives her some money. Daadi Asks Dhaniya if everything is ready. Dhaniya says yes. Daadi Says that let them in now, they probably want to sleep. Dhaniya teases "Your going to sleep today?" ShaVa blush. Dhaniya lets them in and closes the door. Daadi says that you are very lucky to Badi Ma. She says that St said that Rituraj's family was suppost to give their answer soon. Did it come yet? Badi Ma Shakes her head with tears in her eyes. Everyone is gathered in the main hall. Vish says they they have rejected out daughter. He is very angry. Omi Kaka tells him to calm down. Vish says that it is certain that he will not give their daughter to them but he wants to know why they have rejected Akshara. Vish tells Badi Ma to tell ST that he wants to meet Rituraj's family. Badi Ma says that they will come the day after tomorrow. Vish yells saying no, they will have to come tomorrow or our relationship with them is over. Badi Ma says okay, but what if Akshara hears? Everyone looks sad and upset. Vish asks Badi Ma if she told Akshara. Badi Ma Shakes her head. Vish says that we can't keep this from Akshara, but I don't know how we will tell her either. Vish tells Badi Ma to tell Akshara but be gentle with her. Preview: Daadi is talking to Akshara. Daadi says sadly that this is a bitter truth but if a daughter makes a mistake then its forgotten, but if a daughter-in-law makes a mistake then it becomes a crime.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update

For 19th Feb2009 (Episode 28)

Video Update - Nipun97

Written Update
Heyyy Guys Feels like I haven't updated in ages... So first of all Thank you soooo much Payal... you have done an amazing job and I am sooo grateful..!! Thank you again Yaara!! Anyway today's episode... I felt soooo bad for Akshara...bechari all she does is Cry and Run away.... I hope they introduce Natik soon....

Sorry for any mistakes and Please do tell me if I have made any....Anyway I hope you enjoy the update.

Akshara is lying on her bed weeping. ' Akshara, Akshara Dear,' calls badi as she walks through the door. Akshara sits up. ' Were you sleeping?',asks Badi as she walks towards Akshara. 'Did I wake you up?'. Badi looks at Akshara and sits on her bed next to Akshara. '

Dear, What happened? Why are you eyes wet? where you crying?', asks Badi. Akshara replies,' No Maa, Why would I cry?'. Badi doesn't looked convinced. ' You may be tired,maybe?, Badi says as her eyes fill up with tears, ' Dear I, I want to tell you something, Oh God, Look Dear, What your Maa is about to tell you, will bring you some pain, and maybe your heart will break... But your my brave child aren't you? You will be able to endure the pain. Look Dear...,' Badi stutters trying to hide her tears. Badi stands up,' What do I say? I don't understand, How am I meant to say it....?'. Akshara looks up at Badi and stands up. ' Maa I aleady know....,' explains Akshara, Badi cuts in, '... What? What do you know.' Akshara explains that she had heard Badi and ST conversation. Badi hugs Akshara and they both cry. Badi tries to calm down Akshara. ' But your my brave child aren't you?,' Badi wipes Akshara's tears and tells her to sit down. Badi stokes Akshara's face,' Look dear this time is very difficult for everyone, espically for your father, I am very worried for him, He is mad at ST and that is why we have called her tomorrow, Don't worry dear I know that it is not your fault,'explains Badi. Badi pauses for a moment,' But dear may it be unknowingly you may have done something or said something that caused the Rista to break ....?,' Badi asks Akshara whom is on the verge of tears again. Badi explains that Vish is very angry at the fact that someone rejected his daughter and that she is worried that maybe unknowingly Akshara has made a mistake.' Maybe you have made a mistake....?' . As Badi is talking Dadi arrives. ' Or maybe your trust has broken.' replies Dadi. Badi wipes her tears and stands up. Dadi walks over. ' So tell my bahu, Does you trust break that easierly? That it broke so easierly. And your daughter is not at fault but your trust is. At this time you were meant to be your daughters strenghth instead of faulting her ....,' asks Dadi. Badi tries to explain that she didn't mean it in that way, Dadi tells her that she will explain all to Akshara and that she should do and rest.Badi leaves and closes the door behind her. Dadi sits on the bed with Akshara. Dadi explains to Akshara that she should take what Badi had said likea pinch of salt. She explains that when Badi is worried she speakers about anything and the truth is that she is really worried about her daughter and that is why she sometimes just syas things. ' Dear this isn't you fault,' explains Dadi. Akshara looks wiorried and replies,' But what if unknowingly I did something, What if it is my fault...?'. Dadi stops her and explains that it is there fault for turning her down. ' But Dadi they were really nice people and they spoke to me so nicely, After the first meeting and the second time when me and Varsha went to go and meet them at the resort,' explains Akshara. Badi looks worried. 'What? You and Varsha? When did you go and meet them?,questions Dadi. Akshara looks worried and stands up. ' The day it was Varsha engagement,' replies Akshara. Dadi stands up in shock. Shaurya clears his throat. He slowly walks over to the bed and sits down. ' Its so weird isn't it Varsha? We have know each other for ages but today it feels like we are meeting each other for the first time. It's like I don't know you,' explains Shaurya. ' Why what has changed?', asks Varsha. Shaurya explains that the way she looks and everything has changed. ' Why don't you like the change?' asks Varsha.


'Why don't you like it?', asks Varsha. Shauya replies ,'I don't understand if the change is good or bad but one thing is for sure that everything is new, You'll look after all this won't you the family and everything.' Varsha gets confused and asks,' What did you think?'. Shaurya explains that everyone will look at her and that they are the first to get married by choice and he doesn't want anyone to think that. Varsha cuts in '....That Shaurya choice was bad. Don't worry I won't give anyone a chance to complain and I promise that I will do everything'. Shaurya reaches over and grabs Varsha hand. Shaurya looks lovingly at Varsha.

' How could you hide this from us Akshara?I couldn't even imagine that Varsha and you made such a big mistake, You went to go and meet them alone. What must they think?' shouts Dadi and Akshara. Akshara asks for forgiveness and explains that she didn't think that all this would happen. ' Please forgive me, I made a mistake,' pleads Akshara. Dadi turns away and replies, ' Akshara you have made a mistake but I don't know what to do'. Akshara explains that she will explain everything to Vish. ' Your father won't forgive you,' replies Dadi, Akshara cuts in,'He doesn't have to, I just want to get this burden of my chest, I can handle is anger but I can't hide anything from him'. Akshara walks off. ' Where are you going?' asks Dadi. Akshara turns to Dadi and tells her that she is going to go and tell Vish everything. Dadi walks over to Akshara and says,' What have you gone crazy? Don't make the mistake by telling him the mistake. Don't forget that you and Varsha made the mistake together. Until yesterday she was your friend but know she this houses Bahu. Parents can forgive there daughters but when it comes to there Daughter-in-laws espically who broke up there daughters relationship, never. The sour truth is that a mistake made by Daughters can be pardoned but one made by a Daughter-in-law is never forgotten. Do you want your friend to become a sinner infront of everyone? Dear the best thing for you is not to say anything at all. And pray to god that the mistake is never exposed.' Akshara walks towards her bed and sits down.

Akshara cries. ' Now try and forget everything and get some sleep,' says Dadi as she strokes Akshara head. ' But how will I sleep Dadi, How will I sleep?' asks Akshara. On the Riverbank. Akshara is sitting alone watching the Sun rise. She stills hears the converstaion she had with Dadi echo in her ears, her eyse fill with tears. ' Oh my mother, your sitting here Akshara Didi and everyone searching for you at home,' explains Dhainya. She sits down and talks about the sunrise and the water. ' You really like it here don't tou Akshara Didi, Then why are you sad,' asks Dhaniya as she looks at Akshara. Akshara replies,' First you tell me why they are searching for me at home?'. Dhaniya explains that Varsha Bhabhi has made Shagun Ki Kheer (Rice pudding) for the first time. Dhaniya grabs Akshara hand and tells her that they need to hurry up. They walk though the front door. Evereyone is sitting in the living room with stern expressions on there faces. Dhaniya and Akshara walk across the living room. ST calls from the door. Everyone look at each other. ST smiles and walks over to Badi. ' Badi Bahu I heard that you had called so I dropped everything and came running,'explains ST. Dhaniya tells

Akshara to hurry up as Varsha has been waiting for ages. Shaurya walks down the stairs and greets ST. ' Kaka whats wrong, Why have we all be called here?' asks Shaurya. Omi is about to reply when Vish comes storming down the stairs. He walks over to ST. ST asks why has he called her. Vish tells her that she knows exactly why she has been called.

The End

Pre Cap
Badi tells Akshara that she isn't allowed to sing anymore.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update

For 20th Feb2009 (Episode 29)

Video Update - Nipun97

Written Update

Hey Guys.... OMG poor Akshara...Feel so bad for her. After that conversation she had with Dadi about the second meeting I thought that this might have been the reason for the rejection. But I'm was so shocked when they revealed the rejection was due to her singing. ( I think her singing is really nice) And that Shankari Tai just likes to put oil on the fire... She is sooo evil...aaaargh I hate her. I wish she had stopped talking.... She has just made matters worse for Akshara. And Shaurya .. Inta Ghussa?? I have Shaurya lookes sooo cute when he is angry.

Sorry for any mistakes and Please do tell me if I have made any....Anyway I hope you enjoy the update.

'Last time you convinced me that the Rishta was as good as done. No one what turn down your Akshara. But then what happened?, asks Vish. Shankari Tai replies,' What can I tell you? I don't understand myself how from a firm Yes it turned into a No'. Vish unable to understand begins to vent his anger. ' I want to know aswel. They came to our town with there Rishta. They complimented us our norms and values. And as they left they told us to make preperations. Then what happened?', questions Vish. Shankari Tai looks down. Vish gets annoyed at her silence and demands that she answers him. ' What can I say? My eyes have fallen in shame. This has never happened to me before. You have such a big family and such a lovely daughter. I can't see the reason why.....', explains ST. Shaurya who has been trying to control his anger till now finally shouts,' THERE WAS NO REASON!!!! Then why did this happen? This isn't a JOKE! What kind of people are they? First they come and see the girl and tell us they like her, then without reason they turn her down. This can't happen they have to give us a reason'. Badi looks uneasy and tells Shaurya to interfere. ST tells Badi it's ok as she understands that a brother would be anger if there sisters Rishta was turned down. Dadi looks upset. ST reassures Badi that down't have to worry and that she will try

and find out why.' With your premission may I leave? Now Shankari wants to go and see what they have to say. I will make sure that they will never turn down another Rishta ever,' explains ST. She leaves. Evereyone one by one leaves the living room. Visha and Badi stand alone. ' Call Akshara, We are about to question the world I need to make sure that our daughter is in the right,' explains Vish. In the Kitchen. ' Where were you this morning? I've been looking for you every where. Ok forget about that and taste the kheer. My hands are shaking. What if i have left something out or added not enough sugar.Please?', asks Varsha. Varsha notices that Akshara is very quite and hasn't responded to her once. ' What's wrong? You seem abit lost. Did something happen?,' asks Varsha. Akshara quickly replies that nothing is wrong and that Varsha should pass her the kheer so she can taste it. ' I know your trying to hide something. What did you think that you could fool me?', asks Varsha. Before Akshara could reply Dhaniya explains to Varsha that Akshara isn't trying to fool her infact faith has fooled her. Confused Varsha asks Akshara what happened. Once again even before Akshara can respond Dhaniya replies,' Don't you know? Her Rishta broke'. Varsha is shocked. Dhaniya explains that ST is sitting in the living room trying to decided what to do next. ' Why didn't you tell me before?', asks Varsha. Akshara changes the subject and turns the focus towards Varsha's Shagun ki kheer. ' Don't change the subject. I am your friend and you bhabhi after and I always be. You have to tell me what happened and how it happened. That day....This didn't all happen becuase of that Day?' asks Varsha. Before Akshara can reply Choti calls Akshara and tells her that her father is calling her. Akshara leaves the kitchen. ' Look Child, your father is always with you. So what if you were turned down. Your father is still alive I will find a better husband than this one. You don't need to be upset. As long as I'm alive no one can say anything to you. I will fight everyone because I know the whole world can be wrong but not my values. They made a mistake in not understanding you. Isn't that right? Just once I want to hear from your mouth wether unknowingly you said something to Rituraj? Tell me?', asks Vish. Akshara looks down. The conversation that she had with Dadi comes into her mind. 'Answer me Akshara, Did something happen that day? That would make your father eyes drop in shame?'questions Vish. Akshara replies,' No Babuji'. Badi looks relieved at her answer but Varsha on the other hand leaves. Vish smiles and tells Akshara that he knew that she could never make a mistake. ' Come one, forget all this and start the puja. I haven't heard you sing in ages', Vish says as he wipes her tears. A crying Varsha runs into her room and sits on the bed. ' What's wrong Varsha?' asks Shaurya. 'Aks..Akshara....Her,' cries Varsha. ' Oh... so you found out aswel, I don't understand how they stopped it. It wasn't even her fault...' replies Shaurya. ' Its my fault,' explians Varsha. Downstairs Akshara is singing. Everyone is sitting around her and smiling. ' Yes Shaurya, She has kept silent because she is trying to save me. But when everyone finds out they will blame Akshara. No Shaurya. I will go and tell Father everything,' explains Varsha. Shaurya looks angry.' They will all forgive Akshara but not you,' replies Shaurya. Varsha explins that she doesn't care whether they forgive or not buit she can't watch Akshara going through this.' No Shaurya, I can't do this Akshara. I might be this houses Bahu but I am her friend and her Bhabhi too. Shaurya don't stop me,' explians Varsha. She walks


ShaVa join everyone downstairs. Vish and Badi look over at Varsha and smile. Varsha looks upset. ST arrives and takes Badi to one side. ST shouts and Badi looks over to Akshara singing covers it up. Badi walks over to Akshara and stops her from singing. Everyone looks shocked and stands up. ' Stop it Akshara, that's enough of your singing. From this day on you will not touch this instrument. If you sang after today you will se my dead face', shouts Badi. Everyone looks confused.Dadi asks her why she is acting like this and why she said all that. ' This all happened because of this, Do you want to know why the boys side truned her down? Because you darling told them she wanted to be a singer,' replies Badi. Akshara looks confused but then she recollects the moment with Rituraj and remembers her words,'... My friends say that I could make a career out of singing....'. Akshara looks upset and runs off. ' What are you saying Shaurya's mum?' asks Vish. Badi cries in Dadi's arms.

' I don't lie Badi Bahu but today you gave me a lecture. Maybe you should have given Akshara a lecture. If you didn't want to get her married then you should have told me instead of making me run around. You should have just said your daughter wanted to be a singing. I went give them a piece of my mind but they shouted at me', explians ST. St goes on further to talk to Dadi about how Badi spoken about Akshara. Everyone sits in silence. ' If I knew she was like this I wouldn't have got involve,' explains ST. Shaurya once again unable to contorl his anger replies,' What?! You just keep talking...!' shouts Shaurya. Omi calms Shaurya down. Very sarcastically Shankari Tai replies,' Talk Boy talk... What you daughter left out you fulfill it. Truly Badi bahu I have never been so insulted. Now only Vish can stand up for me. How many times did tell you to keep Akshara under control?' asks ST. Shaurya unable to control himself replies,' That's enough, Just because you came with a Rishta it doesn't mean you can say what you want!'. Vish stops Shaurya. ST talks about her self then turns to Badi Bahu and says,' You brought them up really well didn't you, you taugher you daughter to sing and your son to shout at olders. I have had enough I am leaving'. ST walks off holding her stool. Badi looks at Vish. He gets up and is about to leave when Dhaniya arrives with the Aarti ki taali. He takes blessings and leaves. Upstairs in Akshara room. 'Beacuse of me Bahuji had to hear all that, All I said was that my friend think that I could become a singer. I didn't say I wanted to be one', cries Akshara. Varsha suggests that maybe she shouldn't have even said that. Akshara replies,' You know I didn't mean it like that, I said it by mistake....' Dadi calls out to Akshara. ' Child, the things you say don't always come out the way want. That's why we always say think before you speak...' explains Dadi. Gopi Dadi comes rushing in and informs them that Badi has fallen ill. They all rush to Badi's room. Dadi explains to Badi how she always tell her to calm down and not to worry. Badi tries to get up but Dadi tells her to lay back down. ' Look I have made you a paste,' explains Dadi. Badi insists that she doesn't need it. Choti tries to apply it but Badi stops her.

' Akshara, Akshara come over and explain to your mother,' says Dadi. Akshara walks over and takes the paste from Choti she is about to apply the paste when Badi tells Choti to tell Akshara to leave. Akshara cries.

The End

Pre Cap
'Are you still angry at me?'asks Akshara as she hold a tray off food. Akshara places it infront of Vish and he pushes it away



TODAY Badi Ma is sick in bed. Choti Ma, Akshara and Dadi are there. Choti Ma gives Akshara something to put on Badi Ma. Akshara goes to but Badi Ma stops her. Badi Ma tells Choti Ma to tell Akshara to leave. Akshara has tears in her eyes, she says "mom" Badi Ma stops her. Choti Ma tries to say something but Badi Ma stops her. Badi Ma says that if Akshara had hurt her she probably would have forgiven her but she hurt her father. She has emberassed her father, he was proud of her daughter. Does she know that her father hasn't even drinken a drop of water since morning? Akshara covers her mouth and runs from the room crying. Akshara is sitting on the steps leading to the water by the temple. She is crying. Dhaniya and Daadi Come. They were looking for Akshara. Dhaniya spots Akshara. Daadi tells Dhaniya to go home, she will go talk to Akshara. Daadi goes to Akshara. Daadi Sits down beside her. Akshara starts sobbing and hugs Daadi. Varsha and Shaurya are in their room. Varsha says that she knows that none of this was Akshara's fault, she didn't even know that they would take her words that seriously. Varsha says that she will go talk to Badi Ma and will ask Vish to forgive her. Shaurya stops her. He asks her if she's crazy and who she is to judge weither Akshara is right or not, he tells her to leave this to Vish and Badi Ma. Shaurya says do you know whats the problem with girls? They don't think before they talk. Akshara did the same and now she's suffering and the other side its you. You are the bahu of the family, don't fall into this mess or people will blame you. Varsha says so now she can't even help her friend or lessen her pain. Shaurya says you will not lessen her pain you will only make matters worse for yourself. I am her brother, I also feel bad, but you need to know what is right for girls and what is not. If Akshara doesn't understand this now, she will regret it later. Her marriage broke, if the elders are mad at her, they are right. Daadi leads Akshara into her room. Daadi says that you are blaming yourself for no

reason. None of this is your fault. Omi Kaka comes, he says that Daadi is right. If you want to be a singer then theres nothing wrong with that. Daadi says that in this age girls are the same as boys. Girls have their dreams and their rights to furfill them. Omi kaka says that they don't want any dreams of Akshara's to break. Daadi explains to Akshara that it is her choice what she wants to do in life, and they will always be there with her. Omi Kaka says that even if your a girl, you have the right to choose your life. Omi kaka says that he will talk to Vish. Akshara says thank you. She says but she never said anything about choosing a singing career. She said that all she wants is for the family to be happy and she doesn't want anyone to be sad or emberassed because of her. But today she will not rest until her father has forgiven her. Daadi says you will apologize but not like this. Akshara asks how. Daadi tells Akshara to come with her. Daadi and Akshara are in the kitchen. Daadi puts some food on a plate and tells her to feed him with her hands and apologize. Akshara says that she is too afraid, her father is too mad at her. Daadi says that nothing will happen. She gives the plate of food to Akshara. Daadi and Akshara walk to Vish. He looks very angry. Akshara goes to him. She says that he hasn't eaten anything since morning, please eat. Akshara asks Vish to forgive her. She puts the plate of food down. Vish pushes the plate away. Akshara asks Vish to yell at her but don't stay quiet like this. Vish looks at Akshara angrily. Akshara is lying in bed with a pillow. Dhaniya and Bhola are in the kitchen. Dhaniya says that Vish has given Akshara a very big punishment. He didn't yell or hit.. he just sat there in silence. He hasn't eating all morning. No one has eaten. Bhola asks what about Akshara? Dhaniya says that if Vish is stubborn so is Akshara. She says that AKshara won't eat until Vish forgives her.

Anshu is walking around the dining table. He walks into the kitchen. Gopi Dadi and Varsha are there. Anshu says that everyone isn't eating but no one asks me if I wanted to eat. Gopi Dadi Says that Varsha made kheer but she can't give it to anyone unless Vish eats it and gives her Shagun. She worked so hard on it. Anshu says that Varsha bhabhi looks so sad. Anshu seems to have gotten an idea and leaves. Vish and Omi Kaka are on the balcony. Omi kaka says that you are mad at Akshara for no reason. Its the other families fault that they found the wrong meaning in what Akshara said.

Daadi is explaining to Badi ma that Rituraj heard wrong. On one side Omi Kaka explains to Vish and Daadi explains to Badi Ma.

Omi Kaka tells Vish that he hasn't eaten anything, seeing this Badi Ma hasn't eaten anything either. Please eat for her? Vish doesn't say anything. Omi kaka goes to leave. Anshu comes. Omi Kaka asks him where he's going. Anshu says that he has to talk to Vish. Omi kaka says that he isn't talking to anyone. Anshu says that he has to talk to Vish urgently and goes to VIsh. Anshu says to vish that if theres Kheer made in the house and no one eats it.. isn't it wasteing? Wasteing food is a wrong thing isn't it? Did you know! I haven't gotten any kheer either. Anshu tells Vish about Varsha's kheer and the Naik. Omi kaka says that don't say anything Anshu, when Vish is angry his anger becomes everything.. more important then the new bahu. Vish looks at Omi kaka. Dhaniya tells Akshara that Vish's anger is gone. Akshara is happy. Akshara asks Dhaniya if Vish has forgiven her. Dhaniya changes the subject and tells Akshara that Daadi is calling them. Akshara doesn't move and asks again if Vish is still mad at her and has forgiven her. Dhaniya bows her head. Akshara has tears in her eyes. Everyone is at the dinner table. Anshu brags about how he was the reason why Vish isn't mada anymore. Badi Ma and Choti Ma come. Daadi says that Varsha came and made her place in everyones heart. Shaurya smiles Varsha gives Kheer to Vish. Vish eats it. Everyone smiles. Daadi asks Varsha to ask for her Naik. Akshara comes. Varsha asks what if Vish says no to what she asks for? Badi Ma says that he won't be able to, ask. Varsha asks Vish to forgive Akshara. Vish looks at Varsha.

PRECAP Omi Kaka says that no one has ever talked to Vish like this. The guy that is being rude says that you no longer have the respect that you use to have

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update

For 24th Feb2009 (Episode 32)

Video Update - Nipun97

Written Update
Hey Guys.... I am writing the update for Payal..... OMG poor Akshara...Feel so bad for her. Shaurya really needs to calm down.... He actually made Akshara look Bad.... Poor thing never says anything herself... yet all shout at her. I have to say Varsha rocked today!!! Totally love her..... I hope things will get better for Akshara.... Naitik, Naitik, wherefoe art thou Naitik??

' BabuJi, I would like it if you fogave Akshara and broke your silence', says Varsha. Vish looks at her and looks at Badi who nods at him and then he turns back at looks at Varsha. Finally he looks up at a very teary Akshara. He nods. Everyone smiles. ' And Babuji what about

breaking your silence?,' asks Varsha. Omi breaks a smile. ' I have broken that too,' he replies. He stands up and tells Varsha that he couldn't refuse her. Badi calls Akshara and tells her to stand near Vish. Akshara walks over and Vish turns to look at her. He turns away and sits down. Akshara looks upset. In ShaVa Bedroom. Dhaniya laughs about how Vish fogave Akshara and broke his silence all because of Varsha. ' And why wouldn't he after all she is his eldest daughter in law, she has won over his heart,' laughs Gopi Dadi. Choti laughs and tells Varsha she should have asked for something expensive for her Shagun. ' But Chachi this deed brought a smile on everyone faces,' relpies Varsha. Shaurya walks though the door. ' Every deed has a price but there is no price on relationships. You have won over that relationship. She will keep the family together wait and watch Choti Bahu,' explains Gopi Dadi. Meanwhile at the door Shaurya is trying to tell Varsha to tell them to leave. Choti notices and smiles. ' Today the entrance of this room is closed. Go and sleep somewhere else. Today we want to talk to the bride,' laughs Choti. Gopi Dadi reminds Choti that Varsha is going to her maternal house.' If we don't let these two meet today, Shaurya will get annoyed,' explains Gopi Dadi. Choti laughs,' Well I guess we will have to leave otherwise Shaurya will get angry'. They all leave laugh. Shaurya closes the door behind them. 'Aren't you going to compliment me?' asks Varsha looking at Shaurya. Shaurya replies,' What have you done? After all, all daughter-in-laws do this.....(Varsha gives hime evils) .... Ok..Ok. You now what I was so scared. I was thinking what will you do or not. But you turned out very smart. And Babuji understand. Mind you in the house everyone is scared of Babuji and Maa is the only one who can reason with him. I don't understand how he understood you?'. Varsha smiles and asks him whether he heard that she is this houses Badi Bahu. ' Ok at least now I know that you can look after the family..but ... I am worried about something. If the family keep talking to my wife then i will never get a chance,' replies Shaurya. Varsha rums away. Shaurya reminds her that he married her .They both laugh. Akshara is looking up at the moon as she sits on the terrace. Dadi notices and asks her why she hasn't slept yet. Dadi sits down and hands Akshara a Nutcracker. Akshara starts to crack open the nuts. She catches her finger in the nutcracker. Dadi jumps and begins to blow on her finger. Akshara gets emotional. She tells Dadi to stop. Dadi tells her that even the littlest pains touch the heart. ' You know Dadi, Babuji used to think the same he used worry about me so much. But today?' asks Akshara. Dadi tells her that he is the same. ' But Dadi he hasn't spoken to me. He has said he has forgiven me but he hasn't by heart. Dadi am I saying something wrong?' asks Akshara. In Vish and Badi's room. Vish walks in and sits on the bed. Badi slowly follows. ' Today Akshara asked me for forgiveness. But the truth is that I should have asked her. I feel so small. For the first time I don't have the strength to meet her eye to eye. Omi was right we both blamed Akshara when it was our fault', explains Vish. Badi agree. Both agree that they should have told people about the relationship and that now people will question.The following morning Badi is giving Varsha gifts to keep and presents for her family members. Badi gets worried and tells her not to tell her maternal family about Akshara and things that happen in the house. Varsha tells her that she won't tell them anything.

Choti walk and asks them what they were talking about. Badi asks Choti to go and see whether Shaurya is ready as today Varsha is going to her maternal home. Choti explains

that Shaurya is downstairs waiting for the employees that work for them with Omi and Vish. Choti reminds Badi that it is the end of the week. Badi laugh and explains to Varsha that Vish's Grandfather use to call all his employess to his house on the last day of the month to have breakfast and then he gave them there wages. Badi explains to Varsha that she will have to wait. Varsha tells her that will be ok. And tells Badi to call her mother. Choti and Badi are about to leave when Varsha tells them that she wants to go with them. Badi smiles. And tells her that she can and then sorts out Varsha's sari so she looks like them. In the Kitchen Dhaniya and Akshara are cooking. Dadi, Badi , Choti and Varsha gone her. Badi asks her why she is making the food. Akshara explains that Vish has finally forgiven her therefore she is making Carrot Halwa. Badi is happy to see that he daughter is trying to cook. Then Badi remebers that Akshara doesn't know how to make it. Dadi tells Dadi to calm down. Akshara asks Dadi whether Vish will like it. Dadi tells her that he will love it. Varsha turns to Akshara and teases her. She laughs that Akshara might add salt instead of sugar. Akshara tells her to stop making her nervous. Varsha tells Akshara that she will help her. Badi, Choti and Dadi leave. Vish welcomes the employees. He speaks to an elderly gent about a wedding. The old man is happy that Vish helped him get his daughter married off.

Dadi welcomes all the employees. The elderly Gent thanks them. Vish tells the elderly gent about how his father used explain to him that it is always best to keep the employees happy. Varsha arrives with food. Vish introduces Varsha to the elderly gent. Badi excuses herself. Vish tells Omi and Shaurya to hand out the wages. Badi tells Akshara to hurry up and get water. Dhaniya explains that Vish will get his food last as Akshara wants to impress him. Badi smiles at Akshara and takes Dhaniya to get the water instead. In the living room ione of the employees starts to count his money.Vish notices that the 'Employee' is upset. Vish asks him but he doesn't say anything. Omi tells him to speak. The ' Employee' explains that he was expecting a pay rise. Vish explains that he recieved one the month before. ' You didn't do me a favour. I work all day I expect to be payed,' he replies rudely. Everyone looks shocked and annoyed. ' One minute!' shouts Shaurya. Vish tells Shaurya not to talk. Vish explains to the employee that he can't do anything for him. ' But then I can't do anything. With such low wages I won't do anything,' he shouts as he stands up. The elderly gent tells him that he already gets over payed and he doesn't need to be rude. The employee demands that he gets a raise. Omi turns to him and explains that it won't happen and he needs to calm down as he is forgetting who he is talking to. Vish looks get upset. Omi explains that No one speaks to Omi like that. ' What didn't happen before will happen now. Understand that your pride has fallen.....,' explains the employee. Shaurya gets angry and replies,' Stop! No one talks to my father like that. Or else!?!?!. Varsha and Badi pull Shaurya back. ' WOW, have you heard you son is threatening me. Tomorrow he will beat people up. You speak so highly of norms and values is this what you taught them?? We all know your daughters rishta broke because of this traditions!' shouts the employee. Badi and Varsha are shocked at hearing this. Akshara stands there crying.

The End

Pre Cap
Badi si very worried that Vish has lefted and not told anyone where he has gone. Dadi asks Omi and Vish and Omi replies that Vish isn't at the office either

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update

For 25th Feb2009 (Episode 33)

Video Update - Nipun97

Written Update
I'm soooooo sorry everyone that the update is late my internet kept disconnecting... Aaaaaargh!! I'm going mad!! This is the 3rd time I have written the update. I think I have cried at my computer more than Akshara has cried today.....

The emplyee shouts that this all happened because of the values Vish has taught his children and that the whole society is laughing at him. Everyone looks shocked. Vish storms out. Akshara watches him leave and gets upset. She looks down and notices that is still holding Vish's breakfast. She explains to Dadi that it is all her fault that her. Dadi tries to assure her that it isn't her fault. But Akshara runs upstairs in tears. After Badi is pacing around the courtyard. Dadi tells her to sit down. Badi tells her how worried she is at the fact that he was so upset and hasn't

eaten. Dadi asks Omi whether Vish has reached the office. Omi tells Dadi that they called but he isn't there. Badi gets more upset. Shaurya suggests that he will go and look for Vish. Badi is about to send him when she remembers that today is Varsha's Pug Phere. Shaurya still tries to reason with her but Choti explains that he has to drop Varsha off as she doesn't have a brother. Dadi tells Shaurya that all Varsha's family will be there and it will be bad if he doesn't go. Omi suggests that he will go instead. Dadi tells Badi to calm down and reminds her that they have to get things ready for the pug phere. They leave and Shaurya follows. Omi looks worried. Akshara is crying in ShaVa's rrom. Varsha explains that it is not her fault. Akshara still blames herself for everything that happened. Badi calls Varsha. Badi walks in and asks her whether she is ready. Varsha tells them that she is ready to go. Gopi Dadi arrives with a aarti ki tali. Badi does Shauya and Varsha's aarti. Choti does it after her. Dadi asks Akshara why doesn't she go with them. Akshara replies that she doesn't feel like it. Varsha and Shaurya take blessings from Dadi. Badi takes them out. Akshara asks Dadi whether they have found out anything. Dadi explains that Omi is about to go and look for them. Akshara rushes asks Omi whether she can go with him. Omi explains that he doesn't know where to look for him. Akshara begs him and pleads with him. He agrees and she sits in the car with him. They drive off. In ShaVa's car. Shaurya explains that he won't be able to come in as he is worried about Babuji. He explains he wants to go and look for him. Varsha gets upset and explains that he mother is waiting for them. He asks her to sort out things for him. Varsha tells him not to worry and that she will sort things out. Varsha arrives at her house and walks in. Her mother asks her about Shaurya but Varsha explains that he was in a rush. Her mother explains that they are all waiting for them. Varsha replies that it seems like they were only waiting for Shaurya and not her. They laugh. Varsha hugs her mother. Her mother does her Aarti and then she brings her in. All the women compliment her about how beautiful she looks. They all ask about Shaurya. V's Mother explains that he has important work to do. They keep asking and they start laughing. They all sit down and ask her about the new family and Shaurya. Then they asks her about the gifts they have given her.

Varsha shows them a necklace and they all laugh and smile about how much they look after her. V's mother looks confused and tells them to leave her alone and she need to rest. They go to Varsha's room where Varsha explains how much she missed everything. V's mother asks her if everything is ok. Varsha explains that they love her alot. Her mother still looks worried and reminds Varsha that the necklace she showed them was what she gifted her on her wedding day. Varsha explains that they love her alot and that she should trust her. He mother smiles and says that she feels that Varsha has become a woman and that she knows how to look after two families. Varsha smiles and is about to reveal there real gift when she

remebers what Badi said to her. Varsha tells her that Vish has started calling her his Badi Bahu. Her mother tells her that she was worried about her but she isn't now. Varsha thinks to herself about everything. Omi and Akshara are looking for Vish. Akshara tells Omi that she is worried and that it all happened because of her. Omi explains that it isn't her fault.

Omi explains that when Vish was younger he was just like Shaurya. Akshara dosn't believe him. Omi explains that when there father died Vish took on all the responseablitites and that he looked after everything. Omi explains that people used to think Vish couldn't do it but he did. He explains that they can learn things from Vish. Omi tells them that Vish spent his whole like making the family perfect and that is why he is like this. Omi tells Akshara that they should try and look somewhere else. Akshara looks upset in the car. Omi asks her whats wrong. Akshara explains that she never realised all these things about her father before and because of her he looks bad. Omi tells her to forget about those things. The car stops. Omi gets out and checks the car. Akshara notices the mandir and that she wants to go and pray. Omi explains that she should go and pray herself as he doesn't believe in those thing. He tells her to pray to her god so that they find Vish. Akshara prays and as she turns around she sees Vish sitting on the floor.

The End

Pre Cap
Varsha's mum is about to touch Shaurya's feet when he stops her. He tells her that she is like his mother therefore he should touch hers. Varsha wipes her tears.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update

For 26th Feb2009 (Episode 34)

Video Update - Nipun97

Written Update
Finally today Vish admitted that he was wrong and it is there fault and not Akshara's. I have to say the mandir scene was very touching. And omg the ShaVa dream scene... was sooooo cute. (By the way Varsha's mother is called Saleka)

Akshara turns around to see that Vish sitting on the floor. Akshara thanks God and calls out to Vish. Vish looks up. Akshara sits down next to him. Akshara explains to Vish that finally

today she understood all the things Dadi had said to her and what Vish is in everyones perspective. Akshara tells him that she is proud of him. Vish touches her head. She explains that she has finally learnt why he tells her to be careful so that the society don't say anything. Akshara cries as she feels bad that Vish had to hear all that today because of her. Akshara says sorry and Vish hugs her. Vish tells her not to be sorry as it is his fault. He explains that its all his fault and that he shouldn't have told her to stay away from people as he was scared but know he tells her that if someone like her they won't mind. He reminds her that she is one in a million. Vish and Akshara hug. At home Badi asks Shaurya where Vish was at the ofice and Shaurya explains that he wasn't there. Badi cries about how she doesn't know what to do. Badi tells Bola to go and look for Vish. As she tells him to Dadi notices Akshara and Vish walking though the door. Badi wipes her tears and asks him where he had gone. Vish looks at her and walks away. Badi thanks God that Vish is safe and then turns to Omi and asks him where did they find him. Omi tells her that they found him in the mandir. Akshara tells Badi that she didn't find him there. Akshara explains that she found her father's respect. Akshara walks off smiling. Badi gets confused and asks Dadi about what Akshara just said. Dadi explains that she has seen her father from a different point of view. Dadi smiles that finally there is an understanding between father and daughter. Badi wipes her tears. Dadi explains that she wants to have a Puja. Badi smiles. In the morning. Dadi is sitting at the family mandir Akshara sits down beside her. They all make preperations for the Puja.Choti passes Dadi a coconut when she notices Shaurya who is sorting out his Kurta top. Choti asks him where he is going so early in the morning. Shaurya walks up to them. Badi explains that he is going to pick up Varsha today. Choti laughs and explains that this is the reason behind it all. They tease Shaurya. Shaurya tells them he won't go and pick Varsha up. Dadi asks him who will go and pick up there dulhan. Choti laughs and says Akshara, after all she used to pick her up before the wedding. Badi agrees. Shaurya looks annoyed. Badi asks Akshara whether she will go and Akshara agree. Akshara asks Shaurya whether she should go and if he has a problem. Shaurya replies that there is no problem. They all laugh. Meanwhile at Varsha's house, Varsha is getting ready in her bedroom and looking at herself in the mirror. She picks up the Sindoor Dabbi. (Dream Sequence begins) Shaurya slowly walks up behind her. Varsha smiles. Sharya reaches down and gets a pinch of Kumkum . He applies it to her forehead. Some Kumkum falls on her nose. (Dream sequence ends) Varsha's maa calls to her. Varsha turns around. V's Maa explains that if Kumkum falls on her nose that means you husband loves you alot. Varsha smiles. V's maa explains that she knows how much Varsha has been waiting for Shaurya to arrive. A lady comes and tells Varsha and Saleka (V's Maa) that someone has come from the grooms side. Saleka gets all exicted and leaves Varsha there. Varsha smiles and looks at herself in the mirror. Varsha wipes the kumkum of her nose. Akshara walks in and tells Varsha she looks lovely. Varsha looks shocked. Akshara laughs and asks her whether she isn't happy that she came instead. Varsha tells her that it isn't like that. Akshara smiles and tells her that her eyes are saying something eles. Varsha turns towards the mirror and sees Shaurya's reflection. Akshara tells Varsha that she will leave them to it. Varsha blushes infront of Shaurya.


Back at the Akshara's house, Vish is reading a file in his room when Dadi walks in and asks him whether he has time for her. Vish asks her whether she needs anything. Dadi replies that she just wanted to talk to him and she sits down. Dadi tells Vish that she really liked the fact that eventhogh people said all those things to him yesterday that he kept calm and that he didn't speak out place and this is the reason why Akshara is really proud of him. Vish smiles. He explains that Akshara is his pride and that she is one in a million. He tells her that doesn't have time for people who don't repect her. Badi replies that she knows he feels like this because he is her father and that she is scared that his pride doesn't become is curse. Dadi explains that because she is his mother she knows how he is really feeling and tells him that he was wrong for being angry at Akshara. She tells her that she understands how he felt after they rejected Akshara and tells him that he shouldn't become sour otherwise he will never be able to get Akshara married off. Back at Varsha's House. Saleka is feeding Shaurya ladu's. He tells them that he can't eat anymore. One of the women tell him that Saleka is feeding him with love and that he has too eat. Shaurya looks at Varsha in pain from eating. Akshara and Varsha laugh. Another lady suggests that Saleka feeds him. She starts to feed him but Shaurya looks upset. They all start to laugh. Then a lady walks in holding a plate. Saleka tells Shaurya to put his feet on it. Akshara and Varsha look confused. Shaurya hesitates but then finally does as she says. A lady passes Saleka some milk . Saleka is about to touch Shaurya's feet but he lifts his feet up. Shaurya asks her what she is doing. Saleka tells her that she has to do that. Shaurya explains that she is older than him. Varsha and Akshara look upset. Saleka replies that he is her son-in-law and he is higher than her. She tells him if itsn't done than the rituals will be left incomplete. Shaurya pust his feet back in the plate. Saleka begins to wash his feet with milk. Shaurya looks really uncomfrontable. Varsha and Akshara are reduced to tears. Shaurya jumps up and pleads her to stop. He explains that he should be touching her feet as she is like his mother. Shaurya reaches down at touches Saleka feet. Saleka still tries to tell him that he is her son-in-law. Shaurya smiles and asks her for her blessing. She touches his face. Shaurya tells her that from now on she will not call him Son-In-Law but she has to call him Son. She strokes his head. A lady congratulates Saleka for getting an amazing Son-InLaw. Varsha and Akshara still look upset. Akshara wispers that she didn't like the fact that Saleka did that. Varsha cries.

Back at Akshara's house. Choti asks Omi whether he will sit in the Puja. Omi says that she knows he doesn't believe in those things. Choti tells him that Dadi has requested that he does and it would mean alot to her. Omi agrees and sits down. Vish and Badi look happy to see Omi join them. Gopi Dadi sees ShaVa and Akshara and tells them to hurry up. They all go and sit down. Varsha sits down with Akshara. Vish introduces them. The pundit tells Varsha to sit with Shaurya. Varsha blushes and sits next to him. The pundit explains in this Puja it is important for the husband and the wife to sit together. All the couples look at each other and smile. The pundit talks more about couples. Akshara gets upset. The Pundit ties a red string on all the guys. The pundit stops and tells them that there is not enough ghee. Badi tells Akshara to go and get it. Gopi and Dai walk into each other. Akshara walks into the kitchen where Dhaniya helps her put the ghee in the pot. Akshara tells Dhaniya to take it. Akshara slowly follows and then stops. Akshara asks Dadi that God has given husband

and wife the same status and then why do the do this. Dadi asks Akshara if something happened. Akshara explains that Saeka washed Shaurya's feet and she didn't like it. She explains she feels bad that, that happened and asks Dadi if that was right.

The End

Pre Cap
Vish tells Badi that Shankari Tai has found Akshara a better guy. Akshara tells Varsha that she is scared of being rejected again.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update

For 27th Feb2009 (Episode 35)

Video/Pic Update - Nipun97

Written Update Hey Guys.... Well today as many of you may already know there was a 1Hr special episode. I was so nervous when Shankari Tai arrived but Thank God she asked for forgiveness. OMG it was so cute that Badi gave Varsha the key's to the house. I have to say that eventhough it was an hour special it didn't feel like anything happened in the whole o the episode. I don't know maybe it's me but I was hoping for something more. Sorry for any mistakes and Please do tell me if I have made any....Anyway I hope you enjoy the update.

Akshara asks Dadi whether that was right. Dadi explains that all these traditions and rituals have been passed down from one generation to another. And what Saleka did was perfectly fine acording to traditions but this tradition is wrong. Being the brides parents doesn't mean that you should have to forget your principles. Akshara replies that she won't let her

parents go through that and asks whether the brides parents have respect. Dadi explains that they do have respect and values and that a daughter can make sure that it is obtained. Dadi tells Akshara to go and sit in the puja. The both walk over and sit down. Whilst everyone is praying Akshara is thinking. After the puja Badi gives Bola boxes of lado to take to people. Dadi asks Varsha if her mother liked the sari's. Varsha replies that Saleka had sent her something. Varsha opens a box and taked out a neklace. Varsha explains that people say that by wearing the necklace it reduces Blood pressure. Dadi looks lovingly at the neklace and tells Varsha to thank her mother. Shankari Tai calls out bahu. Badi and Choti look shocked. ST walks in and greets everyone. Dhaniya wispers to Gopi that she wasn't expecting ST to show her face. They all look at ST. Choti asks Badi who invited ST and reminds her about what happened last time. Badi looks upset. Dadi greets Shankari Tai and tells her that the puja had finished. ST explains that she was shocked when she wasn't invited to the Puja. Dadi asks her why she is here. ST replies that they called her that's why she came. Dadi looks over at Choti and Badi. ST explains that in the morning Bola arrived at her house and told her that she has been called to come. Akshara and Varsha look confused. Vish walks in and reveals that he called ST. Everyone looks confused. Vish walks over and greets her and asks her how she is.

ST asks Vish why she had called her she explains that she would have come running straight away but because of what happened last time she was scared therfore she didn't come. Vish smiles and tells her that he still wanted to call her. ST replies that she was scared because she had said to much last time and that she full of shame. ST asks Vish to forgive her. Vish nods. She says she is ready to do anything they want as long as he forgives her. ST reveals that it was good the Rishta didn't happen with Rituraj because his family asks for a big dahhej and asks him to forgive him for that aswel. Vish tells her that she has forgiven her and she hopes that this time she will find a better match. Akshara looks at Varsha. She explains that she doesn't want to be rejected by another person. Vish explains that he wants her to find a family that don't after hearing two words break the Rishta. ST explains that she still feels ashamed about what happened last time. Vish looks

at Dadi. Vish replies that mistakes are made by all humans. He explains to her that her ties with the family are old and that sometimes you have to forgive what you own say. ST looks up at Vish and tells him that she is speechless as he is so great. ST looks at Badi and tells her that she is speechless. ST walks over to Akshara and explains that after what her father did she feels ashamed for all the horrible things she said to Akshara. To everyone ST says that she is happy at the fact that they accept her as one of there own. She walks over to Badi and tells her not to worry as she will find Akshara a better groom woth two days. Fnally she walks over to Dhaniya and asks her whether she is going to offer her Parshad. Dhaniya laughs and gives her the whole box. ST walks off. Badi walks over to Vish and asks him why after alkl she had said to him did her forgive her and that she has never seen him do that before. Dadi explains that today ST has fallen short infornt of Vish and that she will know think 100 times before saying anything about the women in the family. Vish replies that after all they need help to find Akshara a grrom and that from now on he will respect the In-laws and the matchmaker.Badi smiles and looks at Akshara. Vish walks over to Akshara . He touches her head and says it was there fault that she didn't see how amazing Akshara really is and that this time he is sure that this time the alliance will be sucessful. He asks Akshara if that is so. In the morning Akshara is pacing in her bedroom when Dhaniya walks in with tea. Dhaniya asks her why she is wake so soon, she laughs at the fact that usually she has to wake her up. Dhaniya aks Akshara whats wrong as she notices that Akshara's eyes are red. Akshara tells her there is nothing worng. Dhaniya tells Akshara that she understands and that she is just a maid and not her friend. Akshara tells her that it isn't like that and asks her why she said that. Dhaniya asks again what is wrong. Akshara explains that she is very scared at the fact that teh boys side will reject her again and that she can't see Vish go though that again. Dhaniya reassures her that she is attractive and smart and she won't get rejected. Akshara explains regardless off that she doesn't know what people like. Dhaniya laughs and replies if she knew what the Boy's side like she would have been married to Bola along time ago. Dhaniya suggests that she she asks Varsha afterall first she won over Shaurya and now the whole family. Akshara agrees. Dhaniya tells her to drink the tea and everything will be ok. In ShaVa's room, Badi present Varsha with some keys and tells her that this is her first gift from her. Akshara smiles as she watches. Badi tells Varsha that the house key's have always been given to the eldest daughter in law and that when Dadi gave them to her she told her that they aren't just key's there are a responsablity. Badi tells Varsha that a house isn't a home without a family and that there are many things that she need to learn to how to win the key to everyones hearts. And as she understands this she will understand everything.

Badi notices Akshara standing at the door and tells her to walk in. Badi tells her that they forgot about the Moo Dekhia and thats why she has invited all the neighbours to see

Varsha. And tells Akshara to get Varsha ready well as she wants everyone to see how beautiful Varsha really is. Badi laughs and leaves. Akshara tells her that she will get Varsha ready really well. Varsha shows Akshara sets and asks her whether she should wear them, Akshara tells her that it doesn't matter what she wears as she will look beautiful . Akshara asks her about the secret behind how she is able to win over everyone. Varsha explains that there is no secret infact that she is lucky as she found an amazing family and that she has Shaurya by her side. Varsha sits back down. Akshara tells her thart she will find out. Downstairs the women are arriving for the Moo Dekhai. One of the ladies tell Badi that she is very lucky to have got Varsha. Dadi smiles. Dadi explains that she is very lucky. As she says this ST arrives and greets everyobne. A lady laughs that ST arrives. Choti laughs at the fact that the nosy foolows ST where ever she goes. Dadi tells ST that she didn't like her remark about the statues of the Saas Bahu changing as her Bahu's are both very good and asks her whether a saas can't be a mother aswel. ST replies if a Saas becomes a Mother then who will the Bahu talk about with her friends. They all laugh. Akshara brings Varsha down the stairs as she has her face covered. Badi explains to ST that her daughters have arrived but if she still wants to see her Bahu she won't find any faults in her. Akshara looks lovingly at her mother. A lady compliments ST for find a beautiful Bahu but she should look for a groom for Akshara. Akshara blushes. SRT tells her that if she can find an amazing Bahu like Varsha lthen she will find a prince for Akshara. Gopi suggests that it is about time that she showed everyone Varsha. Badi sits Varsha down on the sofa.The women one by one come and give Varsha a gift and lift up the dupatta and look at Varsha's face. Each one says how beautiful Varsha is. Akshara looks at Varsha and takes notes as she remembers what Dhaniya had said before. Akshara says something which grabs ST attention. ST asks her what she had said and asks her whether she speaks to hersel. Akshara tells her it was nothing. ST tells Badi that today she will eat at there house and she will eat the food Varsha makes. Badi tells her that she is welcome. ST looks at Akshara as she stares at Varsha. After Badi and Varsha are making food in the kitchen as ST sits and eats. Dhaniya offers her another but ST tells her she ca't eat anymore or she will pass out. Dhaniya tells her that there are still more food to eat. ST notices Akshara sitting alone.

Dhaniya washes ST hands. ST asks her why Akshara looks very lost today. Dhaniya asks her whst it is to her. ST tells her it is important for her to know as a Bachelor is coming to see her in two days and she doesn't want to present Akshara when she looks like that. She tlls Dhaniya to call Akshara over. Dhaniya walks over and tells her that ST has called. ST lays out boards on the ground. Akshara and Dhaniya walk over. Varsha asks her what that is. ST tells her that she has learnt all from this board and it is the secret behind her sucess. Badi aks her what it shows her. ST asks her why she is laughing. ST reveals that she can tell the future by using this board. Badi laughs and asks her whether she has becoma a Joshi too. ST explains that the dice reveal the furture and asks Badi whether she want to be told about the future. Badi tells her that she has already got married and that she should

show the girls how it works and walks off. ST asks Akshara whether she wants to find out. Before she can answere Dhaniya tells ST to read her future. ST agrees as she looks at a nervous Akshara. Dhaniya asks the board where the one she walks with will become hers. ST hands her the dice and tell her to roll. Dhaniya rolls. ST does some calculations and tells her that if she wins his heart then they will be together for 7 lifetimes but if she doesn't win his heart she will remain single. Dhaniya suggest that they asks the board whether Shaurya and Varsha will always remain this happy. Varsha rolls the dice. ST reaveals that they will be together for seven lifetimes and people will think they are the reincarnation of Ram and Sita. Varsha blushed. ST asks Akshara whether she wants to ask anything. Akshara replies she doesn't know what to ask. Dhanuya tells her to ask abot what they were talking about in the morning. Dhaniya asks ST to ask the board whether the Rishta that has come for Akshara will be the right one. Akshara rolls the dice in there hand but doesn't throw. Varsha and Dhaniya tell her to throw yet Akshara still doesn't. ST explains that everything that is going to happen has been already pre- destinated and that by rolling the dice that lines on you hands won't fade and what ever falls is up to her. Akshara throws the dice and looks worried. ST starts to do some calculations. ST tells her that dice say that it will be a yes. Akshara still looks upset. The rest laugh and then Dhaniya tells her that she wants to ask something eles. ST tells her that once is enough. ST leaves.

The End
Pre Cap
On the Terrace, Akshara asks Dhaniya whether what St had read will actually happen. Dhaniya tells her that she shouldn't listen to everything ST says and that she should hurry up and come downstairs.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update

For 2nd March 2009*
Akshara runs smiling after hearing what Shankari Tai had said. Akshara asks herself why she is scared and that ST said that this alliance won't break. She wonders for a moment whether what ST had said was accurate or not and her face falls again. In the evening Akshara walks down the stairs where she meets Bola. Bola tells her Badi has called everyone to the kitchen as they need to start preparing food as it is Holi tomorrow. Bola tells her that everyone is in the kitchen apart from Dhaniya, he excuses himself as he leaves to find Dhaniya. Akshara heads to the kitchen when Shauya stops her. She asks him why he is home so early. Shaurya every cheekily replies that he has come to see her after all she is his lovely sister. Akshara see right through it and asks him what he wants. Shaurya asks Akshara to Varsha to meet him. Akshara asks him why he doesn't do it. Shaurya replies that all the ladies are always around her and that he won't be able to. He tells her to tell Varsha to meet him on the terrace. Akshara laughs about the fact that they still meet together there. Akshara asks him what he has planned. Shaurya replies that he is taking Varsha to see a film. Akshara gets upset as she isn't going. Shaurya tells her that if he took her then the rest of the family would slowly make plans to go with them too. Akshara laughs and tells him she will tell her. Then to herself she smiles about how ST got one of the predictions right. In the kitchen all the women are cooking. Badi hands Akshara something to do. Badi rushes around trying to get things done. She calls out to Dhaniya. Dhaniya arrives and explains why she took so long. Whilst they are having there conversation Akshara is trying to mouth the message from Shaurya. Finally Dhaniya talking and Badi tells her off. Varsha asks Akshara what she is trying to say and Akshara wispers that Shaurya is calling her upstairs. Varsha asks Why. Badi cuts in and tells Akshara to stop calling Varsha, Varsha and that she should call her Bhabhi. Akshara replies that it will take her a while to learn. Badi laughs. Akshara once agin tries to tell Varsha to go and meet Shaurya but she tells her she can't. Choti tells Varsha to look after the food she is making. Shaurya stands on the terrace looking at his watch. Varsha finally arrives with Akshara. Shaurya asks her why it took her so long. Varsha replies that she couldn't leave everyone as in 2 days its Holi and there is loads of work to be done. Shaurya sulks and asks Varsha whether she cares about him to that she left him waiting for sooo long. Varsha tells him that he can ask Akshara that she was about to come with Masi gave her some more work to do. Varsha asks him what is wrong. Shaurya tells her that he has two tickets and tells her to hurry up and get ready. Varsha tells him that she can't go. Shaurya gets upset and tells her that he went through so much that he could take her to the cinema. He gets angry and says that Varsha has changed after the wedding and that he has wasted his time trying with her when he could have gone with his friends. Shaurya storms off. Varsha cries and asks Akshara whether it even looks like that they are newly weds. Varsha walks off. Akshara stands there thinking about what ST had said. Dhaniya arrives and tells her that Badi is calling them again. Akshara asks Dhaniya whether what ST said was accurate. Dhaniya laughs and tells her not to trust ST's words. Dhaniya tells Akshara to hurry up and go downstairs. Everyone is eating Dinner. Badi asks Choti where Anushman is. Choti replies that he has eaten and gone to school. Badi smiles. Varsha tells Badi to sit down. Badi looks shocked. Dadi tells Badi not to be shocked and that she should enjoy and sit down as she has a

daughter in law who will serve the family. Badi sits down. Varsha serves Vish some food and he tells her when to stop. Badi laughs and says he has to eat more as Varsha made the food. Varsha is about to serve Shaurya when he stops her. Vish asks her what is wrong. Shauya replies that he doesn't like spinch. Vish tells him that is wrong and that he shouldn't refuse food. Vish tells Varsha to serve Shaurya. Omi asks Badi where Akshara is. Badi tells him that she has sent Dhaniya to get her. Dhaniya arrives and tells them that Akshara doesn't want to eat and she thinks Akshara may be ill. Evereyone looks worried and are about to get up when Vish tells them that he will go. Akshara is lying on her bed and is repeating the word no . Vish touches her head and tells them she has a fever. Dadi touches her face as she tries to talk to Akshara. In her delirious state Akshara asks them what will happen if they don't like her and what if the reject her. Vish realises that she has become ill due to stress.

Dhaniya runs downstairs and asks Choti whether the doctor has arrived. Choti tells her that Omi and Shaurya have gone to get him. They arrive. Omi asks Choti how Akshara is and Choti replies that Akshara has got worse. Shaurya shows the doctor up. In Akshara's room, Akshara is moaning calling for Vish and Badi. The doctor arrives and does a few checks. Everyone stands around the bed. The doctor asks Badi how long has Akshara been like this. Badi explains that Akshara was fine earlier. The Doctor asks what Akshara has eaten today and whether she has a stomach bug. The doctor checks the temperature he tells them that she has a high fever and he will have to give her an injection. The doctor reaches into his bag and takes out an injection. Everyone looks away in pain as the doctor give Akshara the injection. Akshara asks Badi what will happen if she gets rejected again. The doctor asks them about what Akshara is saying. Vish is about to reply when Dadi tells teh doctor that Akshara is worried at the fact that the Boy's side where coming to see her. The doctor looks at Vish and gives him a note of the medicines he needs to get. The doctor tells them to call him again if needed and as he leaves he asks Vish if he may talk to him. Shaurya sits down beside Akshara. Downstairs that doctor explains that because of the new of the boys side Akshara may have got worried therfore leading to her becoming ill. He suggests that for a few days they forget about the Boy's side and concentrate on Akshara getting better. He explains that he doesn't have any right suggesting that as he is an outsider but from a doctors point of view it was in his best interest to make a suggestion. Vish looks worried. The doctor leaves.

Everyone is sitting around Akshara. Dadi checks Akshara's head and tells them that Akshara's fever has decreased and like Vish said they should all go and eat. Omi replies that they can't eat as they a worried about Akshara. Dadi explains to Omi that she understands but Akshara is getting better. Choti tries to explain again but Dadi tells them to go and eat. Dadi tells Varsha to go with Choti and serve everyone. Varsha looks at Shaurya he nods and she leaves. Badi looks at Akshara. Dadi tells her that Vish hasn't eaten and that she should go and give him food to. Badi leaves. Vish paces around his room. Badi enters holding a tray of food and tells him to eat. Vish tells her he isn't hungry and sits on his bead. Badi explains that she understands after all his daughter is unwell. Vish sighs. Badi tells him not to worry and that she will be better by tomorrow and she sits down next to him. Badi tells Vish he hasn't changed a bit and how he would do the say thing whenever Akshara got ill. She recollects to when Akshara was three and got the

measles and how Vish looked after and how Akshara would call for him when she ill. Vish nods and replies that what is upsetting him as before he used to get upset seeing her cry but now how he has looked passed her tears. Vish explains that it his fault that he has become so wrapped up with Akshara he has got married that they have forgotten about how she is feeling and if she can handel all this. Badi tells him that every girl has to go through this. Vish replies that he is scared that he may lose his daughter in the process.

The end pre Cap

ST explains that she had given her word to the boys side and that they will have to meet. Badi looks shocked.