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TENDERLY Lyisky: Arranged by “Bucky” Pizzarelli Music by JACK LAWRENCE WALTER GROSS Slowly Eb Bb+ b: aad b, Bb? CVGiitad + Bdim —C-7 Go Gb9+5 FI F13 Bb7 Bb+ 3 Copyright © 1946 & 1947 by EDWIN H. MORRIS & COMPANY, INC. Copyright Renewed. “This arungement Copyright © 1919 by EDWIN H. MORRIS & COMPANY, INC. International Copyright Secured Made in U.S.A. ‘Al Rights Reserved Used by Permission cr-033 e 3 me 5 “Tenderly” should be played in a very slow tempo (ad lib). The first pause (>) comes on the first beat of the last measure of letter [A]on an E9 chord played on the 11th and 12th frets. Both E naturals (high and Jow) should be on open strings, 1 and 6. (/)) means cut off, then resume to the pickups to letter [BI + After reaching the last pause and cut off (7Y/) third measure from the end quickly tune your low E string to Eb (let it be heard) and play to end. (4) means strike chord from high to low strings. ae ee eee WHAT I DID FOR LOVE ‘Arranged by “Bucky” Pizzarelli Music by Lyric by EDWARD KLEBAN MARVIN HAMLISCH Slowly ryg 8 Bl a Gr Ba Daim _Baim Copyright© 1975 MARVIN HAMLISCH and EDWARD KLEBAN [AU Righis Contollod by WREN MUSIC CO. INC. and AMERICAN COMPASS MUSIC CORP. “This arrangement Copyright © 1979 by WREN MUSIC CO., INC. and AMERICAN COMPASS MUSIC CORP. international Copyright Secured Made in USA ‘AM Rights Reserv Used by Permission cp.1033,