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Part 1: How Normal Body Processes Are Altered by Disease and Injury Write the word or words that best complete each sentence in the space(s) provided. 1. __________________ is the natural tendency of the body to maintain a steady and normal internal environment. 2. An increase in cell size resulting from an increased workload is called __________________ . 3. An increase in the number of cells resulting from an increased workload is called __________________ . 4. A blockage in the delivery of oxygenated blood to the cells is called __________________ . 5. The destructive phase of metabolism in which cells break down complex substances into simpler substances to release energy is called __________________ . 6. A substance that can crystallize and can diffuse through a membrane is called a(n) __________________ . 7. An increase in plasma bicarbonate due to diuresis, vomiting, or ingestion of too much sodium bicarbonate is called __________________ __________________ . 8. Every human somatic cell contains ______ chromosomes. 9. The supplying of oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues as a result of the constant passage of blood through the capillaries is called __________________ . 10. Inadequate perfusion of the body tissues is known as __________________ or __________________ . 11. Characteristics of impaired cellular metabolism in shock include the impaired use of __________________ and __________________ . 12. __________________ metabolism is the second stage of metabolism and requires oxygen. 13. __________________ metabolism is the first stage of metabolism and does not require oxygen. 14. The early stage of shock during which the body's compensatory mechanisms are able to maintain normal perfusion is called __________________ shock. 15. __________________ shock has progressed so far that no medical intervention can reverse the condition and death is inevitable. 16. __________________ shock is caused by a loss of intravascular fluid volume. 17. __________________ shock is the result of a brain or spinal cord injury. 18. The shock that develops as the result of infection carried by the bloodstream is called __________________ shock. 19. The progressive impairment of two or more organ systems resulting from an uncontrolled inflammatory response is called __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ . 20. Patients in __________________ shock should have their head and shoulders elevated, with fluid administration kept to a minimum. 21. __________________ shock is a life-threatening allergic reaction.