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This is less of a step by step guide, more of a guide to colour choices to achieve the results pictured. VMC: Vallejo Model Colour FDY: Foundry triads CDA: Coat DArms 1. Gallipoli ANZACs

Headgear: Basecoat of VMC Russian Green. Mid tone of VMC English Uniform. Highlight of VMC Green Brown (this combination henceforth to be referred to as Standard Khaki Serge). Shirts: FDY Stone Grey A B C or FDY Quagmire A B C. The vest here is FDY Boneyard A B C. Trousers: Standard Khaki Serge for longer trousers and shorts are here VMC Khaki Grey highlighted up with a light grey. Neck flaps: VMC Khaki highlighted up with VMC Off White. Puttees: On these examples it is Standard Khaki Serge. Socks: FDY Quagmire A B C. Webbing: Here I think I used VMC Khaki Grey highlighted up with white.

2. Gallipoli Aussies, August 1915.

Headgear, trousers and puttees are all Standard Khaki Serge. The faded grey Tunic is FDY Stone A B C. Armbands: These are added with green-stuff and painted up with FDY Arctic White A B C. Webbing: As above.

3. Kiwis Purists will moan because the Lemon Squeezer did not see service until MUCH later, but I painted these for a client who wanted his Gallipoli Kiwis to wear them Id personally replace the Lemon Squeezer with the Slouch Hat like the Aussies above.

Headgear: Standard Khaki Serge with a puggaree of FDY Drab A B C.

Tunics: Standard Khaki Serge. Shirts: The greyback is FDY Quagmire A B C. The brown shirt was a one off for some variety (Kiwis were issued them) but, I must confess I can not remember how I did this as it was especially mixed and did not come out of the pot! The vest is FDY Boneyard A B C. Trousers: Long trousers are VMC Green Ochre base coat highlighted up with added light grey. The shorts are VMC Khaki Grey highlighted up with VMC Beige. Webbing: CDA Khaki highlighted up with white.

Some Kiwi Gunners and a Vickers Team: The paint scheme as given above except for the blue puggaree with a red stripe for the gunners. 4. Dismounted Aussie Light Horse. I will confess to not actually liking the end result of these Woodbine ALH heads on the standard infantry section pack. Again, a clients request.

Headgear: Standard Khaki Serge with a FDY Drab puggaree Tunics: Standard Khaki Serge and a couple of faded tunics of FDY Stone A B C. Trousers: VMC Brown Sand highlighted up with light grey. Puttees: Standard Khaki Serge.

Webbing: CDA Khaki highlighted up with white.

5. Various other types

The dismounted ALH Vickers team are in faded grey tunics as described above. The Senior NCO on the left is painted entirely in Standard Khaki Serge. The officer figures are either in Khaki Drill of VMC Grey Khaki highlighted up with white or a green khaki produced from a base coat of VMC Russian Green, a mid tone of a 50/50 mix of VMC Russian Green and VMC Green Brown and a final highlight of VMC Green Brown. Officers breeches are a base coat of VMC Sand Yellow, a mid tone of VMC Dark Sand and a highlight of VMC Pale Sand.

6. Character Sets:

Again, the same paint combinations as already described. The only difference is that the Officers shirts are VMC Green Brown highlighted up with white.

Simpson and his Donkey. You can probably work out what I used by now.

Mark Hargreaves Over Open Sights