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I.LISTENING: Listen to five conversations at a conference. Match up the speakers in each conversation. Then decide whether they know each other.(8 pts.) (tracks 44-48)

1.Liz 2.James 3.Julia 4.John 5.Carla

a. Linda Erikson b.Jurgen c.Lisa d.Jane e.Sam Clarke

. . . Yes.. .

I. Grammar :Time clauses. Look at the memo which describes the plan for opening a new restaurant business. Circle the correct word.(5 pts.) As soon when/as we complete the purchase of the building, we will start building work. We wont order any equipment or furniture when/until we have a date for completing the building. While / as soon as the work is finished, we can begin hiring staff. We want to recruit a chef after/ before we start advertising. That way, the chef can prepare some menus that we can use in the advertisements. While/After we hire a chef, we can start planning for the opening night.

II. Grammar:Prepositions .Complete this text with the correct prepositions.(5 pts.) I find it very hard working with Andy. He just doesnt communicate (to/with)people. He does his own job well enough, but he never talks. (about/to) what hes doing or what hes done. It makes it very difficult to deal .................(to/with)problems. Sometimes I try to discuss problems with him, but he doesnt respond ................(to/with) my concerns. He leaves everything to me. For example, yesterday, a customer file was missing. I asked him if he had seen it and he saidno. But then I found it on his desk. And he never! (to/for) III. Grammar: Reported speech. Read this phone conversation and then choose the best verbs to complete the message below. (5 pts.) Di : Hello? Zoe: Hi. This is Zoe. Is Rob there? Di: No Im afraid hes out at the moment. Zoe: Well, can you give him a message? Can you tell him Im meeting Jay Banks on Wednesday now not Friday. Rob is preparing a report for the meeting, can he fax it to me by Tuesday evening, please. Di: OK, Ill tell him. Zoe: Oh, and I talked to the agents today. They want to receive the brochures as soon as possible. When are you sending them? Di : Im afraid I dont know Rob is sending them. Ill ask him.

Message for Rob Zoe telephoned / asked about the report for the meeting. She asked if / said that he was meeting with Jay Banks on Wednesday, not Friday. She asked if you can/ could please fax the report to her by Tuesday evening. Also, the agents said they want / wanted to receive the brochures. Zoe wanted to know when you are / were sending them.

IV. Grammar: Opposites. Write the opposite of each of the words in brackets to complete these sentences . (5 pts.) 1.My manager doesnt like waiting for things to happen. Hes very [patient].............. 2.You dont have to wear a suit to the meeting. Its quite [formal] ............: 3.I had some great ideas for the new marketing campaign, but the rest of the team were very [enthusiastic] .................................. . 4.I try to relax before I start a presentation. Its difficult to speak clearly when you are [calm] . .. 5.My colleague isnt very good at handling conflict in negotiations he is very [strong] ....................................... .

V.Vocabulary: Choose a word from list A and one from list B to make a phrase. Then write the phrases on the corresponding line.(5 pts.) A B government rate labour policy tax bureaucracy monetary incentives inflation force 1.Annual percentage increase in prices. ________________________________________ 2. All the people in work or available for work. ___________________________________ 3. Official rules, regulations and paperwork.______________________________________ 4.The control of money in the economy. _________________________________________ 5.Low rates of tax to encourage new business. ___________________________________ VI.Grammar:PassivesRewrite these sentences in the passive form.(3 pts.) 1. We usually send the conference programme to delegates after they have paid their fees. The conference programme usually delegates after they have paid their fees. 2.The authorities inaugurated the new Theatre Hall in Sydney The new Theatre Sydney. 3.We invited delegates from all over the world. Delegates from all over the world.