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Duration: 2.00 hours Max Marks: 100

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This question paper contains 40 objective type questions. Q. 1 to 40 carry 2 marks each. Q. 41and 50 are common data based question, each carry two marks. In case of wrong answer 0.5 marks will be deducted. Using HP pencil, darken the appropriate double under each digit of your registration number and the letters corresponding to your paper code. Calculator is allowed in the examination hall. charts, graph sheets or tables are NOT allowed in the examination hall Rough work can be done on the question paper itself. Additionally blank pages are given at the end of the question paper for work.


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1. Which of the following is indole alkaloid is water soluble (a) Ergometrine (b Ergotamine ) (c) Ergocristine (d Ergocriptine ) Identification and detection of free redical is generally done by (a) UV spectroscopy (b IR spectroscopy ) (c) NMR spectrometry (d ESR spectrometry ) The antiarrhythmic drug having no antimuscarinic action is (a) Lidocaine (b Procainamide ) (c) Quinidine (d Sotalol ) Atropine blocks all the following effects of acetyl choline except (a) Miosis (b Bradycardia ) (c) Skeletal muscle relaxation (d Stimulation of salivary glands ) Cephaline is converted into emetine by (a) Oxidation (b Methylation ) (c) Reduction (d Demethylation ) A shift of max to lower wavelength is called as (a) Bathochromic shift (b Hypsochromic shift ) (c) Hyperchromic shift (d Hypochromic shift ) In the treatment of myasthenia gravis, the best agent for distinguishing between Myastheniccrisis and Cholinergic crisis (a) Melphalan (b Edrophonium ) (c) Busulfan (d Neostigmine ) In supra ventricular arrhythmia Digoxin when supplemented with .. is dangerous (a) Quinidine (b Procaine ) (c) Calcium (d Xylocaine ) Cancer tree is a synonyms of (a) Catharanthus (b Camptotheca ) (c) Gloriosa (d Colchicum 2









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16. 17.



) Organic nitrates are not very usefull in acute angina attacks because they (a) Are insoluble (b Can only be given orally ) (c) Produce severe side effects (d Must be biconverted before being active $ ) The source of UV spectrometer is/are (a) High pressure deuterium lamp (b Mercury vapour lamp ) (c) Xenon arc (d All ) Ergot is treated with solvent ether and sulphuric acid and the filtrate obtained shows a color in its aqueous layer when treated with saturated solution of sodium bicarbonate. The color is (a) Blue color (b Red color ) (c) Violet color (d Yellow color ) 4 (2-hydroxy-3-isopropyl aminopropoxyl) phenacetamide is a chemical name of (a) Atenolol (b Butoxamine ) (c) Phentolamine (d Phenoxybenzamine ) Which of the following antihypertensive drug tend to elevate plasma triglycerides (a) ACE inhibitors (b Calcium channel blockers ) (c) receptor blocker (d Thiazide diuretics ) The number of NMR signal for ethyl benzene is (a) 2 (b 3 ) (c) 4 (d 5 ) Select the correct name for digitoxigenin (a) 3, 14, 16 trihydroxy cardenolide (b) 3, 14, dihydroxy cardenolide (c) 3, 12, 14 trihydroxy cardenolide (d) 1, 3,5,11,14,19-hexahydroxy cardenolide All the following statement is correct EXCEPT (a) Apomorphine is emetic in nature (b) Hydromorphone is formed by addition of one molecule of water to morphine (c) Diacetyl morphine has more narcotic analgesic property than morphine (d) Papverine has relaxant effects on smooth muscles The Seeds of a plant contain diaboline and trace of strychnine and brucine. The plant is (a) Strychnos nuxblanda (b Strychnos wallichiana ) (c) Strychnos potatorum (d Strychnos ignati ) Which of the following drug is used to treat hypertension during pregnancy (a) Clonidine (b Diazoxide ) (c) Minoxidil (d Hydralazine 3

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) 20. Antidote of organophosphate poisoning is (a) Nitrous oxide (b Thiotic acid ) (c) Atropine (d Tubocurarine ) Pilocarpine, an alkaloid used in the treatment of glaucoma, is classified as (a) Cholinomimetic (b Cholinesterase inhibitor ) (c) Sympathomimetic (d Dopamine receptor antagonist ) Substitution on acetylcholine at position with respect to nitrogen atom (a) Decrease nicotinic activity (b Increase nicotinic activity ) (c) Increase muscarinic activity (d Decrease muscarinic activity ) Which of the following is directly paportional to deshielding (a) Hydrogen bonding (b value ) (c) Electronegativity (d All ) Which of the following drug come in the category of amino alkaloid (a) Aconite (b Kurchi ) (c) Vasaka (d Ashwagandha ) Cholinergic receptor present on intestinal muscle is (a) H2 receptor (b Muscarinic receptor ) (c) Nicotine receptor (d - receptor ) KUTAJARISHTA is a traditional preparation of (a) Punarnava (b Shankhpushpi ) (c) Vasaka (d Kurchi ) Neostigmine effectively antagonizes skeletal muscle relaxation produced by (a) Tubocurarine , Gallamine and Pancuronium (b) Nicolsamide , Bithinolol and Chloroquine (c) Emetin , Tinidazole and Carbasone (d) Diltiazem , Verapamil and Acebutalol In NMR spectroscopy, the tau value for aromatic protons is always less than (a) 2 ppm (b 4 ppm ) (c) 6 ppm (d 8 ppm ) Select the antiarrhythmic drug given parenterally (a) Amiodarone (b Procainamide ) 4










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(c) 30.


(d )


Hydralazine is related to (a) Venous dialators

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41. 42.
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(b Balanced venous dialators ) (c) Arterial dialators (d Mixed dialators ) Which of the following drug is used as local anaesthetic (a) Camptotheca (b) Vasaka (c) Coca (d) Coffee Which of the following statement is INCORRECT (a) Chemical shift estabilishes the genral (b) Resonance intensity of multiplet is nature of proton directly proportional to no. of proton (c) Shift reagent helps to spread out NMR (d) The magnitude of shielding effect is absorption determined by density of electron around nucleus The T.S. of plant shows dorsiventral leaf, glandular trichome, microspheroidal crystals, palisade cells, prismatic or cluster crystals of calcium oxalate, idioblast and bicollateral vascular bundles. The drug is come in the category of (a) Quinoline alkaloid (b) Tropane alkaloid (c) Steroidal alkaloid (d) Indole alkaloid Treatment of CHF with diuretics include all except (a) Cause reduction in preload (b) Cause reduction in after load (c) Decrease cardiac size (d) Decrease total body stores of K+ The absorption maximum of 4-bromo benzoic acid is (a) 230 m (b) 235 m (c) 240 m (d) 245 m Captopril contains which of the following amino acid residue (a) Praline (b) Leucine (c) Valine (d) Isoleucine Which of the following statement is correct about rauwolfia cork (a) Cork containing suberised cell (b) Cork containing non lignified radially narrower cell (c) Cork containing lignified radially broader (d) All cell The wheat stone bridge is used in which of the following IR detector (a) Thermocouple detector (b) Bolometer detector (c) Golay pneumatic detector (d) Pyroelectric detector Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors are (a) Isoquinoline derivatives (b) Sulfonamide derivatives (c) Fluroquinolones (d) Aminoglycoside derivatives Antihypertensive effect of Clonidine is blocked by (a) Tricyclic antidepressants (b) SSRIS (c) MAO inhibitors (d) All DATA FOR 41-42 Overtone region lies between (a) 1 to 10 nm (b) 200 to 400 nm (c) 800 nm to 2.5 m (d) 2.5m to 40 m The above radiation is used for 5


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Determination of water content in (b) Water protein binding studies different material (c) Crystal structure studies of haemo (d) All proteins LINKED QUESTION Which of the following is pseudo alkaloid (a) Protoveratrine (b) Pseudoephedrine (c) Aconitine (d) Boldine The above alkaloid is (a) Steroidal in nature (b) Purine (c) Aporphine type (d) Diterpenes LINKED QUESTION The raw material for the synthesis of propranolol is (a) - Napthylamine (b) - Napthol (c) - Napthol (d) 1- Napthaldehyde Active metabolite of propranolol produced after n-dealkylation , deamination and oxidation is (a) Ethoxy propranolol (b) Naphthoxylactic acid (c) Methoxy propranolol (d) Both a & c DATA FOR 47-48 Antacids and Digoxin drug interaction(a) Increase its Bioavalibility (b) Decrease its Bioavalibility (c) Both of these (d) None of these Antacid affect the Digoxin activity by (a) Increase the protein binding of Digoxin (b) Decrtease the protein binding of Digoxin (c) Increas Digoxin absorption (d) Decrease Digoxin absorption DATA FOR 49-50 Microscopy of leaf of a plant shows unicellular covering trichomes, palisade, spongy parenchyma and cruciferous stomata which is present more frequently on lower epidermis. The plant is (a) Vinca (b) Stramonium (c) Lobelia (d) Vasaka The above plant is used in (a) Diabetes (b) Hodkins disease (c) Hypertension (d) All

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