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Write the word or words that best complete each sentence in the space(s) provided. 1. The best protection from liability is to perform __________________ __________________ , provide appropriate __________________ __________________ , and maintain accurate and complete __________________ . 2. The paramedic must treat patients and their families with __________________ and __________________ . 3. A civil wrong committed by one individual against another is called a(n) __________________ . 4. The law that is derived from society's acceptance of customs and norms over time is called __________________ law. 5. __________________ is a process used to regulate occupations. 6. __________________ refers to the recognition granted to an individual who has met predetermined qualifications to participate in a certain activity. 7. The range of duties and skills paramedics are allowed and expected to perform is their __________________ __________________ __________________ . 8. You may function as a paramedic only under the __________________ __________________ of a licensed physician through a delegation of authority. 9. The duties expected of the paramedic include operating an emergency vehicle __________________ and __________________ . 10. An example of __________________ is a paramedic breaching his duty by failing to immobilize a patient from a rollover motor-vehicle collision. 11. The maximum time period during which certain actions can be brought in court is called the __________________ __________________ __________________ . 12. __________________ __________________ is the action or inaction of the paramedic that immediately causes or worsens the damage suffered by a patient. 13. __________________ is the act of injuring a person's character, name, or reputation by false or malicious statements written with malicious intent or reckless disregard for the falsity of those statements. 14. If your patient is able to make in informed decision about medical care, he is considered __________________ . 15. Consent for treatment granted by the authority of a court order is called __________________ consent. 16. A person under the age of 18 years who is married, pregnant, a parent, a member of the armed forces, or financially independent and living away from home is considered a(n) __________________ __________________ . 17. The unlawful touching of another individual without his consent is __________________ . 18. Intentional and unjustifiable detention of a person without his consent or other legal authority is called __________________ __________________ . 19. Preserve __________________ at a crime scene whenever possible. 20. A well-documented patient report is completed promptly after __________________ __________________ .