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The heart of the prudent gets knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge Proverbs 18:15

Speaker John Bonacorsi Title: The Presbytery Service

SERIES: Presbytery in the Church I. THE PRESBYTER A. What is a Presbyter? 1. One of the governmental ministries Presbuteros = Elder 2. Mature in both natural and spiritual matters (I Tim. 3:6) 3. Should have high moral standards (I Tim. 3:1-7) 4. Should be doctrinally sound (I Tim. 1:18-19) 5. Should have an obvious prophetic ministry B. What is a biblically sound balanced Presbytery? 1. Two or more Presbyters (II Cor. 13:1) 2. No more than four Presbyters 3. Good to have one with an Apostolic ministry 4. One appointed senior Presbyter 5. One Presbyter should return again, if possible 6. All Presbyters should submit to Senior Pastor for final authority Preparation and function of the Presbyter 1. Fasting and prayer prior to meetings 2. Prophesy one at a time 3. Share sensitive words quietly with candidate and other Presbyters 4. A continual flow of worship (attitude and actual) facilitates atmosphere

Date: Sept 29, 2013



THE CANDIDATE A. What is a Presbytery candidate? 1. One who has submitted their name(s) as one desiring to receive the ministry of laying on of hands. 2. One who has bee selected by the Pastoral Staff or called out by a Presbyter. B. What are the qualifications of a candidate? 1. Knowing Jesus Christ as their personal Savior 2. Local church commitment 3. Self-preparation and follow-up commitment to transcribe prophecy What preparation should the candidate do? 1. Fast and pray (minimum of 2 days) 2. Receive instructions 3. Remain open to the Holy Spirit What are the candidates responsibilities in Presbytery? 1. Sign up to become a candidate 2. Attend most, if not all, services to learn and support others 3. Notify Senior Pastor of services you are not able to attend



4. 5. 6. 7.

Seek God through all meetings If called, sit in designated chairs on platform When prophetic words begin, listen to words spoken Upon occasion, there is no word over a candidate. This is not a negative.


THE CHURCHS RESPONSIBILITY A. The Pastors responsibilities prior to services 1. Prepare the people with teaching 2. Prepare a candidate list after prayer 3. Give ample notice of Presbytery service dates B. The Pastors responsibility after the Presbytery services 1. Go over the candidates transcript 2. Discuss transcript with candidate 3. Release candidate into areas revealed The local congregation's responsibility 1. Spiritually prepare and pray for the meeting 2. Be a part of each service a. The Holy Spirit will minister to all b. Worship will quicken and deepen the prophetic word



WHAT HAPPENS TO THE CHURCH THROUGH PRESBYTERY? A. We benefit from each ones part and function B. Gains more appreciation for various ministries in the body C. New ministries are recognized D. Individually and corporately strengthened E. Witnesses gifts and blessings imparted F. Seeing the purposes of God fulfilled gives great faith


MISCONCEPTIONS OF PRESBYTERY A. This is a spiritual fortune telling time B. This is only when God speaks C. The believer does not have to seek Gods will since there is Presbytery D. Gods favor is on me more than those who did not receive Presbytery