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Chapter 342 A365B Dinowitz (MS) -- Relates to penalties for the illegal shipment of cigarettes Same as S 5215-A FUSCHILLO

Chapter 343 A1101B Gunther -- Authorizes pharmacies to take back controlled substances Same as S 3944-B HANNON

Chapter 344 A2024A Schimminger -- Redesignates the Niagara Escarpment Wine Trail and the Niagara Wine Trail as the Niagara Wine Trail Ridge and the Niagara Wine Trail Lake Same as S 1095-A MAZIARZ

Chapter 345 A2288A Paulin -- Relates to the election of fire district officers for the Eastchester fire district in the town of Eastchester, county of Westchester Same as S 2122-A LATIMER

Chapter 346 A2371A Thiele -- Authorizes the diminishment of beach erosion control districts in the town of Southampton, county of Suffolk Same as S 2188-A LAVALLE

Chapter 347 A4614A Skoufis -- Expands the portion of the state highway system designated as the "Shawangunk East Wine Trail" Same as S 2790-A LARKIN

Chapter 348 A6555 Lavine (MS) -- Relates to the disposition to issue or brothers or sisters of testator not to lapse and the application to class dispositions Same as S 4852 BONACIC

Chapter 349 A6692C Weisenberg -- Appropriates money to the office for people with developmental disabilities for the funding of various programs Same as S 4777-D GOLDEN

Chapter 350

A6725A Weisenberg -- Authorizes counties in the Hurricane Sandy federal disaster area to grant exemptions to filing fees related to federal Small Business Administration Disaster Loans Same as S 4554-A SKELOS

Chapter 351 A7179 Sweeney -- Relates to the construction of the H. Lee Dennison building Same as S 5029 LAVALLE

Chapter 352 A7500A Steck (MS) -- Establishes the electronic death registration system Same as S 4668-B CARLUCCI

Chapter 353 A7599 Blankenbush -- Authorizes the county of Lewis to impose an additional one percent of sales and compensating use taxes Same as S 4983-A GRIFFO

Chapter 354 A8046 Schimminger -- Provides for the brand or trade name labeling of alcoholic beverages

Same as S 5832 MARCELLINO

Chapter 355 S267 LARKIN -- Authorizes roadside farm markets to sell wine from up to two farm, special or micro-wineries located within 20 miles Same as A 1512 Magee

Chapter 356 S337A DEFRANCISCO -- Provides for the payment of restitution to volunteer fire companies in certain instances Same as A 392-A Magnarelli

Chapter 357 S696B GRISANTI -- Restricts access to dextromethorphan, commonly known as DXM Same as A 933-B Jaffee

Chapter 358 S910 PARKER -- Defines the scope of responsibilities of the office of alcoholism and substance abuse services regarding recovery services for veterans Same as A 1347 Cymbrowitz

Chapter 359 S933A MARTINS -- Prohibits the retail sale, distribution or offer to sell at retail to any person in the state, novelty lighters Same as A 1011-A Dinowitz

Chapter 360 S1013B LITTLE -- Designates a portion of the state highway system as the "Adirondack Coast Wine Trail" Same as A 3758-C Duprey

Chapter 361 S1639A CARLUCCI -- Requires boating safety certificates of all persons operating a mechanically propelled vessel; repealer Same as A 3471-A Galef

Chapter 362 S2856B FARLEY -- Relates to state aid to the conservation and preservation of library materials program Same as A 4664-B Kellner

Chapter 363 S2871 KENNEDY -- Authorizes the assessor of the city of Buffalo to accept an application for real property tax exemption from The Service Collaborative of WNY Same as A 7990 Ryan

Chapter 364 S3145 KRUEGER -- Relates to certification as a clinical nurse specialist (CNS) Same as A 826 Lifton

Chapter 365 S3923B YOUNG -- Renames the Chautauqua Wine Trail to be the "Lake Erie Wine Country Trail" Same as A 5721-B Goodell

Chapter 366 S4003 GRISANTI -- Expands the list of persons designated as peace officers to include special agents with law enforcement authority of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Same as A 1473 Colton

Chapter 367

S4122 GRIFFO -- Relates to payments in lieu of taxes made by certain entities for property located at One Nirvana Plaza, Forestport, New York Same as A 6064 Brindisi

Chapter 368 S4248A GOLDEN -- Relates to access to computer systems that carry information of orders of protection and warrants of arrest Same as A 7690 Weinstein

Chapter 369 S4493A HOYLMAN -- Enacts the "health care delivery models study act" Same as A 6838-A Gottfried

Chapter 370 S4653B STEWART-COUSINS -- Authorizes the county of Westchester to discontinue the use as parkland of parcels of real property in the town of Greenburgh for the purposes of completing certain proposed improvements to Jackson Avenue Same as A 6946-C Abinanti

Chapter 371

S5069A SKELOS -- Relates to orders of visitation or custody to a person who has been convicted of sexual assault when the child was conceived as a result Same as A 7188-A Paulin

Chapter 372 S5167A GRISANTI -- Provides that a land bank may tender a bid on sales of property made pursuant to public sale, county charter, city charter, administrative code or special law, when no municipality elects to do so Same as A 7245-A Ryan

Chapter 373 S5230A TKACZYK -- Provides that bond anticipation notes by the town of Ulster issued during calendar years 2009 and 2010 may not extend more than 7 years beyond original date of issuance of such bond notes Same as A 7354-A Cahill

Chapter 374 S5276A STEWART-COUSINS -- Authorizes a real property tax exemption application from Mt. Vernon Neighborhood Health Center, Inc. D/B/A Greenburgh Health Center, in the town of Greenburgh, county of Westchester Same as A 7502-A Pretlow

Chapter 375 S5441B KENNEDY -- Dedicates a bridge in the town of Tonawanda as the NYS Trooper Kevin P. Dobson, Sr. Memorial Bridge Same as A 7886-B Schimminger

Chapter 376 S5585 GOLDEN -- Provides additional credits allowed the children of police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and paramedics killed in the line of duty Same as A 7631 Abbate

Chapter 377 S5666 VALESKY -- Authorize the county of Onondaga to enter into a lease with the Syracuse Chargers Rowing Club for certain waterfront park land Same as A 7743 Stirpe

Chapter 378 S5770 GOLDEN -- Extends from September 30, 2013 to September 30, 2016, the expiration of provisions requiring employees of certain child care providers to make payments to the employee organization representing such employees Same as A 8014 Solages

Chapter 379 S5790 SANDERS -- Requires the division of homeland security and emergency services to provide recommendations on the implementation of tornado warning systems in the state Same as A 7633-A Crespo

Chapter 380 S5796 GOLDEN -- Authorizes a city of one million or more in population in the Hurricane Sandy federal disaster area to grant exemptions to filing fees related to federal Small Business Administration Disaster Loans Same as A 7996 Weinstein

Chapter 381 Approval Message #2 S774A FUSCHILLO -- Prohibits the sale of unsafe cribs and restricting the use of such cribs in certain settings Same as A 460-A Dinowitz

Chapter 382 S1025 SERRANO -- Requires the placement of the "I Love NY" logo and website link on websites maintained by and advertisements or public service

announcements disseminated by certain agencies, departments and authorities Same as A 5311 Barrett

Chapter 383 S2636 PARKER -- Requires the secretary of state to publish local laws on the department of state website and as a supplement to the session laws; repealer Same as A 937 Kavanagh


Veto 210 A73 Thiele -- Establishes a procedure to evaluate the claim of the Montaukett Indians for acknowledgment as an Indian tribe by the state of New York Same as S 769 LAVALLE

Veto 211 A246 Farrell (MS) -- Establishes a special commission on compensation for state employees designated managerial or confidential and provides for its powers and duties Same as S 2953 DEFRANCISCO

Veto 212 A4070 Galef (MS) -- Creates process for local disciplinary actions against assessors Same as S 877 BONACIC

Veto 213 A5011A Stec -- Designates Lake George seasonal constables as peace officers Same as S 3496-A LITTLE

Veto 214 A5662A Santabarbara -- Legalizes, validates, ratifies and confirms certain transportation contracts of the Schenectady city school district Same as S 5853 FARLEY

Veto 215 A5940C Bronson (MS) -- Authorizes the care and treatment of injured employees by duly licensed or certified acupuncturists under the workers' compensation program Same as S 3131-A MARTINS

Veto 216

A6867 Abbate -- Provides that the board of any deferred compensation plan established by NYC shall include an equal number of employer and union representatives Same as S 4907 GOLDEN

Veto 217 A7428 Hennessey -- Relates to the cost allowance used to compute aid for capital improvement projects for the South Country central school district Same as S 5822 ZELDIN

Veto 218 S780A FUSCHILLO -- Authorizes approval of certain transportation contracts of the Massapequa union free school district Same as A 5633-A Saladino

Veto 219 S1186B MAZIARZ -- Relates to appliance and equipment energy efficiency standards Same as A 1829-B Hevesi

Veto 220 S2054 LATIMER -- Requires state agencies to furnish to the legislature any strategic plans or performance reports prepared during the prior fiscal year

Same as A 6056 Kavanagh

Veto 221 S2316 DEFRANCISCO -- Creates the New York state governor's council on physical fitness, sports and health; establishes a fund for the council Same as A 4818 Cusick

Veto 222 S5776 MARTINS -- Relates to permitted use of funds of an industrial development agency Same as A 8025 Weisenberg

Veto 223 S3976 LANZA -- Requires all state agencies and departments to accept certain methods of payment Same as A 3651 DenDekker

Veto 224 S4110A STEWART-COUSINS -- Relates to the dissolution of union free school district number 13 in the town of Greenburgh; repealer Same as A 5989-A Abinanti

Veto 225 S4379 BOYLE -- Exempts proceeds from service award programs for volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers from personal income taxes Same as A 6765 Schimel

Veto 226 S4529B FELDER -- Relates to the reentry of foster children into foster care Same as A 7339-A Lupardo

Veto 227 S4893 NOZZOLIO -- Relates to designating certain employees of the Seneca county sheriff's office as peace officers Same as A 7879 Kolb

Veto 228 S4941 NOZZOLIO -- Designates uniformed marine patrol officers in Cayuga county peace officer status Same as A 7597 Finch

Veto 229 S5145 LANZA -- Permits the offering of savings promotion raffles by authorized banking organizations

Same as A 7341 Robinson

Veto 230 S5564A BRESLIN -- Grants retroactive Tier IV membership in the New York state and local employees' retirement system to Brian Stebbins Same as A 7458-A McDonald

Veto 231 S5565A BRESLIN -- Grants retroactive tier IV membership in the New York state and local employees' retirement system to Jill Alix, Chris Karwiel, Jessica Strizzi and Taryn Ward Same as A 7459-A McDonald

Veto 232 S5566A BRESLIN -- Grants retroactive tier V membership in the New York state and local employees' retirement system to Kirsten Mason, Laura Strizzi, Christian Ward and Austin Horton Same as A 7457-A McDonald

Veto 233 S5701 O'MARA -- Includes as peace officers, certain persons employed by the Steuben county sheriff's office as court security deputies Same as A 7858 Palmesano