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Quantity Take-off as per Methods of Measurement Estimates Cost Engineering Cost Analysis Contract, Packaging and Procurement Planning Bidding / Procurement Contract Documentation QS Post-contract works Other related tasks

Civil Engineer - Rockwell Land Corporation

With time, cost, and quality always in mind, Civil Engineers ensure that our projects are of Rockwell quality and standard a qualification that is unrivaled in the property development industry. From specializing in Project Management, Planning, Cost Control, Structural Inspection, to Documentation Control, the Rockwell Civil Engineer is truly, a cut above the rest. Given the crucial task of fulfilling the major plans that Rockwell has offered, the position is best fit for professionals who are licensed Civil Engineers, driven to exceed expectations, willing to go the extra mile, and with a high sense of urgency. Career opportunities for Civil Engineers in Rockwell Land:

Documentation Control Associate (For fresh graduates and recent board passers) Provide clerical support for the Project Management Team by filing both hard copies and electronic documents and maintains team records. Assess and improve document control procedures and assess drawings, specifications, software and standards.

Structural Coordinator/Inspector (For employees with at least 1 to 3 years related experience) - Maintain daily logs and supplement inspection records with photographs, testimonials, etc. Review and interpret plans, blueprints, site layouts, specifications, and construction methods to ensure compliance to legal and safety requirements.Inspect and

monitor constructions sites to ensure adherence to safety standards, building codes, and specifications.

Planning and Control Engineer (For employees with at least 1 to 3 years related experience) - Determines which techniques will be appropriate to execute the project, Determines the logistics of equipment and materials from location to location, Comes up with estimates with regards to the price of the project, Oversees all stages of the project and makes recommendations , Make sure that all safety standards are followed

Cost Control Engineer (For employees with at least 1 to 3 years related experience) Ensures the timely and successful procurement of packages for the Project and to deal with site cost control concerns. Safety Engineer (For employees with at least 1 to 3 years related experience) Responsible for keeping people free from danger, risk, or injury in the project sites. Develop safety programs to minimize losses due to injuries and property damage. Eliminate unsafe practices and conditions in constructions sites.

Civil Engineer - Company Confidential


Develops project objectives by reviewing project proposals and plans; conferring with management. Determines project responsibilities by identifying project phases and elements; assigning personnel to phases and elements; reviewing bids from contractors. Determines project specifications by studying product design, customer requirements, and performance standards; completing technical studies; preparing cost estimates. Confirms product performance by designing and conducting tests. Determines project schedule by studying project plan and specifications; calculating time requirements; sequencing project elements. Maintains project schedule by monitoring project progress; coordinating activities; resolving problems. Controls project plan by reviewing design, specifications, and plan and schedule changes; recommending actions. Controls project costs by approving expenditures; administering contractor contracts. Prepares project status reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends; recommending actions. Maintains safe and clean working environment by enforcing procedures, rules, and regulations. Maintains project data base by writing computer programs; entering and backing up data. Maintains product and company reputation by complying with building regulations.

Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

Have an experienced in estimating construction materials and prepared billing of materials when Im in provincial engineering office @ baler, Aurora..