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R3A software manual
License Notice and Trademark Acknowledgement.
Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.
Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
Manufactured under license under U.S. Patent #s: 5,451,942; 5,956,674; 5,974,380; 5,978,762;
6,487,535 & other U.S. and worldwide patents issued & pending. DTS and the Symbol are
registered trademarks, & DTS 2.0+ Digital Out and the DTS logos are trademarks of DTS, Inc.
Product includes software. DTS, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Warnings and points of attention

Repairing of the product should be done by qualified Egreat staff!

Table of contents


.................... 2
1. Player setting introduce
1.1 TV setting........2
1.2 Audio setting....3
1.3 Video setting...............3
1.4 Recording setting ..........5
1.5 Network setting......11
1.6 System setting.......12
1.7 BD/DVD setting........13
1.8 Other settings........................14


2. Browse and playback ..
2.1 Select media source ..........15
2.2 Playback Movie ..........16
2.3 Playback music......17
2.4 Playback picture ........18
2.5 Playback TV program.......19
2.6 Web service ..............19
2.7 Web browser ......20
2.8 Browse network media files ..20
File edit



4.File management



5.DTV playback and record
6.AV IN playback and record




7.FW upgrade


Player setting introduce

Select set up from the main menu or press set up icon from remote control,
access setup menu.

User can setup system/video/audio/photo/network here;

Select items with arrow button from remote control, press ok for confirm;
Press return to left menu for other items selection.
Press setup or return to exit setting menu.
1.1 TV setting

Select the correct region. Be care for that the different

TV Region

Channel Scan
Channel Setup

region has the different settings about;

1) Channel frequency point and channel bandwidth.
2) The encoding type of text.
Two kinds of scan mode: Auto Scan and Manual Scan.

Channel management, can do delete and edit here.

1.2 Audio setting

Night Mode

On/off/comfort modes for selection

This function reduces the maximum dynamic audio

Digital Output

Select to set digital output type.

1.3 Video setting

There are Pan Scan 4:3, Letter Box 4:3, 16:9 or 16:10 for
Aspect ratio

Pan Scan 4:3:
display a wide picture on the entire screen and cuts off
the redundant portions. Select when a standard 4:3 TV is
Letter Box 4:3:
Display a wide picture with two black borders on the top
and bottom of 4:3 screens Select when a standard 4:3 TV is
Compress the image to convert the whole image. Select when a
16:9 TV is connected.
Select to adjust TV system.

Video System

Press up/down arrows from RC to set TV system depends on your

own viewing preference.
Press enter for confirm.




Video system
1080P 24HZ

Select to open 1080P 24HZ

On: If the Content is 24fps mode, player will change to
mode automatically before playback start.
Off: Do nothing.

Scan mode

CRT (Over Scan): CRT TV was suggested

Full PixelJust Scan: LCD TV was suggested


Picture mode parameters setting


From 0 to 50.

Digital Noise

Select to adjust DNR.

Press up/down arrow for setting, press enter for confirming.

1.4 Recording setting

A/V Record

Different Quality use different compress algorithm. The high Quality it

is, the more disk space it will be.


Time shift start

On: When you enter the DTV mode, the Time shift function will be
automatically started. You can do pause, fast forward, rewind
Off: Time shift isnt default open; you can press
to enter the
Time shift mode.

Record device

You can select USB and HDD.


1.5 Network setting

1.5.1 Wired LAN setting.

Select to set the network setting. Before using the Network functions, pleas check
following items:
Connect the machine to Network first
1) Please enable NetBIOS of TCP/IP on computer.
2) Please turn off your PC firewall.
Please share the folders which you wish to browse in your PC
Press up/down arrow from remote control to select, press enter to confirm. IP auto
Set the DNS server IP address by auto, press enter for save. IP (manual)
It is required to enter the following: IP address, Subnet Mask, Default gateway.
For further assistant to above settings, please contact to the network

Press direction key and number key of the RC for selection, press enter for

1.5.2 Wireless setup.

Before configuring the WLAN settings, please check the following
Make sure the WLAN USB Adapter is connected to the USB HOST port
Make sure there is a wireless router or an AP (Access Point) on the network,
or your PC is equipped with a wireless network adapter/card;
Make sure your player is in the effective range of the WLAN profile name up/down arrow for selection, press enter to next step.

Press enter button to direct connect. Press the RETURN button to return.
Get Connection Mode.
There are three connection modes: Infrastructure (AP) mode ,Peer to Peer (Ad
Hoc) mode and WPS(AP) mode.

Infrastructure (AP)
Infrastructure mode is used to connect computers with wireless network
adapters, also known as wireless clients, which connect to an existing wired
network with the help of wireless router or access point
Get SSID Name

System will search for an existing SSID (Service Set Identifier) auto. And
select the access point you wish to access from the SSID list.

Note: In the Security list, WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (Wi-Fi
Protected Access) means the network is encrypted, i.e. an encryption key is
needed to access the network. NONE means it is an open system network.
Select Open System if the network is not encrypted. Otherwise, select
Shared Key (WEP) or WPA Key to enter the encryption key

Select SSID the system will get the IP address automatically. The test will take
for a while, please be patient to wait.
If the test is ok, the network information will be displayed

Peer to Peer (Ad Hoc)

Peer to Peer mode, which is also called Ad Hoc mode or
computer-to-computer mode, is used to connect wireless clients directly together,
without the need for a wireless router or access point.
Ad Hoc Setup
Set the Wireless SSID, Wireless Security, and Host IP for the Ad Hoc connection.


Press ENTER button to enter. Press RETURN to return.

Note: Both the player and your PC need to use the Ad Hoc mode, share a
common SSID, and be put into the same IP range
Select PLAY button to confirm and then next step.
If the test is ok, the network information will be displayed.

press direction key and number key to input IP address, press play button for


After testing, website information will display.

1.6 System setting.


1.6.1 menu language: press up/down arrow to select what you need, press enter
to confirm.
1.6.2 Text Encoding: press up/down arrow to select what you need, press enter
to confirm.
1.6.3 Subtitle automation recognition:
On: If the external subtitle is Unicode/UTF8 encoding, it will automatically change
to the selected encoding type.
Off: Do nothing
1.6.4 Subtitle font: Select different font file for subtitle.
1.6.5 Login control: on/off for selection.
1.6.6 System information: display system info.
1.6.7 System upgrade: press enter for upgrade.
1.6.8 Time: Manual:

input the time by yourself

Auto (Via DTV):

sync the time from the DTV broadcast.

1.6.9 Parental control: start parental control by this function, initial password is
1.6.10 HDD format: format SATA HDD,format time is depend on the capability.
Pls dont power off during format.
1.6.11 Remote on/off
1.6.12 Restore default: restore to factory settings.
1.7 BD/DVD setting


1Audio languageAt

DVD, BD, AVCHD playback start, it will look for the audio

track with the

language. (English, Japanese, Spanish, France, Germany, Italian, Korean)
2Subtitle languageAt

DVD, BD, AVCHD playback start, it will look for the

subtitle track with the language. (English, Japanese, Spanish, France, Germany,
Italian, Korean)
3BD/DVD Auto-Play: Select to toggle the Auto Play function on or off.
4Angle Mark : On:

Angle on


Do nothing.

1.8 Other settings

1 UI change effect:
On: During the UI page change, there will be some fade in and fade out effect
Off: do nothing.
2 Resume play:
On: when play the same movie again, there will ask you whether start the

playback at last stop place.

Off: Do nothing
3Slide Show Timing: Select the interval time of Slide Show Timing
4Transition Effect: Select to set the transition effect of photos.
5Ken Burnsuse the Ken Burns effect on photo playback
6TS Seamless PlaybackOn: the group file in the same directory, say
xx_yy_zz_01.ts, xx_yy_zz_02.ts, xx_yy_zz_03.ts, will be playback in seamless.
off: play the file one by one, there is about 2s interval between two file
PS: Only valid in TS/PS fileno used for

AVI, MKV files

7Background Music: Select to play the music file under the same folder.
8Screen Saver: Enable or disable the Screen Saver

2. Browse and playback

2.1 Select media source
After connected, turn on the unit, below screen will display.

After 30s, system will access below menu.


2.2 Turn off

2.2 Playback Movie

Press arrow key of remote control to select related device , such as USB,
CARD, HDD , DVD, network to start browser the file, say, select HDD


1During playback, press

2 ) During playback, press

to zoom video, there are six zoom modes.

to do seek operation.

3 ) During playback, press

to switch audio track or audio L/R

4During playback, press

5 ) During playback, press

to popup the subtitle adjust menu.

to show the file information

2.3 Playback music

On Media center menu and music table, select related device. Such as USB, CARD,
HDD , DVD or network to start browser the file, say, select USB


Note: While listening to audio files, you can browse the photos at the same time
2.4 Playback picture
2.4.1 On Media center menu and photo table, select related device, such as USB,
CARD, HDD , DVDto start browser the file, say, select USB.
2.4.2 Press yellow key of remote control to browse all pictures under this
directory, press enter to full screen display.

1When the photo is displayed in full screen mode, the slide show starts


2 ) During playback picture, press

to switch to previous or next one.

3 ) While browsing a photo, you can press arrow key to rotate a picture in
any angle.
4 Besides rotating a photo, you can press

to zoom picture, after

zoom in, press arrow key to remove the picture.

5 Put picture and music in the same directory, and setup slide show
background, you can browse picture with background at same time.
2.5 Playback TV program
DTV,AV IN, record schedule and record playback for selection here.

2.6 Web service

Online video, online music and picture for selection.


2.7 Web browser

Pls confirm network connection before use browser function.

2.8 Browse media files from LAN.

1Pls confirm network is working well before using this function;
2There are two methods to select media files if user select browser menuone is
workgroup, the other one is by



3Seek computer name from workgroup, press enter to confirm.

1. While browsing high definition video files (resolution up to 720p / 1080i /
1080p) via Ethernet
or WLAN, the video might be buffering. It is normal due to the limit of network
speed or signal strength.
2. Due to different network conditions, sometimes the workgroup might not be
accessed or shown in the list. And then you need to use My Shortcuts to browse
shared files
3. Use the network stream the media file, some of 1080P files may not play very

4Through My_Shortcuts to access My_Shortcuts, you need setup Specific File

Server IP first/
In My_Shortcuts, Press the BLUE color key then a tools menu will appear.
You can add/modify/delete through this tool menu, press return key to return.


Access My_Shortcuts menu, input ID, password and IP address.

Select Net User ID and the entry screen will appear.

Press the navigation buttons to select letters and numbers. Select CAPS to toggle
between uppercase and lowercase letters
Press <- to delete a letter, press -> to insert a letter or space. Press enter to
Finally, press ok and confirm for save.


Select net password, below screen will appear.

Press direction key and number key to input IP address.


Select to set Net User ID, Net Password, and Specific File Server IP, which
enable browse files on NET through My_Shortcuts

3. File edit
Press up/down key select file or folders, press blue key from remote control to
appear edit menu


2Return to main menu.

3 Rename: select the file which need rename, after confirm, below screen will

4Press the navigation buttons to select letters and numbers. Select CAPS to
toggle between uppercase and lowercase letters
Press <- to delete a letter, press -> to insert a letter or space. Press enter to
Finally, press ok and confirm for save.
5After input new name, select ok and press enter

to confirm. During this

process, if user want to cancel rename, press return to return.


6 Press the navigation button to select items needed delete, press enter to
confirm. Press return to return.

4. File management
Select file button from main menu, user can management USB,HDD,DVD and
network files.

Select source media device and target device.

1Select file copy to enter copy menu.


2select device needed copy through up/down key of remote control, press right
key to destination, select target device by remote control, press right key to next

PS: If destination device is ash-bin, then it means delete selected file.

3. Select source file or folder.
From source list, select source file by up/down key, press red key
After selection, there will be a mark
cancel, pls press

to select.

display on the right of file or folder; if

; press right key for next step.


4In the destination list, select destination folder through up/down key and OK
button; press right key to copy menu..


to copy


6After copy completed, select yes for browse file, select no for return.

5. DTV playback and record

Notice: just provide by items with DVBT tuner,pls referto your product spec first.
Hardware connection:
Connect the antenna to players ANT-IN port. 75 resistor
Channel Scan
Please go to the setup page and TV table.
Firstly, please select the correct TV region, different region have different
frequency point and bandwidth.


Secondly, please use Auto Scan to start channel search.

The player will search the exit channel one by one frequent point.


Live TV
On Media center menu, TV table, select the Digital TV item to enter the live TV

1In live TV mode, press

to switch channels.

2In live TV mode, press

to check the channel list.

3In live TV mode, press

to switch the audio track.

4In live TV mode, press

to switch the subtitle track.

5In live TV mode, press

to check the current channels information.


6In live TV mode, press

to enter the EPG page.

7In live TV mode, press In live TV, press

8In live TV mode, press

to start instant record.

to enter the timeshift TV mode.

Timeshift TV
What is timeshift TV?
Timeshift is new playback mode on DTV, which will play and record the TV
broadcast date, then allow users to do PAUSE/REWIND/Fast forward operation on
live TV
Notice: timeshift function need you install SATA HDD inside, then use
players format tool to format it
How to Start Timeshift TV
Method one: in setup menu, enable Auto Timeshift Startthus, every time you
enter the DTV , it will be in timeshift status

Method two: Auto Timeshift Start is off, on Live TV mode, press

to enter timeshift TV mode.



In Timeshift TV modePress

to check the timeshift status

In Timeshift TV modePress

to pause and play TV

In Timeshift TV modePress

to jump to end and beginning

In Timeshift TV mode Press



Auto Timeshift Startwas set as off

Record Schedule
On Media center menu,


to switch back to Live

Select the record Schedule item to enter the record list menu.

Add new schedule

In recording page Press

keyenter to add a new schedule


Source: Select one of the current DTV channel or video in.

Start time: setup the start time of record.


Attention, the start time of record must be later 3 minutes than the
current system time at least.
Length: Setup the record length

Repeat: Repeat mode setup.

Device: Where the record file will be stored.
AV Record Quality and NiCam are useless for DTV record.
Record Task Start
One minute before the task start , the player will show the popup to ask user
confirm whether to stop current task.


Record task check and stop

1During recordingpress

to check the record status

to stop the record task immediately.

EPG Booking Record

In Live TV mode, press

to enter EPG menu.


On EPG menupress

to switch to right program item list. Navigate to related

program, Press enter to add the record task.

If the record task was added successfully, there will be a mark on EPG, see the
If cancel, select this program and press enter again.

Instant Record
In Live TV press

In Live TV press
In Live TV press

to start Instant record.

to check the recording status.

to set the finish time.

In Live TV press

to pause or resume the record task.

In Live TV press

to stop the record task.

Unattended recording
What is standby mode?
The players power is connected, the power LED is red,
circuit is on working,which stay on low power status.


only one minor power

Unattended recording
Unattended recording is that the player will power on automatically if the record
task is arrived, even themachine is in standby mode.After the record task is
finished, the player will enter standby mode again.
6.AV IN playback and record
Notice: Only partial product have this function, please refer to the products spec.
Hardware Connection
Connect the DVD, STBs AV output to players AV input port.
AV IN Playback
On media center menuselect AV IN item

AV IN Record
Before record, you must install internal HDD, and formatted by the player.
Instant Record
During the AV IN playbackpress

to start the instant record

During the instant record, press

to stop the record task.

Schedule record
On media center menuselect record schedule item


The record tasks added and delete operation is the similar with DTVs record. The
Only difference are:
Source is AV in;
AV Record Quality is HQ and SP
7.FW upgrade
Download new FW from Egreat official website:
Force upgrade mode
If the player failed to upgrade to new version in normal mode, such as power lost
during the upgrade. You can use the following way to recover it.
1) Rename the downloaded file as install.img.
2) Copy the install.img to the USB root directory. Insert the USB disk, then power
on the player;
3) Press restore button to enter the setup process, as below screen.
4) Power on the box (release the key in 5 seconds);
5) If succeed, you will see this upgrade page;


Normal upgrade mode

1) Rename the downloaded file as install.img.
2) Copy the install.img to the USB root directory. Insert the USB disk, then power
on the player;
3 After boot up, press

to set up menu.

4 Press

to find system list.

5 Press

to find system upgrade, as below screen:


6 Press

for upgrade

7Upgrade will cost 5 minutes, pls keep power on during this procedure.


8After finish upgrade, unit will reboot again.

Notice: If upgrade is failed, pls reboot unit and upgrade again.